Questioning Me

Do feel free to ask me anything you like. I am here for you to dip into my mind and for you to benefit from learning how I view the world. No question is off limits and if you want to establish a dialogue with me, then so much the better. You will be helping me so I can show the treatment team that I am interacting with people in this setting. You can ask me why I do certain things, what am I thinking, what my favourite food is, whatever you like. This is your chance to extract as much knowledge and information from me as you possibly can. If you want to just make a statement, go ahead. Fill your boots. I don’t know you so I won’t fly into a rage (this does happen when people I know question me but that is because they have an agenda – you don’t because we don’t know one another). I look forward to hearing from you.



  1. HG, how does music affect you? My musician friends always want to learn how to play music they like or wish they had written it, I find myself choreographing dances or figure skating routines in my head (usually with awesome moves that I can’t actually do), some people just use it as background to seduction attempts or an excuse to shove people in the pit, and of course some people will claim to like a band just because everybody else does.

    I know you use it to create Ever Presence, but do you have a visceral reaction to it yourself? (Aside from detesting Celine Dion.)

  2. HG I was just watching a movie and the character is a sociopath bc he was a child soldier – but he was rescued and lived a life of privilege afterwards
    Due to this he became a Greater I think ?
    However if he’d remained a child soldier without education or privilege, could he have become a lesser?
    Is the school at all dependent on circumstances and accessibility of educational and awareness expansion ?


      1. Ok thank you! I imagine it is a mix of many factors – IQ, education, the parents, the general environment, the particular personality of the narc?
        I’m not sure if you’ve elaborated on this and I missed it?

        1. Woke: I missed a lot of this as well, perhaps. I remember HG mentioned cognizant, but that is about it. I wonder what makes one malicious or not, or a middle, and why and how are some mid rangers more intelligent than some greaters, and what does that even mean? And what ends a spectrum to put one in a different category otherwise: The awareness makes a Greater is about all I understand regarding the spectrum. HG does say that there is more that he has yet to tell us about all of this. But, this line of questioning of yours is interesting to me as well. And maybe it is all spelled out somewhere already in one spot, but, if so, I have not seen it, neither. And if it is all spelled out in one spot, and I have seen it, maybe it is the broad brush stroke that HG talks about? And not most of the particulars? Or, perhaps it is too much yet for me to understand, and that is possible as well. I too want to know more.

  3. HG, could it be expected for a narcissist mother to become enraged if her children are not invited to an event?

        1. Violetta
          Petkov was most likely a narcissist and her husband may have been one, as well, and I suspect they are lessers based on their behavior. That poor little girl and her family; how sad.

          1. I feel sorry for Petkov’s own kids, too. At best, she humiliates them publicly by being the crazy mom; at worst, she’ll turn them into monstrous clones of herself.

            Can you imagine? You find out your kids weren’t invited to a friend’s party. Do you talk to the grown-ups to find if there’s a good reason? Was it family only? Is the friend’s condition making it difficult for her to deal with any kind of rough activity? Are the kids too rambunctious around her? Did one of them use a naughty word? (“Ralphie, where did you hear that word? Mrs. Schwarz, do you know what your son said?”)

            Do you even say, “I’m sorry Susie doesn’t want to be friends anymore. You can make some other friends at school or soccer practice. Maybe Susie will change her mind, but whether she does or not, you don’t have to have only one friend. Do you want me to talk to Beckie’s mom about a playdate?”?

            Nope, you drive past Susie’s house with a coffin float and post skull images on the web.

            Can you imagine having a mother like that? If any of the neighborhood kids aren’t too terrified to play with you at all, their parents will probably forbid it. Thanks to her trying to help them with their social lives, they’re probably completely isolated. Maybe the folks running the meth lab down the road will make them welcome.

          2. Violetta
            Either way, it doesn’t look good for the Petkov children. It’s humiliating all around when you think about it.

            All of your questions and thoughts are valid and from our empathic POV, that is how we would think or respond in this situation BUT, from the Narcissist’s POV, they lash out, deflect and punish (for fuel) to heal the wound of not being invited to the Birthday party. It is a clash of realities.

            Narcissistic parents, especially lessers, are a nightmare! And the meth lab down the road might be the lesser of two evils. Those poor children!

  4. Greetings again, HG.

    I did a search but cannot see where, or if, you have previously produced any writings on Narcissists and Wills.
    That would be an interesting topic, for us mere empaths to be aware of.

    My father (a Lesser Narc) passed away 6 years ago. He was a very financially healthy man, but also very mean. I was estranged from him in the later years as I could see how he manipulated people.

    With reference to the Will he left behind, he completely shafted all those who idolised him and took care of him through his life, by leaving them absolutely zilch…. and that includes his wife of 15 years!! And to those he did bequeath anything to, they are unable to access any monies due to all funds being tied up in various kinds of technicalities, and there is little hope of this position changing at anytime soon……

    This is not the only time I have heard of a Narc promising so much to so many, but in the end, leaving them with nothing.

    Sounds familiar, eh??

  5. Good morning HG

    Just polite curiosity, but you seem to be very clued into the Latin language, by your addition every now and then of Latin phrases into your text. Was this knowledge gained only from your attendance at Grammar school or did you go on to study Latin at Uni level?

      1. Thanks HG, for some strange reason, I thought you may have had some further studies into Law.
        My simplistic unknowledgeable mind had to google that phrase :-)

  6. Hello HG.You’ve said ALL NARCS lack empathy

    I need to understand the difference between a narcissist and a narcissistic sociopath ? (If not empathy)

  7. HG, when my MMRN discarded me he said “you are not feeding me energy”. Does this indicate he has some awareness that he requires fuel, and I wasn’t providing it adequately?

  8. I work for this guy once or twice a month. I’ve come to know he’s a narc. He’s been trying to seduce me since we met. I’m married so I did not give in but I’ve been flirtatious though. He’s very aggressive. He has these outbursts of anger at me whenever I say anything. Since I only have to see him every two weeks or less I’ve been able to keep a distance. Since I am learning so much about narcissism I am feeling confident enough not only to not give him fuel but also I am playing with him. I am showing false interest, I am defying him in a non-obvious way. It works like a charm. He is so predictable. I am trying to wound him. He doesn’t know I know he’s a narc. *Where will my teasing get me? What are the consequences of what I’m doing*. Thank you so much. Writing to you all the way from Buenos Aires.

  9. Hi, HG. You mention many times it is important to know what role you had in the fuel matrix regarding your entanglement with the narcissist. Why and how is this relevant? I’m considering finding that out first before we discuss how to control my ET, because a few things have happened that kept me wondering, thereof my recently increased ET.

    1. Because it enables you to gain understanding which is the platform for freedom, it assists with tackling emotional thinking (if you believe yourself to be an IPPS when you are not, this has all manner of ramifications) it enables you to ascertain the likelihood of hoovering, the likelihood of smearing and the manner in which hoovering may take place so you can ensure your NC regime is the most effective. I recommend you organise the fuel matrix consultation and then arrange to speak with me to discuss its finding with regard to its impact on your no contact regime.

      1. Thanks for your answer. I was actually putting that aside all this time in an attempt to protect myself from too much thinking but it is having the opposite effect: the more I don’t know, the more I think about different case scenarios that may not even apply to me. I’ll go ahead and do that first.

  10. Hi HG,

    Do narcissists ever pose as their victims on forums and rewrite their view of the story as if they are the ones it happened to?

    If someone was to do that type of behaviour, is that a kind of absent Hoover? Thought Hoover? Or what would that be?

    1. They may pose as their victim, but more likely they believe themselves to be the victim and therefore tell their own story maintaining that they are the one who is the real victim, when they are not.

  11. HG, is a narcissist who does not physically assault others nor threaten to do so, but screams, becomes verbally abusive and throws objects in addition to engaging in pity plays (depending on the situation) more likely to be an UL or LMR?

  12. What do you look for in an IPPS? What are your criteria for someone to own such a coveted space? What turns you on (not in a sexual sense)

  13. Hg a few questions

    1a-are you the only Ultra in existence that you are aware of?
    1b-if so, does this not unnerve you even slightly? I myself get unnerved just bc obky a small percentage of ppl have experienced the perspective of self awareness I have experienced and still experience to some degree. ( Of course I’m only unnerved by it when I’m identified as the ego , and there is comfort knowing there have been and still are and will continue to be others) but still….do you not get a bit rattled by being the ONLY ultra alive ? (If so)

    2- can you describe the difference in the level of self awareness between a MG , an UG and yourself? Yes obv each are more self aware than the other – can you please elaborate?

    3) Can you give me some further identifying markers to differentiate between ML Victim & LMR Victim

    Thank you

      1. Unless it’s the Burning Bush , I AM gig, I don’t know about it.
        (The while I AM deal I found out about AFTER Awakening – which is the only reason I give any creedence to the Bible bc they obv got THAT right so there’s bound to be lots more , if you can decipher it from the bullshit)

        Do tell

          1. W: In short, please remember, the Holy Bible is not only a history book, but also a book of Prophecy. In addition it is written in parables and like a puzzle so that many that are not supposed to understand it, will indeed not understand it, as it says in the Bible itself. In short: It is not written for everyone to understand. With that said, I was intrigued by your question asking HG how he felt to be The Narcississt. The Ultra, and Alexander the Greek came to my mind, and I remembered it did not alarm Alexander at all, and in fact he found the news about his increasing greatness to be very favorable. So the point that I was making is that when someone does find themselves in the odd position of being at the top, in one way or the other, they usually like it. I never have been there, so I too thought your question for HG very interesting, and when it did not alarm HG, I believe him and his answer sounds truthful to me, and I remembered Alexander the Greek. To put together Alexander the Greek and his knowing of his preeminence, one would have to read certain sections of the Holy Bible including The Apocrypha and with icing for the cake coming also from other historians, most noticeably, Josephus. I took a look around just now on the internet, and here is a small excerpt regarding Alexander, but like I said, it may take a combination of readings to fully put this puzzle together enough for you, and I have seen it put together years ago, but I am quite rusty on it these days. But, in like manner that you posed that question to HG, I had thought about the same question to myself years ago, as I wondered how Alexander The Greek felt and also how some other historical figures felt seeing themselves prophesied, about as a top personna, in the Holy Bible. Here, for your convenience, is a small part, but an important part of the puzzle where the famous historian Josephus wrote about Alexander’s reaction to Jaddua in Antiquities of the Jews (Book 11, Chap. 8, Sec. 5; William Whiston translation, 1981):

            “And when the book of Daniel was showed him wherein Daniel declared that one of the Greeks should destroy the empire of the Persians, he supposed that himself was the person intended. And as he was then glad, he dismissed the multitude for the present; but the next day he called them to him, and bid them ask what favors they pleased of him; whereupon the high priest desired that they might enjoy the laws of their forefathers, and might pay no tribute on the seventh year. He granted all they desired. And when they entreated him that he would permit the Jews in Babylon and Media to enjoy their own laws also, he willingly promised to do hereafter what they desired.
            Alexander not only believed the prophecies in Daniel were about himself, but because of that belief, he gave great favor to the Jews.“ Here is a link of the article that I found this info. on, but remember, the writer of this article is compressing the entire puzzle, but he discusses Alexander in more detail, like I mentioned to you above, and the title of the Article is:Alexander the Greek was mentioned in the Bible – And he knew it! :

          2. Hi PSE and WAF, I hope you both don’t mind me chiming in. We can’t compare ourselves to narcissists because we are empaths and we are kind of their polar opposites. Empaths are usually very humble while narcissists are naturally grandiose and competition. They want to be at the top and they have an innate belief that they deserve that spot. Alexander the Great was a narcissist. His matrinarc raised him making him believe that he was a demigod. So when the prophecy was revealed to him, it didn’t surprise him at all. It wasn’t news to him. Although it was positive fuel because his ‘greatness’ was affirmed and so he reacted positively to the people who believed in the religion that affirmed his ‘destiny’. Compare that to Moses who was an empath. We can probably even say a ‘Super Empath’ because he killed the Egyptian who was abusive to one of brethren. What was Moses’ reaction when God revealed to him that he will be the one to bring his people out of Egypt? “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”. Moses was humbled. Moses was not sure if he can do it. Moses didn’t have grandiosity.

          3. (cont.) There is more proof, but this article is a fair enough starter article. I glanced over it, but I do not think he included the Apocrypha, many do not like to share, but more is definitely in the Apocrypha which is part of what is called a: Complete Bible, like I have. In the Complete Bible, you will also see where Hanukkah come as from as well.

          4. W. and MommyPino: Regarding being glad and even being obedient when one is told of their own preeminence and increasing greatness. It depends on the circumstances how one will feel and initially react. Whether or not one is called empathic or narcissistic, it still depends. For example, Moses was dealing with a very exasperated and downtrodden and exhausted group of enslaved people that were filled with bitterness. It is like telling a baseball coach or football or basketball coach that such troubled Players will be on his team. The coach would be alarmed, like Moses was alarmed. As well as feeling humble to be given such a great job because there was belief that he could term the team around. Plus, Moses was told to go against a great ruler, the Pharaoh. Like telling a riff raff football team that they have to up against Tom Brady and the Patriots. It is much easier to desire to coach a team with Michael Jordans or Lebron James or Tom Bradys. However, Alexander already had a few successes underneath his belt* and I am probably under representing his accomplishments and understating them right now, *if I were to ask HG. So he was not alarmed, and he probably did not see any other challenger against him and the prophecy. Just as HG does not see someone that is currently achieving the impact on the field more than he has and is continuing to have. Even as a Narcissist, he should be allowed to have his own observations. But others that would be labeled empathic have been quite obedient and had incredible belief in themselves and were glad when hearing the prophecies regarding themselves such as Abraham and Isaac and Jacob, and even some women, such as Judith who went on to kill Holofernes. And songs were sung over all this. And young David had no qualms and no doubts, going up against the Giant Goliath. And there was much gladness from even very humble people over these victories. There is a story of one that was Narcissistic we would say, I can not recall if it were Darias, a ruler, who was surprised at what he was supposed to do, according to the prophecy, unlike the belief that Alexander had, and he, Darias if I am not mistaken, found it worrisome. But, at end, I think we all are on the same page, Mommy Pino. Just that, importantly, I feel there may be a latent suggestion somewhere that an empath would not feel glad over an impending pre-eminence, just because they are humble. I say, no. It depends. Because, empaths love good news, as well. And have rejoiced and have sung songs over good news. And will continue to do so.

          5. Hi PSE, thank you for your response. I agree with you about the underlying unique circumstances behind their reactions to the revelation of their specialness or greatness. Moses was also a fugitive who ran away from Egypt because of a crime that he committed which he was personally ashamed of and guilty of and that would have affected his self esteem at the time of revelation to him. And you are right about Alexander the Great although I wasn’t saying that narcissists are not entitled to their own observations. I wasn’t minimizing Alexander the Great’s accomplishments. It is a given that he will never be forgotten in history. I was pointing out the exaggeration of his ego wherein he actually grew up believing that he was a demigod. That is not the same as having an objective observation of facts. That is grandiosity in an unrealistic level of NPD. David was not a narcissist but he was highly narcissistic. David’s enthusiasm to beat Goliath was coming from his great belief in God and desire to save his people and is not the same as where Alexander the Great’s enthusiasm to be at the top coming from. I just want to clarify that my comments are not made in a hateful manner against narcissists. I was just applying what I have learned from HG and my experiences being raised by a narcissist and living with my narcissist half sister. It was also not meant to be an attack on HG. I am not minimizing his accomplishments. It’s obvious to me personally that HG has already cemented his legacy in the psychology field. It’s just a matter of time for that to be commonly acknowledged. I was just talking about the grandiosity element of narcissism wherein prominence would be easily accepted and even relished by them. I also apologize for whatever grammatical errors I may have because I don’t have time to proofread. Thank you PSE for the discussion.

          6. W. and Mommy Pino: Moses was not ashamed of what he did, but ashamed to see his brethren treated with brutality in their captivity, but as a foreigner in a regal household, but adopted and of another race, and although he was in high honor in that regal household, he knew he would be put to death for killing an Egyptian according to Egyptian law. So he ran. But, he took with him the knowledge of the Egyptians and their language and their culture to know them and stand before them as a deliverer for his people, to fulfill the prophecy. The very reason he was spared from the slavery of his brethren and was so beautiful a baby that he was adopted into the Pharaoh’s household and raised in luxury, for a later purpose. And David was very humble, humble as defined as doing whatever God wanted him to do, and therefore he was a man after God’s own heart, as it is written. And David had complete disrespect for Goliath, because Goliath was a very disrespectful and arrogant and boastful person, although a seasoned warrior with a very large body, a giant. That is not narcissism from David, but understandable disdain. Although Alexander was of a Narcissistic household and a Narcississt in all probability because of the aspirations of his mother and the fame of his father, he was no different than his people that all were raised on the mythologies. And, he was of privilege. And those of privilege often think very highly of themselves and often are very confident. However, Alexander was well educated and very aware of the other peoples and cultures of the world and the various classes, and so he would not be easily flattered by just anyone with any characteristics,etc, and by just anything positive told to him regarding his posterity, and so he was very aware of the dignity and quality of the Priests who showed him of his destiny in the Holy Bible, for him to read himself and think upon, beyond the mythology of his class and personally affluent background and world view and religious mythology, etc. all certainly heightened by his ambitious mother. MommyPino, I am not saying Alexander was not Narcissistic, nor a Narcissistic. I am sure he was, in fact. But, what I am saying is that he was not ignorant. And Alexander could look upon the prophecies and the persons presenting them to him, and reflect upon these persons and the written prophecies and make a decision about them, as many persons of high levels are often presented with various high-level and even esoteric council to reflect and decide upon, to accept or discard, beyond what his mother had said to him. And you did pick up on a latent criticism in my tone, that may not fit only this discussion, in particular, but also concerning thoughts that have been on my mind of late. I am not arguing with you that Alexander was not vain and puffed up. I am sure he was. However, my argument that you sense, has to do with another matter, and not with you and what you are saying. That matter on my mind is that whether a person is considered Grandiose or not, or a Narcissistic or not, there is still a such a thing as healthy self esteem and healthy pride born of hard work of substance, and that is not narcissism, but such healthy demeanor is often thrown into the same basket of goods as narcissism: And, I am bothered by this. And, although modesty is often a virtue, and what many call humility, sometimes it is bad when modesty is too overly self-effacing and at all times. Even modesty must be moderated, and thereby some times modesty should be highlighted and some other times modesty must be placed in the background, on a situational and case by case basis. Because putting away modesty is not always narcissism and, in fact, putting away modesty is often necessary for good and honorable successes in many matters. And thus, young David, with his slingshot, popped the giant Goliath in the Head and killed him. Amen.

          7. Hi PSE, I think that we have different interpretations of what Moses was going through. But I agree with you that he was deeply ashamed of finding out that he didn’t really belong to the Egyptian royal family and that the slaves were actually his brethren. My interpretation is that he wasn’t ashamed of seeing his brethren receive brutality but his sense of empathy towards them increased dramatically after finding out that his real parents could be one of those slaves that were being treated horribly. But I believe that he had a significant amount of guilt and shame inside him because he was feeling very inadequate. Honestly, if God talks to me through a burning bush, I don’t care how great that Pharaoh was, I wouldn’t have any doubt that I will succeed because if God can make a bush be on fire without burning then he can most definitely do anything. Even making a rif raf team win against Brady. But Moses was so deep into his feeling of inadequacy that the suspension of science didn’t even impress him enough to believe that he will be able to do it with God’s help. And Moses didn’t only bring with him his knowledge of the Egyptians’ language and culture, he also brought with him the ten plagues. 😳.

            About David, you are right, I have considered healthy self confidence as a narcissistic trait. I am honestly confused about this. I have read an article outside of this blog that talks about ‘healthy narcissism’ and it was referring to high self confidence. That is why I am under the impression that self confidence is a narcissistic trait but definitely not a bad one, in fact, it is advisable to have a strong and solid self confidence. But even if we put aside David’s self confidence, he was still highly narcissistic. He designed for an innocent man to get killed in the battlefield because he wanted to have his wife. I think that it is very narcissistic that’s why God sent a prophet to give him a reality check. David is actually one of my most favorite characters in the Bible and Psalm 23 which he wrote has always been my favorite prayer to read from the Bible.
            About Alexander the Great, he was indeed extremely intelligent and educated. He was Aristotle’s student so he was trained to be very logical and thoughtful. But he was really brutal as well. David was defending his people from Goliath and the Philistines. Alexander the Great was brutally conquering different countries to increase his empire and naming a bunch of them after him. Alexander the Great was also alcoholic and he had his half brother murdered the ensure that he will be the only candidate for the throne. I do notice with David however that he became increasingly narcissistic when he became very powerful but his belief in God has always put a limit or a cap to his narcissism.

            Also PSE, I agree with you regarding humility. This verse from the apocrypha has always been one of my favorite Bible verses since childhood and has helped me to understand and have a healthy self esteem despite of my matrinarc’s attempts to make me subservient.

            Sirach 4:21-23 Good News Translation (GNT)

            21 Humility deserves honor and respect, but a low opinion of yourself leads to sin. 22 Do not let others have their way at your expense; do not bring on your own ruin by giving up your rights. 23 Never hesitate to speak out when the occasion[a] calls for it. Don’t hide your wisdom.

            PSE, what do you think of King Solomon? He became really narcissistic as well when he became very powerful although he started out being very humble and asking God for wisdom.

          8. “ if God talks to me through a burning bush, I don’t care how great that Pharaoh was, I wouldn’t have any doubt that I will succeed because if God can make a bush be on fire without burning then he can most definitely do anything”

            Maybe. You might also doubt your sanity just a little .
            It’s true that the I AM is undoubtable- it’s the truest truth and you know it beyond any other knowing.
            Buuuuuuuut the rational, logical mind doesn’t just disappear. There is still free will. If a bush is on fire and yet not on fire and you’re in communication-knowing with the I AM , or “God” (for lack of a better word) and you realize such a magnificent , seemingly impossible and probably not terrifically pleasant purpose unfolding before you – I could see how one would wonder – “uhh…Why Me, dude?”

          9. W. and MommyPino: Moses was not ashamed of his true heritage. If that is what you are suggesting. He felt compassion for his brethren of his true heritage and even said he would rather suffer the affliction with his brethren then live the rich life of an Egyptian. The shame he felt was when he saw his blood brethren wrestle with each other and he felt they should not do so, and said so to them. When Moses overheard it mentioned that he had killed the Egyptian on their behalf, he then ran, knowing the info would spread and come out and he would be killed. However this breach with his upbringing was really to remove Moses from one station in life to another. Moses was not raised to know his own God. And the Egyptians had so many gods and idols that they worshipped including beasts, all not living, that it is reasonable to understand that Moses would be mystified and awed regarding what was happening to him, the miracle he saw, His own God being alive and speaking to him, and the prophecy told to him, regrading himself and his heavily enslaved people. A people so enslaved and under so powerful a slaveholder, that it took, finally, the death of the Egyptian firstborn to remove his people from their bondage, and even then the Egyptians gave chase and the army and Pharoah drowned to death in their pursuit. Even knowing their heritage, some have fainted in the presence of real angels and had to be revived, it is written. And angels have hidden their angelic nature as well, to deal with mankind, it is written. How much more awesome it would be to interact with God himself, that it is written that if anyone were to see his face, they would die. God was close with Moses. So it is understandable that Moses had a learning curve to undergo regarding learning about the power of his own God, a living God, and thus God spoke very gently with Moses, it is written. David made a mistake in coveting Bathsheba, but God considered David one of his most humblest of servants, in his obedience, and also remember, many of God’s beloved characters in the Bible made mistakes and had certain experiences for the sakes of those that would read about them, it is written. They are very important characters that lived in a script. that God had put together. The Scriptures. But many are highly precious persons to God. And David was one such person beloved by God expressly. So, if God considers David so highly, so shall I, and to learn to not covet as well, which is the example that David presented, for my own sake and learning. So for the record, I see nowhere that Moses was ashamed of his brethren, nor that David was narcissistic. Both men are very precious to God and he has respect unto them. Thus, so do I. I think that we are not in an argument over Alexander. However, as far as self esteem and self respect equalling narcissism, I do find many may think that way. Especially people that were not raised to have self esteem and self respect. And, being raised that way is hurting many good people and is a major cause of many good people being easy to be preyed upon. God, for an example, gave Solomon all that people thought would make them happy, such as women, rulership, riches, all for the learning of those that would read about it. In the end, King Solomon said obeying God was what mattered. That is the example to be learned from King Solomon. He also was very beloved by God. I know that many people fear men. Especially powerful men. And, for example, they refrain from criticizing such persons or criticising them and their offspring and loved ones. So, likewise, I stay away from criticising any persons that are beloved by God, the creator of powerful men, and the most powerful man of all. King Solomon and King David and Moses are all greatly beloved by God. Thus, there will be absolutely no criticism whatsoever from me, against any of them.

          10. Hi PSE, Thank you for your response. I love your interpretation of what Moses felt and will concede to your interpretation because it made me reflect and I think that your interpretation is closer to how the Bible depicted Moses. However, I personally believe that as a human being, it was still a blow to his identity to find out that he wasn’t really a prince but actually one of the slaves. And I don’t mean that in a way where I think that the Hebrew slaves were below the Egyptians, not at all. The Hebrew slaves were chosen by God and they are in every way elevated in God’s eyes and as someone who believes in God, it matters more to me. When I say ‘narcissism’ in terms of David’s and Solomon’s character traits, I do not mean it as a criticism upon them or in any way disrespect. I am just fascinated with their combination of narcissistic and empathic traits and how all of these traits that they have have been used to fulfill God’s purpose. If David wasn’t highly narcissistic, would he have been able to accomplish a lot of what he did which included going into battles to conquer enemies that threaten them? It is a personal fascination for me to understand people and the conflicts inside them: their inner battles and the choices that they make. I apologize if my delving into that caused you discomfort and I got carried away with my fascination and curiosity. I love all of Moses, King David and King Solomon and they have been very much part of my childhood with their stories that have always stimulated my thoughts and reflect on God’s love for me who is absolutely far from perfect. Thank you so much for your patience with me and I really enjoyed your insights and thoughts and I learned so much from you.💕

          11. “How much more awesome it would be to interact with God himself, that it is written that if anyone were to see his face, they would die”

            you don’t physically die, your ego dies. (Maybe not all at once)

            Just sayin

          12. WAF, I recommend you read Teresa of Avila. She wrote about that, she was a mystic. Her poetry is very contradictory because she tried to express how difficult it is to transmit her experience in human words. I find her poetry extraordinarily clever and profound, despite the fact I’m not a religious person. Therefore, I won’t intervene anymore in this thread, just wanted to mention her work if you feel curious.

          13. I sent you the specific poem I thought about after reading your comment, but it’s being moderated, I hope you can read it soon.

          14. Just did a brief search.
            When one awakens to their true nature, the mind uses imagery & words that are available in the experience so far, and in the culture .

            It IS difficult to explain bc it transcends words.

            There’s some Taoist saying “the true Tao can’t be spoken” or something.

            The thing is- and this long thread shows it- ppl think of those who met the I Am as superheroes, puffed up dramatic characters , and it puts the idea of awakening out of reach. It’s this misconception that may be THE biggest barrier.

            I didn’t have any religious upbringing nor any particular belief or idea about God
            I just wanted to know wtf is going on here more than anything else and I was willing to die for it.
            Couple weeks later BAM!!

            I was just responding to the idea that One would drop everything and never doubt if a burning bush “spoke”.

            Modernize it- if a levitating IPad told you to go save the kids in the ICE camps – would you? Even if you were sure it was “God”’s will?
            Would you leave your husband and kids and go into almost certain death or imprisonment?

            Meeting God doesn’t erase your humanity, your logic, or even your ego (all at once).

            My origin question to HG was – does it rattle him at all, if he’s The Narc.

            How do you know you’re the only Ultra, HG?

          15. Ok I’m not doubting you. If one knows what they are, one knows.
            I’m asking is this based on evidence (you’ve searched) or has some higher power informed you , or is this an inner Knowing

          16. “The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao. The name that can be named is not the eternal name. The nameless is the beginning of heaven and earth. The named is the mother of ten thousand things.” I have the Tao Te Ching (Dao De Jing depending on the version) right here with me 😊

          17. Yeah that sounds about right

            It’s an experiencial Knowing.

            Like you can talk about how an apple tastes all you want but if you haven’t tasted an apple you don’t really know what an apple taste like.

            Words get in the way more than anything. Just bite the apple.

          18. I take it as a semiotic distinction between the content or essence and the container, more or less what you just said. Your apple made me think of Magritte and Magritte made me think of his painting “Ceci n’est pas une pipe” which takes us back to the Tao. I’m a little philosophical because I’m trying to finish some work and excuse is good to procrastinate… haha.

          19. Hi WAF, I understand your point. That is the case with Moses and even Mary when Ángel Gabriel appeared to her and gave her the prophecy about being pregnant and having a son Jesus who will be great and will be called Son of the Most High. Her first reaction was she was afraid when she saw the angel which is why the angel told her to not be afraid before telling her the prophecy. After hearing the prophecy her logic made her ask how can she be pregnant when she is a virgin? But in the end she said that she has accepted and said that she is the handmaid of the Lord and may it be done according to His word. Her logic didn’t leave her even though she saw a miracle just like what you said and she was afraid at first. But then there was Noah who just dropped everything and made the ark when God told him to. Abraham was really going to kill his only son to sacrifice him when God asked him to. The Bible shows different people with different characteristics and they are all very human. We can relate to a lot of their flaws and strengths in many ways and we can relate to some more than the others. And my personal belief is that this was all by design and they were all chosen for that because their stories were meant to teach us. But that is my personal belief. Even the apostles that Jesus picked have diverse personalities and they had a really interesting dynamic and were mainly united because of their faith in Jesus. And the four fishermen did dropped their nets and left their boats as soon as Jesus asked them to follow him.

  14. Hi HG,

    My questions are;

    Is it progressive to vent all of my dirty laundry on a forum for so many strangers to see? It does feel good to get it all out.

    But is it healthy? I don’t have anyone that I can vent to or talk to, in my real life, due to my pride.

    Is this helpful to my situation or it is keeping me down and preventing me moving forward?

    Also, is it normal for people, after a dance with the devil, to behave in this fashion? Venting, venting and more venting?

    Oh and a break through! I had already changed my phone number and purchased a new phone, but today I shut down my Facebook!! Feels good! Email is next! And then a new laptop (better safe than sorry!).

    So there is some progress that I did not have before! But am I just causing myself undue embarrassment to tear it all out and pen it into the universe?

    Please HG, your thoughts?

    1. 1. Yes, so long as you do not wallow.
      2. Yes, but even better to do so through consultation as then your questions will be answered full and detail.
      3. No, but your ET may con you into thinking that, so you do not use this place.
      4. Yes it is.

  15. Hg a scenario question:
    A DEMB friend of mine engaged in a very brief affair with a narc in our community recently. Luckily she is getting pretty savvy on narcs and listens to me re a lot of your work and fairly soon recognized his manipulations

    She wasnt interested in leaving her (likely narc) hubby and was clear abt this from the start.
    Long story short the question is abt a manipulation he used.

    Normally narcs show you a really good time in bed to get you hooked right at the beginning and then pull sex away as a manipulation
    This guy did the reverse.

    When she recognized what he was and started pulling out of the affair, he showed her a good time in bed. The two times directly previous to him satisfying her, he had trouble getting it up,
    They only fooled around 6-7 times in total, her orgasm time being the last- she has recognized what he is, wasn’t into anything serious anyhow and backed out bc he started pushing for more —-although won’t block – (I’m working on her!)

    Now for her benefit but also MINE: we wanna know—
    1)Why did he have trouble getting it up after the first 3-4 times?
    (He’s not a cerebral – motorbike, chopping wood pics on FB) He’s charming, conversational – defin a mid ranger , likely MMR

    2) By ignoring her orgasm for the first few times and then giving it when she started to pull away from the affair – this was simply a manipulation to keep her, yes? Any other info on that?

    Thanks HG you’re the best

    1. I should add – the first few times they had sex – he got his but he did not offer to give her hers. And she didn’t ask. It was only when she started pulling away that all of a sudden — he gave her hers.

    2. What you describe is unclear.

      1. You state “the two times directly previous to him satisfying her, he had trouble getting it up,” but then you state “1)Why did he have trouble getting it up after the first 3-4 times?” – which is it?

      2. If he is a narcissist, yes it is a manipulation. See the book Sex or consult.

      1. They had sex 3-4 times no problems
        The next 2 times he had trouble maintaining it
        The final time he did still have trouble maintaining -but he took care of her business (finally)

        She didn’t keep actual count – this is closest guess.

  16. Mr. Tudor, I need your advice. I have a dear friend who just started dating someone a little less than a month ago. After 2 days he was calling her “my love”. After a week he told her he thinks hes falling in love with her and after 3 weeks he told her he loves her. He is extremely needy. He texts and calls her all day. He wants to spend every free minute with her. Tonight, she would like me to meet him. Are there any questions I can ask him to flush out whether or not he’s a narcissist? Any advice you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you in advance!

    1. Hello BLT, I need more information form you and need to convey more information to you and therefore you should arrange a consultation.

      1. HG,
        Beg your pardon, to ask a question, of the Upper Echelon of your kind, Sir. If I’ve successfully evaded his in-person benign hoovers & it’s been about 3 months of solid NC — and nothing BAD has happened to me (no negative fallout) because of it…am I relatively right to relax a bit – that I may be in the clear on any malign hoover? (I’ve not wounded him. I’ve just been “unavailable”/hard to locate).

        I anxiously await your pronouncement. Well, I actually am headed out the door now, but I still await you. (See? I sometimes need your insight).😎