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You asked the questions of me, the questions commonly asked by victims of our kind and in here, I give you all the answers in my usual no-nonsense style.

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  1. HG, where can I find comprehensive info on the different types and cadres of narcissist please? Is there a particular book which covers this? Thank you

    1. Read Sitting Target and use the search function on the blog. There will be detailed information on the schools and cadre of narcissist when I have finished the relevant books.

  2. HG
    This new cover artwork is great!
    It feels like a captured moment of live chat.

    There is a hint of the illicit.
    Some cloak and dagger.
    The shadowy figure.
    Lots of intrigue.

    Love the graphics.
    Black and white.

    The single, short, bossy imperative ‘ASK__’ is so very Narcissistic, with a little flavour of Space Invaders to grab your attention.

    It has a little of “the online world is the N’s playground”, and also “the games are always being played”….

    Well done!

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