KTN Smeared Book Teaser

Clear the smear !

US e-book here

UK e-book here

CAN e-book here

AUS e-book here



  1. HG (or anyone),

    Is there a list somewhere of all your books that are available in paperback? And, more specifically, which ones are available with the new cover art?


    1. There isn’t a list but you can work it out from Amazon. With regard to paperbacks with the new cover art, No Contact, Exorcism, Manipulated, Sex and Escape. Smeared and Evil will follow presently. All of the covers are being redesigned and all of the books will become available as paperbacks. I will also be issuing new books also.

      1. HG,

        “I will also be issuing new books…”

        That’s wonderful to hear. And thanks for taking the time to answer.

          1. Thank you Lorelei
            I missed you and everyone else on narcsite. It’s great to be back.

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