Knowing HG


You read his words.

You listen to his videos and interviews.

You may have consulted with him.

But how much do you know about him?

Here is your chance to learn more about who HG Tudor is as he provides you with an exclusive insight into who he is and his life, his family, his romantic interests, his hatreds, his operations and more besides.

(The material is contained in a sound file which will be emailed to you.)

Knowing HG




  1. Princess: Look for a linen lining if you can, because a cotton lining means that when the silk dries out, the inner lining may stay wet. I found that out the hard way as a teenager when I fell in the snow on an overly broad slalom, got soaked, and had to endure a long busride back home on a community ski trip. The outer synthetic/blend layers had dried, but the pair of cotton tights I was wearing under the thermals because I didn’t want honeycomb grooves on my legs were wet and clammy.

    You are right about the crap linings on beautiful natural fabrics. Why the hell would I want a poly lining making me sweat to death under a natural summer dress? What I do sometimes is cut out the synthetic lining, leave just enough so I can fold it over and stitch it without opening the seam that attaches it to the outer garment. If you’re not much on sewing, you’d need a professional to do it. Then I wear a natural slip or camisole under the dress/skirt. More difficult with a fitted jacket, though.

    To our main topic:
    If you remember MM’s “capsule collection” for marginalized women struggling to enter the work force, it included two synthetic dresses that would quickly stink and require laundering, plus a linen shirt that had to be dry-cleaned. She knew less about fashion than any struggling NY actress with day jobs office temping, because we very quickly learn to get mix & match jackets & skirts/trouser suits and rotate wash-and-wear or drip-dry tops with them. She had many photos taken of her coyly squatting near garment racks, smirking proudly, but at the actual event, she showed up briefly and fled, supposedly to nurse Archie. All those weeks of hinting and supposed preparation farted out a total of five outfits, none of which could be mixed or matched, and all of which had some time previously been designed by somebody else. I could have done better as a nine-year-old with paper dolls and some crayons, and I’ll bet you could too!

  2. I’m grateful I’m not sweating like that. It’s not acceptable unless you are working out. Otherwise a lady should not be sweating like a pig.

  3. SP (I keep wanting to write Sweet pea)

    You’re not alone, 2 of my 4 comments got posted in really random places and I did not consent to that.

  4. Hannibal Lector reference. Obvious you were commenting on HG’s stated wine preferences. We’ve all had posts show up out of thread.

    1. Yes thanks for acknowledging Violetta. I also wished you good luck in Anglo Saxon but only WP knows where the hell that comment ended up.

  5. Dear Desiree:

    Thank you for your reply. Yes I have purchased and listened to all the assistance packages related to addiction. I noted some excitement in Mr. HG Tudor’s voice in one of them, which I enjoyed hearing.

    Can a person be born with an addiction to narcissists? Was that said in the audio’s? I think I need to listen to them again. If that is the case then that might apply to me since other than my parents I don’t think I have actually dated many narcissists which could have been responsible for, or contributed to, my addiction. I also have never had a problem cutting a man from my life.

    I agree with your statement concerning eating disorders and how they seem to be more difficult to overcome since food is necessary for survival. I also agree that it is probably unrealistic to believe we can live without ever interacting with, or possibly ever being involved with narcissists in our lives.

    I also agree that Mr. HG Tudor is a fascinating and interesting man besides his narcissism so that fuels my curiosity.

    I don’t understand your Domaine Christian Moreau reference.

  6. njfilly
    Have you purchased the new APs regarding Addiction? They are fantastic and I’m sure you’d like them. I mostly had trouble wrapping my head around the concept of an addiction that could potentially exist “from birth” so to speak instead of just having developed over the lifetime of the addicted.

    It also reminded me of a friend of mine battling with an eating disorder. She basically said “An alcoholic can quit, suffer the withdrawals, and there he is. But me? I have to eat, I suffer the withdrawals everyday, I get up every morning and I enter the ring.”

    While Empaths aren’t always forced to interact with our addiction to the same degree, we also can’t elect to live in a world where we will be without narcissist forever. So the danger is always on the periphery.

    That being said, I think HG deserves credit for being intriguing by merit of being an interesting person, not just by merit of being a narcissistic psychopath. A recovered alcoholic will not wake up in a ditch one day because he spoke to a bottle of wine. It is more likely that something else in someones life has been going on which heightened ET and therefore the ET comittee encouraged them to go have some more by looking at the Domaine Christian Moreau that is found on this blog.

    1. Blog friends, I am not demented yet. WP hates my guts and posts my stuff at random places. It’s trying to gaslight me but I will resist.

  7. Hi whocares…my thoughts exactly!! Its easy to get so wrapped up in npd especially when first learning about it and working thru it you cant look beyond. Ive enjoyed many aspects of HGs work aside from narcissism and i do hope he creates more writings that arent necessarily npd focused. Ive always admired creative peoples works and thats always been my healer and lifeline in life.

  8. Violetta: While I was `in the field` looking at clothing, for the past couple of weeks, I became almost an expert on trench coats. It has been more rainy in NYC. Lately, when snow is predicted, it has actually rained instead, as well. Because the weather has been rather mild. (I heard a report that umbrella theft has recently picked up in the city. lol. So, hold on closely to your umbrellas, as well. lol) I was looking at Burberry and Aquascutum rain coats, and London Fog, etc. and I read about and learned about each brand and how they weave their 100% cotton or treat their %100 percent cotton outers to repel water. But, many of the new ones, although very expensive, now have a large percent of polyester in the lining, so I was looking at some NOS (New Old Stock) ones, and some of them are longer than than the current ones, as well. And do not use polyester. And, I do want a longer one.

    I did not run into silk trench coats at all, and I will look into them. Silk Trench coats do sound tres expensive, Violetta, but I will plan to look into them next month. If the lining is 100% cotton, I may consider, because usually, I am having problems finding the all natural linings, more than the all natural outers. Even in dresses. For example, A 100% pure silk dress will often have a polyester and such lining, to sit upon ones skin. They save money and cut their costs with these synthetic linings. But, that is their problem. I do not want the synthetic lining.

    I have my eye on an Aquascutum New Old Stock trench coat, 100% cotton outer and 100% cotton lined. Gaberdine and Water Repellant. It is lovely and in the color tan, and in the longer length that I want, but it is up for auction, and the starting bid is $200.00. So far no one has bid on it. I also have my eye on a Burberry NOS in Slate Gray, all cotton including the lining, and it may have a detachable 100% wool lining as well, if I remember correctly, but since I bought the Ralph Ralph Lauren trench in Black, this month, they are almost too similar. I should have probably bid on the Burberry, but I needed something quickly, and the Ralph Ralph Lauren was a greater bargain, and all cotton, including the lining. And could be bought out right without that bidding process. But, I can not bid on anything now, and all it takes is one bidder and both the Burberry and the Aquascutum are gone from me, at this point, after all my research to locate them. Just like that. I am done with all this research and shopping for this month. But, it has all been quite informative in many ways.

    1. PSE

      Since you’re speaking of rainy weather, I also recommend the Barbour Beadnell Wax Jacket, made from 100% waxed cotton and cotton lining.

      As for the Keeley bag from Mackage, the arrow lock closure is quite thoroughly thought through because you have to turn the arrow a specific way to open the bag (I may or may not have needed two attempts to figure that out), reminded me of a key. Probably protects it against pick-poketing as well, I have not had the opportunity to find out for myself. Mackage has had the arrow detail for a while, I didn’t like the overall look so far but with this new bag, they really figured out the proportions.

      Didn’t know there was a brand called London Fog, will check that out. Preferably with a nice cup of Earl Grey Latte.

      Were you the one who told me you spritz fragrance on your scalp for better projection? Because I thought of that last week when I was playing around with the Le Labo Fragrances, layering them over one another. I ended up combining Tonka 25 with Santal 33 and my god the result was unbelievable. A heady blend, I will stick with this. It’s good I will likely never encounter anyone wearing the same mixture because that man would come home with me. Heavenly.

  9. CM,

    “Im glad HG has added other material and hope he continues to write stories and creative pieces for those interested.”

    I agree with this statement. It was nice to have the added material at Christmas time. And HG is, yes, an expert on Narcissism but he is also a creative…I find the desire to know more about him no different than wanting to know more about other creative people that I admire or am curious about. Look at “Patreon” – it’s partly run on that phenomenon.

    In particular, I have specific artistic pursuits and interests and I love seeing images of the physical spaces where other artists work, create and develop their inspirations. It also makes them more relatable as a people.

    This was an interesting excursion into the world of HG.

  10. HG
    This was a privileged glimpse behind the beautiful and powerful words written and spoken by a man who has changed the course for so many and continues to do so. Thank you for obliging those of us who expressed interest in obtaining it. I look forward to anything further you wish to make available.

    1. Thank you NA, as ever an eloquent summary and there is more to come. Utilise the Inside Track re MM in the meantime, it will appeal to you.

  11. Why do you all see this as a controversy? How about hair dye and tinted contacts? Everything is possible these days, especially on the interwebz.

  12. Dearest HG: Would you consider creating another Twitter Account, with a similar name as KTN? And just not post only the AVN series on there, for now? I just can not hardly stomach the idea of you waiting around for the likes of silly Twitter to get back to you. I do believe hosts of even quality websites and youtube channels and twitter and IG and Facebook, etc. will have to maneuver around a bit and create other accounts, on all of these platforms, at times, in this increasingly unpredictable and now somewhat unreliable sphere of internet media hosting. The Show Must Go Own, despite these odd irrational banners, and their odd and increasingly unwieldy reasons to shut down people, including their log-rhythms that are easy to manipulate.

    I have been hearing practically non-stop for about six months now, about so many people being shut down by Youtube and by Twitter. I believe it. I believe some hosts then go forward and just create new channels, sites, pages, etc. It is easy for me to say just create a new one, though, because I have never hosted a channel nor blog, etc., and so I do not know how much work it takes to create a new one, or not. But I do not think youtube and twitter etc, can not be depended on to always address grievances, and they can not be depended on to do so in a timely and fair manner, overall. I do not trust them to play fair at all, anymore. So, we all increasingly will have to stay `light on our feet,` now.

    1. Per Maclean’s, MM’s had bots and cyber-humans tweaking Twitter for quite some time. I wouldn’t put it past her or her minions to try to block HG, especially now that so many people have been referred to Narcsite by Tudoristas posting on high-profile stories like this one.

        1. I won’t let you alone for a second, you will feel my breath on your back all the time. Meanwhile you can keep running, crying, and pretending that you don’t like to be chased by your psycho stalker like this. You masochistic slut.

          1. Is Narcissus getting sexy with the breath on your back comment HG? Or is it meant to be scary!

  13. HG,
    Thank you for a glimpse of you and who you are, some of it was quite eye opening! The information you share with us is definitely worth the purchase price.

  14. HG. Loved it. One part gave me complete pause. I said out loud “what?! How can that be”. Hope my question is answered in the book. Can we preorder?

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  16. Emma, I agree. The quality of work and commitment to educating the public on narcissism is laudable, however I’m not sure how it’s of any benefit to charge money to understand the author’s personal background? Why not just post it as an article? Is this truly for our benefit or his?

    1. I post hundreds of articles for no charge, I answer thousands of comments at no charge, I post hundreds of videos at no charge, I administer my work at no charge and therefore for certain products I do charge and way below what I could command. Ultimately you are not forced to purchase it, just like many other things in life.

      1. HG, I just love listening to you talk about your life and family. I could listen to you all day. This one is special though – to be treasured.


    2. Vanessa
      People here have requested this information of him and he has obliged. It is understood that it takes his time away from other things, and as with the many people in our lives (lawyers, doctors, therapists, service and repair people etc) that we deal with, we expect to pay for that time and material if we want it. Especially that it’s his personal information and not necessary that we have it. I picked up a newspaper at the store today, and as it turns out, the cost was more to their benefit, public knowledge, and a waste of my money, but it wasn’t free.

      1. Yeah, people also frequently profit from the publication of autobiographies and charge for sharing sensitive information, or even if they don’t charge as a separate package, it is part of paid work. I don’t think HG’s efforts are primarily and act of charity, it is also a business. I have not purchased this but know many people who consult and I have a consulting business myself – not many discloses very personal information for free. I used to and eventually regretted it. The way I do it now, for example, is sharing a lot of personal experiences with clients during paid consults and assignments, same when I mentor people. It can work very well because I can easily use my own experiences to support the knowledge shared and to give a perspective. None of these are free and they are always carefully designed, selected and tailored, not some sort of causal chatting. It is also part of a business strategy, I personally don’t see anything wrong with that, especially if someone is already doing a lot of free work.

      2. Yes NA indeed, we ask questions all the time and HG can say or not say or even make more colorful whatever he wants. It’s all in fun anyway.

        1. Lorelei
          I just read about your heist, good on you to get your hands on some “original” Chanel bags before Virginie Viard takes over for good. Karl’s cold and underground and I have little faith in Virginies creative direction as of right now.

          1. “Original” indeed! Haha—it is a fun story. I actually could have gotten in some hot water. US customs can F off. I won.

        2. Lorelei
          Proud of you for acquiring those bags and making your way around US customs. Since I have little faith in Chanel’s future for aforementioned reasons, I have expanded my horizon and come to realize that I like the new Keeley bag from Mackage much better, so that is the brand basket I will from now on put my eggs in. The leather is excellent quality and their signature arrow lock closure is a lovely touch, rather innovative. Virginie Viard and her early 2000’s denim sets can stay at home for all I care. What is she even thinking.

          1. I have a love for Tory Burch. I have too many bags truthfully. It’s nonsense. Total nutball nonsense. I can’t possibly carry them all. I’ve even given them away, scaled back. I even bought bags at my most depressed.

          2. Desiree: I looked up the Keeley. Love the arrow! I find that there is something interesting about having an arrow.

          3. Dearest Princess & Desiree—my new avatar is for you both. This is a small fraction of my heist. I am over the moon. These are excellent replicas and I could care less that they aren’t the real thing. I am not a faux fan but this heist was brilliant, dangerous and fun.

    3. Vanessa, I have no issue with HG charging for his content, it is his and he is free to charge for it if he wants to, certainly if there is a demand and people are willing to pay, why not.

      The reason I said I pass is because I want to stay focused on the primary goal why I read this blog, that is to learn about NPD.

      I think it is natural to be curious about the mysterious man behind the blog, but I can also sense in myself the strong empath – narcissist dynamic that fuels that curiosity beyond a natural and otherwise harmless inclination. I am well aware of that dynamic and as long as it is on my radar it is not a big deal, I just want to keep it in check and on a rather short leash.

      1. Emma,

        I agree with your comment particularly about the dynamic that fuels my curiosity as well.

        I often have to check myself but also, I indulge myself as the blog interaction is harmless to me unless it becomes all consuming. I will not allow that to happen.

        1. Njfilly, It is a double edged sword isn’t it.

          On the one hand I feel it is good to re-experience the empath-narcissist dynamic and do that in a save setting like this to learn from it. Reading and interacting with HG here triggers old emotions and their resurfacing gives me the opportunity to reexamine and re-assess, it is like looking into a mirror, very insightful.

          On the other hand, one of the feelings that is triggered for me as part of the dynamic is this deep longing, and it is very easy to project that longing onto the narcissist at hand, the alluring HG Tudor persona. Even if it is virtual and in cyber space, projecting one’s longing onto a narcissist is a path down the rabbit hole best not revisited.

          1. Emma,

            Yes, I agree with many aspects of your comment. I only just learned about narcissism in approx. March 2019 after having been involved and escaping one. I have further learned from Mr. HG Tudor that my abusive father was one, and I suspect my mother as well, although that has not been verified yet.

            Looking back through my past relationships I see only a couple other possible narcissists. Mr. HG Tudor has said I have an addiction to them, which I am still trying to understand. I am most definitely addicted to the allure of Mr. HG Tudor. In real life, however, I had no problem extricating my narcissist boyfriend from my life but he was not magnificent as Mr. HG Tudor is.

        2. Njfilly,

          As they say, a sober alcoholic is still an alcoholic.

          Extricating the narcissist from your life is like getting sober, it is a very powerful step but the addiction or inclination does not necessarily become eradicated with that step.

          I went complete NC with relatives at a very young age. At the time I did not know about NPD, I did it to protect myself from abuse. The last narcissist I was involved with, technically I did not go NC but I put up such limitations to our contact that it caused him to disengage, which was about six years ago. To this day he will still occasionally deploy an indirect hoover to see if I will take the bait, to see if the boundaries I set up are still in place, they are and I have no intention of lifting them, despite the fact that he is extremely alluring and I love him. Last year through work, I encountered someone, the attraction between us was off the charts and there were many red flags. I immediately put sufficient distance between us.

          I have a highly sensitive narcdar and by now I am able to detect and extricate narcissists from my life swiftly and efficiently. Still I experience empath – narcissist dynamic.

          I wouldn’t say that being addicted to the allure of HG Tudor is harmless. Even though he is a narcissist in cyber space, exactly the same entanglement circuits and pathways in body and mind are activated and reinforced as with a real life narcissist. I think it is good to experience the allure in a safe setting but with eyes wide open and for educational purposes only, that is to investigate how it affects you and how you can prevent it from eroding your freedom by making you addicted. Speaking from my experience, the sensitivity to the empath – narcissist dynamic remains but the allure loose its addictive hold.

          1. Emma,

            Thank you for your interesting reply.

            I agree with your statements about the empath – narcissist dynamic even though I have only recently learned about it.

            Other than my parents, I no longer have a narcissist in my life. I left him and blocked him before I even knew what a narcissist was due to his immature and unstable behavior.

            I will continue to read the blog and enjoy learning about Mr. HG Tudor.

    4. Hi vanessa…narcissism isnt the only reason we read the books and are on the blog. Its the main one but i enjoy also like reading the banter and conversations as well as non npd related topics. HGs writing is interesting and of course some of us are curious about who he is. Im glad there is other material to read bc quite frankly i get bored of npd and burn out. I havent bought the packages and prefer to purchase more for entertainment such as the advent story and what happened to three of HGs primaries altho still npd related. I enjoy learning about people as well and reading biographies. Im glad HG has added other material and hope he continues to write stories and creative pieces for those interested. Its nice to break away from npd and enjoy something that isnt purely npd. It gets tiring after awhile. I want to enjoy other things.
      As far as paying for it i have no issues bc if we got everything free eventually itd stop bc no one can give all their time free its not realistic. It is a business and peoples time is worth money in this busy day of age.

    5. No-one is forcing anyone to purchase anything here. It is demand and supply. I don’t go to my local tescos and feel compelled to purchase the entirety of the products on each of the shelves in the shop just because they’re there. Blimey! I’d be broke! I’ll probably just buy some gin and chocolate and leave the carrots and potatoes on the shelf. It’s no different here. If you want it buy it, if you don’t leave it where it is and let others buy what they chose wiithout passing judgement.

      Imagine that, if we all had someone following us around whilst we shop, critiquing what we purchase. oooooh how is the gin or chocolate going to help you live a healthy life, shouldn’t you be selecting the celery and onions and walnuts. Nope I buy the gin because its fun and the chocolate because it tastes good.

      1. Alexsmith2016,

        Good point, shopping would be no fun if I had someone over my shoulder saying “do you really need that?”

        Seriously the negative comments about HG charging suck. they’re so unnecessary.

        I want to lose weight 39.99 a month for this program

        I want to read the local news online 12.00 a month

        Work out in my living room 40.00 a month to get the vids I want

        I follow a blog about food prepping but if I want the recipes 4.99 a week.

        When has anything ever been free? Oh wait, everything you need to know about a narcissist, you can find here for free. The extra stuff is a bonus and a personal choice. Imagine that, a narcissist giving important information away for free. Who would have thought?

        1. Mercy: Shopping is no fun for me right now because almost everything has some form of polyester,etc, regarding clothing. When did this happen? Am I not supposed to read the labels? All the earth people that are complaining about plastic straws, and shopping bags, should start with the clothing. Plastic, Nylon, Polyester, etc. clothing in varying percentages are all over the place! And the food. Almost every company is switching to plastic bottles. Even Perrier water! I need a new wardrobe practically, after leaving Narcville, and it is tiring looking for natural clothing, including the linings. When did all this happen. HG Tudor`s work is excellent value and quality.

          1. PSE,

            Umm I’ve got nothing. I switched from polyester yoga’s to merino wool leggings?? That’s probably bad too huh? On the bright side of things, you could recycle your clothes when you’re done wearing them. Shelters, or cleaning cloths. Is linen good? I love linen.

          2. Mercy: Regarding Value and Quality: I just do not get all the synthetic materials these days (yes, I get it. It is cheap to produce, even if they put only 5% in some items, but it is unhealthy for us). And thus, we are being `embalmed,` slowly, with plastics, etc. However, cotton, linen, wool and (merino wool), silk, cashmere, etc. are all good and healthy for us, since our skin absorbs the materials into our bloodstream, and someone told me that tencel was natural, as well. But, I have yet to read tencel on a label. For example, I only wanted a silk chemise nightgown, last week. So, I go into Victoria Secrets huge flagship store and I asked them. They brought me one. I looked at it and it was pretty, but I still searched for the label, and it was down very low and very small inside of the item, (one has to be practically a forensic investigator to even find the fabric content label these days on some clothing items: always a Red Flag, I am learning) and I showed the beaming saleslady that the label said: 100% Polyester. She then gave me a sort of mean look and she frowned at me and she told me to wait, and she walked away…

            She actually came back with a Manager, Mercy, and the Manager told me in a soldierly manner that they did not have a real silk nightgown in the store at the current time. I was so surprised about this fact in that huge multi-level female lingerie store. (So, that place is a veritable plastic explosives warehouse, so to speak). lol. Do not light a match in there: BOOM! Hahaha. I said thank you, and I softly backed away from the 2 of them and I left the store.

            With their attitude towards me regarding the matter of my requesting a natural fabric, I am glad they did not actually call security on me and have me `escorted out,` for `daring` to ask for real silk fabric. Or, ask for my I.D. so that they could ban me from their franchise, the way silly Twitter bans people.

            Mercy, I am giving my clothing a very very good second look, now, and I am keeping more than I thought I would, after recently looking at what my choices are out there. I would have to pay around 3 times more now, for some of my items, if I were to re-buy similar. Stick close to Quality, especially now more than ever. Unbelievable.

          3. PSE, I’m going to agree about VS. I use to shop there all the time but their clothes are high dollar and cheap made. Almost every piece of clothing with a high dollar ticket that I buy, I do some research. When I switched to the wool leggings it was because I thought they would be warmer for the winter. Here is what I found. Polyester is warmer than wool. Probably because it’s made of plastic. Then, you can’t dry wool because of the shrink factor (unless they are blended with polyester), they don’t last as long (natural fiber) and let’s not forget the price. That aside, I love love them. They feel good on my skin

            I use to buy brand names but not anymore. My last Michael kors purse I bought full retail and the straps frayed within a month. I buy quality staples and do my research (I read alot of reviews). I may pay more but its worth it in the long run. I’ve been hunting for bed sheets and towels. It’s been 3 months, I can make a commitment.

            By the way, I wasn’t thinking and threw the leggings in the dryer today. Now I have to lose 5 lbs

          4. PSE
            I agree with you on the issue regarding synthetic fabric, there’s so few brands that stay true to natural materials but it is in part due to consumers being uneducated and not asking for more or not being willing to pay the price of quality. Sleeping in Polyester is bound to give you nightmares. If you’re still interested in acquiring one, La Perla makes fantastic silken nightgowns, I own the shorter version in crisp white, black and cherry red and they feel delicious. I think I will buy one of their robes next. Also, sleeping in silken sheets is the best thing anyone can do for themselves, I don’t use anything else anymore.

          5. Lorelei: It has become a bit more rainy in NYC, to me. So, I wanted a black trench coat. With no polyester. I only wanted the Choice to bypass the polyester, nylon, acetate, etc, even in a rain coat/trench. Lorelei: I did not realize AT ALL that I was asking for a lot, to have a Choice to bypass polyester and friends. Hahahaha. But, it was a war, Lorelei. A real headache. I finally found one on Ebay. In my new `friend` category of: NOS. (New Old Stock).

            There is a lot of inventory on this planet! I never heard of NOS, until now. So, I found what I wanted from Ralph Lauren, But, from his RRL line: Ralph Ralph Lauren, and in NOS. Before he too had to save money and sell parts of his line and incorporate more polyester, as well. So, I found a new, from a previous line, RRL, Ralph Ralph Lauren Black Trench coat for women, 100% cotton outer, and 100% cotton lining. whew…. It was a great war. (It must be wonderful to have a ladies maid and all that to go through all this trouble and searching. Or just go bespoke. ) But, back to my reality–I found what I wanted. Yay! But, I got what I wanted, no polyester, even in the lining, because of NOS. My new friend! I mean, they have watches and whatever you want in NOS, these days, versus pre-owned or vintage. And the fabric content and cut and parts, etc. can be better quality and content than what is being produced currently. And some vintage items can also be unworn and not previously owned, and in NOS. I love NOS!!!

            Now I want a tan rain coat as well. Yikes!!! Never fear, I am becoming better at this surprisingly and oddly strong battle and experiment (bypassing synthetics) at this point, though. No worries.

          6. Desiree: I did find a 100% silk chemise nightgown and ordered it and paid for it on Ebay. And then a couple of days ago, I found that my order was cancelled and my money was returned, with no explanations at all. I felt sad. I guess that is the other side of Ebay. I will try again next month, to buy one, even if not on Ebay, and I will not spend a small fortune for an item that should not cost a small fortune. I am done with all this for this month. Someone really should have given me an explanation regarding canceling the order on my silk nightgown. Anyway, I never tried silk sheets, just pure cotton. I put them on my list, Desiree. Thank you. Oh yes, you can not trust designers regarding fabrics, etc. and you have to check the fabric labels. Vet and Verify. But, if in doubt Verify the content, first.

            And NOW with the shoes: Now, they are selling us cow leather shoes, HOWEVER the lining in the shoe is now pig leather, often times. When did this all come about? Another battle of mine now, is to bypass pig lining in shoes, these days. And many regular sellers as well as designers are subtly lining the shoes with pig leather. Of course, pig is cheaper. And of course, they do not like you asking about the lining in the shoes in the stores. lol. I am like a pioneer in all of this. But, I found a company that will tell you what outer leather is in the shoes they sell and what inner leather is in the lining of the same pair of shoes, and they will call you back if they are not sure per each model of shoes that is in their inventory, and they carry many designers, as well. The store is They told me they are quite known, when I told them I never heard of them.

            I found them by accident when I was almost at the end of my rope trying to find shoes without pig leather lining, this month. I did find one pair, by Bruno Magli that was cow leather outer and cow leather lining, and I bought them. Sounds good, right? Sure, but For this pair only. And they were a last pair. Because, one can not go by a Designer/Brand/House in this, either, but by market level and locations, and by shoe style number by shoe style number. I wish it were so easy. Sigh: The SAME Designer/Brand/House will put the pig lining in certain shoes for certain customer locations, and not in other shoes and not for other customer locations. And it varies by shoe stye as well, etc., with the same Designer as well, if the shoe will have pig leather lining or not. Whew!

            But, I want Choice. And, I do not want pig on my feet!

            Lorelei. If you read this, now you know why I was missing for a while. I was in the midst of these investigations. Online and Offline. It was tiring. And, I was `roughed up` a bit in the stores, for asking questions, but I have learned a lot about all of this, through a little total submersion type of investigations, for a couple of weeks, and the tough research is done.

          7. Princess:
            The problem with cotton is once it’s wet, it takes forever to dry. Linen is somewhat faster, and silk is fastest of all.
            So if you can find a genuine silk raincoat or even silk blend, grab it. Breathes better than synthetics, but won’t stay soggy for hours like cotton.

        1. Usually on the rocks, it helps slow me down! If I add a mixer it tastes so good I end up looking like Rab C Nesbit by the end of the night! (As you’re in the states you may need to google who he is)

          Are you a fellow gin drinker?

    6. Given that the author is a narcissist himself, knowing more about his personal background and origin story can make for an interesting case study and the material contains information that is worthwhile considering within the context of what is learnt through his work. It is not just for entertainment or the mere satisfaction of curiosity, although that is a facet of it.
      Furthermore, charging for this personal information ensures that it remains classified as the people purchasing it are not to share it’s content with third parties, which aides in protecting HGs identity.

      1. Desiree’, true – although I very much enjoyed finding out about the person ‘HG’. I loved hearing about his background and all the other things he shares in the audio file (which of course I won’t be divulging). I am a curious person. Not nosy, but definitely curious.

      2. Desiree: Thank you. I very much appreciate HG telling us about himself. I feel that we all are on a journey together as we feel it all out. I never felt this way about any other author`s either ongoing or complete autobiography. I hope it pleases HG to continue this series. I won`t say more so as to not create a spoiler.

    7. Vanessa: It seems that many people believe in capitalism and free enterprise and entrepreneurship, and hard work, but, unfortunately on a biased basis. And the same biased people in this arena are the very ones that most appreciate being paid for their own labour, ironically. Anyway, I never heard of writers` giving away their work, when it is an autobiography. Have you? I have heard of writers being persuaded by monetary advances to write their autobiography, though. It will sell or not depending on a combination of both constant interest and the constant promotion of its very existence. So…. No worries.

  17. Okay HG, a curious mind is inclined to ask more if you will be inclined to answer? May I have the following answers please?:
    What year were you born?
    How tall are you?
    Eye color?
    Hair color?
    Blood type?
    Chianti or Pinot noir?
    Who is number 29?

    1. 1. One in the last century.
      2,3 and 4 Answered already elsewhere.
      4. Ice.
      5. Pinot noir.
      6. Not number 28.

    2. Hello Tris,
      HG is 6’ 1” with blond hair (think Daniel Craig), blue eyes, full lips and arched eyebrows. 
 He is a Gen-Xer, however, 3 fresh souls a day keeps him looking like he is 22.

          1. Just read that Full Monty – would definitely be a good character for a film. What would be the movie about, many possibilities for plots one can imagine. I would probably prefer some crime mystery with sci-fi elements. I could take some Daniel Craig for a couple hours, especially similar to the role he played in American version of the The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – quite a superb pairing with Rooney Mara’s character.

            But the “never had an IPPS who was a narcissist” part – that’s a bummer because I like the fantasy of HG with another Greater in a plot I suggested above. I kinda recall his saying somewhere he had a couple… Or were those IPSS?

          2. Of course K. I have prime aims. But they aren’t based upon fuel, money, ferrying off of another’s friends.. I like steak or salmon dinners, flowers, and sex. That’s it. And he can’t be dumb.

          1. So he’s Lestat instead.
            Not Tom Cruise, who merely managed to exceed the soft bigotry of low expectations, but something like a young Sting (see him in The Bride) or Julian Sands.

            Maybe Thranduil or Lucius Malfoy. I love arrogance + long hair. Alas, I think HG does the short back-and-sides.

          1. I’ve only heard the Daniel Craig parallel. I do not find him uber hot but interesting. I do find Idris Elba way hot—I’m on a more multicultural trajectory lately. I want to encompass all nations. The current situation is multilingual and quite dark and speckled with gray which is quite enticing. I don’t like boring ordinary men. I also don’t like idiots. Haha

          2. Hahaha Lorelei!
            “I want to encompass all nations.”

            Generous of you.

            Fyi – I was on a multi-cultural bent when I met my narc.

          3. It is generous. I like having to google translate the sexual comments I receive. Makes it more upbeat.

          4. Whocares—my two affairs were 1) Mr. Columbia 2) Mr. Spain
            I’m trying to break into other nations.

          5. Funny Lorelei! I would take domestic – normal or empathic. THAT would feel exotic to me!

          6. I actually think an empath would be more appealing than a normal. It’s more relatable to sit and shame oneself together. (Self flagellation in isolation may become boring) What a dream come true. My exercise buddy is a somatic male empath.

          7. “It’s more relatable to sit and shame oneself together. (Self flagellation in isolation may become boring)”

            See – this where all my (minimal) excitement towards the thought of a new relationship drops off – I am just now getting myself together…who wants anyone else’s emotional baggage? Even normal or empathetic baggage…I think I would have to put them through a Narcsite education to even consider it!

          8. HG—I promise to send you a photo of my feet planted firmly on the earth of Santorini & Crete. I think it will be more interesting than the weird shit people send! You basically bought all of my excursions this year since I’m divorced with minimal financial consequence! My toes will be painted red. I may be a bit wobbly.

          9. Lorelei
            I feel the same way about idris Elba, he is so hot in interviews and when he was in Luther!
            But I’m concerned he might be a womaniser and therefore on team narc :(

          10. He can be a narcissist and I don’t care. As long as he doesn’t feel sorry for himself straight away. That is unappreciated.

          11. What do you mean you don’t care if he’s a narcissist?!
            I rebuke you in the name of Jesus

          12. HG I’ll hold Lorelei down why you exorcise her. She’s showing signs of possession by the demon narcodeus

          13. No possession, just exhausted after being tortured all night. I would resort to seducing the Donald after having to work hard for an entire night.

          14. It’s worse than I thought. Your soul must be completely bound to Narcodeus if you’re willing to let Donald grab you by the p**sy.
            We are going to have to call Sam Vaknin for backup.

            On a serious note, I’m sorry hear you’ve had a bad night. I hope you’re able to get some rest now.

          15. Absolutely lovely people. But I prefer socializing and I had to focus and simultaneously behave. Christ I hate that when it’s on a regular basis.

          16. Now I’m laughing to myself trying to imagine Sam Vaknin’s response..
            “She’s an inverted narcissist, I recommend shock therapy!” 😆

          17. I’m watching a YT video of Sam Vaknin right now diagnosing Jesus as a psychopathic narcissist, so I me rebuking you in the name of Jesus apt and ironic at the same time.
            HG was Christ a greater?

          18. Sam Vaknin follows the DSM when making assessments, so I assume he would say a lesser is an anti-social and mids and greaters are classic narcissists and some of those people will also have psychopathic traits.
            So him saying Jesus is a psychopathic narcissist is because he is analysing his behaviour according to the DSM criteria.
            On narcsite we would say he was an upper midranger, most likely.

            When I was younger I questioned why Jesus referred to non-Jews as dogs and then later it says he came for everyone and died for everyone’s sin. Surely if he were really divine he would have known from the beginning that he came to help non-Jews as well as Jews. He changed the rules regarding non-Jews when non-Jews started following and worshipping him. Typical whoreish narc! All it takes is a compliment and you become part of the coterie

          19. Hi Witch—for me, the unreliability of a “God” supersedes any concern of believing in such a being. Basically, if there is a “God” the
            design leaves me flustered and I don’t subscribe to having an imaginary friend for this reason. I skip over any and all discussion of religious banter and declarations of a need to worship on here. I respect it as the view of others, but after my experiences I’ll trudge on without. I recognize the artistry in things that seem suspiciously unable to be an accident, but my personal experiences counter any devotions.

          20. Lorelei
            That was a very nice way to say it. My opinion is that acceptance of that theory has left many open to other “illusions”. That may cause offence to some, yet no more than my offence at others declaring the concept of god quite regularly and without invitation as fact.

          21. I’m sure that will piss off someone. Just email HG about it and F off. If God is real his sense of humor can kiss my ass. I am not offering a capital letter for “his” either.

          22. “Just email HG about it and F off”
            That made me chuckle.
            I think I’ve said worse

        1. I also pictured him with dark hair because his leg hair is dark. (But I prefer blonde hair and blue eyes).

          1. HG—you seem sensitive evidenced by the insistence that these are indeed your very own legs.

        1. Dear Pati,
          Mr Bubbles n I luvved him in Knives Out….so refreshing from his stoic James Bond character
          Just completed season 3 of the Crown… so the current Royal debacle is most timely
          Luv Bubbles xx 😘

          1. Hi Bubbles
            I havent seen the crown ,perhaps I should start watching it since we are in the subject of the Royal Family.

          2. Dear Pati,
            It’s a absolute must !
            I highly recommend it, gives one a deeper understanding of the Royals
            You certainly won’t be disappointed
            Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    1. Hello Mindful, which consultation are you referring to as there are several different ones. If you go to the menu you will find the various options and descriptions

      1. Correct HG. Technically the benefit from the no cost material could, and probably does absolutely save people who pay nothing or may buy just occasional books. I’m not sure how in the hell I ended up on here come to think of it. Like on here on here. I must be a bad case!

        1. Indeed it does and those who pay for services and APs comment on how effective they are and how it would have saved them thousands in therapy fees, legal costs etc if they had had earlier access to it.

          1. Well therapy is nearly free under my health plan but a therapist would have been useless. Clearly the two I went to when I was getting more and more almost despondent were not helpful. It’s quite unusual to develop a mental illness in one’s early 40’s after a life of being high functioning. Whatever bullshit help that was! It’s possible I’d still be wrangling through the divorce for sure.

          2. I had a phone interview Friday. If it goes to a campus visit and I’m hired (praying to Sts. Jude and Dymphna but not holding my breath), I will definitely want to do a consult on dealing with possible department narcs before I get there. I’ve unknowingly encountered many narcs at work and grad school, and by the time they have me in their crosshairs, it’s too late.

          3. Expensive and I daresay if you had been able to access my work at that time and consult with me it would have been far lower.

          4. HG
            Very expensive. It was before narcsite, however, I would have happily paid you any amount for help with that fiasco. I got primary custody of the children but it cost a pretty penny and lots of aggravation (fuel) to boot.

          5. HG
            I know; it’s killing me just thinking about it! What a colossal waste of money! On the upside, others can get help from you and avoid what I went through.

          6. Lorelei
            Hahahaha…thanks for the laugh!!! It was a debacle and a waste of time and money from my POV, not his. He went through three different attorneys.

          7. K—I saved money for sure because of HG. I would have let my sense of justice and truth seeking grind me into the ground until I appeared the fool. And prolonged the anguish. My current anguish is of a different brand. I must be masochistic in a sense to gravitate to such self flagellation, but I know I wouldn’t have so many things planned for 2020 as I’d have zero dollars due to legal fees. So, HG gets a picture of all my excursions this year because in a sense he’s financed my meandering of the world’s terrain!

          8. HG:

            “I look forward to assisting you.”

            You already did. Instead of trying to fake normal, I remembered that you said we not only can’t change what we are, but should not. So I answered honestly about using AC-DC to teach Anglo-Saxon riddles and the Beastie Boys to explain the Greek Chorus, and I think they liked my enthusiasm.
            The phone conference actually ran slightly overtime, because they had do many questions, and that gave me questions. When one of the committee members mentioned he taught Transcendentalism, I asked if he had his students read Alcott’s “Transcendental Oats” (in which she tears the movement several new orifices). He said he did, and I said, “I hope you have them read the idealistic stuff first and then throw that at them!”

            Doesn’t guarantee I’ll get the campus visit: as with auditions, you may think you did well and not even get a callback, or you may think you did poorly, but everybody else who read/sang was even worse, so you get the part. But it made me remember what I actually do, instead of what I’ve been doing.

            There would be more freedom in face-to-face classes than in online, but in both cases, there are regular meetings with the course directors to share experiences with other instructors teaching the course and get feedback. They don’t just throw you in to sink or swim.

            I was my Lit Crit-lovin’ geeky self, and so far, no one has mentioned the Synthesis Matrix!

        1. I recommend you organise an audio consultation with me. If you look at the link in the menu for audio consultations the process is explained there.

  18. Well now, this is a tantalizing bait for sure.

    I am as much curious as the rest of y’all here about the man behind the persona of H.G. Tudor, but I think I’ll curb that curiosity and pass.

  19. HG
    I just cannot go without getting this one. Please when you have time would you send me an invoice?

  20. Mr Tudor, This was fabulous! I love this bit of information about your personal life. I can’t wait for more!!

  21. I enjoyed both the creature and the learning more about you HG.
    The creature has me really thinking about so much not just about narcissists but people in general i think its a broad spectrum. Ill definitely read the creature when it comes out and little boy lost. I think by understanding about npd it helps protect ourselves but i also feel it helps people to understand others and i wont say embrace npd but be more forgiving thru understanding while putting up boundaries to the toxicity of the npd behaviors. Its ironic but since learning more about npd ive learned more about myself as a scarred empath. Ive learned about my weaknesses and lack of self love. There are a lot of similiarities between victims and narcissists and why i think theyre drawn to one another and codependant. Its helped me to step away and be an observer so that i can escape the emotional impact of narc behavior. I realise its not me nor ever was me the reason why i was on the recieving end it was their creature and the npd. Lastly its helped me to be even more empathetic and forgiving. Its extinguished the anger towards narcs and replace it with guarded understanding. I can forgive and understand yet also protect myself and avoid as much of the toxicity as im able. Ive become a better person thru understanding npd. I also realise were all human and with fault. Im not superior bc i dont have npd. Were all making our way thru this journey of life and learning 🤗
    It was fun learning more about you HG. Im still fascinated how youre able to share these personal details without risk of family, friends and exes etc coming across it. Regardless i enjoy getting to know more about you!

  22. I really liked this bit. Don’t ask me why, but I get the feeling you’re an expert in cognitive empathy.

  23. But I don’t see your work being under the radar which is so perplexing?!? Your voice is out there on a click of a button for the entire world. It’s a very distinguished voice might I add! But operating under the radar just doesn’t compute? I’m guessing former IPPS’s want that juicy revenge as you have written about. Can you share what some of those revenge tactics have been from former IPPS’s of yours?

    1. I’m under the radar, not my work. Yes my voice is out there and thank you for the compliment but it’s not linked me to HG in non-blog world. The Former IPPSs do not take revenge, they are either unable, unwilling or not stupid enough to cross me.

      1. Very intriguing indeed! What is the anticipated time frame for completion of the Grand Design?
        Also, how do mid range narcissists sabatoge themselves when acting out of instinct for immediate control? As the most recent example with Markle, what do you predict her doing if anything instinctively that could cause her machinations to backfire on her? What would a mistake look like for her?

        1. Hello Tris,

          1. That is a secret.
          2. Lots of different ways, for instance making doomed applications in divorce proceedings so there is no money left.
          3. Damage to facade, loss of financial revenue, loss of control over relevant appliances in her fuel matrix.

          1. EVERYTHING has backfired on her: the Vogue issue, the “Capsule collection” for marginalized women, the notorious complaints about egg in the wedding feast, the stinky chapel, Charlotte at the fitting…and those are just the ones we heard about.

            I could almost feel sorry for her.

            She wants those social media “likes” at any cost, but only a small percentage are not invented by herself.

      2. I think revenge is really not as satisfying as the desire makes it feel in the beginning. Don’t know about IPSS but I was very much in revenge mode regarding my ex therapist for a while, and I’d never ever felt that way before about anyone. I did some maneuvers and had some success with them, but they mostly made me feel worse about my integrity and also paranoid. What really works is raising above it and focusing on self-improvement, coming out as a better version of the self and if the narc can maybe see that indirectly (with the contrast to the previous version), that can be a plus. That is truly satisfying and productive. I know several people who have taken revenge on someone that wronged them and they don’t seem at peace at all, more they tend to still feel obsessed years or even decades later and ruminate on it forever. There are also of course a few who succeed with it and then can move on.

        On finding out things about people indirectly: I think most of those who have the interest, ability and objectivity probably would not make the result of their research known or use it in very simplistic attacks and maneuvers, especially if what they find is anonymous information. It is not that easy to use that kind of stuff to accuse someone in meaningful, productive ways, unless there is very solid evidence. And collecting that type of evidence about an online persona and reliably linking it to the offline source requires serious skills and then the medium to use those types of findings, including that some of the tools might be illegal.

        I am one of those who likes to dig into information about whoever interests me, but do it on my own and will keep it to myself. Usually finding it and piecing the puzzle together is satisfying enough, no need to cause worries to myself and shake my wellbeing by becoming a harasser. And if someone lives a double life skillfully, not doing anything illegal, it can indeed go undetected or at least never mentioned – I know because I have done it myself. I also agree that some are just built to be secretive, compartmentalizing and both like and can be very effective operating behind the scenes.

        1. If your narc was a mid-ranger, he or she will get the revenge for you, and never figure out why that keeps happening. This is what repeatedly happens with Meghan Markle. She burns bridge after bridge, and eventually she’ll run out of bridges and be lucky to do Tonya Hardingesque things like Celebrity Boxing

          Tonya, at least, was talented trash.

          1. Violetta,

            Quite precise. My narc ex-therapist (that I would classify as a mid-ranger) did just that over a few years. He pretty much made a joke of himself on his extensive social media, and it wasn’t with the intention of some Narcsite-type good humor. Was embarrassing to see even for me, with all my desire for revenge in the past. Kinda unbelievable what he did to himself – started out with a pretty interesting, somewhat appealing professional persona online and in his professional circuits 7-8 years ago and totally killed it with his attention-compulsion, sloppiness and hypocrisy in the last couple years. I know because I can see how desperate he is now for clients and even just ordinary contact – that definitely wasn’t the case when I first encountered him.

            So I can fully believe and imagine that happening to MM and similar kinds even though she may belong to a higher subclass than the guy I’m talking about. He definitely doesn’t seem to know why and what happened. Good examples for how these kinds of narcs can fall prey to their own addiction and mindlessness.

      3. Former IPPSs do not take revenge, because they value the quality of their own lives more than yours.

  24. HG, a curious mind must inquire after purchasing and listening to learn more about you, how you maintain Martinarc from finding out about the grand design and your work? Do you ever have former IPPS trying to expose you? Your work is on so many social media platforms. Unless this is part of the plan? 🤔

  25. Wow, I am overwhelmed this weekend ! A major sport event final tomorrow 🎾and now waiting patiently to know more about HG:)! What can I ask for more:)?

  26. Wow, I am overwhelmed this weekend:)! A major sport event finals tomorrow🎾 and now waiting patiently to know more about HG:) ! What can I
    can ask more :)?

  27. I am sorry to break it to yo H.G. but after reading your blog for some time I am prep later to say: WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT THIS IS!

  28. This is making me think of that song Joan Osborne sung about you…”What if HG was one of us, just a slob like one of us, just a stranger on the bus, trying to make his way back home”

    1. I bet he also has downed Taco Bell Alexis! I mean I only do rarely but it has happened. (I’m a tightwad and eat at home) He’s a slob on a city bus eating Taco Bell. You know what is everywhere though is KFC. It’s not even good. Like it’s gross, the mashed potatoes are dehydrated potato buds brought back to life. The chicken is a grease drain. I don’t like most of it at all except for Wendy’s. I like Wendy’s cheeseburgers.

      1. Hahhaha id pay to see HG down a taco sat on the bus!

        I don’t believe I’ve tried Wendy’s? I’m so hungry right now I’m craving all sorts of food.

      2. Loralei
        I agree KFC is nasty. The chicken is dry and tough. Just like Roy Rogers chicken. I can think of other places that are not popular but the fried chicken is 100 times better.

    2. It wouldn’t look like a bus. It would be an Aston Martin DB11, with all the latest features.

      Then you get in, and suddenly it turns into the Child Catcher’s wagon from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. The bucolic scenery turns into Mordor, and HG sends the wagon heading towards the molten lava under Mount Doom–casually stepping out before it goes down, which you can’t do, because of the bars.

      Then he goes car-shopping. Maybe a Bentley, this time.

      1. Hahhaa Jees! You have a wild imagination Violetta.

        I rather like the idea of seeing HG on a bus. I find it rather endearing/sexy when you see someone doing something which is just ‘wrong’ or out of their comfort zone. Like when you see a man all muscly and sexy cooking or cleaning (fully clothed I’m not s perv) and with an apron over the top. Mmmm

  29. Just finished listening to this intriguing offering. This is a must-own recording for anyone who is curious about the man behind the voice, the photos, and the many clues offered in HG’s greater body of work. You will be treated to a very detailed introduction to the complex and fascinating person that is HG. Whatever you may have previously imagined, you will no doubt be surprised by what is disclosed. Thank you for this special package, HG. I will check back tomorrow for the next installment. (hint)

      1. Haha HG. If HF stands for half-full, you will need to divulge far more to reach that mark!! If HF stands for Hint Fulfilled, then I am pleased!

        1. I was interrupted and made a typo when I was replying. I was about to write HG approves, but I never got there!

  30. Dearest HG! Wow!!!!! Please do not change the price for at least a week. I have money come in next week. I have to hear this. I need a `pleasant` boost these days. Yay!!!!

      1. It’s a must for all the die hard Tudorites! You’ll be glad you got it. I can’t stop smiling when I think of it. A welcome relief from being a punching bag on Twitter.

        1. Are you a punching bag on Twitter because you are promoting KTN? I’m not on Twitter but I see your Tweets on this site.

          1. Njfilly, yes, for sharing the article. I’ve since explored around other posts on Twitter. It seems it doesn’t matter who the commenter is or what the subject matter of the Tweet, there are hateful, hurtful comments directed at the post and other commenters on it. I was exhibiting my go to behavior of taking it personally when in fact, it wasn’t about me. I apologize for my whiny pity party yesterday. Today, I’ve again donned my HG Crusader cape. Haters can kick rocks!

          2. Great! I’m glad to hear you are not letting it bother you. Yes, they should kick rocks! (Very funny. I never heard that expression).

          1. Violetta, on your advice, I’ve unfucked all the haters and put them back in my bank of fucks to give!

        2. MB
          Sigh. I have to wait to find out. Canadians are always last on the list to receive because we’re so nice and never complain.

          1. NA, that is the stereotype of Canadians for some reason. Maybe it’s because they say “sorry” so much in the accent that they do.

            On a related note, I was on a phone call with a support agent this week and he was saying process, out, about, and sorry in his Canadian accent. My ET was triggered as I thought of the conversations I used to have with AW. I’m all better now. The ET assistance packages HG has provided this week have been most helpful. Just when you think you’ve reached Zero Impact a Canadian jumps in your ear!

          2. MB
            Sorry in an accent? That’s new.

            Don’t believe that nice stuff. We are insidious.

    1. So cheap? I hope it’s an interesting life, despite the price 🤣

      Okay, I skipped a cappuccino today and will get this to listen on a plane tomorrow 👍

      1. Lorelei,
        instead of keeping a mood journal during NC, when my ET goes high I will drink instead. Much more fun. And I have never been a drunk texter so I am safe there

        1. I drank a bottle of wine earlier in the week but I’m behaving until vacation in a few months! I want to make sure I’m an easy date so keeping my tolerance low till then.

  31. Intriguing!!
    I’ve always wondered if you’re friends with Chef Ben Robinson, and his father Patrick Robinson, a fellow British author. They seem like your tribe.

    1. cogra002, I doubt that. H.G. is way too high up on the ladder for those two. I believe H.G. is an aristocrat maybe an Earl or a Baron. Probably an officer with the British military as well. Just a thought.

      1. A lot of those titled boys are Chinless Wonders.

        Besides, under the RP, HG occasionally hits a North Country vowel. Which I like hearing, but hey, that’s just me.

      1. Nooooo! Not even in the same Universe! Lord have mercy on me, I did not mean to conjure up that image. Forgive me, HG!

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