The Asylum of the Grotesque : Meet 3 Denizens


The Asylum of the Grotesque is where the secrets lie.

It is a work that will have you hooked, amazed, repulsed and engaged.

Most of all it will reveal.

Gain an early glimpse of 3 of the Asylum´s denizens below.

Here are the reactions of those who have read so far

“Wow. Wow. Wow. And wow! I’m giving you three woes for the shocking info we just got about your relationships, and an extra one for another piece of info I personally found extremely interesting. I won’t do any spoilers, so, people: go read it!!!! Totally worth it.”

– Sweetest Perfection

“Thank you for allowing me the privilege of reading (this). You are an amazing and gifted writer! This is definitely worth purchasing”

– FoolMe 1Time

Absolutely other Karen Questioners need to read this. I’ve often wondered what became of her and how she came to escape you. I imagined various scenarios but could never have guessed the actual case.”

– Jaya

“It was like watching the ending to a movie or series and being completely unsettled by the end and not being able to sleep.”

 – Gypsy Heart

“Wow. I just read the three that got away. Holy shit. Wasn’t expecting that. Very good read. I have so many questions.”


“Let’s just say it will be satisfying to any truth seekers that haven’t ordered it yet.”

– MB

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    1. It is called The Asylum of the Grotesque, Pati. This is a book which covers the various IPPSs that I have had.

          1. Wonderful thanks so much, I look forward to reading it as i find your books fascinating.

          1. I can’t make these things up but my first treat for the night was “tingling down there” and lo and behold.. Poor guy. He said it was the baby mama.

          2. Of course more than me ! I cant believe my N has only had me in 23 years I am shocked .
            I am assuming that the book you are writing will be part 1 to part 100 lol

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