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  1. At least the conversation has begun. Then journalists like me will no longer have to record maze-like time wasting chatter with politicians and narcissism will be officially recognised as a trait that does not comply with accountability (and doing worthwhile interviews).
    Hell, we might get somewhere in helping politicians speak human.

    1. I experience what you might describe as distress when my fuel levels are low. I do not consider myself as impaired, although I know many will say that I am.

      1. So as long as your fuel levels can be sufficiently maintained it would seem that neither you or POTUS would present to a psychologist with “clinically significant distress or impairment”. By that definition a higher and most mid levels would generally not rate as NPD! I think that would suggest the DSM is off the mark, and the good Doctor probably hasn’t had a close personal encounter with one.

        I know that my NPD ex did suffer these things, but only behind close doors with insomnia or what would appear to be a bout of depression where she would hole up in bed for 24 hours, or go crazy with some demanding physical building task that she would manically throw herself into for marathon stretches of time. She called it “getting in touch with her creative side”. I think it was self healing while suffering fuel depletion. The end result was usually broadcast to social media to garner a whole bunch of positive fuel.

    2. Thank you Steve for sharing that article!
      “Trump causes distress, but there is no evidence that he experiences it.”
      How can one know if someone is distressed? No one knows what goes on behind close doors, in the dark recesses of a person’s mind. I agree that we should not diagnose from a far (and if we are not a clinician) but we also can not rule out a disorder when we have no access to evidence.

  2. I have been studying Donald Trump closely and I do not believe he is a Greater.

    He does not know what he is. If you were to confront him and tell him he is a sociopath, psychopath or even a narcissist, he would do what he always does when criticized – deny it and play the victim by stating everyone is out to get him.

    He is not refined enough and his actions/comments are proof of that. He lacks the polish and poise and finesse of a Greater. He is sloppy at best, tripping over banal lies and half truths that are easy to pick out and pick apart (saying he did mock a disabled reporter when there is concrete proof that he did). Many of his answers to questions are nonsensical, even half-baked.

    Similarly, his paranoia about the fact that he did not win the “popular vote” is palpable and he does not hide it well (sometimes not even at all). I am willing to bet the fact that so many are protesting every move he makes is driving him nuts because it further drives home the point that he did not really and truly “win” the election, because the majority of Americans did not vote for him.

    Of course he is one of us, but he is not a shining example of our kind at all.

    1. B.E
      Agreed. An embarassment really, and overshadowing how effective a Narcissist can be in a position of power when aware and in control. Despite what people may think we need them in those positions. He is what normals think of when the subject of Narcissism is raised and why the other cadres and schools go undetected.

      1. He plays the victim card often and his supporters play right into it and offer him the support and validation he desperately needs.

        It is only natural that a public figure such as Trump would be wounded on a regular basis since the whole world, from media to every day people, are constantly weighing in, analyzing and yes, criticizing his every move.

        His comebacks are often rude and crass, lacking the refinement, skill, finesse and intelligence exhibited in a Greater. He called Rosie O’Donnell a fat pig, and whether you agree or not, the insult was delivered in a manner that lacked finesse and the impact would only be felt for a short time.

        A Greater would deliver the insult in a way that would pack a more powerful psychologically damaging punch which would do more than just sting momentarily – it would cause self-esteem to plummet swiftly and self-doubt to set in.

        All you have to do is look at how HG deals with criticism on the blog – he gets his point across in a way that is especially effective because he slays his adversaries without resorting to the banality of cursing and name-calling. He does it with intelligence, wit and yes, charm, which makes that form of careful, calculated retaliation much more effective and, in the end, hurtful, because he not only cuts his detractors down to size with class and intelligence, he makes it next to impossible for them to challenge him any further.

        Trump often dodges questions that require deeper thought or introspection, so I am not the least bit surprised that he ignores comments suggesting he is a narcissist.

        A reporter with The New Yorker once asked him if he thought he was “ideal company” and his response was, “You really want to know what I consider ideal company? A total piece of ass.” The reporter concluded Trump has achieved something truly remarkable – “an existence unmolested by the rumbling of a soul.” <— I happen to adore that line.

        Trump is a visionary; a skilled and hard-nosed negotiator; a shrewd businessman; a leader (a pioneer you might say) and I have no doubt he can be quite charming and charismatic when he wants to be. Though I recognize him as one of my kind, it is difficult to admire someone so transparent and unrefined.

    2. BE,

      I agree 100%. Donald is not a shining example of the smooth cunning manipulator that makes the Greater. He is crude, rough, and not eloquent by any stretch. He also may get himself impeached quickly if he doesn’t straighten up. However, lets consider this, BE. This has been my quandary with him. He is very quick to get defensive and hurt by the slightest slight, right? And everyone in the media and the public is calling him out as a narcissist. Not one peep from him in denial. What do you think of this odd detail?

      1. Seems to me that the only positive point about Trump being elected is that narcissism is being mentioned in the media. FINALLY!

          1. Hi HG,
            Please share some other positives other than I will be relieved when his time in office is through….
            Thanks a bunch, I need some positives now. Planning my next political action, he wants to eliminate our environment protection agency. Saving oxygen in bottles in my basement 😂

      2. Indy,

        The EPA is a political organization just like many others and yes, you guessed it – our kind are at the helm twisting truth and reality so that people like you, who are quick to take up a cause believing it to be noble, right and good, will take the bait and defend its existence and necessity.

        This is the same EPA that attempted to suppress research showing the cost of proposed air pollution standards that would have allowed it to impose standards strict enough to effectively shut down the U.S. steel industry had government officials not intervened.

        The same EPA that sent a letter to the city of San Diego, ordering officials to stop treating the sewage being dumped into the Tijuana River Valley on the grounds that human actions were disturbing the “sewage-based ecology” of the affected area—ignoring the fact that the sewage was posing a threat to the health and well-being of human beings.

        The same EPA that lead a group of independent scientists tasked with investigating its operations to conclude that the EPA routinely tailors its scientific evidence to support its own agenda and often shields key research from peer review.

        The reality is, environmental regulations get in the way of the plans of extremely wealthy, powerful and influential people. The EPA does not work toward the betterment or protection of the people, nor the environment.

        When you realize that, no matter who is in power (President, Prime Minister, etc.), every single leader is one of our kind to some degree and that corporations and organizations, as well as the media, advertising agencies, law firms, and operating rooms, are run and overseen by the most cunning and capable of our kind, you will see that much of what you think and believe is based upon well-constructed lie.

        As Henry See stated in his book “The Trick of the Psychopath Trade”:

        “The political system that is in place is a pathological system that is at odds in a very profound way with the being or nature of most people. People of conscience are being ruled by people with no conscience.”

        I view protest of any kind as futile, though I do enjoy when it spirals out of control into violence and chaos.

        Plus it fulfills the need to see you screaming, yelling, crying, and begging for equality/freedom/unity et al knowing it is all for naught.

        I wonder how many EPA regulations the angry, emotional mobs are violating with all that rich, succulent fuel being spilled everywhere?

        1. BE,
          No need to convince me, I agree with much of you statement. Indeed, all political and business elites are likely there due to traits of narcissism or fully so. EPA too, has a bias and political bend, sure. And it’s symbolic that this administration would attack so many establishments. Many of these establishments were created by left leanings by folks because millionaires and billionaires often do not voluntarily put enough money into these causes privately to keep these needs going. Further when money is involved, rarely are folks thinking of larger impact. Sure there are key philanthropists around the country that help do great things, such as the work done and autism in the field I work. At work could never of been done without a billionaire philanthropist. But that is the debate, will those that can help actually help?

          Now, I must respectfully disagree with the futility of protesting (not just marches but also town hall meetings etc). In fact, due to similar tactics used during the Vietnam war and the civil rights movement era of the 60s and 70s, many laws and regulations were argued and set in place to protect marginalized groups. Similarly, the last eight years have also seen the protests of the tea party here in the United States, which also helped lead to the shift of more Republican representation. Indeed it does have an effect.

    3. I agree completely, BE. And, not only does he deny it and play the victim, but everything said against him is “fake” in his fucked up mind.

  3. I can only imagine how much fuel POTUS is drinking up right now with each stroke of his pen signing these executive orders that literally enrages millions of people around the world. All the negative fuel he is feeding off of is creepily obvious.

    If you think a blantant narcissist isn’t going to put personal business interests ahead of acting ethically, well, there’s week one for you.

    HG, would you consider also writing about your opinion of the women in his life? Specifically Melania and Ivanka?

  4. HG, you are uniquely positioned to explain to the world what is going on with the US president. Perhaps one of the few people who could truly understand him and write about it, perhaps even predict what he may do in the future. You might have found your calling, to do some “good”, despite yourself! Of course you could also use your abilities to advise evil players as well, and they’d probably pay better, oh well. Now you can see why I was interested in your opinion of him before the election.

  5. He is clearly a malignant narcissist, quite populist and impulsive. I would like to know how you would recommend surviving this regime. Do you have thoughts on that HG?

  6. Being upstaged?…. Jk. So what does happen when 2 narcs are together or in business dealing? Besides a reprieve for us…

  7. I wish you would leave politics out of it. Especially since you’re not even American. Please. Don’t alienate 50% of your American readers. If you bash Trump — you will receive a forceful opposition.

    1. Again, you are jumping the gun. How do you know I’m going to bash him? Politics is not the angle, have a think about what could possibly be the basis on which I comment?

    2. And that statement “You are not even American”. Would you like to censor and blindfold the entire world?
      The rest of the world IS watching and they are educated in global politics. They are not content with sitting at home, closing the blinds and watching mind-numbing reality shows. They are not ignorant of anything that happens outside of their 10 mile radius of comfort.

    3. Get gone, Colette, if you’re not hear to learn the truth. Just like Ashley said to CD, you’re part of the problem! And, I AM AN AMERICAN!

  8. HG, Because I think you are brilliant when it comes to explaining all things Narc, I can’t wait to hear your take on POTUS and his White House circus. On a different note though, I dislike the idea of the Donald getting anymore attention. I will think of it as a learning experience like when we dissected frogs in high school biology class–disgusting but potentially beneficial for greater understanding.

  9. You will be a target HG.
    You will be giving away all the secrets.
    That image popped up and I was like “wow”
    “What’s coming our way”

    Very interesting

    1. Don’t get your hopes up.
      Why wouldn’t HG support a “new world order” that would surely further his own agenda?
      He’s honest, yes.
      But he’s still proud.
      He does not intend to help anyone.
      Knowledge is power…
      Why would he share that power, let alone give it away?
      Stupid to believe he’s 100% forthcoming.
      Dark? Yes.
      Angel? …..Nope.

  10. After 8 years of the most malignant anti-American, celebrity wanna-be narcissism destroying and humiliating our nation, are we really going to prematurely attack Trump as The Problem? Yes, the man is clearly narcissistic. But his intentions seem the opposite of of his predecessor’s. So perhaps, just perhaps, THIS president’s outsized ego will push him to restore and empower our nation instead of divide and destroy it. Narcs can realize self-glorification in many ways. Can we at least give this one a chance to earn our disdain before we liken him to the devil? We non-narcs ought to have more sense and dignity than that.

    1. Celebrity wanna-be president? Lol instead of the one who actually became famous to the majority of America through his reality show?
      Cheryl, he has done a lot in his 1st week. Do you support it all?

    2. So, the narc Obama didnt stand up for Amurka. But narc Trump wants to destroys us from within with his massuvr smear campaigns and word salad. Hummm. That computes for sure.

      1. How do you know you’re not Lisa’s narc, Mr. Tudor? Lisa could be aka Kim aka her real name. She could be using a fake email address. What if she’s on to you??? How can you be so sure it’s not her? Kim may be reading your books and planning her escape! Oh my goodness, I’m getting too excited thinking about all the possibilities!

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