The Narcissistic Truths – No. 211




  1. Dear Mr Tudor,
    Duck face or fish gape are meant for animals, not humans. I know it was originally meant to be fun and “alluring” to men, but she’s frowning… she’s only going to get frown lines and lines around the mouth down the track, as they do it so often.
    A natural smile is way more attractive.
    I believe they call it a “selfie”, as it’s easier to spell than narcissist! Haha
    Facebook has taken “it” to a whole new level!
    Good one Mr Tudor

      1. and live on as a symbol of female liberation and empowerment….hhmmm the prospect of legendary status…not a bad way to go, I must say!

  2. The pouty lipped selfie lol i find the more natural pics of people attractive opposed to selfies. Selfies look so staged and in most cases ridiculous.
    Somatics live and breath by their selfies.

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