Poll – Which Piece of Ever Presence Have You Retained?


Ever Presence. The device by which we sow seeds of remembrance through your relationship with us. This commences from the outset of your entanglement as we ensure, through instinct and calculation that we stitch into the fabric of your mind multiple reminders of us and the relationship between you and us.

In Exorcism I describe the impact of Ever Presence and how it enables us to maintain the emotional infection within you and that as part of your purging, you must remove Ever Presence. Of course, your emotional thinking, manifesting through nostalgia and reflection tries to cause you to hold on to those little reminders of what once was so wonderful. Whether it is that shirt we left in the wardrobe when we disengaged from you, a book that we would read from to you on a regular basis, a particular bottle of fragrance left in the bathroom or one of many gifts which we festooned upon you, you may well have been unable to remove this manifestation of Ever Presence.

In the poll are some of the most common items which our victims have failed to get rid of . Which ones are applicable to you and perhaps you would expand in the comment section on why you have been unable to purge this particular item or items.

You can choose as many as are applicable before pressing ‘Vote’.

Thank you for participating.

Which piece of Ever Presence have you retained?

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84 thoughts on “Poll – Which Piece of Ever Presence Have You Retained?

  1. DF says:

    There was a strange thing: I kept an almost empty plastic bottle of mineral water for months because I was sure that there were some precious molecules of him still attached to that bottle. I hoped that I hadn’t licked them off the bottle. I thought it helped me tolerate my inner turmoil.
    The moment I realized I had been entangled with a person with a personality disorder, I put the bottle into a recycling container.
    For months I was marveling at how vivid my memories of him were.

  2. Aurora says:

    The telephone number I simply cannot get out of my head even a year or more later. ..
    As for the perfume…he didn’t buy it for me…as a personal gift…he bought it because we had guests over who stole the perfume I had before.
    In time his number & memory will fade.
    Everything else is gone.

    1. RS says:

      The telephone number I simply cannot get out of my head even a year or more later. ..

      I know how you feel. I blocked, then deleted his number 11 months ago but it is in my head and won’t come out. I’m hoping one day it will be gone along with the memory of his face (that is fading already).

  3. ME says:

    Some songs make me automatically remember him although I sent him all the cds I can’t prevent music being played. But the worst reminder for me is the way I do certain things: I realise I adopted his way cause he so methodical. For example I find myself opening a bottle of wine the way he did or folding trousers the way he liked and it makes me angry. I don’t think I will ever be able to purge him completely out of my life cause, unfortunately, he has been part of it and I’m the result of all my experiences, including this episode of my life.

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