Why Is the Narcissist´s Relationship With Them Lasting?

One thought on “Why Is the Narcissist´s Relationship With Them Lasting?

  1. Asp Emp says:

    I like the image on this one, HG.

    I viewed this video and was reminded of HG’s video ‘The Emptiness Within The Narcissist’ – which, in my view is more about the intimate relationship with the narcissist ie seeing them with a new ‘partner’.

    In my view, both these videos, in some way, depict a similar message “what does she / he have that I don’t have?”.

    It is all about ‘perception’ and seeing things in different ‘prisms’ or ‘lens’ (words that HJG has used in various resources of his work) – empaths, normals and narcissists all have different views of looking at the same thing.

    For example – an empath may see a butterfly, a normal may see a moth and a narcissist may see an insect.

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