5 Intangible Thefts

  We are takers and not givers. We drain, bleed, leech and suck dry. Whether it is occupying your home, using your car, borrowing money which we do not repay or something as simple as drinking your last can of soda, our kind are recidivists in the art of stealing. We are entitled to anything […]


      You fed off me and I am sick of it. You attached yourself to me drawn by my magnetism, but I never asked you to. You just decided that you wanted to be with me, you need me, truth be told and because I am magnanimous I allowed you to attach to […]

Leave Him

I know what they say about me. I always know. I know they crowd around, earnest expressions etched across their made-up faces, their mouths flapping as they spout their supposed wisdom to you. “We will be here for you. You have always got us.” “If you are unhappy there must be something wrong.” “It is […]

Unbelievable (And How To Tackle the Disbelief)

Narcissists have a different world view to you. Failing to understand this results in the behaviour which seems entirely appropriate from our perspective, being confusing, bewildering and utterly unbelievable from your perspective. This results in the use of flawed logic, bad decisions and continued ensnarement with the narcissist. To understand how the behaviour is unbelievable and importantly what you can […]