Narc Tales by H G Tudor

Narc Tales

The Three Little Pigs? They’re bacon now.

Rapunzel? Had a nightmare and all her hair fell out.

Sleeping Beauty? Overslept and missed her appointment with her plastic surgeon.


You may be familiar with fairy tales but prepare yourself for Narc Tales, a collection of dark, entertaining but most of all instructive and educational tales written by the creative and insightful HG Tudor.

What better way to equip yourself with unique information about narcissists, empaths and the dynamic between them than to do so through the medium of story telling. Yet, these are no ordinary tales, no fluffy yarns with a happy ever after. No, these are Narc Tales and you will find fantastic knowledge wrapped up in amusement, intrigue, beguilement and shock. Where Prince Ultra Charming roams, The Very Wicked MatriNarc schemes and The Super Empath Strikes Back – a delicious read from the most delicious of dark minds.

Available on Amazon

31st October 2018



  1. HG,

    Will you be posting a link to the book?
    (Please post a link to the book. Please!! I can’t find it on Amazon! It keeps showing me some cops’ book instead!!!)

  2. Dear Herr Grimm,

    I see you’re getting into the fairytale business…oh wait, you’ve been in that business a long time.

    A book filled with magical thinking, Black sinister ideas vs shining white saviors, plotting criminals, naive debutantes. Oh the list is endless as your creative mind knows.

    I wish you fuel filled reviews and countless new victims from your newest creation.

    I will definitely be hoovered back to dine at your table of demons. Tell no one.

    Let the sucking begin,
    ABB 💙
    Forever Hoovered Anonymous

  3. So appropriate!

    The Queen Of Hell wishes to order immediately! This will be the most entertaining birthday present ever from a narcissist, and I will know the price I’m paying.

    Thank you so much HG!
    I do hope you will inscribe it for me?!

  4. Great!

    Definitely on my wish list.
    I will buy this.. and I like the meme here as well.
    Looking forward to this I really need a treat.
    I do love a book is so much better holding it and feeling the pages.. I love a good book to batten down the hatches with.

    And it”s by you HG
    and the date is fitting… I love this time of year it’s my favourite time…culminating in Halloween.

      1. You are welcome HG…. however it comes.. in a book most desirable yes or you narrating it is just brilliant! I just don’t know which!!! I just can’t make a decision!!!!

        It is all treats and I’m looking forward to it.

  5. Fantastic!! After devouring your every blog into euphoric awareness I so look forward to being strong enough to take more! You can’t scare me.
    I shall conjur up the best of my good witch outfits and read on, as I await good little children expecting treats
    Mwuh. Ha ha ha

  6. Looks very enticing HG. Very Poe-like. I love that image with the tree out of the book. I just love the macabre.

  7. I love the narctale series!! Will definitely order :) my favorite aspect of your writing HG is your creative side! I hope one day to read some of your more creepy thriller type stories! Congrats!!

  8. Delicious indeed. My mouth is already watering. I hope you’ll be narrating some of the stories on YouTube. Give us an appetizer ahead of the book release. Please?

      1. Disappointed, but of course I understand. At least you won’t get some nobody to narrate. I’ll need a handkerchief for my drool until then.

      2. Narrated…oh yesss.
        well that will trump holding a book.. I have only just read further down in the thread….

        I really can’t wait to hear you if that’s the case.

  9. HG!!!! Congrats!!! This is going to be your first new book in close to two years!
    There should be a celebratory contest to win an autographed copy. Kind of like you did early on for each million hits you got by readers. So maybe do a post like this announcing the book and asking readers to share what their favorite Narc Tale has been so far and why (poll format). If they answer they get entered into a drawing. If they share that post to their social media (FB, Instagram and or Twitter), they get two entries. 1st prize is autographed copy of new book AND a consult. 2nd prize is autographed copy of book sent to them. You can do the announcement right on Halloween when the book is released.
    Best advertising is always word of mouth!
    Cheers to you!

    1. Count me in. I may have an in with an RA (resident assistant) at the University of Mass. She wants to do a bulletin board about NPD and narcsite.

      Before she does anything, I will run it by you HG so I have your permission and everything will be properly credited to you.

      1. I think whenever HG decides he’s ready for the big reveal on his identity, there better damn well be a contest to win face-to-face meet and great!

  10. I Can’t wait to read about The Super Empath Strikes Back. We need some kickass empath action to give us hope.

    Help me, Obi Wan Tudor. You are my only hope.

      1. You are welcome Caroline
        The Super Empath Strikes Back reminded me of Star Wars and I couldn’t resist referencing that quote. Things are going very well, thank you. I hope all is well with you, too.

  11. Exciting news HG! This will require some preparation. Fresh bedding, choosing of the appropriate essential oils, some excellent chocolate, and a pot of freshly brewed tea. A nestle in – and then we feast!

    1. Ha ha, buy a copy for yourself and nine of your nearest and dearest to bring some wicked delight into their lives.

      1. DebbieWolf
        Hahaha. Well toys might be on the list of some and nothing wrong with that (although I dont suggest 25.4 cms while trying to focus on the story).

        Whats this I hear about you leaving? A moment that has passed I hope. It’s not about me, but I do enjoy your presence. If you feel its best for you though – all the best.

        1. NarcAngel

          Hi…hahaha…oh Gawd…not the 25 cm..defo not… I don’t mind a bit of pole vaulting but that enormity is a whole other Horror Story in my book… size definitely matters when it’s far too big!!!

          Thank you NA for the kind thing you said I’ve always enjoyed your posts . I have done really loud ‘laugh out louds” at some of your funny and such a dry sense of humour.. and the serious things you say I really take them on board and they have helped me often.
          I have appreciated your views.

          I was having a moment definitely…re saying Farewell…. although it is true to say that concentrating on narcissism as much as I have been doing isn’t as healthy I don’t think. so I wanted to moderate myself if you understand what I mean.

          And also I felt bad for jumping to a conclusion about somebody I didn’t even know and I just felt that I didn’t deserve to be here.. although admittedly I had not commented. it was the fact that I had thought the thoughts and I said to myself
          later “who do you think you are being judgemental and unkind.. I haven’t walked in the ladies shoes what am I thinking!”
          hence feeling I didn’t deserve to be here getting too big for my boots
          And yet I would not judge anyone else in that harsh way…no way at all for having an opinion…. so I said to myself later “what the fuck are you talking about!?’

          I really have loved Narcsite.
          Where has the time gone it’s nearly been 2 years.

          I don’t see myself leaving as such now.. just moderating and being a bit more sensible.
          I’m turning into a teenager who will not put my phone down… reading until my eyeballs are out on stalks.

          So I think to get a healthy balance and just moderate myself a little.
          I would be wondering how you are all faring if I went off..

          NarcAngel.. you really are a gem you know.
          I really like your no nonsense approach.
          You tell it like it is and you talk a lot of sense.

          Thanks for being you.
          Deb. x

  12. Look forward to reading your “bedtime” stories HG.
    You have always provided much entertainment and thought provoking material, even with your “tales”.

  13. Good morning HG!
    Nice to wake up to exciting news.
    I loved all of your previous bedtime stories and thrilled to see that a series is coming.
    Your talent shines through on these.
    Looks like you are continuing with your world domination.

          1. Could be a smile, handshake, glance of the eyes, compliment, coffee, water, favor, and many many more. UGH!!!
            Soo many things to draw you in.
            Everything is poison underneath. 🍎🍎🍎

  14. When I read this advertisement a massive Cheshire plastered my mug!
    You and your brilliant mind are stunning sir.

  15. Fabulous!
    This will be a nice little edition to my book collection. Can I get them all in paperback and signed by you?
    Thanks in advance Tudor :)

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