A Very Political Narcissist?


Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson may very well become the next Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The election for leadership of the Conservative Party stands to be decided by the party membership by 23rd July 2019 and if Mr Johnson wins, he becomes Prime Minister also.

Twice elected as Mayor of London, known for the ‘Boris Bikes’, former journalist and editor of The Spectator magazine, oversaw the 2012 London Olympics and proponent of ‘whiff-waff’, he is a prominent and recognisable figure in British politics and has even been dubbed the mini-Trump (A Very Potus Narcissist – read here)

Is Boris Johnson a narcissist however?

Find out next week 



  1. Oh my god HG, I’ve literally just come on here for the first time in ages as I no longer get the emails directly into my phone , don’t know why. I’ve come on here to say bloody hell HG I’m just watching the narc Boris , dodging every question , followed by streams of word salad and blame shifting , only to find you have an actual post about him. Just watch a Boris interview it’s a lesson in how to spot every single sign of a narc , you only have to look at the eyes anyway . So we could have Trump and Him , bloody hell and I mean that purely from the narc point of view not particularly a political point of view . HG is Hunt one ? Because I’ve got a feeling he is ? Just not such an obvious one as Boris who is like a cartoon narc ……
    I watched a very interesting 5 part documentary about Thatcher recently , very different when your watching it understanding she was a narc .

  2. I like Boris! I am intrigued by quirky intelligent people like him. He better get this fucking Brexit done. Don’t know much about him but I think he is an intellectual narcissist ie NerdNarc

  3. Super excited for this HG! My guess is a narc but I would not like to categorise at all, Boris truly is in a league of his own!

  4. Dearest HG: Wili he have any say on Brexit? Is his stance already known? Is the Queen a Fan of his? I live in the United States, so these questions come immediately to my mind. Next week is a big week on Narcsite.

      1. Dear Mr Tudor,
        Answer to no 3 …. could you please elaborate for us ….who is “we”
        It’s suggests, you were with either the Queen or Boris having tea last week
        Thank you kindly
        Luv Bubbles xx 😘

      2. Wait a min you know the queen hg? that’s awesome would you be willing to expound on how you met them or some kind of info on that I think me and the readers would be curious about that

        1. Dear Christopher Jackson,
          I think he’s pulling the wool over our eyes 👀
          Sarcastic humour … haha
          But then again, how do we not know… he COULD be telling the truth
          Nothing is straightforward with a narc, they like to keep us guessing 😂
          Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    1. correction: Will* he (I became a little overly excited about your upcoming analysis and made that typo)

  5. He is an idiot saw a speech by him a few weeks ago When a few difficult questions were asked about his less savoury comments he bumbled and bullshited his body language was so bad I don’t think he could be a narc or even a poker player!

    I think our Last Taiseach Enda Kenny showed narc traits


    1. Kiki: Remember the Lower Narcissists, even the Upper Lower Narcissists have more fury control issues. I guess his people, on his image and debate team, will have to work on him a bit. Or, a lot.

      1. True but I’ll be honest how could he ensnare anyone he is transparent
        To me he came across as someone with no filter and a typical politician but not polished or charming like some politicians
        I don’t know why I keep thinking narcs are clever polished etc his body language had so many tells of his discomfort not very in control at all

        No I don’t think he is a narc eccentric maybe but not a narc


        1. Kiki: In general, just because a certain Narcissist could not ensnare you, does not mean he could not ensare someone else. I bet If we all took the Narcissists we were ensnared/entangled with and put their photos on one project board, and next on another project board we put up the photos of all the empaths that were snared by them from Narcsite, I bet we would not be able to match up what Narcissist ensnared which Empath. Can you just imagine trying to match that up? It would probably be both hilarious at first and then tiring after a while. However, I have no idea if this Boris person is a Narcissist, or not, Kiki.

        2. PSE, you are spot on!

          Line up the narcs we entangled with, match them to the forum empath.

          That in itself is a night I’d like to get together with you all, wine and just laugh. So much fun would be had. I swear to god I need this to happen!!

          1. Hahaha! “Trivial Pursuit – N-edition’ Now with added Guess Who?!”
            “Go round in circles and get nowhere!” “The never-ending edition!”

            Presque Vu, we’ll need a lot more Sauvignon blanc…..!

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