20 Things HG Wants You To Know



The right kind of knowledge equates to a powerful effect on your life.

I am knowledge and these are 20 things I want you to know to ensure you have a powerful, positive effect on your life.

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4 thoughts on “20 Things HG Wants You To Know

  1. Leela says:

    I wanna thank you too, H.G. Without this site and your books and your awesome Narc Detector I would have never been able to deal with that piece of sh….! I think I would be in hospital by now, mentally broken. The knowledge you give us saved my mental health. When I found here I was mentally down, broken, exhausted, desperate. The knowledge gave me enormous strength! Thank you very much, H.G.! <3

    By the way: Is that you on the pic? 😀 🙂

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are most welcome.

  2. Kel says:

    Dear HG
    I just want to say, at least one more time, Thank you.

    You’ve taught me more than that narcissists exist, but also you’ve rehabilitated me back to the person I am in my heart. Narcissists had created an emotional monster in me that had left me defensive, suspicions, aggressive, and easily worried. I have learned to let go not only of narcissists but of emotional habits too. I have learned to calm down and just apply logic.

    I can never unknow that narcissism exists. I will never ignore red flags again. I quickly identify narcissists when I meet them, and I understand that they’re unaware, that they’re predators, that they have a facade that is important to them, and that they are easily wounded even by unintentional kidding. I know to keep my distance and to not engage in their games. I know I can never stop being prey to them, but I can escape them.

    But what’s more is, I practice everyday now how to be unaffected by them, after growing up with narcissism in my family and having a lifetime of narcissists. I have learned how to be what’s in my heart. I suppose it could be likened to a dog that’s been rescued from an abusive and kenneled life, that comes out snapping at people in learned defense, whimpering as it does because that’s not what’s in its heart to do. I practice smiling everyday and honestly it makes me feel so good. It feels so uplifting to not be on the defense, finding fault in others as had become a habit from always being around narcissists. You have taught me to be myself, to not worry about others or carry their baggage anymore. You have helped me to be happy.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      You are most welcome, Kel. Good to read.

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