The Fuel Matrix – Part Three


The final part of the series of articles concerning the important Fuel Matrix addresses the school of narcissism of the Greater Narcissist. Like the Lesser and Mid-Range Schools, this particular school has three divisions.

1. The Lower Greater Narcissist (“LGN”)

The LGN is intelligent, charismatic and scheming. He has significant control over his ignited fury but when that fury is ignited his response usually manifests through heated fury. He shouts, he threatens but in an instant can turn the charm back on in order to smooth over with astonishing ease the situation following his tirade. He is also the most prone of all of the Greaters to use physical and sexual violence. He is nowhere near the blunt instrument of aggression that the Lesser school is. The LGN will maintain his control for a considerable period of time and then will erupt with violence. He is less concerned about the façade (compared to the other Greater Narcissists) as he will rely on charm to ensure that he can explain away, smooth over and dilute the impact of any sudden explosion of violence.

a. Primary Source. A Greater will never rely on a family member as a primary source. His primary source will always be an IPPS and at the high end of the particular cadre which he belongs to, thus if Somatic, he will have a very attractive wife or girlfriend. If Cerebral, this person is likely to be of a high calibre in terms of academics. The LGN can manage without a primary source if necessary and will instead rely on a corps of IPSSs (see below). The IPPS of a Greater will be installed with considerable charm, flattery and attraction and is often an individual who is strong, independent and resourceful – those traits indicating to the LGN that the empathic and class traits are in plentiful supply and such an individual represents a delightful challenge to bring to heel. The LGN, not extensively concerned by the façade will have a high turnover of IPPSs. He will readily attract them,  launch into an horrendous devaluation and dis-engage in a swift time frame, before drawing in another with ease.

b. The familial secondary source network of the LGN will be extensive as members of the family hold him or her in high regard. There will be one or two in that network who will be regarded as scapegoats by the LGN and will have been on the receiving end of his or her vitriolic outbursts but immediate and extended family will find the LGN impressive and be proud of this person’s status and achievements;

c. The LGN is likely to hold a senior managerial position (probably at board level) in a corporate entity or public body, he may well operate his own business and as a consequence will have a significant number of secondary sources throughout the business and related to the business;

d. The LGN has a significant social network also. He has a loyal Coterie and within that Coterie he can rely on a cabal of at least half a dozen inner circle friends who are all likely to be Lieutenants. He has an extensive outer circle friendship and if ever at a loose end he would be able to call on people to join him, often with little notice. The LGN tends to operate at a local level and therefore is well known in their immediate neighbourhood and locality, both in an business, community and social sense. This results in a large network of secondary sources;

e. The LGN can easily juggle two or more IPSSs when the need arises. He has little difficulty attracting them and will do so from social, work and community hunting grounds. He also has no issue with the IPSSs knowing about one another and indeed he will actively encourage competition amongst them. He has no concerns about the IPPS being aware of these indiscretions as he revels in the triangulated fuel and relies on his charm combined with physical and sexual threat to keep the IPPS in place until he decides to dis-engage. He regards it as his entitlement and right to have a harem of IPSSs. He has no interest in compartmentalising them, but rather ensures they understand they have no call on him as of right, but given his attractive qualities he knows that they regard him as a catch and that competition is a matter of fact when trying to secure his attentions. Many IPSSs accept, as a consequence of the LGN’s presentation, that they must share him and are content to have that arrangement rather than risk losing him altogether;

f. The LGN interacts with scores of tertiary sources and does so in an arrogant and high-handed manner. He will shift from pleasant to malicious in an instant owing to some perceived slight against him or often just because he can in order to show off his power to other people. He revels in having people running around for him and again is not unduly concerned by the façade, so that it as a consideration does not prevent him from lashing out at people, who he will then win over again with considerable charm.

The LGN has similarities with the ULN in that they are aggressive, arrogant and swaggering. The LGN however is more calculating, far more grandiose and charismatic but is only able to maintain this on a local scale.

2. The Middle Greater Narcissist (“MGN”)

The MGN is a grandiose, flamboyant and outgoing individual who most likely fits with the public perception of what a narcissist is, without realising that the disorder is far more detailed and complex. The MGN is a considerably popular person who has the people touch, able to converse with paupers and princes (so long as it serves the MGN’s purposes). The MGN has a draw and a charm which is similar to The Magnet Empath but of course with all the downsides that one would expect from a narcissist.

The MGN is a successful individual. He or she may well run their own business which is likely to be the ideal platform for their showmanship, performance and entertaining talents. The MGN is not someone who is scheming in the corporate world or battling in the highest court in the land, but rather the MGN is on stage, up front and there for all to see. The rock stars of the world, famous television presenters, politicians and demagogues form those who are MGNs. They create an astonishing façade of brilliance, popularity and acceptance. People want to be with the MGN, they worship and adore them. Their reach far extends that of the localised LGN and is instead a countrywide, continent wide or world wide reach.

The MGN is driven, ambitious, with high energy levels which are channelled into the pursuit of fame, wealth and excellence. They appear in the church, in entertainment and politics. They make people feel like they are the only person in the room whereas unwittingly they are actually drawing that person deep inside their world. These people are not to be crossed. Charismatic and calculating they will crush those who get in the way, never bothered about using people to get what they want but always with their considerable charm so that it almost feels like a pleasure to have been used by the MGN. Passionate, excellent public speakers, motivated and motivating they have people in their palm of their hand.

It is unsurprising that these individuals have massive fuel networks.

a. Primary Source. Never a family member and thus always an IPPS. The MGN is likely to have been or will be married several times. They have no problem in drawing impressive IPPSs to them, thus gaining considerable fuel, character traits and residual benefits. The MGN will also knowingly seduce Lessers or Mid-Range Narcissists, where a purpose is served and this contributes to the high-turnover of IPPSs. The Primary Source is kept in place through the charm and brilliance of the MGN and then through devaluation this is most often through threat of withdrawal or actual withdrawal. The MGN is rarely physical with the victim, there is no need to be that way. The MGN does not go in for lengthy devaluations through the commission of savage acts but instead prefers the withdrawal of so many benefits associated with the MGN to speak for themselves. The MGN then engages in considerable Relationship Bulletins when a new IPPS is swiftly installed, in order to compound the misery of the one who has been usurped. The MGN will smear the IPPS if necessary but prefers generally to move on and their malicious side is evident through the delight they take in showing off their new acquisition.

b. The Familial Secondary sources of the MGN are largely benign and supportive of the MGN but the MGN being someone who is often in demand from work and socially, has little time for family and therefore whilst on reasonable or good terms does not draw extensively on their familial secondary source network;

c. Colleague Secondary Sources. The MGN will have numerous colleague secondary sources who all think very highly of the MGN and the MGN is most keen to maintain this. He places huge stock in his façade and therefore it is very rare for him to devalue any colleague secondary sources, but when it happens it is fast and effective with no coming back (unless the MGN decrees it as worthwhile, but this is rarely the case). The blackened colleague will no doubt be removed, dismissed or decide to go elsewhere since the MGN’s charisma and powerful façade can rarely be taken on with any success;

d. Social secondary sources. The MGN has  a cabal of around a dozen inner circle friends who will mainly be Lieutenants. He will also have scores of social outer circle friends and is never ever short of someone who will be happy to pour some positive fuel the way of the MGN. People are desperate to be the MGN’s friend, they will fight one another for favour and a minute in the golden glow of the MGN is well worth the effort. The social secondary sources of the MGN, those in the outer circle, will include several Lesser and Mid-Range Narcissists who are drawn by the charisma and popularity of the MGN.

e. In terms of IPSSs, the MGN has them by the truckload. His charisma, success, money et al make for a honeypot for individuals who are bowled over within moments and soon find themselves in bed. The MGN will have several on the go at once but through his Lieutenants and the extensive use of charm he is careful to ensure that if there is an IPPS, this extensive backdrop of IPSSs remains hidden. Indeed, of all narcissists, it is the MGN who use Dirty Little Secrets the most extensively. If he is inbetween IPPSs, then he can function from his extensive harem but does so in a way that is seen as ‘dating’ rather than shagging around. His reputation and the zealous Lieutenants and Coterie see to it that Brand MGN remains unsullied from allegations of promiscuity and infidelity.

f. With regard to tertiary sources, the MGN will engage with thousands who all think the MGN is wonderful and he or she is always keen to ensure this is the case. Occasional tertiary sources will experience a dressing down, but always away from the outside world, so the ever so important façade is unaffected. When in the public eye, the MGN is careful to ensure that the façade is maintained and that tertiary sources are treated in a benign way so that the carefully constructed and preserved façade remains intact and serves its purpose

3. The Upper Greater Narcissist (“the UGN”)

Finally we address the fuel network of the most dangerous of the Greater school, the UGN.

The UGN is very intelligent but not necessarily the most intelligent of the relevant schools. What sets the UGN apart is the level of awareness, his extensive hold on his ignited fury and his intense calculation. He is a Macchiavellian individual, a schemer and a planner. He is rarely impulsive and instead deliberates, plots and plans. He calculates the effects of his behaviours, he considers the ramifications in order to optimise the outcome and conserve energy. Possessed of high energy levels this does not mean that he is keen to see his precious energy squandered. He values the façade but what he values more than anything is his ability to manipulate. He hordes vast intelligence on people, exhibits a fearsome memory and is extremely well-connected. He is grandiose when required but also revels in chicanery, shadowy deals and behind the scenes manipulation. Whilst he admittedly enjoys mass adoration he does not rely on it to the same extent as the MGN does. He moves in powerful circles, can rely on powerful contacts and connections should he so choose and is fearless in his behaviours. He cannot ever be beaten, he must always win and the end justifies the means more to him that anybody else. He is malicious with those who cross him and will readily destroy them, but he is adept at recognising the worth of individuals to his Grand Designs and therefore is not capricious in the application of his formidable destructive powers. Vastly charming but with an edge which has people wary and indeed downright terrified of saying the wrong thing or committing an erroneous act. He is able to convert people to his way of thinking and will do so through the application of charm or threat – he is content to apply one or the other or both – so long as he achieves what he wants. That is all that matters to him. Single-minded, devious and in it for the long-haul, the UGN should never be underestimated.

In terms of his fuel matrix, this is extensive.

a. The primary source is never a family member but instead is an IPPS. He is easily able to attract high calibre IPPSs for the purposes of The Prime Aims and is tremendously effective in sweeping them off their feet. He however needs repeated stimulation and will not suffer fools gladly and therefore the golden period for those who couple with the UGN is likely to be the shortest of all the Greaters. The golden period is however intense and mesmerising. The devaluation which follows is almost always the most unpleasant as through an array of manipulations the UGN will make the IPPS’s life hell. Not beyond the use of sexual or physical violence towards the IPPS but it is extremely rare. Instead it is the psychological games which appeal to the puppet master that is the UGN and he revels in devising traps for the hapless victim to blunder into. The UGN will also continue to hoover in a malign method the IPPS even though she has been dis-engaged from, if the UGN deems it appropriate. The UGN more than any other type of narcissist will commence protracted and nasty campaigns against the removed IPPS. He does so in a way that is high in trickery, she knows it is him causing her this pain but is unable to prove it is, such is the way in which the secretive UGN operates.

b. Familial secondary sources. The UGN is not reliant on familial secondary sources and often has severed ties with several members of this aspect of the fuel network deeming them to be unhelpful or indeed hindrances. Those that are tolerated will be tolerated because they serve a significant purpose to the efficient and effective UGN. His coldness towards his family places them on respectful edge or over the top desire to thaw him out. He is respected for his accomplishments and there is genuine admiration for what he does, but it is always tinged with wariness.

c. Colleague secondary sources. The UGN more than any other kind of narcissist regards himself as peerless and therefore colleague secondary sources really are there purely for his use. He has no concept of loyalty to them and will promote and demote as the situation is required. He is aware of the need for a façade but is not beyond using that façade in two respects. There are those that consider the UGN as brilliant, engaging and marvellous and there are those who are terrified of him but recognise they must obey and comply. The UGN is content to operate such a dual façade as it presents him with considerable benefits. The UGN is likely to hold positions of authority and power with corporate entities, public bodies, the military and politics. He has an extensive network of colleague secondary sources who will be loyal – out of admiration or fear – and he gathers fuel, information and assistance from these extensive networks. The UGN uses blackmail repeatedly within his own business and engaging with those from external businesses. Those that foolishly come up against him, regret doing so.The UGN will have a well-respected public business profile but his best work is done in the shadows as he applies real influence to events locally, nationally and/or globally. It is highly likely that some of his sphere of operation is unknown to those who think that they know him and the UGN has an ‘off grid’ colleague network also.

d. Social secondary sources. The UGN has an extensive social network through his charm and influence. He can easily engage with people and soon have them in the palm of his hand but easily bored and distracted it is only the high calibre who keep his attention for a long time. Hence, his inner circle cabal will be less than half a dozen but his outer circle network will be scores of people. Like the MGN he never struggles for company or fuel from these outer circle admiring friends. The UGN will devastate the life of a social secondary source which crosses him but for the most part he tends to just dis-engage and drop the individual when the UGN is bored and/or sees nothing more to be gained from this person.

e. The IPSS. The UGN gathers numerous IPSSs. Unlike the LGN, the UGN usually ensures that the IPSSs do not know about one another unless he deems triangulation advantageous. Similarly, he keeps them unknown from the IPPS until it suits his purpose to reveal that there is somebody else or, more usually, the suggestion there might be someone else which can be plausibly denied. The UGN attracts IPSSs with ease and requires them for the purposes of his fuel network when devaluation is occurring. He is also able to utilise several IPSSs when he has no IPPS. The UGN will utilise IPSSs in a shelf methodology and pick them up and down as he sees fit. He is swift to apply a corrective devalue to keep them in line and if they will not respond he will dis-engage.

It should be noted that whilst narcissists do operate a double-life this is usually with the IPPS and nearly all others tend to see the ‘good’ side of the narcissist (save where otherwise explained in this article and the first two parts). The UGN more than any other narcissist does operate a double life with a charming and engaging public façade and then a dark and sinister side which is used against the IPPS, familial, colleague and social secondary sources where required and also against IPSSs where required. His malice towards those victims that have been identified of deserving it, is unrelenting, savage and of a calculated degree that is devastating. He is able to call on many others in his fuel network to assist his machinations albeit he is a capable and resourceful individual.

f. Tertiary sources. The public face of the UGN is one where he will be well-known – this might be in industry circles, business environments, a sporting network or entertainment network. He will not be as well-known as the MGN but is not unheard of either. His ‘fame’ tends to be within more esoteric and powerful networks as opposed to mass appeal. Nevertheless, this means that his name (and moreover his reputation) will be known to hundreds of people. These individuals will be treated in a benign way as part of the ‘good’ façade, but the UGN is also known to disincentivise certain tertiary sources for the purposes of a sending a signal. Just like the devaluation of an IPPS, the devaluation of a tertiary source may well be linked to the UGN, it just cannot be proven.

The UGN is well-known and his influence is extensive. He operates a vast fuel network but in contrast to his brother narcissists he also has an extensive ‘dark’ fuel matrix which most people would have no idea about. It is this ability to operate in a double sense and to drift in and out of worlds which makes the UGN so dangerous to his victims.


38 thoughts on “The Fuel Matrix – Part Three

  1. Jasmine says:

    Hmmm. I think my 1st husband was a Somatic MGN. I used to think he was just a psychopath that slept with everybody. I’m not sure he knows.. i don’t think he’d care either way.
    My daughter’s dad fits the cerebral LGN. He knows what he’s like.. also doesn’t care. I think I was an IPSS with him. I refused to move near him.

    I DEFINITELY need to scrub this x off my back..

  2. Ostara says:

    I have recently encountered a very clever UGN. I believe he had “an extensive ‘dark’ fuel matrix and an ability to operate in and out of worlds” as you describe.
    I wonder – are you referring to psychic manipulation and a connection with “satan/demonic powers?” – I felt this energy trying to ensnare me, and it has only been through my research and the very valuable information you have offered, I have managed to extricate myself from this dark vice grip on my heart and soul. I really do owe you my life and am thankful I am what you call a Super Empath. Thank you so very much Mr Tudor. I am very curious about the “other world and dark fuel matrix” if you have any more information about this subject?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Ostara, I am not referring to psychic manipulation. I do not subscribe to such views although I know there are those who talk in such terms and they are naturally welcome to express their views and opinions (as you have) with regard to this experience.

      Thank you for your kind words and there will be more about the Dark Fuel Matrix in further work of mine.

      1. Starscape says:

        Have you written anything more about the dark matrix??
        Where might i find it?. thank you.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I have but it is not yet published.

  3. Scout says:

    I have only read a small number of your articles, HG, and they are most revealing, but in this one, I came face-to-face with my ex F*cktard Narc – he’s a LGN. I still need to read more about his type, but perhaps you could answer a question for me, does the LGN hoover? I walked out over 8 weeks ago and he hasn’t attempted to get in touch, though he did leave some of my belongings with a mutual friend.

    Thanks for your work, I’m hoping they will help me heal…

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Yes. 8 weeks ago is nothing. Plenty of time yet.

      1. Scout says:

        Thank you, HG.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          You are welcome.

  4. BraveHeart says:

    Since finding your blog, HG, I’ve always felt the ex-MN was a Greater, but in the past few months, I’ve began to wonder if he’s more along the lines of a mid-range. This post brings me back to my original belief, he’s definitely a UGN. Thanks, HG!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Pleasure BH.

  5. k says:

    Ahhh – I see!! It’s very helpful to now know that I was dealing with a MGN. I wonder if that makes me a Mid-Range.

  6. Restored Heart says:

    The UGN. This is the most concise piece I have read about my Greater. It also helps explain as to why I felt he fit both the Socio & Psychopath ‘definitions’. That dark side. The disturbing extent he went to setting up some of his traps. (unsuccessfully) Malign FUH’s. The risk taker. The successful business man. Everything you said plus more.

    2 of your articles have triggered me HG. ‘I Want’ when I first read it 3 months ago that he could hate me so much & the UGN. The UGN because to think when we would leave each other at the end of the day 30 years ago & go to our respective abusive homes, that his was so bad that it created this. That once beautiful boy. I loved him so desperately then & my abuse left me impotent to tell him. He took it as rejection. I felt I had blown it & couldn’t be around him so I became his person that left. I became his person that let him down. This was personal. Very personal. The boy was punishing me. The evolving man, saved me. Incredible.


    1. HG Tudor says:

      That you Restored Heart.

  7. ballerina9 says:

    HG, did I read this right? Aren’t you a UGN?
    “The UGN is very intelligent but not necessarily the most intelligent of the relevant schools.”
    Hope I’m not igniting any fury here…😕. Ah, you do precise “not necessarily”…

  8. Victoria says:

    Wonderful and enlightening-I would hate to cross an UGN! Instead, I think I would prefer to be part of his inner circle-great intellectual conversations!
    Just wondering-what is the longest time you have been with an IPPS? What has been the longest/shortest Golden period for you? Forgive me if this is too personal HG, I wonder because you stated that for the Greater the GP is the shortest. For the Greater like you does the devaluation period usually last longer than the GP because the quality of fuel is higher?
    Thanks again :)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Longest time has been four years.
      The devaluation period depends on fuel, whether there is a trigger for dis-engagement and the nature of the fuel being obtained from the IPPS and from other sources.

  9. Hurt says:

    HG, are you an upper greater?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      What do you think?

  10. LGN – Donald Trump
    MGN – Tom Cruise
    UGN – Victor Newman from The Young & The Restless

  11. Mel says:

    Wow HG this is awesome! All of this time I thought I was dealing with a mid-range, but from what you described, he is a middle greater. Although he aspires to be in politics and on the pulpit, hes very popular, knows alot people, has a harem of women that love him even though he’s married, and has alluded to being self aware. You described him perfectly!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you.

  12. Matilda says:

    Thank you for the Fuel Matrix articles! Truly enlightening! :-)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  13. Maria says:

    Ohhhhh.. my God
    i am entangled with a Greater !
    No wonder what is going on it is all so dark !!!!!!! And yet too charming.
    I am lost.
    Only God’ s mercy can save me from those deep roots he has grown in me.

  14. Many thanks HG. The UGN. A very dangerous person indeed. One I was entangled with was a reputable international businessman. You better believe nobody knew all the shady shit that took place on the down low. I have also worked in a high level position dealing with various international businesses and organizations. I have seen these narcissistic leaders involved in back channel deals and pay to play schemes. They are admired by all but completely ruthless behind the scenes. It is easy to be drawn into the society life. Beware that you do not fall victim to it though. You will be ostracized if you make a mistake. I was never in that position, but I can attest to the fact that it is an ugly one. It is rare, I think, amongst the wealthiest and most powerful to find someone who is generally nice and not narcissistic. The psychological games are relentless. You have to be a very strong person to survive that kind of abuse. I being just as much of a game player enjoyed this mental sparring. I look back now at all the time wasted playing games and think about the heartache I could have saved myself. If you are in this situation or thinking about it or wishing he was back in your life. Remember the abuse. Don’t minimize it. Get someone who loves you. You don’t deserve to be treated abusively. No matter how much money or power they have.

  15. horseyak says:

    Would you put Steve Jobs in the upper greater category?

  16. AH OH says:

    I see myself here except I have no need for fuel. I breath, I have fuel.
    I have acted in many of these manners but have evolved or moved away from some of these behaviors.
    Perhaps I did devastate when I was younger. Now I do not care to do so. I find it too much work.

    I do learn more about myself through your writing and observations and discoveries. I also know more each day that I can choose to feel or not.

    But animals are my weakness now. My kryptonight.
    Before I really never thought about them and avoided them. Now I know why.
    I would put my moms cat in a pillow case and swing it around when I was mad at her. It was hilarious to see it walk after. Oh and I killed a frog. When I did this, I realized to just leave them be. I think it was a test of my mind and how I would feel. I still regret this.

    I am oddly normal.

  17. ava101 says:

    Excellent article, HG. Thank you. But I have no idea where you might fit in. (Just kidding).
    And yes, my exnarc is definitely a greater, and my guess is the highest kind, I mean upper, too.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome.

  18. amynm101010 says:

    My ex is an upper greater. I’m a magnet empath. He was my rebound from a middle greater narcissist. You are right. We had a two month golden period, and constant entitlement and devaluaton phase that followed. We have a child together. Our child has a teddy bear at his house that he calls “teddy the narcissist”, to laugh at all of his family who went no contact with him for being a narcissist. I hate him and he loves that.

  19. Lexivelazquez says:

    HG are you a UGN?

  20. Event Horizon says:

    It’s a living hell. 😔

    On Mar 29, 2017 2:28 PM, “Knowing the Narcissist” wrote:

    > HG Tudor posted: ” The final part of the series of articles concerning the > important Fuel Matrix addresses the school of narcissism of the Greater > Narcissist. Like the Lesser and Mid-Range Schools, this particular school > has three divisions. 1. The Lower Greater Narcissi” >

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