The Narcissistic Truths – No. 42




  1. Strange how those are the exact words he used on me. I didn’t ask, however, he just volunteered to tell me that I am his princess. I must say I’m becoming a little more convinced that I’m dealing with a narc. Still not 100% convinced. I’m still researching for a way to know for sure. I still love loving him even though he doesn’t return it most of the time. He says it, his actions say different. I’ve never encountered such strange behavior. I am addicted and never felt such an intense love for a man before and it does scare me. I’m confused.

  2. i saw a version of this text, on his phone, from a young girl he was targeting for IPSS, it said “can i be your babe”…. I lost it and the shit hit the fan, for both of them! Of course, that was waaaay before I landed here….

  3. lol even Draclua had “one” that outshine the many
    In the movies.
    I believe I have watch way to many now….

      1. They Romanticize it thou, there are several reason why Mina was targeted being a “lost” Love isn’t one of them. Yet shows how movies can twist things.
        It was really all about controlling Jonathan Harker. It is always about control. Even saying he couldn’t walk in sunlight, he could he just preferred the night.

    1. Tsk come now Dr Q, you whisper this phrase to that drawing you did of me, every day, I know that.

      1. We both know I would never say such things lol. The words “can I be your princess” would never come out of my mouth 😂

  4. And that is how the fairy tale begins…then it all ends like a gothic horror, as Count Dracula kills Princess Lucy by sucking out all of her blood (fuel). That was a really horrific discard.

  5. Eventually it fizzles out tho. I get incessant texts but theyre not what they were at the beginning. Theyre more of a loving nature. Im sure the newer source/s are princess now. The constant texts are a seduction hook, then later a maintaining hook.

  6. Damn, did my heart just go pitter patter?
    That’s actually pretty cute. Did you have to use that as the example?

  7. This arousal that I am experiencing is quite recent.
    I used to get arousal from being dominated, now it’s this also, maybe more….maybe this news will keep narcs away

  8. O.T.
    I love it when I go on site and these big strong tanned men stand up straight, watch their mouth and do everything I say…that’s pleasure…..I am no princess

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