Little Acons – No. 6


A series of memes which encapsulates the mind set of the narcissistic parent towards their child resulting in the creation of the Adult Child of a Narcissist.



  1. This is a good one hg I remember my stepsister before she died and I can remember my father always bragging on her like she was by the best child ever about how she graduated from high school graduated from college and was an advanced practitioner nurse she was living by herself and she was so great and he would tell me and my sisters how we should be more like her and he even made my sisters go to school to be a nurse when damn well they didnt wanna do that. My eldest sister was interested in something totally different and so was my younger sister and I as well. Great one hg hit the nail on the head with this one

  2. My brothers always been the golden child and its something ive had to come to accept. I know my narc mother looks at me as the difficult one who didnt go with her plans. Were like oil and vinegar bc i have a mind of my own and stand up to her. Its really hard to see others with good relationships with their mothers bc ive never had that. Acceptance is freedom and i accept in this lifetime i was not meant to have a close relationship with my mother and that she is a narcissist. Thats my reality and i no longer dwell on it.

    1. Congrats you sound very strong I understand your frustration I have that same thing with my father…I see those commercials or go to the fair ot talk to my friends and they have great relationships with their fathers I wonder why I dont..o yea that’s right he is a narc

  3. HG, I appreciate you’ve mentioned before how that during the golden period an N will perceive his IPPS as beautiful even if she is not.

    Is that the same with a parent and child dynamic, if it’s ‘the golden child’?

      1. Ah thank you HG. I’ve only just seen this! As always with what you write, it makes so much sense. I understand and know what you say is true but I still find it so hard to believe

  4. And this is how my “perfect” sibling became a narc and I became an empath.
    Hg, I’ve been curious to know: can you tell when victims are empaths are victims of narcissistic parents vs people who just dated narcissists?

    1. I can usually tell when consulting with someone if the source of their addiction to our kind arises from one cause or two, the latter being the one which involves a parental Narcissist

        1. And the other what 19.19? I do not see previous posts in the moderation pane so you need to be specific.

          1. Maybe I’m misunderstanding. ” our kind arises from one cause or two, the latter being the one which involves a parental Narcissist” one cause or two. One being the child of a narcissist, I presume? And the other being?

          2. Do you mean our kind (narcissist) or your kind (empath) with regard to creation?

      1. HG, There is so much truth to your ACoN memes, and to your statement about ‘addiction’ to your kind due to narcissistic parents. I do not consider it an addiction, I would describe it as a futile attempt to solve an unsolvable problem for a loved one.

        Thanks to you, I stopped trying. After years of seeking, I found all of the answers here. I understand both sides and I accept the reality.

        How can you know what it means to an empath that searched a lifetime to find the answers and finally found them here? It is like finding the greatest treasure in the form of an epiphany from the most unlikely, yet most credible source. In your world, it would be like finding a way to be ‘creature’ free and having an endless supply of positive fuel for the rest of your life! 😉

        How does one thank you for being who you are: brilliant, wise, knowledgeable, insightful, aware, entertaining, humorous, caring (I won’t tell any one, lol). The best I can do is tell you it is an immeasurable gift of the greatest proportions.

        HG, It is difficult to be an empath. It is difficult to be a narcissist. Yet you are here giving your time, enabling and empowering us. I only wish I could have been there for you long ago, when you were young and needed to know you are genuinely exceptional, worthy, loved and enough, and to protect you from that viper matrinarc of yours. I apologize if this is too emotional, but your memes spark memories that cause gratitude to flow. I say this not to flatter whatsoever, but so that you would know from someone that wants nothing from you, that I see this and know it to be true.

      2. HG

        „…if the source of their addiction to our kind arises from one cause or two, the latter being the one which involves a parental Narcissist“

        Could you elaborate on or perhaps write an article about the differences you observe in ‚victims of a narcissist in romantic relationship‘ vs the second group?

    1. FM1T, me tooo!!! So much going off in my head now! I want to scream, I want to hit something! Too late, the past cannot be changed😞 I wish I could unsee this post. Anagnorisis…such a bitch…

      1. SunnHekili,
        Unfortunately there true selves are always revealed when it is much to late. As far as hitting something, I bought myself a heavy bag for Christmas this past year and find myself using it quite often! 😘🌻

      1. Blackunicorn, I was hoping you would soon reply somewhere. How are you? Yes, I read that and felt the same way you did. I was not the golden child that’s for sure! Have a wonderful weekend blackunicorn. 🤗😘

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