The Narcissist’s Pledge To You


I do sincerely and solemnly declare, by almighty God, this pledge to you. I have reduced  it to writing so that this shall bear testament to the sincerity by which I have made these promises and so that a record may exist for time eternal to the dedication and commitment contained therein.

I will love and cherish you and be faithful to you. I shall not let thoughts of congress with others trespass upon my mind for it remains pure and devoted to you. I will only ever give you my heart and ask that you have a care for it, for I only have the one and it now belongs to you.

I shall strive each and every day to bring you happiness and joy. Through dedicated application to securing your contentment. I will not rest until delight permeates everything around you. I have one purpose and that is to love you with the most perfect love, in every facet of my life.

I will bring you security and solidity, banishing fear and darkness through my unwavering loyalty to you. I shall be that foundation on which we shall build our glorious and everlasting love. I will toil ceaselessly in my endeavours to bring about our togetherness and union.

I will be your angel that spreads his almighty wingspan that shall shield you from harm. No injurious intent or scathing tongue shall ever penetrate the wall that I shall form behind which you will always be assured of shelter.

I promise to make you laugh so that your heart is lifted skywards and no troubles will ever burden you. I will always be there when the forces of darkness seek to hurt you. With my fiery sword I shall smite them into oblivion. Wherever you may tread I will be by your side, ready at a moment’s instance to catch you and hold you should the road crumble beneath your feet.

I will never be found wanting when fate conspires against you. You will always be able to look to me and in my eyes find reassurance, hope and optimism. No task shall be too great if at its conclusion your happiness is assured.

I promise that though the winds may howl about us, that although lightning strikes at us and iced rain is driven at us, I will wrap my arms about you and steer you to shelter. I promise that you will always find sanctuary and protection with me.

I will honour your name and join battle with those that besmirch it. I shall only allow truth to pass my lips in all my dealings with you. I shall treat you with respect, reverence and dutiful worship, in recognition of your inner and outer beauty for which I give daily thanks.

I will craft the finest gifts to lay at your feet, toil so that no fruit is forbidden to you, no luxury shall be denied to you and every wish you make I shall deliver.

I shall treat you with deference, patience and compassion. Only the most noble of intentions shall I ever exhibit unto you. My every thought, word and deed will be forged in the furnace of truth and honesty.

I shall keep as watchwords to my burgeoning heart, the lessons of fidelity, humility and grace. I give thanks now and shall each day for the bounty that comes our way. I shall not let petty distractions deter me from my sworn duty to love and honour you.

I swear that I shall listen with an open mind, speak with a true heart and only have eyes for you. I shall fill each of my days with the wonder of you and dedicate myself to the furtherance of our dreams. Each day I shall give thanks for the fact that we have been brought together and I shall treat our love as the most perfect and sacred. Nothing that I shall think, say or do shall ever desecrate what we have.

I shall nurse you through sickness, hold you through sadness and carry you through adversity. My stride will be purposeful and direct as I strive to bring you joy.

I shall only ever lay my hands in sensual delight on you and with my lips kiss no other the way that I shall kiss you. My passion burns for you and you alone. I shall desire you as greatly in the years that come to pass as I do in this moment. Time and age shall not wither or diminish the love that I have for you. With every day that passes I shall find something new to love you for. We may travel over the same route many times but each time I shall make it seem as if it is the first time.

I promise to imbue our lives with magic and wonder. I shall show you the fantastic and the marvellous. I will take pleasure in sharing the simplest delights with you alongside the most extravagant.

I am yours and that is the only ever state I shall maintain. Though temptation may beckon and seduction seeks to lead me astray, I shall, by the grace of God and the fortitude with which I have been blessed, walk only to you.

When the sun sets on our scintillating journey together, as we look back on all that we have created together, all we have achieved together and all we have loved in one another, it is your name that I shall say with my dying breath.

This is my pledge to you. All I ask is that you sign this written pledge and in so doing acknowledge your acceptance of all that is herein contained.


44 thoughts on “The Narcissist’s Pledge To You”

  1. Wow, that’s beautifully written and very romantic HG. You should write Hollywood blockbuster romance scripts, like The Notebook, for example.

    Your words are tempting, but they also make one very, very big red flag.

    I would like to know how someone with no empathy and only self-interest “knows” how to appear so loving and selflessly noble. Do they study these “dark arts” in all of their spare time until they’re experts? It’s all a massive lie, yet they can be so convincing.

  2. Two MB’s !? Trigger town for me- – my ex narc ran off with an MB a year ago. Thankfully, it doesn’t emotionally bother me too much anymore hearing those initials. I hope someday to run into her(mb) so I can lend her all my books, articles and other tips for recovery.
    Nice pledge HG.

      1. MB, thanks for the chuckle. For the second time I accidently met up with my replacement. It’s probably been 8 mos. since I first saw her. She was in the honeymoon period when I first met her. She was thin and vibrant and beautiful then. She almost didn’t look like the same person 8 mos. later. I feel for her. She’d gained a substantial amount of weight and her face was broken out with acne, probably from stress. My vanity has been a virtue at times in my life. I mean, when I left him I had stopped caring for myself and looked it.
        Cyndy Lauper’s song Girls Just Want to Have Fun–lol–when a boy takes a beautiful girl and hides her away from the rest of the world . . . we are all beautiful souls who just wanna have fun.

      1. We can tell from Trump what the world would be like. The US is reeling from the chaos. Young people even have PTSD from the last election.

  3. Written in fine print at the bottom:

    Manufacturer reserves the right to change the quality of the offered product.
    Any similarity between the advertised product and the reality is pure fiction.
    Words may or may not match actions. Mostly not.
    No correspondence will be entered into.

    Use of this product will make you sick.
    Use of this product will make you sad.
    Not to be taken internally. May cause STIs.
    Kissing this product will cause blindness.
    Kissing this product will cause cognitive dissonance.
    Use of this product will lead you to believe you have bipolar illness.

    Feed this product only recommended amount. It will feel like it’s never enough.
    Do not attempt to open or alter packaging, acid will be sprayed on you as a result. Some models will blow up in your face. Some will vanish into thin air.
    Do not look into the interior of the product: it’s dark, it sucks and it hurts.
    Use of this product may cause death.
    No refunds.

    1. My President, SMH, is exactly what USA needs. Do I like him? No, when he opens his mouth I cringe. But we are not in chaos nor reeling. Some snowflakes are because they are afraid they might have to change their own diapers.
      I hated all the presidents so far. But the Donald I voted for and will again if he’s not assassinated. Trump is England’s Churchill–a great man but without Churchill’s class. Trump is working for US TO MAKE HIMSELF LOOK GOOD. I’m content with that. There are no lack of narcs in any government position worldwide. I have personal experience in government. Hated it. Saturated with narcs.
      Our media is so corrupt Trump has to use Twitter like an adolescent.
      I get frustrated with him but every month when I open my pension check from my work for the government I am singing. It has doubled under Trump.
      I have a wonderful girlfriend who has been here in USA for three years. I’m helping her pass her citizenship exam. She left Manchester, England. She’s told me horrible stories. She said she couldn’t wave Union Jack (?).
      I hope we don’t have to send our sons to die in Europe again as my grandparents did. USA patriots gave up their lives and limbs so Fascism didn’t takeover. Ingrates.

  4. HG I know I should be laughing at this and shaking my head, but actually I find it very sad. Sad because all the things you spoke of so beautifully you will never know or feel. Guess today is one of emotion for me! It was beautifully written though. 🌺

  5. I never heard such a long winded proclamation as I began the game as a long distance DLS.

    Here is something more along the lines of what I heard:

    “I love you. I found you and I awakened you. My name is (Piano Boy’s full name here) and I am goddamned real! I will love you forever, (my full name here)”

    That is what he used to say to me at the outset. That is where my brain went when I read this.

    I still want it to be real. And it sucks that it never was and that it won’t be.

      1. MB,

        Piano boy came into my life through Facebook. We shared a mutual friend which is how he came to ingratiate himself with me. My friend’s husband works with Piano boy’s mom in the same office so my friend knew him and his family.

        As far as how he befriended me beyond that…my friend and I were commenting on one of her posts and he interjected with his wit and sarcasm as the conversation continued. The friend request then came shortly after as we exchanged similar laughs. I was hesitant at first to accept the request since I did not know him but my friend verified and vouched for him. She called him a flirt but said it was just his “friendly personality”.

        For about 5 months after that we only interacted casually and intermittently online.

        Then one evening out of nowhere the FB messenger texting began, he came on fast and strong. Conversations went on for hours and I was soon captivated. A few days later it became texting off of FB. Then emails and phone calls. Then video chat. A few months later we met; he invited me to one of his shows.

        And here I am 2 years and 8 months later.

        That is the short version of the story. LOL.

        As far as background info goes on that little blurb he used to say to me. I used to ask him “what have you done to me?” because he gave (and still gives me butterflies every time I see him, or hear him, etc. His response to that was “I found you” AND “I woke you up/awakened you”.

        I also told him that none of it felt real and I felt like I was in some beautiful dream with him. He then would state his full name, tell me he was real and then state my full name in telling me he loved me.

        I can still hear those words and feel those words. It felt real. It’s a shame it wasn’t.

        I often wonder if telling him (calmly) “(Full Name), you are NOT real”….if it would wound him. I have been tempted lately.

        1. FOTS, don’t say ANYTHING to him. If you must, say your mantra to yourself. “He’s not real, he never was, he’s not real, he never was.” Your eventual goal is not to think about him at all. Baby steps. You can do this.

  6. ‘All I ask is that you sign this written pledge and in so doing acknowledge your acceptance of all that is herein contained.’

    Why is only MY signature on this agreement???

    1. So true Perse. Their “pledge” isn’t worth the thrown out cheap paper napkin it’s written on.

      The problem is that they will also sign the agreement, with a flourish, to make it look like they’re fully committed to their pledge. There is no limit to their willingness to lie.

      1. WiserNow,

        Yes, they sign it with a flourish, and we need to check that signature.
        “I.M. Lying”

        1. Persephone,

          They may as well sign everything with that name, because only that would actually be true.

          When a narcissist gives you their “pledge”, it usually doesn’t sound so full on and over the top like the way HG has written this article. It is said or done in more believable ways over a period of time or it’s suggested or implied with their actions and reassurances etc.

          So the only way to “check their signature” and to “really” know if someone is lying or not and how trustworthy they are, is to test them in small ways or wait and see over a long time without becoming attached in the meantime.

  7. Very good HG. By the 3rd paragraph I was thinking…nah…this is what I have been doing, not him (the narc).
    I saw myself completely in all the rest of the pledge too. This confirms to me, in print, what a truely wonderful giving and loving spirit I really am. I was too good for him.

  8. Made me laugh.
    How sad – if only. Not that anyone can love another like the above….yet, all I wanted and asked for was not to be told to f off, not to be sworn at. Just a bit of respect. Not jewels, or fabulousness, just respect.

      1. These vows really are beautifully written. You should write Hallmark cards! You do heartfelt like nobody’s business.

    1. Wow I use “MB” also! What are the odds there’s another MB on here! When I read this I realized how high they raise us to ensnare , then delight in smashing our hearts with such velocity from such an unrealistically high cloud of deception ( over, and over, and over until our once pure trusting fooled hearts feel like dust within us and there’s no evidence of the once beautiful empathy who loved and believed. Narcissist’s seek to breed narcissism and death of a soul body spirit to create the inner ugly reality they own inside outside of themselves – they project their disease so they can retain the facade of purity. So so ironic. Just my experience of being duped by the narc. My mistake has cost me so much in so many ways. It feels like n’s are pure evil. How do I know if the N is also a sociopath or psychopath? Thx HG

      1. You hit the nail on the head. Pure weak and pathetic evil that can’t survive without us. Such a wonderful fact, when the world finally wakes up to what they are.

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