When Narcissists Collide – Part One

Many people are curious to know what happens when there is some narc on narc action? Do they recognise one another? Do they seek one another out? How do they react around one another? Do they gang up and is there a pack mentality? Can narcissists work together? Can two narcissists have a successful romantic […]

If You Go Into The Woods

It is a beautiful late afternoon as you open the front gate and step out onto the path. Birdsong fills the air and you can feel the warmth of the golden sun that hangs in an azure sky embracing your shoulders and neck. Flowers grow about your feet, nestling at the side of the path […]

99 Problems (But A Narc Ain’t One)

        If you’re havin’ narc problems, it feels like he’s won, I got 99 problems but a narc ain’t one.   I got me some HG for my narc patrol, Foes who want to make sure my fuel’s exposed, Leeching critics that say she’s “Love Light and Laughter” I’m an empath stupid, […]