The Second Emotional Battle

  The first battle that takes places post disengagement is the Emotional Battle. That is a battle that you are always destined to lose. You will always fight at least one Emotional Battle because you do not know any other way. In all likelihood, you will face several of these post disengagement battles because you […]

The First Emotional Battle

Everything we do is regarding as a battle. It is a zero sum game. What you lose, we gain. There may appear to be a “win/win” scenario during seduction but it is not the case. Believe me, we are getting what we want, positive fuel in huge quantities and the repeated binding as we draw […]

Pregunta Al Narcisista

   Le preguntaste y él ha respondido. El narcisista proporciona las explicaciones directas y no absurdas y las respuestas a las preguntas que más te importan. El narcisista logra mantener un gancho en ti, dejándote con preguntas sin respuesta. Estas preguntas te impiden obtener comprensión, te hacen susceptible a la atracción del narcisista en el […]

How To Make The Narcissist Return

To bastardise a phrase, “How does your emotional thinking affect thee, let me count the ways?” “I still love her and I always will, I miss her so much.” “I know what he is, but I don’t care, I just have to be with him, there is no point otherwise.” “I cannot stand to be […]