Getting Out!


Realisation has finally arrived that you have been sucked into the nightmare world of the narcissist. No contact is the way forward but have you got what it takes to resist the machinations of the Narcissist as she or he does their utmost to derail your campaign? You need to prepare for no contact and who better than to tell you how to do it than the dark-hearted master narcissist. Invaluable techniques are delivered so you can prepare and maximise your chances of attaining no contact and beating the narcissist.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Out!

  1. Jess says:

    Appreciate your response HG! In an email consult you indicated a moderate chance of a hoover via email as the somewhat ‘open door’ avenue, hence my question about ingenuity. Can my upcoming birthday next month act as a trigger for the exUMRN to attempt contact via other means seeing as I am ignoring his emails?

    1. HG Tudor says:


  2. Jess says:

    Dear HG: when you implement full-on Teflon-style NC and repeatedly ignore email hoovers (only these can get through albeit in the Spam box), can this infuriate an UMR and motivate him to be more ingenious in attempting to contact his fromer IPPS or reverse hoover somehow? Have been NC for a few months now.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      It will wound which raises the hoover bar, however other factors may lower it and mean the narcissist utilises alternative hoovers.

  3. Kathy Mor says:

    I am reading the HG’s book no “No Contact” right now. Now I understand what No Contact REALLY means and I can see why it wounds them so much.
    I love HG’s books!

  4. Empress1 says:

    When they start calling again- because you have a new unlisted number -which you stupidly gave them months ago– and they call on that number when they know you will not be home- but do not call on the cell or leave a message! They do not want you ‘back’, they are just upset YOU have not tried to contact them! YOU dumped their sorry ass! However, it is (sadly) fun to see they are trying to get your attention! Remember HG’s advice, do not pick up (you were home) do not call back. THEY HATE being ignored—! So ignore, ignore ignore and smile!!!!! YOU now have your own power back, they are being ‘hurt’ by you! It is revenge in a quiet way they can never hold you accountable for!

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