HG Mauls……The MMR Type A Narcissist

An absolute powerhouse of information about the Middle Mid-Range Type A which includes a wealth of information about the two “A” subsets.

HG Tudor as The Ultra has no allegiance to other narcissists and for you this is a good thing.

You are about to be educated and entertained as HG Tudor takes each sub school of narcissist and gives them a compact mauling for their failings and their collective disgrace to the narcissist brethren!

HG has summoned the various groups of narcissists before him as he delivers this compact mauling about their shortcomings which result in his visceral disgust for them. This mauling will enable you to understand far more about the characteristics of the relevant sub school of narcissist which includes the following

1. Appearance

2. Overall approach to the control of others

3. The nature of dynamics with romantic partners, friends, family and colleagues.

4. Levels of awareness

5. Differing styles of behaviour and how this manifests

6. The weaknesses of these narcissists

7. The self-perception adopted by these narcissists

8. How they approach manipulations

and more.

This collection will enable you to understand far more about what each sub school looks like and how they behave which adds to your armoury of knowledge. Even better, it is delivered in the form of a mauling from HG Tudor so you can gain a vicarious pleasure from his verbal volleys without any risk to you.

HG Mauls the Middle Mid Range Type A Narcissist

15 thoughts on “HG Mauls……The MMR Type A Narcissist

  1. leelasfuelstinks says:

    @Bibi: Dear Bibi,
    Oh, how well I know the put-downs of a somatic narc! 🙁 I got ensnared by one just by being born. 🙁 Yes, they put you down for your appearance. Fat and ugly, badly dressed, bad skin, flab here and there, not althletic enough, your diet is bad, you gotta change it, you must exercise more, your hair is ugly, do something with it .. etc. “My” ex used to triangulate me with some Barbie-doll-like looking gym bunnies.

    The mainly cerebral one was a pseudo-religious false angel, so my moral standards were not high enough, I was a sl*t, a dirty wh*re, too vain, too liberal, morally degraded, drinking too much, partying too much, talking too much about sex (note: TALKING! The relationship was non-intimate). There has never been a direct put-down, only very subtle. But the messages were very clear.

    I would say the latter was more destructive. Being turned into an asexual alien was more painful that being put down for my looks. You can change appearance if you want, you know, it´s something you can change. When a somatic narc tries to seduce you, you have a CHOICE: You can say yes or no!

    But when a mainly cerebral one is turning you into some asexual life form, you have no choice. You´re hurt, you´re destroyed as a woman from the inside out! Your existence as a woman is being denied to you. That was really brutal! That hurts from the inside out!

  2. Witch says:

    I had a bad day so I had to purchase a mauling and because I’m depressed and insecure right now I started getting worried that I’m like the MM type A and that I need to change lol

    This does sound like the woman I helped who was homeless.. she told me that I shouldn’t eat food that has been left out of the fridge for more than 20mins because something about bacteria and she suggested that she throws my food away and I had to tell her to leave my left overs alone please! If I die I die, mind your business, don’t come between me and my food.
    Then my lizard got sick, he had parasites and so she told me that I can’t touch him with my bare hands anymore and I have to use gloves, so I had to tell her not to tell me how to look after my child please.
    But of course she was just trying to be helpful as usual

  3. Bibi says:

    Some great new content. I like the idea of you tossing these dipshits on their asses. I am also amused that they disgust you and how you view them as inferior.

  4. step says:

    Very interesting…
    Are the somatic and cerebral types both included?
    …I’m not sure about the difference between type A and type B… is there a specific article?

    1. HG Tudor says:

      The cadres are addressed separately.

      If you listen to MMR Type B, you will understand the similarities and the difference between the MMR sub sets.

      1. step says:

        There’s Lewis Hamilton on Type B photo 🙂 so I’m very curios…
        I will try to resist…
        We will see.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It’s not him, just looks similar.

          1. step says:

            I see that the Middle Mid-range type A Mauls is the most rewied (selled?) on gumroad.
            Is it because this type is very common?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Actually, the UMR is the most purchased.

  5. leelasfuelstinks says:

    One parent, one co-worker, one former boss, one ex and one friend: all narcs – but the most disgusting, nauseating, evil, false and two-faced was the middle mid ranger typ A mainly cerebral elite! The put-downs and the behaviors of all narcs are horrible, but the most disgusting and nauseating behavior displays the middle mid ranger. Instead of directly and openly putting you down they do it behind your back. They are masters of confusion! You never know, is this now a put-down? A back-handed compliment? A devaluation? WTF? They love leaving you totally confused, they are masters of contradiction and hypocrisy!

    And I think the cerebrals and mainly cerebral elites are the absolute WORST!

    1. step says:

      Well, you should try the intensity of the sexual humiliation act by a Somatic on his/her victim… Believe me!

      1. leelasfuelstinks says:

        I believe you right away! We´re talking about narcs. 😉

        I only know the terrible mind f*ck from a mainly cerebral elite narc: humiliated, devalued, put-down, shamed and belittled for just being human, even though the relationship was non-intimate!

        Just making me feel like a cheap dirty wh*re for very normal and harmless flirting. Being flirtatious himself and then – boom! comes a humiliating and devaluing “rejection” and of course the moral lecture and the shaming!

        I got mentally f*cked, used, degraded, devalued and shamed.

        1. step says:

          I’m sorry for your situation.
          I don’t consider my self an “empath”… however, I’m sorry because a Narc is a nightmare come true.

          I hate somatic because I had rel. with 2 of this type ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

          the second was probably a middle mid range… If you can read the non verbal language they are easy to detect, they are not good in simulating emotional empathy…

          Greater Narc (the first) are very very hard to detect because they are good in simulating the emotional empathy…
          Just my mom “detected” her, but my mom is a Narc

          1. leelasfuelstinks says:

            I´m sorry what happened to you. My “dad” is an upper mid range somatic narc, my ex is an upper lesser somatic (escaped very early) and my ex-“friend” is a middle mid ranger type A elite, but a mainly cerebral one. My former boss seems to be also a more cerebral narc.

            Haha, what is worse? Somatic or cerebral? Let´s agree on: BOTH SUCK! 😉

          2. Bibi says:

            I agree they both suck but they can make you feel inferior in different ways. The somatic can make you feel ugly and dull—you haven’t travelled enough, not enough expensive crap, you’re not as fit as you could be. Then they undermine anything you’re interested in and treat it as minutiae.

            The cerebral I think is meaner overall. You’ve not read enough, you don’t know enough about a,b,c—god forbid you wish to learn, etc.

            A cerebral treated me like an idiot with regards to hiking trails. Yes, hiking trails. Oh, you don’t go at the right time of year and I made an observation with regards to the hiking at this National Park and he made it seem like I said the dumbest thing on the planet, when it was just a harmless comment I made.

            It doesn’t matter your accomplishments or talents—both will find ways to undermine them and regard them as trivial. Not absorbing it is the hard part. Hence, I return to HG b/c I still struggle with not absorbing it.

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