Freedom Fighter – Part One



When you see a friend or a family member in our grip, what do you do?

I do not mean the instance where you see your replacement as intimate partner, somebody who is often a stranger to you, but occasionally might be somebody that you already know. Tempting as it may be, in such an instance, where you do not know your replacement and no matter how much you feel that you ought to warn this person, you are wasting your time.

The charming of the new victim is so intense and the smearing of you as the discarded replacement means that your chances of persuading the new victim that we are what we really are, amount to almost nil.

In such a situation you have your own defences to consider and you must leave the new victim to determine their own fate, harsh and heartless as it may sound, there is little hope for anything else.

But what of the situation where you had no or little prior involvement with our kind and you certainly had not been ensnared by us? What then where we snake our tendrils towards somebody that you care about?

It may be the case that you are sufficiently aware (and thus in a rare group of those who are so aware and observant) that you identify the person that you care about is in the midst of our seduction. You recognise the red flag (most likely because you have experienced themselves) and now you see them again, but applicable to your friend or family member. This might be that: –

–         You struggle to get to spend any time with this person because we monopolise their time;

–         They talk incessantly about us and how wonderful we are, making reference to how quickly we have fallen in love with them, how we want to whisk them away on a holiday within weeks of meeting or even noises are being made about engagement and/or living together with undue haste;

–         Your friend exhibits that starry-eyed, breathless and almost hypnotic reaction to our charm offensive;

–         Everything appears to revolve around us, they talk about what we do, what we want to do with them and what we have been doing.

You recognise the behaviours all too well. Both in terms of how the insidious tentacles of our kind are snaking around this person and also in terms of how they react.

You know what lies ahead. You know the illusion will be woven thicker, deeper and more tightly around our victim. You know how it will all turn sour as the devaluation begins and the abuse is unleashed. As undoubtedly an empathic person you have the overwhelming desire to want to help this person. You also feel obligated to share the knowledge, the “Narc Craft” which you have acquired. You may even feel evangelical about the need to prise open our grip and allow this person to be freed.

If you do decide to help, what hurdles will you face?

  1. The façade. We will have a ready-made façade of Lieutenants and members of our coterie who will only be too happy to vouch for us. These people will confirm what a great person we are, kind, honourable and how much we adore the person you are hoping to free. Not only will you be told this in order to unnerve and de-rail your attempt to secure this person’s freedom, but the target will be repeatedly exposed to this propaganda. It is your word against the word of many. You face an uphill battle in that regard;
  2. The addictive nature of the love-bombing. Everybody likes to be treated well. If a person is swept off their feet, treated like a queen, placed on a pedestal, complimented, feted, wooed, provided with treats and gifts, exposed to repeated delights and such like, what is there not to like? Who would ever want to give that up? This power of our charm, magnetism and love-bombing make it very difficult for the victim to say no and give up what is being offered to them.
  3. The mirroring. I have often explained that because of our mirroring that you fall in love with yourself. This is so compelling that should you try to intervene to halt this, then you are deny somebody themselves. That is difficult to achieve.
  4. Our ubiquity. In order to try to persuade the person that you care about that we are something other than we appear to be, you need to gain time with them to do this. We monopolise their time, either through our presence, our telephone calls, the creation of ever presence, our texting and the use of proxy behaviours through our lieutenants and our coterie. You are outnumbered and it makes your task all the more arduous.
  5. Smear. You will be smeared. When we arrive in the life of one of our victims we also like to charm those around this person. This is to bolster the façade and it is also to ensure that there are no hindrances to our seduction. We are adept at identifying those who are suspicious of our motives, those who are wary of our behaviour and who may well brief against us. Since we can detect this promptly, we will take steps to isolate you from our victim. Not only that, we will smear you in a variety of ways

–         You are jealous of what we and the victim have and we will invent conversations where that has been said;

–         You made a pass at us even though you knew we were with your friend/sister/cousin etc. Once again this is fabricated but we do this with such conviction based on our knowledge and experience that the victim nearly always takes our word over that of somebody else

–         You are trying to control the victim. A classic piece of projection where we suggest that you, as the intervening factor, are always seeking to control this person’s life. Of course you are only trying to do the right thing, but we shall paint this in a completely different light.

  1. We often select those victims who have suffered in some way previously. As a consequence, this means that the victim is ever so grateful to now have somebody as doting and kind as us. The very weakness which led to them suffering previously is exploited once again, causing them to cling tighter to us and to move away from you.
  2. Gullible. Most people are gullible. They wish to think well of people, they take people at face-value and this makes them vulnerable.
  3. Pre-empting. We identify that you are a troublemaker, someone who may try to thwart our ambitions with the victim. Accordingly, we tell the victim what we anticipate you will say about us. We may even admit to some of the things that we know you will say about us in order to demonstrate that we have nothing to hide. This endears us to our victim and also allows them to tell you, as their prospective freedom fighter, that we have already admitted to the allegation and explained why it happened. Thus the sting and heat is removed from your potential disclosure.

Faced with these hurdles, a determined and experienced opponent in us and a seemingly supine victim it is entirely understandable if you were to decide that there is no hope and you shall just have to let the matter run its course in the same way you would when you see your replacement being ensnared.

You have an advantage however.

This time you know the victim well. They know you well. They trust you.

Invariably you will only have one attempt to make them see the light. Repeated attempts to persuade them only causes you to play into our hands as the crazy-making and jealous best friend or the controlling parent.

Whereas your replacement will regard you with suspicion, the person you care about will at least listen to you. Much in the same way as dealing with a smear campaign you need to allow the victim to make their own decision. To that end you need to: –

  1. Explain the behaviours you have identified as problematic;
  2. Explain why you know them to be problematic (e.g. based on your own experience, material you have read)
  3. Explain you are stating this purely because you care and you respect that it is the person’s life so you are only going to mention it the once;
  4. Show to them independent material (in a succinct form) which shows how the various behaviour are narcissistic in nature and part of the seduction;
  5. Invite the person to flush our behaviour out by asking certain question (see the Exposed articles part one and two for more on this)

This approach may buy them time to question what is happening. This will give them the time to reflect and work it out for themselves. If they do not see it, repeating it will make no difference, the brainwashing has been effective already and you will end up alienating yourself.

By planting a seed of consideration, reflection and doubt, you may well cause this delay to the seduction to bring out a glimpse of our true selves from behind the mask, especially if the narcissist is a Lesser or Mid-Range. The challenge to their assumed flawless seduction, the hindrance to the otherwise predicted ensnarement and their lack of control compared to a Greater may well result in the mask slipping at an early juncture, the ignition of fury and evidence of us lashing out. That will be likely to be a clincher in allowing you to adopt a smug smile and declare,

“What did I tell you?”

You do have the chance to be a freedom fighter. The window of opportunity is slim and the odds are stacked against you, but you can succeed.

If you fail on the first attempt, do not labour the point. A second bite of the cherry will not prove fruitful and you will actually cripple your ability to assist the person you care about during devaluation. Instead, be ready to be there to catch this person when the golden period ends and the devaluation commences. You may have done enough to ensure that when the battle field alters when devaluation starts that you have more than a fighting chance to secure this person’s freedom then.

11 thoughts on “Freedom Fighter – Part One

  1. T says:

    My friends tried to talk to me for months. Even after I exposed the abuse. She is under his spell and it will be extremely difficult. She will lie to herself and make excuses. I am fortunate that my friends knew who my narc was and saw through him from day one! It’s been 7 months since I left. I would say educate yourself and be there for her when this relationship goes sour, she is going to need a lot of support and understanding. I’m so grateful for my friends and family. I They had been waiting for my by the sidelines and scheming behind my back to get me back and away from terror. I think she may see it, but is giving the benefit of the doubt, she is not going to leave her narc until she is ready to hear it or she is discarded. Best of Luck!

  2. DebbieWolf says:

    “The window of opportunity is slim and the odds are stacked against you, but you can succeed.”

    I love this encouraging remark.
    Against the tide but you can make it mentality.
    It is uplifting, positive…fighting talk.
    ‘Don’t let the b*******s get you or yours down! routine.

    And that is ‘right up my street’, as the saying goes.

  3. Diva says:

    If anyone tried to talk me out of anything it would immediately have the opposite effect……..makes no sense, but that’s the way my peculiar mind works……..Diva

  4. Noname says:

    This is a realy complex situation.

    I extremely rare “mess” with people lives, because I think everyone has his/her own head on the shoulders. Everyone lives as he/she wants and has to be responsible for his/her life decisions.

    However, when I want to “help”, I always ask “What does your gut feeling tell you? Do you have a feeling that he/she is REALLY and ABSOLUTELY right person for you? Does something bother you? Even minor things? Think about it and do it with all honesty. Never lie to yourself”. Several people “heard” me…

    As for my dear narc-cousin, whom I really like, the situation is more complex. I see what he is doing with his women and I don’t like it. Sometimes, I berate him in pretty harsh manner for his “bad deals”, especially if I like his current woman and think that she really doesn’t deserve such behavior from his part. He has so precious facial expression, when I do it! Lol. But, no matter what, I’m loyal to him and he knows it.

    Sometimes, my dear husband recieves the “berating sessions” from me also, when I’m trying to save the really innocent people from his “fangs”. Thank goodness, he “hears” me and, unlike my cousin case, it works.

  5. Shantily says:

    Mm anything anyone said to me was totally futile even now I still defend the odd remark … there is virtually nothing you can do for someone who’s been ensnared but be there for them in the inevitable end …

    1. T says:

      Documentation is great! I documented everything I could remember once I escaped… It helps to go back and read my journal as a reminder every time I was about to fall back in my narcs grip the documentation ripped me back into reality!

  6. Peaceful says:

    HG and friends, I have a very dear friend who is newly in the grips of a narc. She is a lovely woman, talented, kind etc… she lost 150lbs! On her own, no lap band surgery etc. She has had multiple plastic surgeries to remove excess skin. She’s been looking fine! She hasn’t dated in about 10 years…. She goes on POF and finds a new BF. He’s totally narcy… I’ve heard him say insidiously negative things to her at a party in July and I called him out on it. He smirked when I did. She was surprised I was so ballsy. But I told him no woman would want to hear that sort of thing. He asked her if that was true. She made excuses for him like…. oh… I know he doesn’t mean it, blah blah blah…. I had just escaped my narc about 1 month prior and was on high alert… reading a new HG post while no one was talking to me…

    I’ve been hearing other narcy stories from other friends and their encounter with them… More of the same old story… he accuses her of flirting with someone when she’s not, yells at her in public about something stupid, disappears.. She’s aware of narcs. She knows about mine, her BF had recently escaped one, she’s read HG articles. I sent her one the other day in hopes she’d get the message…

    Question fine people of HGTown, I’m having a party next month. She’s invited and she’s bringing the narc (yikes). Any recommendations on how I should handle the situation would be greatly appreciated!
    And how would you approach her? I love her dearly, and pain is on it’s way with this creep.
    Thank you!

    1. Sillyolperson says:

      Dear Peaceful,
      Oh dear oh dear! What a mess! Dealing from my experience, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t! We have this knowledge and power of narcissists now and yet, we are still rendered helpless in this kind of situation. One advantage is that she is aware of HG’ articles (the best in the business) (I knew absolutely zilcho) I agree totally with Shantily and to be there when she falls. Cudos to you for standing up for your friend to his disgusting behaviour, personally, I would continue that! He is likely to be the ultimate charmer at your party, win everyone over! He knows you’re on to him … so that will cause even more problems! I feel unless she has a lightbulb moment, it’s doesn’t look good!
      I have a dear 86 year old friend who still supports his 85 yo narcissistic vile bullying brother, its like banging your head against a brick wall. Can’t win! I feel your immense frustration !
      Stay strong, you are truly a good friend!
      I’m sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!
      Heartfelt wishes

    2. Marjorie Murphy says:

      Maybe just document any abuse you witness for when she does need it, ie to revisit the abuse and understand what it is. Show it to her with research on narcissist abuse. Document what you see so she can remember the truth since she will be feeling crazy from all the games and lies. The sooner she gets out the less chance he can successfully wreck her brain.

    3. Brian says:

      I would give her a glimpse of the future.
      She is married to this guy with a 2year old and a 5 year old.
      Her husband ‘Marc’ finishes work at 4pm, it is now 7pm and she is wondering where he is. When she calls his cell it goes straight to voicemail.
      at 7:30PM Marc arrives home.
      “where have YOU been! I’ve had to single-handedly look after these kids, I may as well be a single Mom!”
      Marc:”on there you go again! attacking me!”
      “I went to the mall to try on some clothes if you must know, I dont know why you have to be so controlling all the time!”
      your friend:”whaaaat? controlling? im just…”
      cue 3hr argument..

      your friend feels stressed out, maybe even traumatised, the kids had to witness the whole thing.
      Marc feels like a million dollars because he just had his lovely argument.
      He storms out of the house saying ‘im going to the bar !’

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