The House of Tudor

Knowing The Narcissist Profile Picture

Salutations Weaponised Empaths!

You asked. I delivered.

Enter the House of Tudor



  1. The taller the better for me. I can’t stand a weak no muscle man either. Getting tossed around a little is a nice fringe benefit in a relationship!

  2. Personally I don’t think tops with I am a super empath emblazoned on front would look that great.
    It would be like wearing a shirt that says I am great etc .A bit weird.

    The ones HG has done are fab as they reflect the experience not I am this that etc.

    It is enough to know what you are if you are a super empath ,no need to show the world everything and some might see it as a bit egotistical and odd.

  3. Maybe someone already mentioned this, but I really need a mug that says “GOSO,” perhaps designed with GO on the first line and SO directly underneath it. I’d buy that in an instant.

  4. Could we have some I❤️HG merchandise one day? You know, like the NY one.
    Autographed items?

  5. Holy Moly. Now I understand the phrase that Ns don’t do things in halves! Ha ha.

    Now my fussy nature and eco friendly mind must ask about the what fabric they are made from?

    Oh, and I see they are all in AUD not USD, correct?

      1. Thanks HG. I sometimes think after I ask a question. After I commented I realised it would be the currency of the purchaser. Duh.

    1. All I know is: I’ve been in this bloody dungeon for a couple of years since this venture was first mentioned with a spinning wheel and a mountain of the finest of empath hair.

  6. These are awesome HG. I’m having a bit of trouble trying to work out what to go for. Whilst I do that, I have a few suggestions as to logos for you.

    Who pinched your bagel?
    I hate James Cordon
    HG Tudor certified Empath – for those that have done the E detector
    Back the fuck out of my Sphere 1

    For my SE chums

    No, I’m not a fucking narcissist you tosser
    SuperEmpath and Proud
    Don’t make me Supernova!

    Serious note – car stickers.

  7. No merch on Super Empath, Empath Super Nova, Seizing the Power, or I Divorced a Narcissist All I Got Was This Lousy Tshirt. ?

      1. HG
        An arm!!

        Someone call a medic and search the tower. MB is sure to have fallen and can’t get up.

        1. NarcAngel
          I kept trying to remember who requested the arm! Dreams do come true after all! What would we like next? I’m curious as to what socks he wears…

        2. NA, it’s a good thing my heart is healthy. That was almost too much first thing this morning!

        3. NA, I’m more mesmerized by the plane dashboard.This will make me completely paranoid every time I fly now, thinking HG is piloting. Talk about ever presence!

          1. SweetP

            Why would you be paranoid? If HG is the pilot he is carrying precious cargo – himself. You can rest assured he wants to land the plane safely if only for himself and his reputation. Thats one of those residual benefits we enjoy.

            Is it a plane? I thought it might be a ship.

          2. I thought it was a helicopter 🚁

            But it could be the Starship Enterprise for all I know. Kinda looked like the control room for the space shuttles. Houston! We have a problem!

          3. NA, I would not be scared of landing safely, quite the opposite. I would be paranoid checking every pilote and first officer from now on to find out what HG looks like! I’m not an expert but I don’t think ships have levers in the middle, I’m almost sure this is an aircraft’s cockpit.

          4. SP, Lou – Looks like loo roll/toilet paper where the shift thing should be. Also looks like a very old cockpit. I actually think it is a rocket rather than a plane. Maybe HG is an astronaut. I always thought of MRN as one.

          5. Pilot. Who the heck invented autocorrect? I’m sure it was a narc wanting to take gaslighting to the next level!

          6. I used to date a military pilot so I remember a few things. He was gorgeous but way too tall, when we walked together I felt like a little ball hanging from the Christmas tree. Apparently his height was at the limit for being accepted to the air academy.

          7. SP. I have never dated a pilot but I have seen plane cockpit controls in films. And I know HG can fly an airplane. He’s said it before.

          8. I had a pilot roommate I used to watch Friends with all the time! He hated me.

          9. K
            Pfft…How many guys do you know that would put up with that and for that long without being able to nut?

          10. She once made her gravatar a photo of her arms sliced up. I was totally new and was really upset I was with a bunch of fruit cakes!

          11. Claire
            No fruit cakes here, just the mutants from Table No-9 (Wedding Singer).

          12. K—an acquaintance has her psychology doctorate and I mentioned the whole thing about borderlines perhaps being basically narcissists and she was more captivated by the emotions associated with “fear of abandonment.” Maybe it is fear of a fuel crisis! They don’t know why they feel so vacant when “abandoned” but it’s a fuel depletion. (??) Food for thought.

          13. Claire
            There are two females that I know, who are diagnosed BPD, but, based on their behaviour, I think that they are NPD. They don’t know what they are so what they think is fear of abandonment is most likely a fear of loss of control/fuel and the void.

          14. HG
            Thank you, I am trying to equivocate less and apply what I have learned, in both my online and offline observations.

          15. Similar here—it was a man though interestingly enough dx’d with BPD.

          16. Oh there are some fruit cakes—I’m sure I add to the mix in some way. Just not to that extent. I have plenty of dysfunction.

        4. NarcAngel
          Re: precious cargo
          I just choked on my drink. Here’s a benefit of narcissism I hadn’t previously considered. I am suprised however that he’s not sitting in the left seat since we all know he’s our captain.

          1. Boat/ship controls are on the starboard (right) side. I think Admiral Tudor is a good fit ;)

          2. You can tell by the screen it’s a plane as I can see the wing flap control symbol, also double engine thrust control. Buttons for typing in cruise control coordinates etc Embraer E185 cockpit.

            Question is: is it HG?

          3. Endless possibilities. Discolored areas, scars, dermatological types of sores/rashes, etc.

          4. FYC
            Admiral of the fleets, commanding the empath ships, plotting strategies and sending them into battle. Very fitting indeed!

          5. Love your description, Desiree, ;-) but after a good look, I think it may be a plane. Do UK planes have right side controls like UK cars?

          6. We just assume that’s his arm. Maybe he does sit on the left and is taking the picture. The person in either spot left or right I believe is capable of flying the plane. If it is him on the right perhaps he is a Captain and training someone. Maybe he’s neither and just took a pic of the cockpit. So many variables, but again, we see what we want.

          7. I wanted an eye. I don’t know whose arm this is. Maybe it’s the arm of the dude who flew him and SMH to France.

          8. I’m not going to France with HG, SP. Only to Norway. Hahaha. (I am kidding – I know you meant SM – I just pointed out to HG that also my real name and SM’s real name both start with L but hey, I was here first.)

          9. Then did you call her by another name before, say, March 2018? That is when I landed here and as far as I know, the initials SM did not make an appearance until about six months ago. So that’s what, 18 months SMH vs 6 months SM on this blog but SMH was not here first? Besides, it was a lighthearted comment – it means nothing – yet you seem to need to burst my bubble. Why?

            Somehow this all seems familiar. I hope SM does not one day add an H to her initials!! (That was a joke, HG.)

          10. No, I am pointing out that SM was in my universe before you appeared SMH. Just because I did not mention her by those initials does not mean she was not in the Tudorverse.

            I was correcting an inaccuracy, that is all. If that ‘burst your bubble’ so be it. The correction was the aim, the ‘bubble’ is irrelevant to me.

          11. It is relevant to me. ‘Here’ means on this blog. Not in your broader universe. I do know the difference between cyberspace and real life, and I would be very confused were you to show up in royal purple knickers at my flat :).

          12. Ah! My phone just entered SMH by default! Sorry sorry I obviously meant SM! Hahaha

      2. My Lower Lesser dad could fly planes. He took me on several and let me steer it. He used it to love bomb my mom.