The Narcissistic Truths No. 199



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    1. Hahah, the addiction to the narc shows. We are so predictable. You can always feel when HG is fueling up elsewhere. Such empaths.

  1. Hi HG, just came across your blog a few days ago. Thank you for being so open! Your answer on how to tell when someone is on low and high fuel is interesting to me.

    Any person can seem sad when they have just fought with a friend or partner and can seem extra confident if for example they just got a promotion. So is it safe to say we all have narcissistic habits or traits? If so, how can we tell normal or empathic people apart from narcissistic behavior when it comes to low and high fuel levels? I’ve found myself extra dramatic and lost when I’ve ended a relationship and very confident if I’ve started dating someone I really like, but I don’t consider myself a narcissist. What’s the difference?

      1. You stated in an article that if you reach a one-year anniversary with an ipps, it is a feat. You’ve been with kim for well over one year now. Do you think it’s because you are getting enough fuel from this blog to compensate?

  2. Are there any telltale signs that a narcissist is low on fuel?
    I have read your descriptions of how it feels, ie depressed,listless,
    are there any telltale phrases they say, like maybe ‘I feel confused’ or something like that?
    On the opposite end, are there any signs they are at a high level of fuel?

    1. You will see a loss of control and there will be comments such as “I don’t know who I am”, ” I feel as if I am not here” or “I don’t know what is happening to me any more.”

      A high level of fuel results in bombastic behaviour, comments according to god-like abilities, the potential for achieving anything, wild boasts, declarations of being able to do anything.

      1. I thought I replied to this comment but I dont see it,
        thinking about it I have witnessed the ‘high’ behaviour and I wasn’t sure what was going on.
        The low behaviour I may have seen, I hear comments like
        ‘im feeling mentally ill’ or ‘im stressed out’ not sure if its actual stress or low fuel levels though.

      2. Formerly ‘ptsdafternarcabuse’
        Omg that’s exactly correct! My ex used to say he can do anything, with such arrogance. Now he says he lost his identity. He also says his mind doesn’t want to wake up. He is very depressed. I feel so sad for him 😔

      3. “…not sure if its actual stress or low fuel levels though.”

        That made me laugh out loud, Brian! Perhaps stress due to fuel running low. How marvellous that we do not have to worry about fuel on top of life’s stresses! 🙂

    2. It amazes me how narcissistic traits seem to share traits from other disorders like bipolar and borderline. Its high and lows and magical thinking. All three seem to exhibit these.
      Low fuel seems to bring on reality and that terrible empty feeling and uncertainty of self worth and ego. Its the victims that charge up the fake self battery. I still think removing a narcissist for an extended time say a year from technology and people except therapists would cure or improve this disorder. Ive not read anywhere where its been done tho.

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