Little Acons – No. 48



12 thoughts on “Little Acons – No. 48”

  1. I truly do believe there is a move on point. A let it go….it’s over….it would never work….the guy is fake….move on points and then less memories and then less thinking about the person. Getting over them. Maybe never forget but yeah moving on.

  2. You wish.
    More like the storm that tried to destroy me, so I had to build a bunker, and then realize, as an adult, the “storm” was like the “big bad wolf” huffing & puffing.. actually rather pathetic..

    .. but I still love you.

  3. Yes. Until I found HG and decided to seize the power. Now I live on a solid house built of No Contact, farewell to the storms, my shelter is safe.

  4. Yes. Until there’s awareness and a determined will to break the pattern and let the past rest.

  5. I did not tell for a considerable time.
    But I will tell
    And it will not hurt me
    because you cannot hurt me any longer.
    I am the hurt.
    And I am coming
    and you can tell all you like
    because nobody is going to listen to you.

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