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You read his blog faithfully. You purchase his books and knowledge bulletins to better understand narcissism. You’re amazed at the nearly clairvoyant accuracy of the content. You consult with HG and marvel at his insight as he readily solves problems that no one else understands or can solve. But how much do you really know about the man behind the name de plume?

Who is HG Tudor?

How and why does HG possess such clear and brilliant insight? What are his thoughts and feelings? What drives HG? Who are the people who have influenced the creation of HG? What are his plans? What is the Grand Design and how will it be carried out?

If these questions have crossed your mind, you will not want to miss this special invitation to gain purchase to the fascinating Knowing HG Series and Clue Hunter and gain a rare glimpse into the world of HG.

You’ll be introduced to the people and events that have shaped HG’s life. You’ll gain insight into what drives HG, his thoughts and feelings and his Grand Design. You’ll also gain access into the private discussion forum where clues and theories are passionately discussed and answers are revealed by the one, true source himself, HG Tudor.

No other experience compares to the journey you will embark upon with HG. His artful prose and evocative storytelling captivates the imagination, and keeps you breathlessly waiting for each new part of his astonishing story.

You’ll learn the significance of key events in HG’s life and learn the foundation of narcissistic and psychopathic creation. Nothing you will read anywhere else will compare nor serve as a substitute to this unique series. Join those who are working tenaciously as a team to solve the mystery of HG’s plans and immediately learn a truly stunning secret that will shock you to your core.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to gain unrivaled access to the mind of HG Tudor. Join the master of intrigue himself today in the private forum. Help solve the many mysteries that make up the world of HG Tudor. The experience will be unforgettable.

Get your GOLDEN DOOR ACCESS to the entire Knowing HG series and Clue Hunter along with your exclusive access key to the private forum here:

2 thoughts on “The Clue Hunter

  1. FYC says:

    HG, This is so true. The Knowing HG series is such a privilege to listen to and offers so much insight into your world, your thoughts and motivations (and the creation of your defense). It’s a bit like listening to or reading the private memoirs of a fascinating icon in history. In this case, living history.

    I highly recommend this series to all those who value the work of HG. Knowing the influences on his life sheds so much light on every word he writes and speaks. Once you listen and learn the secrets, you will appreciate HG all the more. Reading HG’s works after the KHG series becomes a different experience. Your new perspective creates a whole new level of understanding. The people on private forum have also been amazing! You really don’t want to miss this truly unique experience.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you FYC

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