Ghosted and Gilded


The opportunity to understand the way that the narcissist thinks and behaves is a rare occurrence. Here you will find an array of explanations across different topics and scenarios which will give you unrivalled insight into this dark and destructive individual. Gaining understanding of how this person regards you and the world around him or her is the key to unshackling yourself from the confusion, bewilderment and distress that accompanies any entanglement with a narcissist. This book provides a multitude of observations which will illuminate your understanding and assist you in gaining comprehension of what you are dealing with.

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One thought on “Ghosted and Gilded

  1. Linda says:

    Narcissist are very low individuals it’s the real people that feed these Hungary creature’s its the real people in the world that give them air to breathe ,,its us real people that make them exist ,,without us they are nothing ,,they are dead inside completely!!! Anyone with any type of mask on will always show there true colours. , such sad individuas ,, its them that’s weak not us ,,they tear u down coz they no when they are up against a strong person mind body and soul,, love urself no matter what ,,losing ur identity is control to them ,, have the biggest heart kill them with kindness ,,it fucks there head as to why ur still being nice to them lol what ever there reasons for there shit always look them in the eye with a smile lol fuck the narcs

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