The Rules of Ex – No. 10




  1. This is one of the concepts I have the hardest time understanding. Ex narc wants nothing to do with me. I find it hard to understand why he would ever change his stance when he starts to devalue his next fwb, when his standards are so low for the women he will get involved with (somatic lower mid-range). After I wounded him so much, why would his opinion of me change instead of just finding a new “tinder whore” (his words)?

      1. Thank you, HG. I guess I see him as being too lazy – easier to go for the low hanging fruit than work for my fuel (now that I’ve finally capped the well, blocked him everywhere and gone no contact). If you are satisfied with the type of women that would respond to craigslist ads for sex, why aim higher? Ha!

  2. Your absence is too long, now. Starting to miss the comments and the interaction, where have you gone? (Ok, I’ll read the relevant article again).

  3. This 8s just sad. Your aite has new criteria for comments. Okay. They are there. P and Sm. I requested Sex and the Narcissist.

    I think my ex is a sociopath.

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