New : Text Defender !

  KTN Don't Be Tempted To Text Back Phone Wallpaper proof

Receive this Text Defender to use as your ‘phone wallpaper to ensure that you avoid temptation and maintain your No Contact Regime.

If you have not managed to change your cell/mobile number and/or the narcissist still manages to send you those highly tempting text messages, deploy this as part of your defences so you have HG Tudor by your side and reminding you to stay firm and resist temptation.

Should that text arrive (or any electronic message) from the narcissist, rely on this as your wallpaper to assist you in maintain your no contact regime and resisting the temptation to reply.

For just US $ 5 (use the PayPal button below) you will receive this effective reminder to use as the wallpaper on your ‘phone.

The wallpaper image will be e-mailed to you (minus the watermark) for use by you along with a short governing protocol with regard to the use of the image.

Text Defender


  1. Lou
    I recommend you read his book “Revenge”, if you want to get back at your narc. If afterwards you feel like you still want to proceed and think you would be able to do so, consult with HG to verify you’re the kind of person and in the right situation to do this.
    While I didn’t ask about that during the consultation, my personal assumption would be that only empaths with more narcisstic traits would be able to conduct a full revenge campaign safely.
    For others, I think the risks far outweigh the benefits and your priority should be keeping your emotional thinking low and staying safe and away from him.

  2. Very good idea HG.
    You know this is good and a great marketing idea also .
    Now I have no clue of business but there are millions of us who really need a crutch like this when ET is running high we are so tempted .


      1. Have you considered creating a affiliated group, or authorized dealers so to speak of your work. I could save you some time. I know many of us would be rep’s

          1. I’m pleased to be an HG Tudor ambassador. Your work can’t get out fast enough to suit me!

          2. Thank you MB, my loyal ambassador readers are appreciated and numerous.

          3. agreed, i am an ideas person, I am constantly brain storming. I have a desire to help you after what you did for me. It was a thought. you know, I am doing what I used to again. I had forgotten how much i love doing it. It is because of you Mr. Tudor. I don’t know what you feel about these types of things or if you feel anything about it, but whatever happens know that you probably saved my life. You never turned me away, you never lied to me, and you never let me down. you do exactly what you say you will. The groups that claim to be so loving and caring that are labeled as support groups turned me away at my darkest moment. You didn’t. You let me rant and get angry, and make an ass of myself, but you never told me I was not allowed. You told me what i needed to hear. Empathy or not Mr. Tudor. I would define a good friend with those qualities. Thank you for showing me the way, when I was lost in the dark.

    1. It’s great for word of mouth, given that it can act as a conversation starter. HG has some good marketing tricks up his sleeve!

  3. Oh yeah, and speaking of HG swag and taking my money and the earlier convo about future faking, are the alleged narcsite T-shirts still in the works, HG? Perhaps you’ve picked a nice graphic for those too.

  4. N is blocked, but I wanted the Text Defender wallpaper anyway for the following reasons:
    1. I’m an ultra HG fan. (Some say cult member, but that is a matter for them.) Therefore I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to own more HG swag!
    2. Take my money HG.
    3. And the most important reason is that it will be a conversation starter (when it is seen on my phone wallpaper) to give me opportunity to spread the word about HGs work.

    1. MB
      Re: Take my money HG

      Don’t jump the queue, MB!
      The part about having it as a conversation starter is a good point, I didn’t think of it that way. This particular wallpaper isn’t very relevant to me personally but I’m hoping HG will expand his everpresence to our phonescreens with some more designs in the future.

  5. Superb HG,

    And I like the way you say have HG by your side… Because that’s how I’ve always seen it… That that’s how you are, where you are and what you do, be by our side when you do your stuff mentoring us.

    I don’t need this now because everything is blocked…I’ve got extra security on my phone now and it has its own block on top of everything else…

    But for those who do need that reminder that you are there to support us this is great.

    And I’ve always loved it when you give us an instruction like this, it’s an easy mantra… A great reminder… And it’s all the more potent because it’s you HG.👍



          1. Hi NarcAngel, you too. Hope you are well. All is well here and keeping busy with various things.😇

  6. HG -I wish I could show you a picture I tookof a billboard that is up near me… It Caught my attention because I got a call with the hangup about two weeks ago from my exnarc.
    The hangup could’ve been accidental but… or course It leaves me wondering.

    The billboard is simply a text bubble that says “did you call?”
    Then below it it has the typing bubbles and that’s it an entire billboard of just that.
    I’m not sure what it message is supposed to convey to the world.

  7. Wallpapers? Love it, we need more!
    Though judging by the headline only, I first thought you now offer to monitor our texts. Hypothetically, could I hire you to cause wounding on my behalf by the medium of malign messages? I pay well, it’ll be fun!

      1. Got it, I’m on the market for some petty revenge. But would texting them equal breeching no contact, however?

        1. Yes it is a breach of no contact. The question of revenge and how it is effected has to be placed against a backdrop of reduced emotional thinking and would form part of the discussion with me.

          1. I’m one of those empaths who absorb a person’s character and abilities.

            Just research, dear, don’t be disconcerted.

      2. HG, Is it possible now to hire you to wound our narcs through messages?
        I know you said seeking such “service” from you depends on our level of our emotional thinking, but it would be interesting to know where your discussion with Desirée ended. At least to know if such thing is possible.

        1. Hello Lou,

          I cannot disclose the content of where my discussion with Desiree ended as it is covered by the confidentiality terms of the protocol for the consultations. I take the obligation of confidentiality very seriously, it is unfortunate that certain individuals fail to do so (not aimed at you Lou or Desiree).
          It is possible but I can only discuss the same with you or anybody else through an audio consultation as th issue of emotional thinking must be addressed and assessed first.

          1. Hello HG,
            I totally understand you cannot disclose the content of your discussion with Desirée. I was actually just wondering if it is possible that some of your readers hire you to wound their narcissists.
            By your answer, I take that it is possible to do so if the level of ET in the reader allows it (after you have assessed it through a discussion with said reader). Is that correct?

          2. Correct. Please note there has to be serious work put in and conditions achieved to ensure the very low ET which is essential before I advise further concerning such steps.

          3. Further, very few are in a position to engage in such behaviour and therefore GOSO and full no contact should be adhered to.

          4. Thanks for the explanation HG. I was surprised to learn that you offer such “service”, that is all. This is something new to me as I had never read it was possible to hire you to wound the narcissists in our lives.

          5. To be clear :-

            1. I do not do it, I advise you.
            2. It is very rare that someone is in a position to do it.

          6. I understand and that’s the way I understood it from the beginning. I am glad it has not changed.

          7. “I take the obligation of confidentiality very seriously, it is unfortunate that certain individuals fail to do so”

            HG, can you expand on this? I am wondering if it is something people have done inadvertently and maybe you could clear it up, or is it something that has been done intentionally or maliciously that has caused you frustration?

            For example, I had said a little bit about my school/cadre. I had also said something (though very little) about my ND results. And I do remember mentioning something about how the empath results are presented.

            I’ve not had an audio consultation though. If I ever get into a position to need one I will even though I’d feel nervous/shy about it.

          8. You have nothing to be concerned about NB.
            I do not have an issue with those who have consulted sharing knowledge e.g. their cadre from an empath detector consultation or what school and cadre the narcissist is. It is not an issue if they want to share the information provided to them which has been helpful, say for a friend, to recommend my work to that friend. There is no issue with knowledge sharing, it is the sharing of personal information which is the breach.

          9. I’m worried too! Was he talking about me? I’ve scoured my memory for things I’ve shared that maybe I shouldn’t have. Grilling myself. Why do we self-flagellate so?

            HG, you wouldn’t expect anything less than this thinking from empaths would you? Always blaming ourselves. Such a vague, yet accusatory statement. You’re good HG, you’re good.

          10. I’m glad you asked, nunya biz – I wasn’t sure either and also appreciate HG clarifying that.

        2. Lou
          Me talking about having HG monitor text messages of ours was just a joke I made about me misunderstanding the headline “New: Text Defender!”. It kind of reminded me of when I handed my phone to my girlfriends in highschool, so they would tell me what to write that guy I liked, that’s been a jerk to me during lunch break, haha
          My consultation with him did not actually involve this service.
          As for getting back at your narc in general, HG expains it very well in his book “Revenge”, which I highly recommend, should you be interested in that.
          If you plan to conduct your own revenge campaign after reading it, I do recommend consulting with HG beforehand, to verify that this is a safe thing for you to do.

          1. Hi Desirée. Yes I understood you got a different idea of what this was about when you read the headline of this post. However, the comments that followed made me think that what you were thinking of originally was actually possible. I was surprised as I know revenge is a delicate matter and can mess with the empath’s well-being. But I wanted to know more about this service, or if it was something HG was considering doing now. But every thing is clear now.
            Thanks for your explanation, Desirée.

    1. Desiree and HG, wouldn’t formulating malign and wounding texts go against the first rule of freedom? Fun, yes. Safe, no.

      1. The nature of the revenge campaign is not for all (the book makes this clear) and also as I have explained it must be looked at as against the backdrop of the level of emotional thinking. You should not engage in texting the narcissist, that is indeed a breach of the first rule of freedom MB.

        1. Well written, I am tempted regardless. Too many good opportunities I can think of. I’ll send you an e-mail and you tell me if this is a viable option right now.

    2. Yes, I was thinking also Wallpapers like “Don’t you dare answer the phone Sucka” or “Toxic email alert, do not be baited, there is another more important matter to attend to.”
      Maybe one to be used as a contact avatar, so when they contact it flashes
      “Are you ready for some Next Level Bullshit?”
      “click yes or no”.


    3. Hahahaa love this Desiree ,what would I give to see the outcome of that ,imagine HG replying to our narcs .

        1. Its was meant as joke.. 😛😛 i guess you are always expecting 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 so I will give you 🤙🏻 its kind of the the middle. I middle also okay??

  8. Yes brilliant. But why did you not have this before.. even back to 2007 LOL .. or further again 2015?? it would have saved me lots lots lots of tears.

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