A Very Royal Narcissist – Pt 3 Trailer


“We are certainly on different paths at the moment but I will always be there for him as I know he will always be there for me.” – Prince Harry

“I never thought it would be easy, but I thought it would be fair” – The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle

An isolated and devalued Prince? A facade-managing narcissist? A “no-contact” instigating Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

What do these latest developments mean? Read more 22nd October 2019 only on Knowing the Narcissist




    1. Because there is no technical problem GS, so it comes across as befuddlement on your part! You will find there are plenty of people commenting on the article. Go to narcsite.com and just scroll past The 3 Key Interactions (pausing briefly to obtain this excellent material) and then you will find the article right underneath. Read on!

      1. Mate, I WANT to read this article. I really do. I’m simply reporting access issues. Tried all you are suggesting. No help. Could it be a UK issue?

        1. No. There are repeated hits from in the UK. I am at a loss as to understand how you cannot find this article. Plenty of other people have done so and there’s around 70 comments on it.

      2. Tudor, really… If someone tells you that they are interested in you but have technical issues accessing your content… Why would you flip them?

        1. I’m not. The article is readily available. Over 1000 people have already viewed it and many have commented on it. I have explained how to find it.

          1. Yes your tone, HG, is well perceived by Shark, I would say. The image comes to mind of two boys on the playground and one does not know the answer and asks and the bully smirkingly points at him telling him pretty much that he is an idiot.

          2. 1. The article was posted on the site, like all articles.
            2. It was not hard to find at all. Why? Let’s examine the evidence
            a. Nobody else asked where it was,
            b. Many people have commented on the article
            c. Many people have read the article (I see the stats)
            This therefore supports the fact that (a) the article was posted , and (b) it was easy to find.
            3. IN light of this EVIDENCE, my response to Gay Shark was
            (a) Initially to point out where it could be found. I gave him clear directions (I take it you saw that or have you conveniently forgotten that?) . It is not hidden away, it was the lead article for several hours on the blog. The it was the second article and then the third.
            (b) In light of the evidence at 2 above AND the fact it is easy to find, I could only conclude that (i) Shark was hopelessly incompetent or (ii) taking the piss by claiming he was not able to locate the article, in which case my tone was entirely merited.
            You found the article didn’t you? Not difficult was it. What do you then think was behind Shark´s behaviour? Incompetence or pisstaking? Do enlighten me.
            As at the time of writing this to you, I had not seen any further queries from Shark and therefore he either found it, collapsed into a heap of miserable incompetence or gave up piss taking.

          3. Wow you are so cute and pissy when defending yourself. At least you post the comments you monitor. I would have imagined you would cut off people who dont suck that verbose bullying asshole of yours :)

          4. I post virtually all comments, save those that contravene the rules. Whilst your comment adds little intellectually, its content does serve to educate other individuals.

        2. Gay Shark: What browser are you using. Is it up to date. I am currently on Google Chrome on an apple laptop: Google Chrome. The green yellow Red Circle that is blue in the middle. You can try downloading another browser on your device and see if you receive the article that way. Let us know, if you still do not receive it, along with what device you are using, if you do not mind. I am not a tech person, but some readers here on Narcsite are pretty good at all of this…. There is a lot of unfriendliness in all of these tech devices and programs, and they do not always play nice with each other. Why can’t it all get along?

          1. Oh look, someone who has been able to access the article. There’s a surprise eh?!!

        1. Huzzah! Well done. See, it was there all of the time. What’s that, “Sorry HG, the article was obviously there all of the time, it was a problem at my end. Thank you for trying to help me find the article. I understand how you must have been puzzled as to why I kept stating I could not find it when you knew it to be there.” No problem, Shark.

    1. Fuck knows. Maybe it is the one that was released nearly two hours ago titled “A Very Royal Narcissist – Part 3”?

      1. It isn’t visible to me.
        All I see is this

        “We are certainly on different paths at the moment but I will always be there for him as I know he will always be there for me.” – Prince Harry

        “I never thought it would be easy, but I thought it would be fair” – The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle

        An isolated and devalued Prince? A facade-managing narcissist? A “no-contact” instigating Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

        What do these latest developments mean? Read more 22nd October 2019 only on Knowing the Narcissist

        1. Access narcsite.com and you will see the article there, it is not difficult. Easier than eating holidaymakers, Gay Shark!

        1. There are gay penguins. They pair up and devalue one another and make up, etc. I’ve seen it at the zoo and they gave a presentation once! I like birds too, I had one once and my dog knocked the cage down and ate it—feathers and all.

          1. Lorelei: They admitted they made a mistake about the gay penguins. Then they went dark and did not mention it much, to not disillusion the believers.

    1. Yea I’m sure she is all about control it’s a part of it I cant wait for him to realize it.

  1. See a rise in site hits, HG? I’ve been referring readers to you on Yahoo, Daily Mail, etc. It’s not just your specific posts on MM that are relevant: “Tell me what I want to hear” was HER all over. She’d been following his family history for years, knew where he was vulnerable, knew which causes to support, which circles she needed to enter. She had posts about wanting to be a princess, had read bios of Diana, had been photographed in front of the palace when she was growing up.

    And then she claimed she “didn’t know much about him.”

    What puzzles me is she says things that are so easy to research and disprove. Can’t she even got the trouble of working out more credible lies?

    1. Thank you for referring readers, always appreciated.

      Her narcissism only extends to a degree of plausibility with regard to the telling of lies, but that is not posing an issue for her, because it is effective.

  2. Harry and William seemed to have a very good relationship, they were very close.
    Female narcissists do not want their partners to have a close relationship with anyone. They are experts at playing Divide and Conquer. I think Meghan must have been interfering in Harry’s relationship with his brother since she got married.

    Unless someone makes Harry aware of what she is doing to him, he will not be able to see the manipulations for himself. Besides, as long as he is still in contact with her, he will believe Meghan and not other people.

    Unless Harry goes no contact with her, I am afraid there is no chance that he and William will have the same relationship they used to have before he got married.

    I am looking forward to Part III.

  3. Their relationship doesn’t appear to be sustainable without major changes.
    And we know who won’t change;)

    Looking so forward to part 3!

      1. We are looking on a mobile, but I can’t find it. I scrolled past the articles, and I looked at the top where it use to be and it’s disappeared. I’ll keep searching. Thanks HG.

  4. I’m interested to read your update on this HG. There certainly are problems there !! I personally think that she has struggled with having this baby, as much as having the baby seals the deal and gives her a lot of power and control , it’s probably been hard for her to lose some control , gaining weight and having to go through all the things women go through when having their first child. She’s tried to control every aspect from the birth to not giving information to with holding pictures bla bla all of which just causes more interest and more controversy.
    That weird first appearance of TV of Archie with Harry holding him , Meghan looked of odd, she wasn’t the poised confident super slim fashionista interviewee that we had previously seen and Harry seems very defensive all of the time . Everything about Kate and William is so different . I’m sure Meghan hates Kate as she is everything she will never be. Harry needed to marry someone from a strong healthy family unit as William did. So sad that Harry with all his own traumas has ended up with a narcissist and no one is going to see it. She is already playing the victim . Lady Colin Campbell keeps going on talk shows saying Meghan is a narcissist. Of course Piers Morgan keeps hammering away at the fact he was disengaged from when no longer required – amazing how narcissists don’t really spot each other . Apart from you.
    There’s never been a hint of a problem between Harry , william and kate prior to this. Do you think Meghan is starting to realise that life in this family is tough and she won’t be able to just do what she wants. Harry wanting the press and media when it suits and then implicating them with his mothers relationship with the press even possibly her death although I disagree with that , but Harry’s going to start pissing people off .
    The press should have ignored this tour and not given it any intention at all, see how Harry likes that ……

  5. She is textbook, HG! I had originally encountered your site when I was looking for info on a guy who’d broken my heart, and drifted away for a while since it wasn’t an urgent case. I came back when I started seeing these stories about Markle; you’ve practically drawn a map of her M.O. Maybe somebody needs to draw your site to the attention of the BRF. Pity no one did it before the wedding, although Harry probably would have dug in his heels anyway.

  6. Very intriguing, HG. And and aren’t they just the most perfect poppets to distract at these erstwhile times?

    Do like Hal. It’s all such a mess. A meas which is being exploited.

    BTW Operation London Bridge has been doing the rounds again. Fascinating!

  7. prince Harry always seemed so sweet, even thought i dont like the royal tralala, he just looks like a little boy who feels lonely and wants to make friends.
    out of subject, i’m sure prince Chales is not the bad guy, and lady Diana despite her good actions, i think she is a narcissist herself.

    1. Diana was as far from a narcissist as can be. Yu need learn more about NPD before making these comments. You can’t juat Willy nilly call any random a narc, particularly someone like Diana who did so much good for the world and needed to put up with a piece of shit cheating husband.

      1. being a narcissist does not prevent people from doing good things for the world.
        i’m not diagnosing her, it is just the impression i get when watching documentaries about her.

          1. Liza, it can be difficult because it wasn’t one article about Diana but it was in the comments to his articles. People were asking about her so he answered – Diana BPD, Charles NPD. But it’s great on narcsite that HG engages in discussions and you can learn many interesting things also from the comments.

        1. Hi Liza,
          I would diagnose Diana as a Borderline Personality Disorder. It can be very similar to Narcissistic Personality Disorder (they are both Cluster B in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual) but broadly speaking the motivations behind the behaviours are different, Narcs want admiration and Borderlines want to be loved but they are both VERY difficult for family/friends to deal with.

    2. Do definitely had some narcissistic qualities, but she wasn’t a complete narc. She really did love the boys, this ght she could love Charles when they married, though she never really “got” him, and genuinely cared about the causes she supported. The cold center of a total narc was not in her.

      1. Absolutly not. She was a very lovely woman who had a lot to deal with.

        The abandonment by her mother and of course the very big secret…Earl of Spencer was not her father. James Goldsmith was. The resemblence between Zac and Gemima is beyond compare.

        This means of course that Di was half Jewish.

        I’m really surprised that this hasn’t hern picked up on.

        Believe me, it takes a very cold woman to abandon her children.

        1. Your argument convinces me not, especially since abandonment, along with other factors, could have a child end up either normal, narc, or empath…or other?

          My narc was a very lovely man who had a lot to deal with.

          1. lisk

            Narcs are not lovely people. By the very definition. They use you for fuel.


        2. Renarde: Diana overplayed her hand. She felt she could challenge much and win. She lost. She did have a long run, though. Katie stays more within the guidelines. She is having a tremendous run. I have overplayed my hand at times. And I have paid the price more than once. I play within the guidelines more, now, our of hard earned wisdom. I am more `prosocial` for my own good. But, I still have that lurking tendency to overplay. But, at least I know I have this flaw. Knowing is good.

    1. WOW! How long are they married? Not even 2 years! That is quick! It seems that Megan Narcissist doesn’t like to waste her time. Destruction in progress!

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