Let’s Talk About Ex Baby

When you entangle with our kind in a romantic dynamic it is very rare indeed if you do not find yourself hearing about our ex. Whether it is the ex-wife, the ex-boyfriend or the ex-partner, the subject of the ex is one which will appear with considerable frequency. Indeed, you may not even meet this […]

Surely That’s The End, Yes?

  “I have not heard from him in a month, he has moved on hasn’t he?” “I exposed what she is like to all of her family, she won’t be contacting me again that’s for sure.” “I told him I know what he is and he disappeared so I doubt I will hear from him […]

Dolus Malus – Prologue

A number of days ago I revealed to you that a new series entitled Dolus Malus would commence. And so it begins…. I am told that what I am is a creation, an artifice, a manufactured self that’s purpose is to defend me and to achieve my greater glorification. It is built on a foundation […]


You are being manipulated and you may not even know how. The first stage to combatting the narcissist is to understand. Understand what the manipulations are that are used against you and why. This book will tell you what the most common narcissistic manipulations are and why they are used by the narcissist. Acquire this knowledge […]