The Narcissist’s Social Media Laws – No. 11

soc med 11

This is not a meme – this is the truth.



  1. What if a briefly disengaged Candidate IPSS who was in contact again with narc trough text Messages wich (From Narc were all benign )implements no contact with no warning . Shortly after Unknown people from same neighborhood the narc lives starts following victim on social media . Victim deletes all accounts . ( one account was forgotten but has a online connection with narc ) so all the online posts were being watched in silence . The narc lovebombed 1 day shows himself trough the app at the same town victim lives and does a lot mirroring . after failed benign follow up hoover and malign hoover the narc continues to watch in silence and mirroring . Could this be in the same category .

    Or what else can this creepy behaviour be ?

    If you would like to answer thank you so much
    If not i’m still writing my email for the consult .

    Kind regards .

  2. My narc is as cool as a cucumber he never shows insecurity not once in the 7 yrs.

    1. Yes, narc affair, nex was the same. He took me one time to the club (I was not a social “animal”, it happened at the end of one dance class) and left me there without a problem; of course I asked if he wanted to stay. I got: “nope, sleep after 11 p.m. is very important at my age”. He was possessive, not jealous. Interesting…he was ok with knowing I wanted him there (that meant I had no other interest in men at that point and he asserted superiority). He sometimes seemed to push me towards another man just to prove himself I wouldn’t left him for another (HG – please tell me if this is typical for an UMR); that way he was in final chess position: if I left him for another- I was deemed “another whore”, If I stayed…another one he would got fed up of in some years. Each move he calculated was meant to left him looking perfect in his eyes and me – losing, so…I chose to call it quits. Fortunately, my now husband appeared before any hoover.

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