Ask 2

Ask 2: The Narcissist Answers by [Tudor, H G]

Fifty questions posed by those who have been subjected to the clutches of various narcissists. Fifty answers from the narcissistic psychopathic mind of H G Tudor.
Fifty insights.
Fifty enlightenments.
Fifty reasons to read this fascinating material

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7 thoughts on “Ask 2”

  1. HG, I’ve been reading your books but have a question. When he’s mad/irritated at me is he being nice/loving to his supply? Or he is equally mad irritated at both of us at the same time ? Thank you!!

    1. It depends on your roles within the fuel matrix, what has occurred, where you are in the narcissistic dynamic.

  2. What I liked most about this book was the letter analysis. A narcissistic mother sends her son and his future wife a letter about her reasons why she and her husband decided not to attend their wedding.
    There is a sentence by sentence text analysis deciphering The Hidden Meaning.


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