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Michelle Owens of Nothing Off Limits interview me recently. I detail below what she had to say about the experience and also provide the link to the podcast for you to listen to.

nothing off

No one else – not a psychologist, not a relationship advice site, not even an empathic narc survivor – is going to be able to describe in this episode’s kind of detail about how narcissists think, behave and operate. My incredible guest has helped thousands upon thousands of people escape and heal from these toxic, deeply damaging, and sometimes fatal relationships that can occur within your family, your romantic relationships, your friendships, at work and in your community.

(Dive in right now at: or search on NOTHING OFF LIMITS on your mobile podcast app.)

His pseudonym is HG Tudor. He is is a self-described narcissistic psychopath, and and he writes extensively about his situation and mindset to enable people to understand his kind. He dispels myths about them, unlocks many of the secrets, and enables readers or listeners to understand, counter and escape the clutches of their personal narcissists.

HG Tudor

I found HG when seeking clarity on the highly abnormal outbursts and overtly abusive and roller coaster-like behavior of a former romantic partner of mine. I wanted to know if it was me, or if my presumption that he might have a severe personality disorder was correct. I researched and researched. What did I do wrong? Was I to blame for all the relationship issues we had and that never seemed to be resolved? Had I not communicated well enough? Was I not loving enough? Why did I blow past early red flags? I was hurt, exhausted and felt like a complete dish rag after months of nasty treatment.

Well, HG’s work educated me way, way beyond any previous books or online sites I had ever consulted with, and I came to the realization that I was never at fault for that horrendous dynamic and the jaw-dropping, confusing and wretched behaviors that I dealt with on a regular basis. HG gave me the logic, rational knowledge and subsequent strength that I needed to finally understand why I attracted this person, why I stayed in it so long, and why it was important for me to finally leave. I dropped the emotions, the need to fix or repair him or the relationship, and I cut the cord. It was not easy, but trust me, you can do it too.

Get the tools you need to prepare for this and to pull it off.  Find HG’s unique and powerful perspective at ‘Knowing the Narcissist’, a blog which has attracted 5.9 million hits in under two years, and through similar platforms, including Facebookand YouTube. HG also has a ton of books available which address varying aspects of the narcissistic dynamic available on Amazon. I have several on my Kindle and highly recommend them.

HG’s desire is to weaponize empaths on a global scale. He has already helped thousands and thousands become empowered with information you can’t get anywhere else. I’ve whined before about how my personal discoveries are often plucked away by people with more money and access to a bigger audience, so I predict that someone from Oprah’s team with grab this podcast gem of mine and likely turn him a major public figure around the world. He’s really a special kind of unicorn, as you will hear, and actually, I think that HG is taking his love of arson to the next level…he’s lighting fires under the asses of empaths everywhere.

51 thoughts on “Nothing Off Limits – Interview

  1. NarcAngel says:

    Finally got the time to listen to the interview uninterrupted and I have to say it was my favourite to date. You were succint yet most thorough, personable, fascinating, and the host kept the flow. I loved that you started with the different schools and cadres because I think that is what will cause more of the people that hear the word Narcissism and have the mindset that it refers to only those with ‘over the top displays’ in staying tuned and getting further educated rather than tuning out. You are unrivalled in both your written work and your interviews on this subject and deserve the recognition afforded to you currently and the greater yet to come. Bravo.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you NA, I appreciate that.

  2. Lisa says:

    Great interview HG!!
    I think you know exactly what you are doing, re, your family inheritance…
    Good on you!!

  3. Natalie says:

    Great interview! You seem to be more relaxed with each interview and I seem to always walk away with more information than the previous ones!

  4. Scarlet says:

    HG with all your insight , do you think you are a psycopath?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      I am told so and I can see why.

      1. Diva says:

        Not that I have any great insight…….but you appear to be too organised and methodical to be a sociopath………Diva

  5. Lisa says:

    Hi Jenna, yes the power ha ha
    I doubt HG gets much fuel though from the interview unless it’s thought fuel about how many people he may be reaching and the platform of being interviewed publicly. Yes I wish the interviewer had asked more about HG trying to try different methods . HG is very secretive about this which is very annoying 😀
    HG was that a face to face interview with that lady ?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Hello Lisa, no it was over the internet.

    2. Jenna says:

      Hi lisa, no hg does not get much fuel frm the interview. I did not state as such.

      Maybe he gains a little tertiary, low grade fuel when the interviewer reacts to him emotionally, and like u said maybe some thought fuel frm all our reactions, but it would also be low grade.

      1. HG Tudor says:


  6. Jenna says:

    It is 5:24 am and i have to wake up at 6am. I’ve been on ur blog trying to catch up all nite. It’s gonna b a sleepy day!

  7. Jenna says:

    This is HUGE!!!!
    Talk abt revealing ‘piece by glorious piece’!
    I was NOT expecting this!!!!!

    U said u still do devalue, disengage etc. but the fact that ur thinking abt this proves that u r making an attempt! Bravo!!
    In a few yrs, u will notice that u will exercise this even more.
    I am so proud of u!!!

    Btw, the interviewer cut u off a few times. It annoyed me. 😠
    Who wants to hear her? I wanted u to continue w that particular topic and she instead talked abt her situation. Save it for a consult!!

    She called u a psychopath!😠😠
    U r a sociopath, not a psychopath (though the professionals themselves have trouble distinguishing the two). U do not hurt animals as that does not provide fuel, which means u r not a psychopath (i know it’s debatable tho).

    U, hg tudes, are remarkable! Time to celebrate!! 🎉🎊🍸🍸🎊🎉

    1. Diva says:

      Hmmmm…….. Jenna having read your comments I may have to eat my words about only being willing to read HGs material and listen to this one for myself, as my curiosity is overriding my sense. Curiosity is, has been and will remain to be my down fall……..Diva

  8. E. B. says:

    Me too, K. I am very grateful for what HG is doing. These interviews are invaluable. There is always something new I had not paid attention to before or something that reminds me of the past and makes me aware of what happened to me or what I should change. Yes, MRN are sometimes not so easy to detect, although it gets easier if you look for passive-aggressive behaviour and fake empathy as red flags.

  9. Peaceful says:

    Fantastic interview. I’ve shared it with several people today. I agree with Star. My favorite interview. I too learn something new every time I hear you. Thanks for your great work!

  10. Twilight says:


    I listen to you interview last night and then again this morning. You mentioning your slowing down and thinking before hurting another it took me awhile to process this. That is an amazing step forward.
    Thank you again for all you do!

  11. foolme1time says:

    I can never say enough about you or what you do! You are amazing and I have the utmost respect for you! I am happy you are at least thinking before you destroy another person!! Thank you HG for everything! Xxx

  12. Brian says:

    Good one.I enjoy your interviews.
    It is nice to hear the slight change in behaviour and the honesty.

  13. Kimi says:

    Excellent interview HG and a comprehensive overview for those newly aware of Narcissism. Upon recently becoming aware of my relationships with Narcs, I have struggled with my reality in light of the Narc’s inability to love and bond. You summed it up succinctly, my experience was “real” although not “genuine.” I no longer struggle to understand that perspective and I thank you!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Kimi.

  14. MyTrueSelf says:

    Congratulations and compliments HG on the much deserved acknowledgment for your work on narcissism!
    I listened to your interview and you present your material in an articulate, highly relatable and well crafted manor.
    I wish it was longer!
    Towards the end of the interview you talk briefly about your own journey and growth, I found that particularly captivating.

    I wonder how your material could be presented to those who are narcissists….

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you MTS.

  15. Salopia says:

    Always here dear G.lovely interview.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you and I am pleased you continue to read and listen Salopia.

  16. Sniglet says:

    Is volatility a narcissistic trait?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It is, but not exclusive to our kind.

  17. C says:

    Brilliant as always HG, in reference to treasure “the t shirt thing” that would be interesting just to see how many people believed they were effected or indeed were narcisstic

    1. C says:

      Sorry sent too early many people would buy the t shirt

  18. Salome says:

    So low your voice…

  19. Star says:

    I think this was my favourite of all the interviews you have done HG. I am a faithful reader ,but every time I hear your interviews I always gain a little nugget of knowledge. Thank u:)

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you Star.

  20. C★ says:

    Loved it 🖤,HG!, I was very interested in what you shared about how you are slowing down your thinking and making a conscious effort to minimize destruction. Though you will never “change”, I admire your insight to damage control…. You are an amazing, interesting and creature

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you C Star.

  21. Treasure says:

    OMG I love H.G Tudor , I want a t-shirt and pants
    With his emblem… J

    1. Salome says:


  22. Yolo says:

    Great job…as always. For me It was different in this interview vs other’s. I can’t describe it but more “mask on”. Or, maybe it’s mask off.

    It appears you weren’t as relaxed. It was very informative, you provided tons of information but I enjoy when you provide a little humor in your delivery.

    I understand you change accordingly to your audience or topic. I like the weiry “let’s talk about sex” HG.😊

    You gave so much of you. I receive a little award for going Above and Beyond.

    It read:

    Above and Beyond

    Standing the tallest of all, giraffes see obstacles and opportunities while they are still far off.
    They’re so peacefully hard-working we sometimes forget how powerful they are, how swiftly they can move.

    H.G. this is priceless. Thank you for looking out for all of us.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are welcome Yolo.

  23. Lorraine says:

    I read your emails I get from you everyday. I am beginning to understand. But he had such a hold on me and such control of my mind (really scary now I realize that) … I’m afraid if he called right now I would go back. I need to listen to this again and again. But what I heard tonight and REALLY needed to hear is … it’s not my fault! He convinced me it was!

    1. Treasure says:

      I love this man he is heavensent for sure

  24. Lisa says:

    Hi HG, great interview, you sound even more human than the other interviews 😀
    World Fame and Recognition is just around the corner , my fingers are crossed for this at all times . You should feel amazingly proud of the work your doing. Hopefully between your real job and world domination of this , You will no longer have time for any narc shananigans !!

    1. Jenna says:

      Trust me lisa, he does feel proud, er i mean powerful. 😄

  25. Twilight says:


    Everytime I see another interview you have done, I am usually at work and can’t wait to listen to it. They have gotten me through many a moments of boredom, wondering just what new bit of information you have revealed, you have never disappointed.
    Your are growing at an amazing speed, that in its self is a testament to just how needed your perspective is needed.
    I remember what my thoughts were after reading the very frist book I did of yours and then speaking with you. My instinct told me this man is bringing change in a way no one has ever seen.
    Watching this change has been one of the most positive emotions for me, many times I have wished I could show you…..

    Thank you HG, you have done what no other has….dimmed a pain many wouldn’t understand,

  26. Insatiable Learner says:

    Fantastic interview, HG! This growing recognition of your invaluable assistance and contribution is so well deserved! Congratulations!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you IL

  27. K says:

    Outstanding interview! Each time I listen to you, I learn something new. The majority of my narcissists are mid-rangers and many come across as empathic do-gooders and my MMRN is definitely a somatic! Thank you!

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You’re welcome K

  28. nikitalondon says:

    wow way to go… I was one of the first visitors in September 2015 and you become more famous and famous… but something new… Psychopath ???? . Did Dr O say so??

    1. HG Tudor says:

      No a different psychologist, a younger model. Always a pleasure to hear from you Nikita.

      1. Dr. Harleen Quinzel PsyD. says:

        A younger model eh? Sounds like you are over Dr.O and have moved on to another psychologist. I bet you have fun conversations! I would love to be a fly on the wall!

  29. Kim michaud says:

    That’s lovely just wondering if u ever plan to go public with your identity you said you are leaving a legacy but if you never go public it won’t be attributed to you

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