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Ladies and gentlemen, good and decent people, people just like me only less so, I have come to deliver a message to you. I am here to save you. That’s right. I have been sent by God almighty to save you, save this country and make you both great again. I am on a mission. I am on a quest. I was chosen by the only power higher than myself to seize the destiny of this once great country of ours and turn it around. For too long this country has been in the grip of the do-gooders, the liberals and the pinkos. They want to see the values which this country is known world-wide for, crushed and obliterated. I will no longer allow that to happen. When I am in power I will root out those who have opposed us and I shall see that they account for their treasonable activities. They hide behind the right to free speech but listen to me ladies and gentlemen, I say they forfeited that right to free speech when they promoted the destruction of the values that you and I hold dear. I know that all of you gathered here today, who have come to listen to me, have done so because you believe in me. You need me to guide you through the danger and to the promised land and believe me ladies and gentlemen, I am the only one who can do that. Nobody else has the presence of mind, focussed ambition, singularity of purpose and the indefatigable spirit to do what others shirk from. Others may talk of hard decisions to be made and the risks of trampling on the less fortunate in a rush to secure victory. They say this to promote fear amongst you because they want to control you with fear. They want to make you scared so that you will adhere to what they require. They want you nervous and weak so you will submit. Not I. I have no need to instil fear in you good people in order to have you believe in me. You believe in me because I love you. I love you and all the things you value and hold dear because I value them too. I want what you want. I am what you want. I was sent to save you from the forces of darkness that lurk at our borders and have begun to infiltrate this once great land of ours. Do not be concerned ladies and gentlemen because together we will defeat them. When I am in power, anybody that speaks out against me and our nation will be removed. Yes, you heard me right. We will send them back. They may have come here with good intentions but where are those good intentions now? Exactly. Their mealy-mouthed pronouncements have turned to dust and instead they have the audacity to speak ill of you and I. We do not need these people in our nation. They serve no purpose and we shall cast them aside and discard them like the wrapper on a Twinkie. They have made themselves disposable and dispose of them we shall. I shall be ruthless. There will be no pussyfooting around. No delays. No dilatory approach. I will root out these traitors, these betrayers of our largesse, these abusers of our hospitality and generosity and I shall send them back where they came from. Back to insignifighan and the people’s republic of meaningless. We do not need them and we will not tolerate them. And yes, ladies and gentlemen, if they think they can come back I will stop them. I will build a huge wall along our border and they will not cross it. Even better, I will make them pay for it so your money is used for me and not them. Only I have the determination and ability to deliver because I am more than them. I am better than them.

Where these foul interlopers seek to disrupt our way of life, I call on your good people to cut them down. The time for tolerance has gone. They lost that right when they let us down. They lost that right when they criticised us. This is not the time for indecision. This is the time for you and I to work together and repel these people. I will tell you who they are. I will organise a campaign so that the foul characters of these individuals will be assassinated and we shall bring them down. I need you to do this for me, for you and for our country. Do not be concerned with the repercussions as I will cover your costs of taking such action on my behalf and in my name. I will direct you and stand with you as we drive out the lefties, the namby-pamby types and the woolly liberals. There is no place for them in our new order. Do not be concerned either with the other candidates who tell such brazen lies about me. They are governed by envy, by jealousy and by blind hatred. I will trump them. I will rise above them because they wish, deep down, they could be me. They envy my sense of purpose, my ability to speak to all right-minded people and gain their trust. I love you. I truly do and I will always protect you, act in your interests and ensure that you do not come to harm.

I know what needs to be done. I have been sent by God to walk amongst you and be your god, guiding you ever onwards as we strive with goodness in our hearts and wisdom in our minds to do the right thing. Some people think that doing the right thing is a hard thing to do. Nonsense! I do the right thing all the time because I am special and talented. It takes someone of my ability to achieve what is best for you and our country, but I will do it. All I ask from you is your commitment to our cause, your undivided loyalty and your appreciation and admiration for what I will do for you when I rule this country. Place your trust and your belief in me ladies and gentlemen. I am the answer. Vote for me as your ruler, Vote Narc and I will make the United States of Me mean something again to the rest of the world.




  1. Thank you for that reference, I may have to check out House of Cards now ;)
    I’ve had the discussion with my therapist about professions where an N individual is suited and flourishes. When it comes to making tough decisions, even I would admit that someone with N traits would be a much better person for the job. We empaths are hindered by our own natural needs to please everyone and us such would be horrible leaders with no clear path. As much as people want to paint N’s as complete monsters, there is a need for them, or at least for person’s with strong N traits in positions of leaders of nations and business.

  2. While I don’t pay much attention to the election campaign going on with my neighbours to the south, it’s hard to not hear about The Donald. There have been several news articles actually about the number of Americans that will be running for our border and trying to become Canadian citizens should Trump become the President!
    This post did get me thinking about the type of person that is usually attracted to politics and it does take someone with a degree of N traits, if not a full fledged N, to do a job like this. That thought actually made me realize that I have a fair number of N’s in my own family that I never would have consciously thought of as N’s until just now.
    Thanks The HG, you always provoke me into thinking along avenues regarding narcissism that educate me even more.

    1. You are welcome Sheila. One might wonder whether someone would be able to survive and flourish in the crucible that is political life if they do not possess what my kind possess. Francis Urqhart (Frank Underwood in the US version) is a prime example.

      1. I know two or 3 people of my city and my social circle who enden up im prison but I would say this was a lesson and made them ” stick to the rules”….
        I would not qualify them as Idiots.
        One does have actually lots of N traits and the other one a school mate but he was older than me, so I did not really get to know him, i just know he was one of the most handsome guys there was, jewish and pretty nice person.

          1. I dont know HG. I hope for them.
            One of the guys I knew only from view and hello hello , he was just the husband (now ex) of a friend of mine who was a beauty peageant so the case was pretty popular.
            My school mate I never talked to him after, he moved out of the region and never posts anything about him nor his family on facebook since a long time now. His only posting since he came out of prison was when his 18 year old dog passed away, devasted him it seems.
            The other person was pretty close to me in my circle. I could never visit because he was caught pretty far away from our city and there he had to do his sentence. I did once try to call and seems he was pretty popular because the prison guard who answered knew immediately who I was talking about and told me instead a nick name, so I guess he must have been liked. I could not speak to my friend because he had been moved to another prison for the end of the sentence and I had no number.
            We have had some facebook exchanges but never spoke about this episode and other people who know him told me he never ever speaks about this and anyway its been some time now and although he still a narcissist with a very nice side if you don’t cross him or contrary him, he is now a straight person earning his life in the right way.
            I heard from someone ( this is very long time ago this case) that the times in prison were horrible, hard, devastating and all what you want so this is why I felt it was not so nice to make fun of people who have to go through this experience, calling them idiotic or stupid . Its very unfortunate.

  3. HG.
    I do not believe you are a sociopath.
    They mostly end up at her Majesty’s leisure.
    With very little regard for self preservation. The need to be right overrides any desire for safety.
    You have not undergone prison?
    Unless you are being totally dishonest. Which would thus ameliorate all your writings.

  4. Thank YOU, HG! I hereby make you an Honorary American!
    Someone as BRILLIANT as YOU really should have dual citizenship!
    You know what’s good for America….I can’t say the same for a lot of Americans as of late…..

    1. Thank you T. I do like the USA, I find it a fascinating place and I once had an amazing time in Miami. I seem to be collecting the titles today, HG the Great of the United Kingdom and the United States.

        1. I did enjoy South Beach, a local lady took me on a tour of the bars the tourists might not know about. The tour went on through to the next morning and beyond. I will organise myself a sortie to California on your recommendation.

      1. Also HG I apologise about posting on here, about you as if you were not present. It’s making me increasingly uncomfortable.
        I would wish that the others would post comments directly at you. Not about you.

    1. I believe HG is a victim, just like most of us! His survival instincts are different. But I truly believe HG the great would of been a wonderful loving brilliant devoted husband or partner if he wouldn’t of suffered the damage he did as a child!! Xo

      1. Oh HG the Great, Don’t get your panties in a twist!! Lol. I’m always charming!! Xo

  5. The more I read of you, the more I am under the impression that you have quite a number of sociopathic traits. Yes, I definitely see the narcissist in there, but more and more, you sound and read like a total and complete sociopath.

    Not that I mind. Not at all. More or less an observation.

    In any case, your posts are riveting and believe me when I say it takes a lot to keep me riveted. So congrats there.

    1. Thank you for the compliment. You have my interest. Perhaps you would expand on how you reach the conclusion that I am a total and complete sociopath?

        1. I think what she means Mike is .. Ive read about this new category
          A narcissistic sociopath

          What does HG think???

          Can we brainstorm? Or vote?
          Is HG ?
          A. Narcissist
          B. Sociopath
          C. Narcopath
          D. None of the above

          1. This is why I put D for none of the above but fair enough. We have that in common codependants and N’s. Victims of abuse.

            Is HG
            A. Narcissist
            B. Sociopath
            C. Narcopath
            D. None of the above/other
            E Victim

  6. You should definitely help the Donald out with his speeches HG! If he gets in I’m moving to England!! Great one HG! Xo

  7. WOW HG this is fascinating !!! Where does your talent to write stop ? its never ending.
    As a side job you can write speeches for politicians and become rich.
    It sounds so true and so nice and captivating.
    I vote NARC !😘

        1. HG hopefully yes!!! Better hair. 😂😂
          And a much better speech !!!
          And a much better ❤️
          And a much better everything.. He is a lesser N I dont get it how he is where he is.

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