What Do You Need To Know?


Naturally everything has to be about me but in order to reinforce the fact that I am such a generous and magnanimous chap, I do like to let you join in as well. I still have much to share with you about the manipulations and machinations of my brethren and I. There is plenty to tell you about my ongoing interaction with the good doctors, the origins of what I am and the conflict that is to come with MatriNarc. The articles that await publication and which wait to be written are burgeoning. Nevertheless, if there is any particular aspect of the narcissistic dynamic that you would like me to expand on I would be grateful to receive your suggestions. Have I touched on something you would welcome some expansion on? Is there an unfulfilled part of your questioning mind that keeps gnawing away? Is something still not making sense to you and you want to know more? Perhaps there are further revelations you have unearthed about your own experiences and you would like my observations? Maybe you want to hear more of a particular type of behaviour? Whatever it is do let me know and I will give careful consideration to writing about the topic for you. I look forward to your suggestions.

Thank you




  1. Hi HG, thanks for your excellent material on your blog and on youtube. I feel more validated and grounded than ever before and can also see the intimate connection between narcs and empaths in a very nuanced way.

    But most of all – this material has given much more substance, than any so called professional (psychologist/therapist) has ever managed to do.

    I have three questions:
    Why are so many psychologists/therapists so incredibly clueless or downright stupid when it comes to narcissism? Its as if they really cant connect the dots. Ive met 4 simpletons who claimed they knew but definitely did not and one who I in retrospect actually think was a narc. They should be experts, but I know many laymen who know extensively more on this topic than they do.

    What is the real percentage of narcs in the world?

    Is narcissism nature or nurture or both?

    1. Thank you Vixen.

      1. I suspect it is because there is a wide range of matters that psychologists/therapists have to address so they cannot be an expert in everything. I think with some it arises from the behaviour being euphemised (see No Good Advice) but I must admit I do find it staggering just how many stories I have heard from readers and have witnessed on certain websites etc, where it is missed and not even considered.
      2. Nobody will know because there is no empirical evidence. I would suggest anecdotally it is 1 in 6.
      3. I form the view it is a combination of the two.

  2. Hi HG !
    I live asking questions! I probably don’t always ask the right ones but oh well..
    Do you still Hoover your Ex wife? If so, how does she react?

    What if 10 women who you were in prior relationships with all came into your spheres of influence within a month.
    Would you Hoover all of them?

    Do you have a best friend?

    1. I do, subject to Hoover Trigger and the Hoover Execution Criteria being met.

      She provides positive fuel.

      It would depend on the Hoover Execution Criteria being met as to how many would be hovered.

      Not any longer.

        1. Would it be a narcissistic tactic to deliberately infect someone with illness? Such as making themselves ill through not sleeping and going out, and then using someone else’s toothbrush to give them bacterial infections?

          I just remembered how my chronic throat and viral infections cleared up instantly after leaving home where my matrinarc was constantly ill.

          I also had an experience with a romantic partner narcissist where I had repeated genital infections (not STDs that were picked up on a doctor’s test) but skin irritation which lasted the length of our relationship. I’m wondering if he had researched how to give me an infection.

          Both of these people are possibility comorbid with sociopaths and I’m wondering whether these were deliberate and might fall under narcissism or sociopathy.

  3. I literally feel as though a narcissist’s experience of other people in life is masturbating off their lives and raping everything they have. It looks disgusting, it feels totally violating and now reflecting I wish I had never spent time with any of the sickos I know. They are gluttonous, fucking gross slugs.

  4. Thanks very much. Your information is helping me in reading situations with my narc friend. Hope your holidays and stockings are filled with all the fuel you want and need. Have a holly jolly Christmas.

  5. Good Day HG. Do you get overwhelmed? If so does it cause depression, anger, or anxiety or perhaps the need for more fuel? Thanks very much.

      1. As accomplished as you are, (and I believe you about that, though by the means of wickedness), do you understand that the cause of your evil actions and thirst for fuel is because you have a very very low self esteem ? That is all that there is to it.

        1. Hello Vashti, would you explain to me why you believe my self esteem is very very low. I am interested to learn why you state this before I respond.

      2. Confident people are way too into themselves to go out of of their way to seek fuel (reaction = in the narcs’ mind validation) from other people. If you were happy with yourself, that would as it should, enough fuel for you and you would not posses so much jealously. It is one thing to play the game, it is a whole ‘nother to play it unecessarily.

    1. Have you noticed the disgusting way narcissists twiddle their fingers in the air? Some of them literally look like a paedophile ready to molest someone. Usually it happens when they are talking about something they feel powerful about or food. They make disgusting hand movements like “snatch and grab” when there is something they want. All I see is creepy invasive greed.

    2. Dear HG, what do you recommend for identifying how we are carrying the narcissist’s disowned traits afterwards?

      This is a catch for the empath, we do this out of love and then find afterwards they have stolen our coping mechanisms to forge ahead and we are left with implanted problems.

        1. That is not my question.
          I don’t think you can erode someone’s coping mechanisms. They are formed to survive and so will be ingrained in the target. You may however prove to them using and displaying those coping mechanisms around narcissists is not a good idea, and that the relationship with you isn’t possible.

          I’m interested in your views on understanding what we are carrying that has been implanted during association with love and caring such as fabricated weaknesses.

  6. Thanks much for responding HG. I mean intimate relationships. Once they begin approx how long is honeymoon phase. Does this depend on behavior of empath as to when you begin abuse or do you have a general routine.
    Your writings today are so helpful. Am giving myself your books for Christmas and I considered them an amazing gift to myself.
    Again thanks much.

    1. Hi Janie, the golden period varies, usually between 6-18 months, can be shorter, can be longer, but it usually about that. No I do not have a general routine (although I suppose viewed objectively some will say that I do) but it when the fuel becomes stale that devaluation commences and that is not set in time, but does tend to happen within the time period I have just mentioned. Thank you for obtaining the books, you will find them of us and you are most welcome.

          1. Oh OK… finally this makes sense to me! I had interpreted fuel as a kind of ego boost or sense of satisfaction but it is much more than that, much more outside of what I can imagine. So THAT’s why they are peddling so hard! I always admired just how much they managed to secure and achieve in life. And it wasn’t low self esteem driving them, it’s bloody well constant manufacturing. That would exhaust me!

  7. Dear HG, I’ve just had a job interview that is of a wonderful salary and great opportunity for career growth. However the team is very small and the interviewer and future boss (I’m quite sure) is a greater narcissist.
    They are keen for me to take the position however I’m unsure of what to do.
    In the interview he seemed jealous of my professional background and tested me a little, putting me in hypotheticals and demanding information it was impossible to have.
    I’m wondering whether to proceed and try it or just escape now.
    Is it best to leave it?

    1. Hello AVS, you were there and I was not, but I would exercise some caution before reaching a determination about what he is because

      1. You were with him for a short period of time; and
      2. Interviews are meant to be challenging (at least the ones I conduct are)

      I am not saying you are wrong, but it might be a little early to make a determination. That stated, if you are correct you have the tools to manage such an individual and there are rewards to be reaped in terms of salary and career growth. I know you operate in an industry full of them so who is to say you might pass this up and then find the next one has a boss narcissist and is less appealing salary/growth wise? Furthermore, strike back and do what suits you. On balance I would suggest you proceed.

      1. Dear HG, thank you for responding so promptly as I have to give an answer tomorrow.

        In response, I agree that it was short however as I have only ever known them, I am quite sure from the way he spoke and changed things constantly that he is one. He even has a lovely voice such as yours that despite my best efforts found dangerously hypnotic.

        My concern is my post traumatic stress which after so many had me near psychosis after last ex and so I fear being in an isolated situation with only him directing the show, and he will likely violate my human rights without surveillance and I loathe repeating the situation.

        Either I am unlucky or most bosses are likely to be narcissists having lacked the morals in order to win any shoot out and dominate the hierarchy. I suppose, one can only sense an impending loss by investing a little first (probation period.)

        Thanks again.

        1. You are welcome. Your analysis may well be right, but a stated by another commenter, you will keep bumping into our kind and withdrawing and evading is not always an option, so now you have the tools you can spot and address in the right way which suits you.

      2. Great advice HG and I agree. We can’t go through life in fear of every narcissist we might encounter or base our life decisions around them, as they are everywhere. Like HG said you have the tools to handle them. Just don’t date or marry one lol. Take the job! You got this!

  8. HG Thanks for sharing with us . What has been the shortest time in a relationship before abuse began and the longest period before abuse. Again Thank You.

  9. And now HG is withholding information because he knows of the anticipation of the answer and it gives him power. And he may then deny this accusation and say he is very busy, and act nonchalant. And now I have pointed this out he may think “what do I owe empath plebs anyway?”
    I know this game so well.

        1. I dont know what the rest of you think but I appreciate HG and the time and afford he put on this blog. To help us. Yes he Is a narcissist to but I am grateful. So to make a mockery of this blog piss me off. Ok??!! I get no fucking answer from my narc…Do you? So please act a bit mature and dont act stupid. Ok…

          1. Good point Chilliy and I agree 100 percent. Answers will never be given by the narc involved in your life. I know for me and the way that I am that I will never be satisfied with the answers others try to give me. I need to hear the answers from a narcissist, one of his kind as they are the only one’s who know how they think, how their mind works, and why they say and do the things they do. HG was the only real one I could find willing to offer such answers. Trust me I did my research before I opened up with my questions.
            So here are your only two choices;
            1.) Ask HG what you would like to know then patiently wait for your answer from the Narcissist you are asking. You have to remember that he is indeed a narcissist. He has not claimed to be anything other than what he is with his readers. So if you expect him to be any different than you are not in the right place.
            2.) Seek your answers from an outsider such as a family member, friend, therapist, or even the answers you try to come up with on your own. Just keep in mind that these quick answers are coming from one who thinks differently from a narc. These answers are based on speculation only.

            Everyone is diffrent in how they find healing. You just have find what works best for you. Choice #2 may work for some, but it is not an option for me. I need real answers with out a doubt. The hard brutal truth that can only come from the narcissist himself. These other answers that come from an outside source I simply will not believe. So I pick my battles and I wait for my answers on narc terms because it is worth it to me not to beat myself up thinking I could have done something differently.

            May I suggest while you wait for your answers maybe read some of HG’s pervious posts and comments. You might find the answers you are waiting for. More than likely he has already gone over it at some point in time. For a narc to constantly repeat himself is pretty amazing in itself.

          2. Now I know your facts, I can’t help but analyse faces and memories. It was always there. It’s in the body language. I can’t stop looking.
            As for computers perhaps you can email me.

          3. Those darn memories will get you every time. Sometimes I wish I could be hypnotized so that all memories of him could be erase, but then I wouldn’t have learned anything.

          4. Hi B

            I totally agree with all you say. Yes indeed he Is a narc but at the time the only narc that give me any anwers😉 I learn so much from his blog. Learn how my low lesser narc think’s. HG know what he talks about and Its very intresting to read. And you seem like a very intelligent person to 😀

          5. B…Today I really hate my ex narc. I hate all he done to me…The lies…the abuse….The fury inside him for no reason at all…His mind games..His smile…Oh he can really smile and look so proud every time he hurted me..Every time he scared me…His was so proud of him self…His friends ask my friends about me…We decided my friends say that them and me don’t talk anymore. This Is not just hard on me..My sweet friend’s suffer two…And that breaks my heart even more. At the time my narc dont speak to me..I am at this time discarded..First time…I know he can come back but I pray to God that his new supply,girl’s or drugs are something he will never abandon and keep see me as nothing to have ever again…That he forget me…For good…I am tierd of being scared. Tierd of jumping every time someone comes to my door. Maybe he come today?? And the next day the same thoughts are on my mind. Maybe today..Nightmares..Every night….Not knowing when or If drives me insane…When…when…If I am lucky…When will be never B 😔

          6. I am so sorry dear Chilliy. I do understand how hurtful it is. I do not fear the narc in my life so I can only imagine how that must feel. It is very helpful to understand how they think and why they do the things they do. HG gives us the knowledge and tools we need to protect ourselves we just have to use them. Keep reading even if you don’t think a particular blog applies to your situation because what I have learned is just because your narc doesn’t present a particular trait now doesn’t mean they will not show it later down the road. There have been times when I thought I was lucky because my narc doesn’t do that… wrong he does, has, or will. I just didn’t know he was doing it at the time because I didnt know what to look for. They can pretty sneaky like that. Or maybe they haven’t done it yet, but when they do you will already be prepared to see it and know how to handle it. I don’t know about you, but I never realized before how complex they really are. So much to learn! It sounds like you do want him out of your life and ready for no contact. I believe I would too if I had that fear in me. I do not worry about mine ever becoming a stalker type because his drinking takes priority over being sober enough to show up at my door. I say I’m lucky now…

          7. I will add to my other post in some other page I can’t find now that I’m not sure if you are aware, and it will be to your annoyance that although you are trying to hide the ‘creature’ – an empath like me sees it immediately. It’s in the intonation of the voice, the posture, what’s left out when you talk about yourself. Having been born into that and looking for only love in that, the creature was my early point of reference for love and why I tend to see it and minimise it these days.

            I had no idea how hard-wired it was. I only know I see it immediately when I meet a narcissist and tend to earn their trust by treating them well from a distance. “You don’t have to be here you know, spread yourself around.” And I’d say, “I’m enjoying your company” and then they would stare and reflect and try to squeeze out a thought of something in my life that might be important to me. I never knew. I was just having a good time and felt I could be myself with them because we both have the curiosity, observing nature and the mischief.

            So responding to your worst nightmare mentioned in the interview, I think sometimes narcissists don’t realise how much we pick up. You can read the story of the mother in the tightening of the throat and raising of the pitch, you can see the father that ignored them in the slumped shoulders and downcast eyes, you can see the golden child in the pidgeon chest and cheesy grin.

          8. AVS, I agree with a lot of what you say, however there is no one narc alike. Just like anyone else they are their own person with their own personality and they use their traits differently in a way that suits them. Then of course they fall into a category, the lesser, mid-range,and greater. Like you I thought I could see it immediately, although I didn’t know what a Narcissist was until my last relationship because he is the one who fooled me. He fooled me because he wasn’t a Greater. I can spot them right away and I stay clear of them. Like you said it is the way they carry themselves, speak, etc. The Lesser are the ones I have been drawn to. Mostly out of pitty or wanting to save them. So you think you can spot the “creature” they keep hidden from you, but what if they don’t hide the creature from you? Your first date is with the actual creature himself? You see that is were I was fooled. No I didn’t know what a Narcissist was, but did know how to spot anything that was fake (narcissist) and I knew to stay away. He was upfront with who he is. He told me of all the narcissist traits he had shown to his ex. All the horrible things he did. He did not sugar coat anything. Being lied to my entire life, my thoughts at the time were “finally something not fake. Someone who is real with who they are” so I did not run like most would. Of course I was lead to believe that was in the past and what he thought was fun or important in a relationship at that time changed as he got older. I’m not as crazy to stick around if I had thought he would do that to me. It is like he pulled a reverse card on me if that makes sense. Very clever of him if this is true. Because he did not hide the “beast” it makes it hard for me to believe that what we have is fake. How could it be fake if he was so real? He surely is not a narcissist he just needs love in his life and I’m going to give that to him. I will not let him go. See where I’m going with this? I would think it would be very risky for a narcissist to pull off his mask on the first date, but what I have learned from HG is that they research their targets before they make their move (still so hard to believe). I am sure it was not hard for him to figure me out and took that risk. Or I could be completely wrong with that theory, but that is why I keep reading. If only I had the knowledge I have now I would have known that what he was telling me from his past were all traits of a narcissist and if I had known what a narcissist was I would have known that those traits belong to him forever. Yes we like to believe that our strong intuition can guard us from all the narcs out there, but I guarantee that there will always be that one out there who is able to slip through the cracks.

          9. Hi B,
            I’d be the same pattern as you although tend to relate to them as friends with only a short romantic period. I would be near mid range or greater. I see the deflated fuel levels and the creature although they would tend to project the worst of the creature to the world or another person or “the media”. I previously understood these projections to mean a sense of helplessness they felt in the world and irritation about that. I never thought they were confessing!

            My last ex involved a former “friend who turned out to be a leuitenant and that I can never forgive. I trusted them with my dreams and they very nearly broke them. The boyfriend showed his creature as I was in hysterical tears (I never get hysterical, ever) and he had locked me behind a door and said he’d leave me there. His voice was out of a horror movie. I’ve never heard a thing like it. I am still in a bit of denial that it happened!

            The initial bond really grows from them giving advice about previous narcissists and encouraging me to disregard the experience.

            I think perhaps we often all need that strength or calming nature about them? Someone who doesn’t care isn’t going to be anxious like us, right? But for all the wrong reasons.

            My biggest lesson is my poor judgment comes from my narcissistic mother’s tactics. Each day I think of a new tactic I had thought to be her own random character. I’m trying to get used to acknowledging this creature without obsessing and trying to control it. I think I did well considering I haven’t seen love before. I’d like to get back to living and being carefree

  10. That’s how most of us empaths are “gotten”. We are so embarrassed for them that we pretend to like them more than we do to relieve them of humiliation, because they are sad. Then they say “see you’re in love” or “you need me” when it was completely false. I wish I never pitied any of them.

    1. You have a good point there Africanvioletiste as I lost total respect for them and their behavior along the way, but stayed because all the reasons known to us and stated by HG, like being in ‘”love”‘, never giving up and just trying eveything to make it work and hang in there… especially when there’s kids involved.

  11. They activated a video on eradicating hope of the narcissist changing. I thought that was weird. Somehow they have come to the conclusion of my hope. I don’t have hope, but am watching and learning everything I can to understand. And laughing over how stupid and sad ways they spend their lives.