The Rules of Ex Club No. 10




  1. HG,
    What does this quote mean? I thought exes are always evil except when being hoovered. Please explain. I would like to understand. I’ve read much of your work, yet, this quote still is unclear to me.

    1. If you are the IPPS and in the golden period, exes will be viewed as evil (especially the most recent). When you as the IPPS are being devalued, this means that exes may well lose their status as ‘evil’ i.e. no longer painted black.

          1. HG, since we are off topic and talking about shoes, I saw SM’s new Strathberry on IG. My heart did a little flutter. You have excellent taste.

          2. Dear Mr Tudor,
            Absolutely …. we all have abandonment issues
            We ask ourselves the same when you do a Houdini 🐰🎩
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

            Good one K 😉

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