Narc Detector

KTN Narc Detector

One of the most fundamental questions that must be answered is

“Is he or she a narcissist?”

You need to detect the narcissist and who better to do so on your behalf than me, with my extensive and unrivalled expertise.

Whether it is your husband, girlfriend, boss, brother, neighbour or best friend, ascertaining whether this person is a narcissist (or not) is crucial with regard to putting your mind at ease, formulating a plan to deal with the manipulations of the narcissist and to enabling you to secure freedom.

Knowing if the relevant person is a narcissist is the foundation stone of achieving understanding and freedom.

Submit to me information about the individual as per the guidance sheet which is provided once the consultation is booked and engage my narcissist detection expertise to confirm whether the person is a narcissist and if so, their school and cadre.

The process

Effect payment.
You will be e-mailed a common sense protocol governing the terms of the consultation.
You will be e-mailed a guidance sheet assisting you with the type of information you should provide to maximise the accuracy of my assessment.
You then submit upto 1200 words. If you exceed this then please purchase additional words at US $ 40 per 500 words, you may purchase as many additional bundles as you require.
I will provide an audio file confirming whether the individual is a narcissist and if so, explaining why along with detail as to their school and cadre. This will be provided within 96 hours of submission of your information.
To effect payment, use the PayPal button(s) below and I shall be in touch  shortly thereafter.

(Please note if you experience a delay in hearing from me this is likely to be as a consequence of my absence owing to professional matters. Feel free to email me and if I am away, my out of office reply will give you the relevant details as to when you can expect to hear from me.)

Narc Detector

Narc Detector



  1. NDC is a brilliant service and should be obligatory for pretty much everyone here. Okay, I should probably rephrase that. Please consider doing the NDC before you start calling the one who broke your heart “a narcissist”. Okay, that, too, sounded harsh. My point is, I was relieved to learn from the man with a black belt in narcissism (HG, that is) that the suspect is, indeed, a narcissist. Moreover, an Upper Mid-Range Elite one (I’m not good enough for a Greater, obviously 🙄). I feel better knowing that it wasn’t all in my head, that I didn’t just cling on to the narcissism concept in order to make sense of a broken relationship. I know with all certainty that I did the right thing to get out and don’t doubt my decision to stay out. Most importantly, I don’t feel alone in my emotional battle anymore. Thank you, HG. And thank you, all you wonderful anonymous Empaths who comment here and provide emotional support in addition to HG’s invaluable logic defense.

      1. Hahahah, I’ve never watched him in full. Five minutes is enough for me to realise he’s not a person I want to see any more of. Just can’t understand how he is still around?

      1. Have you done one on a narcissist and told the person? Do you ever suspect a narcissist on a narc detector inquiry as the one making the inquiry that thinks they are the victim?

          1. Have you told anyone they are a narcissist that submitted an empath questionnaire? Or, what do you do? They’ll argue. Has it occurred? What do you do when you do a narc detector and suspect the problem is the one filling it out?

          2. No.
            Already answered.

            I conduct the consultation in the usual way. Two narcissists can collide remember

          3. He answered this one awhile ago Lorelei, but of course you weren’t paying attention again, as usual! Now it’s to late for me to go back to bed! Hahaha

  2. I’m very interested to know the EDC and NDC results of those who used these consultations, and was it what you expected? I came back as Martyr/Geyser Codependent/Standard on EDC, quite surprisingly (I thought I’m Geyser Standard). Still waiting for the NDC results. Please share yours, if you will.

    HG, you don’t mind this, do you?

    1. If you wish to share the results the EDC that is a matter for you. I, of course do not.

      I think you meant to write that you are “waiting for the NDC,” not still waiting, you only submitted it two days ago! It is done actually, I just need to record my response.

      1. Of course, my apologies, HG. Please consider it an honest mistake due to the fact that English is only my third language.

          1. Thank you, MB; that is so sweet of you to say that. But, unfortunately, while I consider myself quite fluent in English, some essential nuances sometimes escape me and cause confusion. As in this case of “waiting” vs “still waiting”. But, you live you learn!

          2. Dolores, it is a testament to the scrutiny that our comments face during the moderation process. Don’t try to get anything past HG! Haha

    2. Interesting Dolores.

      I came back as magnet SE. I suspected that may be the case but didn’t believe it was possible. I sometimes wondered whether I may be a standard or even a mid range and unable to see it. I do recognise I have strong N traits and strong E traits.

      I found it extremely helpful for it to be conclusive as it really helps me recognise when my ET is high and to apply LT to reduce it. Most of the time that’s possible.

      1. BY the way AS2016, there is a new book out that you ought to read since it includes new material which you have been waiting for.

          1. If someone wants to pay more to be assessed as a Super Empath let them pay.

            They still won’t be assessed as a SE, if they are not.

          2. HG, I don’t know why somebody would want to be assessed something other than they actually are. But, if they did, it would be easy enough to be disingenuous on the questionnaire, right?

          3. No, that shows up. I cannot explain why (for obvious reasons) but it is actually very complex how it works to avoid this situation.

          1. Hahahaha my husband always says that to me too! Then I’ll just clumsily throw things around in the cupboard until he gives up and comes and find it for me. I’m guessing that might not work with you HG.

          1. Well, that’s Lolita – aka Dolores Haze, aka Dolores Schiller; the picture is the cover of Nabokov’s book. I have daddy issues from an early age :) How did you end up with yours?

          2. Ah I see DH, clearly I’m not as cultured as I might appear haha interesting choice though. How come the daddy issues?

            Mine – I wanted something which represented a bit of good and a bit of bad!

          3. Dad left us when I was a baby and I’ve been very into much older men ever since my teenage years, hence the choice of alter ego for the gravatar.

            A smoking, hot nun (pun intended) is not a bit of good and a bit of bad, that’s like double bad with an extra layer of naughty! 😝

    3. Dolores, My results: Standard (60%) Carrier (60%)

      I’m a Standard with some decent chunks of Co-D and Super. And a Carrier with a decent chunk of Martyr.

      For those that haven’t done the EDC, I highly recommend. It’s a fascinating exercise.

      1. MB, that’s very interesting! I’m 42% Martyr and 37% Geyser; I have only 5% Carrier and 16% Magnet, and no Saviour whatsoever. What about you? None of my school or cadre traits reached 50%… I’m a mix nationality-wise, and it now turns out I’m a mix also empath-wise… go figure.

        1. Dolores, I sit solidly in the Standard Carrier position. On my Empath Detector and in life. My Co-D traits do make themselves known at times, but I am not a Co-Dependent. My narc traits are few and weak.

          1. This is interesting MB. I just looked at mine as I forget the parts and pieces. Standard with a significant contagion majority but a total hybrid on the cadre, no Co-D mentioned at all. I thought the contagion thing was to believe in magic. I don’t get into the mystical at all so I’m not sure why that was displayed. I’d love to be privy to what went on in HG’s mind while developing the questions. I think it’s interesting that certain qualities make us more vulnerable to certain types and vice versa. For me personally I enjoy victims that I can bathe and rub lotion on their calloused feet. It’s hugely satisfying!

          2. Ok, again I will ask! What does rubbing lotion on on a victims feet (You are not a narcissist) have anything to do with your empath detector? Lol. How can you bathe and even touch someone’s feet being the germaphobe you are?! Hahaha

          3. I don’t touch feet or bathe people due to the nature of my job and responsibilities. I can evaluate feet with no touching—just x-ray everything anyway. (No one is happy without an x-ray) It was traumatic for me when my toe was injured though—no pedicure for quite awhile. Bathing is a part of critical care but that was many years ago. I paid my dues.

          4. You’re the one that made the comment about liking to bathe and lotion feet! HG, I can’t do this anymore more!! You deal with her, it’s your blog!! Look she has me using exclamation points again!! Hahaha

          5. It is not even 8:00am and you have me adding amaretto to my coffee! 🤦🏼‍♀️

        1. Vastly different, the way it has been formulated is to remove second guessing. The response explains how the questionnaire has been formulated to ensure an accurate result.

          1. Can he please quit making us look at his legs Foolme! Maybe you and I should post our legs.

          2. Oh haha. That last comment should have read, I don’t want to stop looking at his legs! Lol.

            I’m almost afraid to ask this question Lorelei, but why a picture of his hair? You can tell it’s blonde from the blonde hair on his legs, and there is no way this narcissist is going to let you pull his hair or slap him around, like your mid ranger did! Lol

          3. Omg Lorelei if he gets it cut every two or three weeks there probably isn’t any worry about the closeness of the cut in the back! He doesn’t have enough hair for that! Smh

          4. Dear Lorelei,
            I’d like to see his eyes 👀
            What say you Mr Tudor, piccie or an eye or two ?
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          5. There would be no light for the picture, Bubbles. My dark eyes are absorbing it all, at present.

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