A Very Royal Narcissist


On Saturday 19th May, Rachel Meghan Markle (“RMM”) will marry Prince Harry and this forthcoming union is attracting just as much attention for the debacle surrounding the bride’s family as the event itself. I will be far more interested in the FA Cup which takes place on the same day, but one cannot avoid the repeated mention of the forthcoming royal nuptials and thus Miss Markle comes under scrutiny.

Is she a narcissist? Her half-sister, Samantha Markle certainly thinks so as she has been particularly outspoken about RMM calling her

a narcissist, a shallow, social climber”

She has also criticised RMM for failing to provide any emotional or financial support to her and RMM’s father once RMM became famous. Others have described Samantha Markle as being jealous and exhibiting a sense of entitlement. Are Samantha’s remarks accurate and demonstrate what RMM is and those attacking Samantha are the coterie and Lieutenants of RMM, as they attempt to limit any damage and discredit Samantha or are they the remarks  and the ramblings of a jealous sibling? It is difficult to assess in isolation. However, it is interesting that Samantha chose such a description. If she wanted to insult RMM she might have chosen other unpleasant descriptions such as branding her a whore, a gold-digger, stand-offish and such like. Thus, might there be some grain of truth (when viewed cynically) in what Samantha Markle has said?

Samantha Markle also commented that RMM watched the royals on television when young (hardly anything unique in that) and that RMM preferred Harry as she has a soft spot for gingers and it was always her ambition to be a princess. It is hardly a revelation that a young girl wants to be a princess, many do aspire to that dream as part of their childhood and drop such a notion as they grow older.

Other family members have not been shy at expressing their opinion about RMM. Her Uncle Michael Markle stated

I’m upset and surprised about not being selected but if they don’t want me there, then I don’t want to go.”

Half-brother Tom Markle Jnr remarked

She’s torn our entire family apart. She’s clearly forgotten her roots.” 

He claims he sent her a congratulatory letter on her engagement which was not replied to.

Two other uncles have been snubbed, one a bishop (admittedly of his own church) and the other a retired US diplomat. It appears only two family members of RMM have actually been invited and the farce surrounding her father’s attendance/non-attendance on her wedding day has clogged-up many a newsfeed. It transpires that it is her mother Doria Ragland who will attend and give RMM away. Her mother has only arrived in the UK three days ago where one might have expected a longer attendance given the high-profile nature of the wedding. Did she not want to come sooner or was she not permitted to do so?

Is it the case that RMM is surrounded by a dysfunctional family and thinks it better that they should not attend or is it the case that whilst her family may have their issues they wish to share in RMM’s happy wedding day and would do so without complication, but RMM sees their attendance and involvement as embarrassing, a reminder of where she came from (which she wants to forget now she is in the rarified atmosphere of royal life) and thus is most content to keep them an ocean away and uninvited? A caring individual would most likely invite family because, well, they are family. Yes, the odd relative may not be invited for cogent reasons but to only have two family members attend does smack of a calculated decision to keep them away because they no longer serve any purpose and would damage RMM’s image. If so, such behaviour is in line with the narcissistic behaviour of maintaining a particular appearance and cutting people off quite readily.

Such a conclusion gains credence with the revelations from former friend Ninaki Priddy who was friends with RMM for thirty of RMM’s 36 years on the planet. Miss Priddy commented

Meghan was calculated, very calculated in the way she handled people and relationships. She is very strategic in the way she cultivates circles of friends. Once she decides you’re not part of her life, she can be very cold. It’s this shutdown mechanism she has.”

Miss Priddy’s observation, if accurate, paints a picture of significant narcissistic behaviour by demonstrating

  • calculated behaviour to achieve an aim
  • friendship is developed for ulterior gain, not for the friendship in itself
  • the switching behaviour – white to black
  • the swift execution of such behaviour evidencing a lack of empathy

Having been a friend for such an extensive time period Miss Priddy must have some basis for the remarks. Might she however be a jealous friend? Her friendship ended with RMM owing to the way RMM treated her first husband, Trevor Engleton. A disapproval of such behaviour does demonstrate empathy on the part of Miss Priddy and lends credence to her credibility with regard to her observations.

RMM and Mr Engleton were together for six years and married in 2011. Soon after, RMM achieved her breakthrough role as an actress in the series ‘Suits’ and moved to Toronto. Mr Engleton was the one who travelled back and forth from California to Toronto to support his wife. He put in the miles as he shuttled to and from RMM with no suggestion she reciprocated. Not withstanding his dedication, the marriage did not last long and they split and divorced in 2013. Mr Engleton commented that the split “came out of the blue” and that RMM posted the engagement and wedding rings back to him to show it was over. Did RMM disengage from Mr Engleton without explanation, just relying on the symbolic act of returning the rings? If so, such haughty and dismissive behaviour would accord with the behaviour of a narcissist.

Miss Priddy explained that once the nuptials had been secured between the two, RMM behaved “like a light switched off”. This is further indicative behaviour demonstrating that once RMM felt her relationship with Mr Engleton was secured through marriage, she had control and therefore need not behave towards him in a favourable way, in other words, the golden period came to an end. Apparently, RMM had commented about Mr Engleton previously

“if anything were to happen to [Mr Engleton] she wouldn’t be able to go on”

Yet, RMM ended the marriage. Of course people’s feelings can change, but there was no suggestion that Mr Engleton did anything to invite such treatment, on the contrary he remained a faithful and devoted husband, but it appeared he had outlived his usefulness and with RMM’s career rising and in the ascendancy he was no longer required and thus jettisoned with familiar callousness and swiftness which is the preserve of the narcissist.

During her time in Toronto, there were suggestions that whilst married she became close to a Michael Del Zolte, whether there is any substance in this is unknown. It was also rumoured she had a fling with the golfer Rory McIlroy but again this is unconfirmed. If those suggestions were true then this would accord with the behaviour of a narcissist who has no concern with regard to infidelity and serving a sense of entitlement. Indeed, if this was the case then with Mr Engleton secured by marriage and ensconced in California, he would be in devaluation as the Intimate Partner Primary Source and it would not be a surprise for Mr Del Zolte and Mr McIlroy to become ensnared also as Intimate Partner Secondary Sources. However, the extent of any veracity with regard to these rumoured extra-marital relationships remains unconfirmed.

It is however confirmed that following the end of her marriage, RMM moved on to Canadian Chef Cory Vitiello and the pair dated through 2014 to 2016. Further comment has arisen that her relationship with Prince Harry arose whilst she was still with Mr Vitiello and she then ended the relationship with him because Prince Harry was in the picture. If accurate, such a shift from one person to another, especially one which would be regarded as a ‘trade-up’ in terms of wealth, status and position would appeal to a narcissist. Of course, people do move from one relationship to another with some overlap and this is not in itself determinative of that person as begin a narcissist, but such behaviour, which is ultimately self-serving and selfish whichever way it is looked at, is not flattering and when added to other indicative factors, then the evidence begins to mount up.

RMM and Prince’s Harry’s relationship has naturally been well-documented and they became engaged after just 18 months of meeting. Some may see that as rather quick, but it is not unduly hasty and certainly many narcissists would outstrip that time period with room to spare.

A number of RMM’s behaviours certainly weigh against her in terms of narcissism –

  • She was a stripper ( a role, as with being an actress that appeals to someone with high narcissistic traits even if it does not make them a narcissist)
  • She stated she was a stripper on her CV, clearly unconcerned about how that would appear – evidencing a sense of entitlement and lack of accountability
  • The reference to her being a stripper was then later removed from her CV as she began to move in more refined circles – facade management
  • Her body language in interviews and engagements with Harry has shown her to stare at him for an overly long time, clasp his hand and place her hand repeatedly on Harry’s back (the Trump power pat) all of which denotes a desire to dominate and signal that she is in charge whilst no doubt using plausible deniability to reject such an accusation by claiming that she is being supportive
  • There have been suggestions that she has not actually graduated from North West University although claiming to do so – if so, this is the grandiosity, telling of lies and stage management that narcissists engage in
  • Mirroring – she wore a blue bracelet identical to Harry’s and has repeatedly worn outfits and also adopted poses mirroring Kate Middleton (the Duchess of Cambridge), Princess Diana and Pippa Middleton. The photographs and footage show this repeated narcissistic trait.
  • Allegations that her wealth is over-stated. She is said to be worth US $ 5 million yet was living in a poor area of Toronto in property apparently paid for by the studio responsible for suits – if this is correct this show grandiosity and facade management
  • Touts herself as a feminist and taking up progressive causes, caring about mental health however was content to wear a £ 56 000 engagement dress (so much for being a humanitarian), has apparently done nothing to assist her own father who has health issues and as for her commitment to progressive causes so far this appears to have been writing a letter aged 11 or thereabouts to a soap company complaining about a sexist add and writing a piece for Elle magazine about her struggle concerning her racial identity. Hardly a litany of fire-brand commitment and therefore evidence the hypocrisy, facade management and fake empathy of the narcissist.
  • She has expensive tastes and likes to show off her connections as evidenced by the list of famous friends and high end products which existed on her Instagram account before it was closed down – again grandiosity
  • Prince Harry has never met her father which seems a very strange step given he is the father of the bride and Prince Harry has no difficulty in travelling around the world. Does RMM want to keep those troublesome facade damaging relatives away from her target perhaps? The typical narcissistic behaviour of compartmentalising their lives and isolating perceived troublemakers.
  • Many of Prince Harry’s childhood friends have not been invited to the wedding but many celebrities have. One doubts this is Prince Harry’s doing but rather the actions of a controlling and calculating mind who does not want reminders of a world she did not occupy and instead prefers to fill it with vacuous status-boosintg celebrities who are only really there to say ‘look at me’ anyway.

The cumulative effect of these behaviours, the treatment of family, the intimate relationship pattern (especially towards her ex-husband) and the observations of a longstanding former friend do cause the conclusion that RMM is a narcissist, to be reached. All of the above, some of which are confirmed and others remain speculative as stated, if all taken to be accurate demonstrate

  • A sense of entitlement
  • A lack of empathy
  • A lack of accountability
  • Black and white thinking
  • Use of inter-personal relationships as devices for self-gain
  • Lying
  • Grandiosity
  • Haughty behaviour
  • A manufactured version of self
  • Facade management
  • A desire for recognition and response (fuel)
  • Switching
  • Compartmentalisation
  • Isolation

All of which support RMM being a narcissist.

This conclusion is also heavily supported by Prince Harry himself. This is a man who lost his mother in tragic circumstances and at a very young age followed his mother’s hearse with the eyes of the world on him. He has faced repeated rumours about his real father not being Prince Charles but James Hewitt. It is clear that these experiences have had a significant impact on him and would suggest he has suffered some form of damage, a trait which is attractive to the narcissist.

Prince Harry no doubt has a significant extrovert streak. He is not academic but is industrious, well-liked and enjoyed something of a reputation as a party prince. However, be under no illusion that those in the upper echelons of society have always enjoyed a good knees-up and engaged in substantial bacchanalian excess – the difference then was the world’s media and social media was nowhere near as brazen and intrusive. Furthermore, those around the royals were far more discrete. Prince Harry is no different to many of his family and ancestors – he has just been seen enjoying himself raucously rather than it be hidden.

Prince Harry is an empathic individual. He has inherited Princess Diana’s caring and empathic traits. He has evidenced this through his career in the army, his establishment of the Invictus Games and charity work such as his trek to the south pole. He admires Kate and William’s settled and stable family life – contrast this to his own childhood – and it is patently clear that this vivacious man is one of empathy who craves the establishment of his own settled life and his various traits are a magnet to the narcissist.

The traits and behaviours of RMM, coupled with her selection of Prince Harry and his own traits confirms that come Saturday 19th May, the Very Suited Narcissist will achieve her childhood ambition and become a royal and so with it the creation of a Very Royal Narcissist.




    1. Yes I thought that about your comment too. Very honest of you to be so self critical, As to the article, I look forward to your considered and evidence based analysis, although I suspect it will be better described as ‘the dumbest shit’.

      1. Obviously you are a disgusting person to use such foul language. Racial comments are off limits to narcissists of a higher echelon so maybe you are just common trash.

  1. Lol HG you just proved my point. Just substitute “taught them manners” with ” subjugated, exploited and pillaged” My husband could even be an example of this. He has someone British asshole slave owner’s last name, and has no idea where his ancestors came from. apart from a genetic screen we purchased. The British stole this from him and many other people. I don’t think the current Brits are responsible for this, but the Royals are a residual effect of colonialism and this ridiculous notion that the British have more manners and are equipped to teach the world like they are the world’s daddy.

    I’m not getting invited to meet the queen anytime soon, am I?

      1. HG, the ‘I’m your daddy’ is a formidable tactical strategy. One can exert all sorts of machinations if people think that you’re their proxy daddy. Agreed.

  2. I think that Harry is a psychopath based off of behavior he displayed and also super gung ho about killing people in Afghanistan. All royals are likely personality disordered and/or inbred. Even Diana although I liked her seemed like borderline, or something. I think that Britain needs to eliminate it. What a colossal waste of time and money for its people and all over the world to pay attention to these idiots (Sorry I’m Irish, so I’m biased, but still.)! So boring, so dumb, and such a waste of money.

    1. Hi Survivor I’m Irish also welcome
      It’s mad the way both of us commented on the Royals and have the same opinion

      I do genuinely like British people though I think overall they are friendlier than us Irish
      I think Irish can be quite clanish in ways



      1. Lol yea KiKi, probably.. my mom used to say that Queen Elizabeth’s body rotted at an unparalleled rate because of how evil she was.. mind you my mother was almost too sweet and kind apart from discussing the monarchs. She also hypocritically loved BBC and all the television programming like ‘Upstairs, Downstairs’ The Brits are friendly because they’ve relations all over the world where they subjugated, exploited, and pillaged the world’s people. Now, they are trying to make up for all those bad times by just saying hi to their ‘fam’ 😉. I think my husband who is African American has some British genes, like around 21%, so I really don’t hate the Brits. I just think it is stupid that people care about the monarchy in 2019 and they garner media coverage and special treatment when there are a million other important issues in the world now.

        1. Subjugated, exploited and pillaged? I think you mean taught them manners.
          You know, I think there’s only 22 countries in the world that have not been ‘invaded’ by Britain.

          1. No, HG they taught them that British culture was better, and it ain’t. It’s a grave misconception that the Brits and other western European countries civilized the world. They did no such thing. That’s not to say that the Brits have their cool stuff, and it’s fun to talk in a British accent, I’m not gonna lie.

          2. Hi Survivor X yes there still is a bitter gene that runs in the Irish against the Brits
            The 1916 rising crew
            I do appreciate the hell the British put Irish through but it’s time we released the past
            Hence the peace process
            However I really worry that this BREXIT disaster will have a huge impact here and also Britain
            It will drive recession that’s a sure thing
            I think the British conservatives are not really based in the real world
            I did like Teresa May though that Boris guy jeez a throwback to the old British boys club a moron a very stupid speaker also

            I honestly don’t know what Britain are trying to prove with Brexit it’s like cut of your nose to spite your face

            We are now a global community and that’s the way it should be

            I really like the influx of new people into Ireland different cultures etc it’s so dynamic now


          3. Kiki and SurvivorX, I’ve always wanted to visit Ireland. (I think.) I feel drawn to it for some reason.

      2. Kiki and Survivor X, Caroline R, Bubbles, Desiree, well…EVERYBODY. I wish I could hear you speaking instead of see your typing. Wouldn’t that be fun! All the different languages and accents. The thought makes my heart happy.

        1. Hi MB

          Do you know the majority of Irish people cannot speak Gaelige fluently

          There are two main reasons

          The language was forbidden by the British only remote areas of Ireland went untouched

          The language was literally belted out of us

          The second is the Irish government and church

          After the 1916 rising Irish was taught in a way that terrified every youngster

          The government desperately wanted to bring the language back as the main spoken one here

          It was the way it was taught that resulted in disaster

          Now however we have lots of Gael Scoils schools where only Irish is spoken and the attitude has softened

          It is a beautiful but very difficult language to learn unless you were born near Galway or Aran islands

          I am not fluent but have a bit
          I can read it well but conversation would be difficult due to the way it was taught

          Ps if you are American and see actors in movies saying Top of the morning to you it’s weird NO Irish people say that

          If you ever want to hear it spoken fluently go to RTE TG ceathair online


          1. Kiki, my mom failed it, and they didn’t allow her to graduate secondary school.

          2. Kiki, I hate to admit it, but I didn’t realize that there was another language other than English in Ireland until recently. I do know this now as my hairdresser was taking a class in preparation to visit. In fact, she is there right now! It is sad how indigenous people are made to bend to the will of the government. There are examples of these atrocities throughout history. Top of the morning to you Kiki! Ha ha

          3. Kiki, I was able to hear it by tuning in online. There were women playing a sport. It looked like a mix between soccer (football), basketball, and American football. What the heck is this called? It looks really difficult. What athletes these women are! I’m impressed!

        2. That would be nice! I love hearing people speak. Idk if you’d like my accent though, MB. I have a very very Midwestern accent. I feel so self-conscious when I’m travelling abroad because I sound like a truck driver compared to everyone else. But yes, everyone else please do speak :-) .

          1. Survivor X, a truck driver? I bet not! I do know what you mean though. I have a strong southern drawl. (The word dog has three syllables when I say it.). I’ve never traveled abroad, but I am often self-conscious about my accent when I speak to people on the phone that are from around here. I think my accent makes me sound unintelligent. Recently, I was on a call with technical support. The guy had a thick Indian accent and me with my southern drawl. We literally could not understand each other. I had to ask to speak to someone else. I think he was relieved!

          2. Ah the Mid West same here we may live around the corner from each other girl

            Kiki 😀

          3. I always thought it would be fun to do a live webinar type meeting like we seem to do a lot of in business these days. Where you call into the number, HG speaks and has a slide presentation and then takes live questions afterwards. We can use our blog names. We’ve heard his voice, so why not?

        3. MB: I had a strong drawl. My parents paid for elocution lessons when I was a young teen, to soften it a bit, when we changed states. I know it makes us sound too pleasant, but my goodness, foreigners absolutely love it. I no longer have a strong accent like that, but it is still there, underneath and sometimes it comes out, because sometimes someone recognizes it, but other than that, I just have a voice that is not native sounding no matter where I am in the U.S. I am always asked, where are you from, now, even when I visit the places where I grew up. Many times, I do not speak if I do not have to. My voice changes people`s initial opinion of me, I rather see people treat me according to their first impression. Not according to my accent.

          1. PSE, my accent would soften if I moved to another area, but I don’t think I’d want to be rid of it. I’m proud to be where I’m from. I think my issue is like you say, people prejudge intelligence based on the stereotype of the way I speak. I’ll keep my accent. They may need some extras for a remake of ‘Gone With The Wind’ at some point! Haha

          2. MB: But, the accent does have its renowned hospitable sound. And is quite charming, overall. However, mine was way too strong for some reason, so though it was toned down, no worries, it still is charming and hospitable and friendly in that regional way. I know only because people tell me, over and over. And I had client service jobs on the phone before, and I was a well favored representative. And it has a trust factor in New York, where I live, but I do not really hear it. Voices and accents are fascinating. Especially other people`s. I think it is difficult to really hear oneself. I find it so. I am sure you sound just lovely, MB.

          3. Thank you PSE. Nothing like New York to kill a southern accent! My son has been in Indiana less than a year. When he FaceTimes me, he says, “OMG! You sound so hick!” Don’t forget your roots boy.

            On another note, I was up in Indiana last week for a visit. The people there aren’t unfriendly, but they are definitely not friendly! If I spoke to them, they’d turn and look at me with this “you-don’t-know-me-like-that” look. And they wouldn’t even reply.

            I knew I was home when two people that I didn’t know waved at me while I was driving to work. Oh, and when a lady in the grocery store complimented my purple glitter toenails. There’s no place like home y’all!

        4. MB: I have been thinking a lot about growing up in a small town or towns and then living in larger and large cities since I have been on Narcsite, and I have reached a conclusion. Cities are inherently Narcissism inducing. So large cities add another layer to the creation of and nurturing NPD.

          1. PSE and MB, and anyone else who reads this comment:

            Have you seen the film ‘The Bookshop’? It’s based on the novel by Penelope Fitzgerald, and stars Emily Mortimer, Bill Nighy, and Patricia Clarkson, who plays “the embittered alpha female” of the small village.
            Yep. She’s a massive N.

            Have you seen the BBC comedy ‘This Country’?
            It’s an hilarious satire/mockumentary of the life of young people (Kerry and Kurtan Mucklowe) in the English village of ‘Northleach’, in the Cotswolds.

            It’s written by and stars real life siblings Daisy May and Charlie Cooper.
            Her character’s dad is a N.
            She’s N-like, as is he.

            We’ve had the Canadian comedy ‘Schitts Creek’ here in Australia. It’s hilarious satire of city people transplanted through misfortune into the country.
            The Moira character is N-like.
            Have you seen it?

            (30 Rock is one of my favourites too, but irrelevant to this discussion)

          2. Caroline R, I haven’t seen ANY of these! I watch very little television. ‘Schitts Creek’ has been recommended to me before. It must be very funny indeed. Maybe after BLL is over for the season I’ll look it up on NF.

      3. Kiki. If I were to visit Ireland, I would love to stay at Ashford Castle. It is voted one of the best hotels in the world.

        1. Wow yes afraid it would probably be extremely expensive though we do overcharge tourists BIG TIME
          I don’t know why everything is just getting so expensive
          I remember seeing a half sod of turf at Bunratty Castle being sold for 20 euro like What ?
          Of course the poor tourists were clueless
          If you ever visit the West Atlantic coast and the ring of Kerry are amazing

          Dublin isn’t much

          1. @kiki takes one to know. I am one and suspected she was too, which is why I suspect you are as well. Others I suspect are Lauyren hill, Kanye west, Cardi b, Puff, etc. All have done something for me to notice it

  3. Dear Mr Tudor,
    Any one for tennis ?
    Her narcissistic slip is showing ….big time
    Go Piers Morgan
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

  4. Hg

    I have nothing against the Royal Family but do you think the whole institution of being Royal is narcissistic in itself.

    I could never understand what exactly makes someone Royal .
    They are just normal human beings .
    Is it a throwback from the dark ages where uneducated masses really believed royalty had special gifts .

    Megan is being slammed at the moment for spending enormous amounts of money.
    Now if it’s her own hard earned money I wouldn’t care ,but if it’s tax payers money think eeeeek it just isn’t right .


    1. No. However it is invariably Narcissists who populate royalty, the institution is not Narcissistic in itself. Leaders are needed, you can’t do everything by committee!

      1. Yea, but HG what are the royals leaders of, really? Leaders of Bufoonery and Chief Wasters of Time and Tax Dollars?

        1. I agree Survivor X some of our politicians are shocking enough never mind the Royals on top of that

          They do bring a lot of tourism to the UK though but in my opinion the whole institution it’s a lot of old fashioned pomp that belongs back in the Dark Ages and Fairytales times when the masses were uneducated and ignorant


          1. Yes, Kiki agreed monarchy is god-awful, stupid, and should just be dismantled. Yes, agreed our politicians—many of them are psychopaths.. the ones in DC, anyways. Maybe I give humanity too much credit, but on some level I’m floored that they (monarchs) are still around, wasting Britain’s time and tax dollars.

          2. I feel like I got to make a list of things I like about Britain. I don’t hate the Brits. In no particular order, here they are:
            1. The Beatles
            2. Jamiroquai
            3. Hot Chip
            4. The Rolling Stones
            5. Shakespeare
            6. British Television
            7. The BBC
            8. Doing an imitation of a journalist on the BBC.
            9. The Tate Modern
            10. Tea, although they stole this from India.
            11. The food there is pretty delicious. In London, anyway.. never had a bad meal. Granted, I only ate Indian food, but, nevertheless delicious. And, unfortunately see 11.
            12. MONTY PYTHON
            13. Terry Gilliam (sp?). Amazing film maker and awesome in MP.
            14. Ricky Gervais can be funny
            15. Oasis
            16. John Ronson
            17. John Cleese (Faulty Towers was my favorite show as a young child.)
            18. My Irish mom strangely thought I looked like an English schoolgirl as a child, and she seemed pleased with this. I still don’t quite know what this means for me, but it was a sweet memory.

          3. More about Britain that I like:
            1. Annie Lennox
            2. Peter Gabriel
            3. Phil Collins
            4. Genesis (sometimes)
            5. The Cure
            6. Depeche Mode
            7. Elton John
            8. Crowded House, sometimes
            9. Coldplay
            10. RADIOHEAD
            11. Peter Sellers
            12. Alfred Hitchcock
            13. Yoko Ono
            14. Adele
            15. Michael Caine
            16. Inspector Morse
            17. Hercule Poirot
            18. Agatha Christie
            19. Amy Winehouse
            20 Eric Clapton
            21. George Michael

          4. In case you were unaware :-

            8. They are a New Zealander and Australians.
            13. She is Japanese and has lived a lot of her life in Japan and New York.
            17. Hercule Poirot is Belgian.

            However, as a consequence of number 6, HG approves.

          5. Thanks for pointing out my errors. I adore criticisms. 😉That said, lol I think I got distracted because I was listening to Crowded House. I started to feel badly, also because I left a bunch out that I can’t remember. Depeche Mode I like, but they are tainted by memories of this creepy boyfriend of my sister’s who was super condescending and controlling (Narcissist, anyone?). Lol I was nine going, “Why don’t you break this off. He’s sooo ugly and so rude.” But yea, other times like, skiing was cool drinking spiked tea and listening to Depeche Mode

          6. Survivor X
            Interesting list.
            Hot chips, and tea, would be equal first on my list. Leaf tea, not teabags. Chips fried in beef dripping.
            And hot buttery scones loaded up with fresh cream and strawberries.
            Everything else is a bonus, in no particular order.

            It’s mid-winter here, so thinking about these things is pleasurable.

    2. Ugh I hate it it’s so deeply stupid (Monarchy) . I’m shocked in some respects that Britain hasn’t dismantled their monarchy by now.

      1. Because it generates a lot of money and moreover it is an institution. I would rather have a monarch ruling than the shower in the House of Commons. Of course I would be the monarch.

        1. Lol HG I will bow to no monarch. I feel that the people could do a better job as a collective (See Ancient Greece ) ruling than any institution.. a lot of these institutions, religious, prison systems, monarchs, House of Commons have run their course and should be dismantled. Those goofy wigs alone are a waste of funds, however I do love Rumpole. #anarchyrules

        2. Oh you mean tourism? Idk maybe..I guess. Maybe Brits should find something else as a draw apart from these goofballs, like literally everything else. The Tate Modern is pretty cool. Stonehenge, Big Ben, theatre in the round (Shakespeare) I’m sure there’s more stuff, but it’s Friday. The hostel where I stayed over Spring Break some years ago had a sauna. That was something. Idk it’s Friday. I can’t think of anything else to do in Britain.

          1. SX

            You see the Royals are like a soap opera for some

            My great granny bless her she is gone now but she had. British mum who was disowned as she married an Irish Catholic

            Anyway she was a lady She adored the Royals and all things proper and British

            She used to say I can’t stand the way Irish women say “God be with you “ and go around with shawls ,she ,always felt the British were more educated and refined w
            She was a great lady though despite this and she taught me lots of manners 😊

          2. Well, as individuals, no issues there. My cousin is a citizen, and lives in London. I rather like Britain now as a country apart from the far right white supremacist leaders. I personally find it, however quite laughable that the British truly teach anyone any manners given how terribly they have treated 22 countries they decided to steal for themselves. I’m not sure about the shawls and the god stuff. You know better than I. I’m an insufferable American, Kiki lol I don’t care about manners if people were slaughtered, imprisoned, stolen from, etc. just so Britain could expand its empire all over the world.

  5. Here I am on 6th July 2019, the day of Archie Mountbatten-Windsor’s christening having just read about the royal narcissist. How perfectly spot on you were when you composed this just before the wedding between Prince Harry and that Markle woman. It’s quite sad to see Prince Harry looking so glum. The recent Trooping of The Colour showed him with a foul face all day. It was of course his wife’s first day out since having the baby as she had apparently refused to attend the state banquet for President Trumps visit just 4 days previously and also the DDay commemoration and so it angered people that she was on parade days later, albeit looking like a chipmunk. They shared a carriage in the procession with Camzilla and Catherine and it looked as though they were unhappy at travelling backwards and having to share. They continued to look unhappy whilst on the palace balcony too.
    Of course prior to all this have been reports of a growing rift between Harry and William as it has been said William had urged his brother not to rush into marriage. Seeming to back up the rift reports is the move from KP to Frogmore Cottage and the breakup of the Royal Foundation charity which was initially Kate, William and Harry. Meghan was then welcomed in and then something happened as less than a year later, Harry and his wife, Wallis wanted to go their separate ways. I believe she has caused terrible animosity between them.
    Of course the faux humanitarian has continued to spend spend spend like she has won the pools! The public of Great Britain are unhappy and are hoping the divorce comes sooner, rather than later.

    1. Gena. Are there any other Narcissists in the Royal Family, from your Point of View? I am in the United States. I think a report could be done on all of them. Am I wrong?

  6. I get it, narcs get insanely jealous of famous people and have to tear them down to feel good about themselves. Your list of her “behaviours” to prove she’s a narc are plain wrong. She was never a stripper (TMZ had to delete that BS), she’s actually a grad from Northwestern, any actress knows how to be comfortable in front of big audiences (it’s her job), West Queens West is NOT a “poor” area of Toronto, etc etc. Why not rake Harry over the coals for his strip billiards? or endless list of girlfriends?? Of course, because “boys will be boys”

    1. Everything u said is irrelevant hg knows narcs everything he ever posted lined up perfectly with how things went down with my former narc who still Hoover’s me to this day education is irrelevant too I discovered my sister is a narc due to this site and it was recently confirmed by her grown son my nephew and my sister has two bachelor’s degrees and a year of law school and is an rn at one of the most prestigious hospitals in Boston hasn’t bothered to see her son or granddaughter in ten years and told him to stop being dramatic when he asked if shell ever see him again

      1. Your diatribe would be a lot easier to comprehend, Ugotit, if you would review basic grammar and punctuation use. Your point of writing, I presume, is to be understood. If not, then carry on.

        1. Trixter: I understood what she said fully. Basically that HG Tudor knows his kind. His teachings have been proven true in her own life and relationships including family members. That people of high education are Narcs as well, like her sister, and others can confirm they are narcs but these narcs never see that they are in the wrong, and they are apathetic and scoff at their own families when challenged for being Narcissists, even when presented with proof, for example, for the Narcissist not visiting their own close family members for 10 years: And not seeing anything wrong with that. And if anyone thinks there is something wrong with that, the Narc believes they are being dramatic. Trixter, I have the odd feeling you may not understand me neither, but I tried.

        2. I graduated college with a 4.0 gpa on the president’s list , but that was over twenty years ago , and I’m too old and lazy to go back and review Grammer and punction at at my age , and I despise typing so I write off the cuff without editing , sometimes I don’t even reply to things I’m interested in because I’m too lazy to type out a response , but I’m not concerned when I do , the people who need to comprehend what I’m saying will comprehend , no matter how bad my typing is

    2. TMZ probably only had to delete stripper because she denied it and having altered her CV to her new façade they couldn’t prove what it previously said.

      1. Gena. I do know that if one has the power, and I am talking about staggering power, one can create a legend for a person and push it through by kowtowing certain people with threats and bribes and force, etc. and have them assist to forge and create a legend to go back centuries even, to recreate a background or heritage for certain persons, and then after the legend is established and tested, they will say publicly they have found, with diligent research that a person is this or that or related to this one or to that one, or did or did not do a certain thing. And that false legend will hold up to the strictest scrutiny of top experts in such matters. So TMZ is child’s play. If that.

    3. pandora: this post has almost 1,000 replies. Famous people often mourn when they are not discussed. They for some reason, enjoy good and bad publicity. Their own publicists have been know to create stories about them, good and bad and even controversial, when they are falling out of influence or interest. I think they will be okay. I hope they appreciate your concern.

  7. I really don’t keep up with all of this, but but she seems like the type of woman who would cheat on him in the most diabolical and humiliating way. It’s the only weapon she has.
    Her intelligence is mediocre at best. Social climbers are predictable in their strategy.
    This girl is a mess.
    What she isn’t counting on is varied methods the monarchy can use to make one disappear, i.e. Diana’s car “accident”?
    Harry is in for the ride of his life.

      1. As long as she isn’t extending it to me…in that case hope Harry has good defensive driving skills

  8. Given Harry’s ghosting of his friends, not even inviting them to the wedding, do you still regard him as being “caring” and “empathic”?

    1. Yes, that’s the making influence of the Narcissist that has ensnared him by causing isolation. It’s what we do to seize control

    2. I still think he’s an empat and he did that because her narcissist ic ways over powered him and she convinced him to cut them off that’s my take on it she talked him into it and he obliged his wife

  9. HG Tudor – your we’re absolutely right about MeAgain! She is a true narcissist. A disgrace to the royal family. Hazza has made a huge mistake. Plus she is not the attractive woman she was before the birth. At the Trooping of the Color I thought it was Doria in the carriage. Her face has change tremendously and I think it is Botox. She looks more pregnant now than she did when she was pregnant.

    I’m impressed how well you could detect her narcissism before all that has been revealed after you published your story.

          1. Dearest HG: Do you think the marriage can still last in name only? For her greater goals? Is she a Greater and can get her other needs, beyond the marriage, met somehow within the marriage? Or, do you think that she believes that she has obtained the prize for her posterity`s sake, and she can now hold on to the residual benefits without the `inconvenience` of the man, Harry, as a spouse? And, thus divorce and leave the marriage? Or do you think Harry will trounce the marriage? So much is at stake in this marriage for that family, as a way to go modern, as they are promoting. I am shocked that you think it will not last.

      1. Dearest HG: I remember your article: A Very POTUS Narcissist about Donald Trump and found your analysis so outstanding. Was it written like a `White Paper`? I never heard any analysis about him that was that professional and understandable and insightful and accurate and even predictive, Perhaps the public is deemed unworthy of such heightened thinking, as you presented to us, according to the media. But, I appreciated that article very much when I read it. It was such clear thinking around all the murky madness and pontification that circles discussions that I heard and still hear regarding The Donald. Thank you. https://narcsite.com/2017/04/06/a-very-potus-narcissist-2/comment-page-2/

    1. I agree with what u said but in fairness most not all woman don’t look.so hot after having a baby I know I looked like a bloated baby whale but I’m sure she smart enough to know the world is watching and she better get back into shape and fast and I’m sure being the narc she is , she will get back into shape fairly quickly and lucky for her Harry doesn’t seem like the type to judge her quickly for her weight

  10. Glad I stumbled upon this article. I have been wondering about whether of not RMM being a narcisisst for quite some time now and here I found each and every reason written down which had somehow been hoovering in my subconcious every time a new picture or article of the couple popped up on the web, which unfortunately happens too often these days. When watching the wedding last year I deeply felt with Harry because I imagined what the future might hold for him with such a… wife. Thank you so much, Mr Tudor, for this analyse. RMM is the only part of the royal family I cannot (under)stand… Now I finally know why. Cheers, pal.

  11. This just in on Sparklewatch…


    Essentially, Sparkles wrote ’empowering’ words to sex workers on, wait for it..bananas. Note the look in the pictures on Harry’s face. I.Just.Can’t.Even. Talk about tone deaf. As Morgan (God I hate him) rightly points out, Sparkles is NOT stupid. Leaving aside the utter insensitivity of such an action, it just really does highlight the fuel grabbing, opportunistic nature of the Middles. The utter failure to see how an action might be perceived by others – short term fuel grab vs long term strategy.

    It’s like a car crash is unfolding in front of our eyes. Public opinion in the UK has been marching against Sparkles for some good time now – all she is doing is bringing MORE people against her. Does she think that now she has Harry, she’s secure? One wonders if he’s in Golden Time or has the devalue cycle already begun?

    1. Yes that is interesting about the Golden Time – I would say he has experienced some devaluing from the looks of him!

      He must be in a state of confusion at the moment because she’s pregnant (and he really is stuck with her) so any sort of mood swings could just be put down to that – even if she treats him like an idiot, it’s hormones! Then when the baby is born he will realise that this is his new reality and it’s never going to go back to Golden Time again, no matter how much he wants it to. It might not be completely clear to him right now but there must be niggling doubts, surely? Especially when she keeps pulling attention-seeking stunts like this and giving him the eye-roll.

      I also can’t stand Piers Morgan and I think it is tacky of him to keep going after her publicly like this (everyone miss-steps now and again), but I do agree that she was making that visit all about herself and how wonderfully benevolent and incredibly smart she is. The face of the volunteer was priceless – ‘What the hell is she doing? What is an ’empowering banana’ going to do for a drug-addicted prostitute?’ I actually felt embarrassed for her – which is funny because she probably didn’t at all!

      1. I don’t know… maybe I’m just defending her because, narcissist or not, It seems as if she’s been given a hard time. I’m not over there in the thick of it like y’all, so I can’t say with any authority, but it seems as if Prince Harry truly loves that girl, and he is being placed in a pickle trying to adhere to what the people expect and balance what his wife needs.

        I reviewed the article. I found it touching that you Brits have such a service… to help those out on the streets in such a way. But whoever packed those lunches, were they considered to be in bad taste for choosing a banana or any other phallic-foods that have been previously dispersed? Or is it just Meghan on the chopping-block for writing her silly little messages… which we CAN’T say might not deeply touch one of the women… the message, not the banana.

        1. Do you think they aren’t putting them through because of the links we included? It said something about posting links and copyrights.

          1. Just name the article and narcsite . Com leaving spaces so it’s not caught by the filter

          2. Let me know too K! I went through the whole process again and then got an error. I’m determined to get it done!

          3. I kept getting errors trying to comment on this post. I was able to post on the follow up article though! They did another one.

          4. K

            I saw it, I was checking to see if my comment went through earlier it didn’t and now I am getting a freaking error message. Grrrrr

            I am glad yours went through I am going to use my lap top later after the little one leaves.

          5. Twilight, I kept getting the error too on this article. I was determined it wasn’t going to whoop my ass. I posted my comment on the follow up article that was published the next day. Try that.

          6. Mine went through K. I have also finished the Dirty John podcast and emailed Christopher Goffard at The LA Times.

            I am not nearly as adept as you with identifying and classifying narcissists. I assume from the comment that you made to me that you believe Debra to be a narcissist?

            And I love Terra!

          7. Thank you MB
            I suspect Debra might be a Mid ranger and I suspected Terra, too, based on her child like demeanor (infantilism) and the way she spoke about The Walking Dead and killing Zombies.

          8. K, I felt like Terra’s issue was more of a mental deficiency of some sort. So proud of her! Debra was the common denominator in 4 prior failed marriages which is suspect. Then there was the issue of her sister that was murdered by her abusive husband which indicates some sort of dysfunction in the family of origin which caused both girls to gravitate toward narcissists. I’m not convinced she was a narcissist herself, though. I saw her returning to the scumbag as regular run-of-the-mill co-dependent addiction to the narcissist. She had some narcissistic hallmarks. The way she dressed to the nines. The fact that she bought him a whole new wardrobe. Plus she had a very successful business and loads of money.

            Debra’s mother was some sort of delusional door mat. (She bothered me as much as Dirty John did! I wanted to vomit during her interview.) I wear rose colored glasses, but good Lord! Maybe she was the matrinarc angel with the dirty face with non-stinking shit that precipitated the whole mess in the family.

            I’m not as observant or as good of a student as you are, but probably less jaded since I am not around nearly as many narcissists as you have been. Everybody isn’t a narcissist K. Some people are just f****ed up!

  12. I have to say that, for as much apparent thought and time and energy that was expended on this OP’s supposed assessment of MM, it is producing some conclusions that are quite irrational. While she may have some personality dysfunction(s), a narcissist, MM? No. No. And No again.

    What we are observing played out on the international stage is an extremely insecure person with an inferiority complex who has manufactured an image that she is working very, very hard to maintain. No one with an inflated ego or engrained sense of high self worth would act as she has done; they would simply be far too self-confident to do so. I make my points in support below:

    1. No intellectual, such as a narcissist must be to some extent in intellectually justifying to themselves the inferiority of others, would marry into a monarchy, period. A narcissist would intellectually judge themselves too superior to submit their freedoms, opinions, career, social connections, etc., to a non-republic, non-democratic, institution such as is the BRF. A narcissist would crave real power, real control, and angle behind the scenes for it in every way, rather than being satisfied with the symbolism of position and power inherent in mere financial wealth and trappings of association with a monarchy such as is the BRF. No narcissist would walk away from a ‘self-made’ position in a full-time career to play a supportive role, or move from one’s country of choice/birth to accommodate the culture of another’s for the sake of partnership and to breed for posterity’s sake; that’s just not going to happen with a narc.

    I suppose it appropriate to note here that MM has done all of the above actions mentioned.

    2. No narcissist, who must justify their sense of superiority to others by claiming an inherent worth exceeding that of the average person, would take such intensive steps to alter their physical appearance: straighten their hair regularly to the tune of thousands of dollars annually, dye their hair also to the price tag of thousands annually, wear 4-inch stilettos on the regular, adhere to yoga like an addict, demand of a certain former husband assignation to a ‘pre-pregnancy contract’ solely designed to attend to the sculpting of a physical appearance needed to attract the viewing public, consistently brand name flash designer wear to elevate public assessment of personal worth and be, lastly, so intimidated by the public and/or private criticisms and/or general statements of family that she cannot even confront them to state her reasons for completely estranging them from contact with her, such as MM has done. These are not the actions of a narc.

    MM, with the body of a woman, has the intellectual and emotional development of a child who is so insecure, needy for attention and love and admiration that she will dedicate her whole existence to obtaining it. She does it garishly at times, vulgarly at others, and even in her supposedly humanitarian outreaches, but MM is on the prowl for the affection of those around her at all times.

    MM is not concerned with having actual power and control over others; she just wants to be wanted and desired and the value of being wanted and desired i