The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

AAF The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

It is only apt for me to read this classic Christmas favourite for you, although ultimately The Grinch proved to be something of a lightweight.

For just US $ 5.5 you can obtain this recording and all proceeds will be donated to the Angel Assistance Fund which is especially needed at this time of year.

The Grinch AAF




  1. 1 cup of hot white chocolate with a shot of vodka
    1 ersatz fire in the ersatz fireplace
    Snow outside
    + HG reading Dr. Seuss
    Total: GrinchGasm

  2. HG,
    What a perfect Christmas gift to wake up to this morning. I listened to it by my Christmas tree with a hot cup of coffee. You are my #1 favorite voice. You have the perfect voice for narration. Funny this guy and I who just met were talking about celebrity crushes the other day and I would have to admit I have a crush on your voice. I’m sure you are as handsome as your voice.

    Thank you HG for this little indulgence. I look forward to hearing your voice again soon.

  3. I am so excited to receive this. Thank you in advance HG. I know as always it will be amazing. Can’t wait.

    I’ve been away from narc site for a while but glad I checked in to find this. Hope you all are doing great for the holidays.

    Been a while but wanted to let you all know I’ve finally met a guy on messenger that is so sweet and caring. Loves to talk about feelings. Positive hes an empath too. I’ve never known a guy like this. He is so deep and playful too. We message each other all day and spend every night talking all night. There are some amazing guys out there who know how to treat a woman right. My friend introduced us and I hope I get to meet him someday. He lives about 700 miles away.

    Happy holidays all

  4. This is great HG! And it was *my* bedtime story last – haha – after reading to my son…perhaps I’ll let him listen too tonight.
    Other than the fact that your voice is perfect for it – it really nice to hear again (the classic version) in contrast to the latest Illumination “Grinch” version. They sweetened him up too much!
    It is like the way the newer cartoons of Thomas sweeten up all the little trains – it just isn’t the same. I used to think all those surly little train faces were creepy and off-putting when they got pissed off – now I miss those faces… definitely more authentic!

  5. Absolutely stunning reading of that favourite Christmas story🙂! I loved it ❤️!
    HG, you made my day, thank you!
    Such a pleasurable way to chill out after work🙂!

    Don’t miss it, fellow readers🙂! Spoil yourself with a copy and double the joy knowing that you are also helping the good cause, the Angel Assistance Fund!

  6. Wonderful! The parts where you took the Grinches voice, you made your own and it was amusing where it needed to be and kind of dark where it was needed, as well. So very enjoyable, thank you so much for doing it.

    1. I laughed way too much enjoying The Mighty HG pronounce Dr. Seuss’ nonsensical names for toys. It’s the Cindy Lou Who scene I like most. My co-workers probably think I’ve lost my mind. Let’s “Giddy up!” and then carve the roast beast. Thank you for the trip to Whoville, HG. It’s been a long time.

  7. OMG, he did it!

    Yes! Yes! Yes!

    (Sorry, Molly Bloom attack over.)

    As soon as I’m done posting term grades (which has been a total clusterfuck, thanks to our IT department), I’m getting this.

    Do we need any particular kind of software for this?

  8. Oh HG you’re the best! I will have to purchase another gift card, which I won’t be able to pick up until tomorrow. I was out driving for awhile this morning in the snow ( I love it ) however now that I’ve taken my meds, my daughter took away my car keys! Lol.

          1. Now there’s an idea to get all the Angels off the list! HG sings a favorite Christmas carol. How much could you charge for such a thing?!?

          2. Same candacemarie! HG, we need a poll of your favorite carols to sing. The one with the most votes, you’ll sing for the Angels? You already have done so much for them. I’m just having a fun fantasy. But if you’re game, I’ve got my wallet open…

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