A Letter to the Narcissist – No. 69



“Dear D.

Dropped the rest of your stuff at your mom’s. Sorry you couldn’t hack it as a partner – weakness is a horrible thing to have, and I hope someday, you’ll be able to become more of a man to be able to cope with life. How’s the job hunt coming along? I heard it wasn’t so good. Maybe you should try something easier than a production manager – your last go out on it sort of failed in a big way. Anyway, I know you were concerned about me taking you and your girl to court, and I’ve decided to go ahead with that, though you make a good argument why it might not be the best course. I understand that you feel that she isn’t to blame and it was all you. I don’t care.
Hope we can keep this divorce on a civil level. Hope you can manage at least that.


    1. Desiree,

      I could not find the Reply button on the response you gave me concerning Empath Detector, so I found you here, and wanted to say “thank you”, for your reply to my comment.

      1. I hope you found it useful, Tamara! As for the replies, that used to confuse me, too. Just scroll up that particular commentary stream until you find the original comment that will have a “reply” button. That will put your comment in the thread it is intended for.

        1. Oh, thank you, Desiree… after all this time, I never knew this! Now I will know. 😊 Sorry, I my keyboard will not put the accent mark on your name, Desiree.

      1. I’m prepared to throw a curve ball in my divorce HG—if needed. Why? Because of what you have taught me about mid-ranger facade management:)

          1. Yep—if he asks for more money.. (oh—yes—I am the one with the money because he lost all his gambling..)
            Bottom line—in the public court arena or via correspondence if he asks (judge will grant it based on laws) I’ll state he will then put me in a hardship to afford private school placement for the kids where they would receive a quality Christian education and since those values are unparalleled in both our opinions it would hurt the children. If he does it via email attorney to attorney the reply will cc their school counselor and doctor under a guise of “they need to know”—in case kids can’t attend. That would create a quandary would it not? His facade of grace and charm! Fuck him.

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