Knowing HG Part 3

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You read his words.

You listen to his videos and interviews.

You may have consulted with him.

But how much do you know about him?

Here is your chance to learn more about who HG Tudor is as he provides you with an exclusive insight into who he is and his life, his family, his romantic interests, his hatreds, his operations and more besides.

This third instalment provides further understand for you in respect of the narcissistic mind and provides fresh information arising from “Little Boy Lost : The Creation of a Narcissistic Psychopath” and amongst many insights, the recollection The Pilgrimage of Ice and Snow.

(The material is contained in a sound file which will be emailed to you.)

Knowing HG Pt 3



  1. Does this speak of your mother by any chance? Not sure if you have get that deep yet. What is the cost

  2. HG if you were my customer and I messed up your order… I would get away with it! 🤭 I’ve dealt with hundreds of Narcissist customers with 100% success. I mess things up on a regular basis. I’m lazy and disorganised. I’ll try to improve this year.

  3. Dear Mr. HG Tudor,

    You are so fascinating and interesting. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are currently the only person I have any interest in. I look forward to part 4 and beyond.

    1. K that was a blast from the past! I enjoy reading over some of the older comments from Malignarc, or as he is known today, HG! 💞

    2. K: I think one of the things I like about HG is if he ever hurts anyone, it won’t be by accident. I’ve had a bellyful of well-meaning mid-rangers.

  4. HG. All I can say as I said it out loud as you spoke the last word is OH MY GOD. And the goose bumps rose…..

      1. Hey FM, Im doing good good good. Stayed Narc Free, totally and learned how to manage them as they are all all over. Actually life became nice. Hope you too. 😘

  5. I think it can also be a good exercise in moderation, and learning to dose what you naturally like (using a much safer alternative) properly. Learn how to self-medicate properly. Maybe a bit like those opioid replacement treatments, when an addict receives a drug that is chemically similar to the opioid drug that was destroying their life, the treatment drug binds to the same receptors, but it never gets you nearly as high as the original and it will prevent the “real opioid” (former drug of choice) to affect the same mechanisms/you. It will not completely eliminate the original seeking/addiction but will re-structure it and will open up new ways to see and experience things in a very different way, because the mud of the original addiction is clearing. Then, if all goes well, ultimately you can taper the replacement as well and be truly free! It just takes time, trial and error, lots of new learning, lots of worries, doubts, all that shit.

  6. Dearest HG: Regarding the Knowing HG Series: Is it best to listen to this series in numerical order?

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  8. Wow, I feel spoiled this long weekend🙂:)! The magnificent Logic Bulletin published today that I just listened to, now Part 3 of Knowing HG🙂!
    Thank you, HG!

  9. HG I’m concerned that “knowing HG” will be feeding my narc addiction? Should I really be knowing HG

    1. Yes because it assists understanding. It will cause your ET to increase slightly, alongside logic. I am like a medicine which does not taste pleasant, necessary and with a slight side effect. Far better than interacting with any other narcissist.

      1. Ok but HG I’m going to need this to make me want to hate you not think “oh HG is so awesome and cool” you get me?

          1. Ok I’ll consider this another time because i don’t want to feel like a dumb bitch right now

  10. HG—I have an issue that can’t be isolated to just my lack of understanding. When you delineate narcissism vs. psychopathy what tool would you refer one to re, what you view psychopathy to encompass? Hare’s traditional assessment? (Doubtful) It’s more than just semantics because I’d like to know what you view the variables to mean. Are nearly all self aware narcissists holding some measurable form of psychopathy? I view is as shallow and lacking remorse but that is really just a narcissist as well..(??)

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