Why? Understanding the Narcissist's Behaviour by [Tudor, H G]

Why? The ever present question about why the narcissist did as he or she did? A host of questions which overwhelm, confuse and paralyse the victim. Not any longer. A range of fascinating questions, some common, others rare, have been selected dealing with the various elements of the narcissistic entanglement. Forthright and accessible answers are given to these key questions, jargon-free and in an enlightening manner which will aid any reader. The key to freedom starts with understanding. Read this and stop asking why.

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  1. HG I have to correct myself after my last comment. I had forgotten you are not just a greater, you sir are an elite! Some what like a god to other greaters, who would like to be just like you, but sadly cannot! Some may fear you, some are envious, I’m sure there are even some who say, you stole the idea from them! Lol. But as we all know there is only one H G Tudor in the world, and he belongs to this group of empaths right here in Tudorville! 😉🙃

      1. Oh HG when I read the first part of your comment I thought I was in trouble again! Thank god you speak empath! 🤣🙃

  2. Mr Tudor, you remind me of a TV magician who revealed the secrets of performing magic tricks. You reveal the secrets of narcissists to us. You know that because of this other narcissists lose their victims :). Other narcissists do not like you, because you cheat on their secrets 🙂

    1. Other narcissists do not like me because they are envious of my success, not because they are concerned I am revealing secrets, Kasia, this is because they do not know they are narcissists.

        1. Yes they do and a Greater would never exhibit envy towards me, they would not be bothering with my work as they have no need to do so.

    2. I saw someone on Quora who was diagnosed as having NPD hates HG because he said that HG makes it sound like people with NPD cause the problems when in his experiences he just reacted to the provocations of people. He said that he never intended to cause conflicts but the conflicts arose as his reactions of what people did to him. I bet he is a Mod-Ranger.

  3. I think there is one answer to this….FUEL!!!🌋and to see us erupt into a fountain spewing all that fuel yes?? I have always learned when I am asking my self in doubt…I wonder is it because they want me to provide fuel

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