Are you or somebody you know chained to the narcissist? Are you a co-dependent? What does this mean? How did you become this way? How does the narcissist know what you are? How does the narcissist exploit this condition and how might you escape him? These questions and more are posed and answered in this fascinating book. Delivered direct from the dark-hearted master, the narcissist provides his unique observations on those who are co-dependent and find themselves chained to the narcissist.

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  1. Great book HG. I have two questions.

    1. Do you have a politics degree?
    2. Is it possible for a codependent to develop into narcissist in adulthood?

    Thank you in advance.

          1. Yay!
            Well, not yay because it isn’t sporting your new branding – but yay because I didn’t miss it in my recent order of paperbacks…which should arrive tomorrow!

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