The Narcissistic Truths – No. 197



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    1. Hahahahaha!!!!! Friday night is usually pizza night, Perse. Maybe that will be my lucky evening. Although in my town, Friday night is pizza night everywhere and they’re busy. I am sure the driver will choose massive tips rather than a break for some random sex at my house. Hahahahahaha!!!

      Rub me the wrong way? I could say something naughty to that but I won’t. But nah, you’re cool. So far anyway. 🙂

  1. Had to deal with something similar to this earlier today. I was getting more and more upset. I sat down, thought of HG – and realized that it was just a Narcissist ranting at me with some rage thrown in. Collected my thoughts, and went on ignore mode. The annoyance drifted away.

    Thinking of HG in the midst of this was as soothing as drinking a cup of my favorite hot coffee. 🙂

    We can’t go No Contact with co-workers & supervisors, but we can reduce the effect of their rages upon us.

      1. HG would you change for a lady if she was someone you never wanted to lose.? I’m sure you have been asked that a million times and my apologies if you have.

  2. Wow. My Mother of Hell always bought me NOT what I liked and wanted. That’s how I learned to find something in what I didn’t like and be happy with it. Lol.

  3. Tentative question; no offense intended , because this site has become such a valuable resource to so many, what if HG garnered billions (empowering empaths) fans & followers , then discarded & devalued us ALL at once? Imagine the fuel. Guess it would teach us a lesson and prove points not to mention his skill level. Wonder if this is all part of one giant manipulation . Sucks to have been painfully ‘educated ‘ by my Narcisist now I’m paranoid?😧

      1. Yes, your potential/next IPPS, IPSS, DLS included…you can’t deny it!

      1. This blog has to be more fuel than many NISS or some IPSS. 7 million+?!! Come on! That’s huge. (That’s what she said. LOL)

    1. Mb
      I would take the information and experiences gained here and be merrily on my way. I would not consider it being devalued no matter what he thought, but rather that I availed myself of what was on offer until it wasnt. Oh look! Over there! A new flavour of ice cream!!!

    2. He has said that this is a place where his word is solid and his intentions are good. I believe him.

      When you have written a book, had children, or even planted a tree you are leaving something behind when you go.

      I am just glad to have him here now, along with the rest of these lovely ladies I’ve exchanged messages with.

      Try to live in the now and feel blessed to have more awareness. Hugs!

      1. *I second this sentiment.

        Hugs back at you, Sophia – love your posts, too along with so many of the wonderful people here.

        *and wow! such seductive creatures! & crazy-making..
        I confess once I was able to have sex & then walk out, never to return.. I don’t care if it was wrong – it felt great. *4yr narc dynamic..


      1. Gabrielle,

        You’re not alone. I have punched my MMRN in the gut, slapped him, threw water in his face THEN f****ed him within minutes all separate times. I couldn’t resist him. I’ve never been weak to any man like that. It is confusing.

      2. LOL Sniglet,

        He probably asks his housekeeper for veinilla sundaes topped with sugar coated tears of his former IPPS’s, all served in a Death Star bowl and a black lightsaber spoon.
        I guess some times he will have his sundaes flambés, when he is feeling restless.
        Of course, he can change ice cream flavour but then a hot bloody sauce must be served. Then he can go hang upside down to have a restful 4-hour sleep.

        (HG XXX… I am in a silly mood this morning)

      3. Former IPPS’s tears “nature” it is then. No sugar added.
        Fancy some cocaine and ecstasy sprinkles?

  4. That’s okay. You’ll be back for the strawberry ice cream again once you get tired of vanilla, mint chocolate chip, and whatever other flavors you are sampling on your freezer shelf.

      1. Should I thank my lucky stars that he is 860 miles away? Because if he knocked on my door right now I would totally let him have his way with me. It sickens me how much I still want him. I want to punch him in the dick AND F his brains out all at once. This makes no sense. I am confusing myself. If that is such a thing.

    1. Strawberry ice cream = Super Empath? 😃 A particularly yummy and fiery super empath? Lol

      So true, gabbanzobean. So true. Pray when yours comes back through you’ve had a taste of something better. 😃

      1. Perhaps!!! 😊
        And yes I hope I get a taste of something better soon.

        My salacious mind is churning from these double entendres. Churning like making ice cream? Oh the punnery too! 🙄

    1. ….unless you’ve had Jeni’s Strawberry ice cream in Ohio. It shames all other strawberry ice creams. 😋 otherwise I’m a chocolate girl too.

      You’re strong, I’ve read so many of your posts. Do you miss a life without narcissists, sociopaths or psychopaths close?

      My Ex MMRN used to tell me I should put on oven mitts around him because I once told him he was like a hot stove.

      Do you have a nice set of oven mitts? Lol I’ve been narcissist free for a while and I’m feeling like I wish I had a pair so I could at least feel the heat.

      They say a truly recovered alcoholic can be near a drink and not want a sip. Sometimes I think about that a lot in relation to him.

  5. HG, how about Neapolitan ice cream (consisting of three flavors vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry)? I can offer that. Would that work for you long-term, with no devaluation necessary? 🙂

      1. Haha! Very good, HG! I love your sense of humor! Absolutely, all of these and no need to look elsewhere!

      2. From what I have understood, an open arrangement doesn’t really work because what keeps it interesting is the “naughty” factor? The ability to do whatever you want, whenever you want, with no discussion because the negative fuel is fun. Right?

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