Harry´s Wife : Pt 67.1 : Harry Writes a Book!

11 thoughts on “Harry´s Wife : Pt 67.1 : Harry Writes a Book!

  1. Bubbles says:

    Dear Mr Tudor,
    I would classify writing a book about one’s ‘life’ is when you’ve attained the grandiose ages of David Attenborough and Betty White, not a mere 36 year old.
    His book publication timing has left a lot to be desired, being the year of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations.

    With his quest to emotionally overshare, he has well and truly ‘cooked his own goose’. By the time his book has been revealed, the goose will be burnt to a cinder and left smouldering. He really needs professional help.
    Sadly, he has learnt nothing from his dear grandmother. A true gentleman never tells!
    From comments I’ve read on FB, a vast majority are sick to death of this privileged manipulative lying pair and would like them to disappear into the sunset for good.
    They’re going to make a stash of cash when photos of LILIBET are revealed…..she’s just biding for the right time and the highest bidder!
    Really enjoying your coverage on this Mr Tudor, thank you
    Luv Bubbles xx 😘

    I’ve just read he actually signed a four book deal with one to be released after the Queen dies. I understand his first book is heavily concentrated on the death of his mother, whom he apparently blames. A ‘wellness’ article penned by Meghan included ….no surprise there!
    Payment for his books are estimated at $54 mil 😱
    Their children will not thank them later in life, I guarantee they will be messed up!

  2. PortiaRose says:

    I can’t help speculating about what is happening behind the scenes between the Sussexes and Netflix & Spotify. (Also the organisations who are paying Harry for those vague titular roles).

    Press statements from the Sussex camp are littered with reminders that both H & his wife are taking several months off as parental leave “in line with Archewell’s employment policy” (Really? Are they even employees? Will the same generosity be extended to other employees?).

    I can’t help think this “leave” is a fob-off to SpotNet (and Harry’s other employers) who surely must be ratcheting up the pressure.

    If so, how do SpotNet feel about the flow of work-related announcements – like Harry’s book – benefitting others but not them? (I don’t count the “Pearl” series here because it appears to have been a concept for years – and was probably part of their original pitch to Netflix – so surely doesn’t count as a genuine sign that the couple are honouring their side of the bargain.)

    From SpotNet’s position, the proverbial camel’s straw can’t be too far off…

  3. lickemtomorrow says:



    This has become a new torture technique orchestrated by Woke Inc. 😛

    All designed to bring the Royal Family to its knees.

    Harry won’t have anything left to crawl back to in the end.

  4. Asp Emp says:

    Oh, has he now?

    Oh, HG, your sarcasm and humour sends frissons up my neck…..

    Laughing….”when it was run down and he didn’t realise that he could now swap to blue”……

    LOL…..”presumably other than some doodles and crayon the rest of the book’s going to be empty….”……

    Yup, the first page…..

    “this book is dedicated to my wife and…..er…..my children……and…..er….. my chickens”

    Second page…..

    “I wasn’t allowed to dedicate this book to ‘Mummy’,…..er…..so I dedicate page two to ‘Mummy’”

    Third and last page

    “I typed while my wife dictated the book ‘The Bench’”.

    Laughing…..TMI !!….about the toilet and ‘movement’……

    On a more serious note, I wonder if the RF would ‘remind’ Harry of the ‘Official Secrets Act’ ?

    Should this book be published before Harry ‘escapes’ this farce of an entanglement with his wife and ‘recover’ (with learning about narcissism and his CPTSD) – how on earth is he going to think / feel? Once a book is published, it will forever be ‘available’. Unless, of course, he writes another book……

    Thank you, HG, for another entertaining video of ‘the never-ending story’ of the ‘Wind-Marks’.

  5. Truthseeker6157 says:

    I have to say, this thumbnail cracked me up. That really speaks to my sense of humour.

    I must confess that Harry is beginning to grate on me as much as his wife. I understand that he is fully under her influence. I accept that he knows not what he does, but still there is a limit. This is not cutting your family off or ignoring them. This is seeking to cause real damage to the family as a whole, before you even consider the royal institution itself.

    Charles is a narcissist. I understand what that means in terms of Harry’s upbringing. I can understand a need to speak out about it and I can see why Harry might seek to take down his father. As an empath I don’t understand how he is prepared to damage his brother, his grandmother and other ‘innocent’ members of his family.

    If I was after Charles, I would go for just Charles, I wouldn’t damage others in that process. I don’t envisage empaths embarking on revenge campaigns if they know that there will be collateral damage through the pursuit of that objective. That isn’t the way an empath would go about it. Empathy erosion would explain it to an extent but even then, this is prolonged and very narcissistic behaviour coming from an empath.

    Someone needs to buy Harry a bag of marbles to go with his Crayolas.

    1. lickemtomorrow says:

      It’s like Harry’s gone Supernova on his family, and everyone else except his wife.

      Aiming your fire in the wrong direction, hapless Harry. It’s called friendly fire.

      Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be accidental.

      1. Asp Emp says:

        LET, maybe his Supanova will be a very lengthy one? Or is he on a ‘plateau’ that will not ‘explode’ for a long time to come? When he does, he will ‘crash’, do you think?

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          AspEmp, I don’t know what to think any more!

          I’m beside myself at times trying to imagine where all this might end up, and may need to begin regularly checking my blood pressure as a precautionary measure 😛 Seriously. I’m addicted to the drama of this whole thing. Who needs a soap opera when you have real life drama playing out before your eyes? Then again, real life makes it high stakes drama, as opposed to the imaginary drama of a soap opera. Though that could get your blood pressure up, too. We get invested either way.

          A while ago Netflix created a story which gave you control of the narrative and eventual outcome. I remember playing into it initially and then baulking at some of the choices which had to be made. At that point, I stepped away. Something felt inherently wrong about it to me, even though I could potentially engineer the ending I wanted.

          I can’t control this narrative. I can only watch it unfold. And that’s the way it is meant to be. While I can form an opinion about what I see happening and what I would like to see happen, the narrative is out of my hands.

          It might be time to pass the popcorn x

          1. Asp Emp says:

            LET, RE: “Who needs a soap opera when you have real life drama playing out before your eyes?” – exactly! Soap opera – laughing. I was in the local shop yesterday and they did not have ‘Hello’ on sale – either they sold it all or they do not stock it (giggling).

            I don’t have Netflix. You balked at the choices they offered? I wonder if it was an ‘internal’ yet unconscious reaction on your part as to why you ‘stepped’ away from being in control of the choice of ‘endings’ or the story? It is probably a bit like having to make a major ‘life’ decision that would have a ‘negative’ result, however you looked at it?

            It is interesting in seeing how and what is unfolding RE: the whole ‘RF saga’. We can only observe and pass around the popcorn 😉

      2. Truthseeker6157 says:


        I just listened to HG’s Jubilee Uninvited video. It makes sense that this would be a sensible move on the part of the Queen. However, if it was me, I would move to strip them of their titles. No titles, no invite, game over.

        If she leaves this to Charles and Charles eventually strips the pair of their titles, then this would be far more damaging to the monarchy. Charles is far less popular. As soon as he takes over, the monarchy will become vulnerable as it is, let alone with Harry continually sniping.

        It needs to be done now. The Queen is at her most popular, Harry and his wife’s popularity is at an all time low. The pair are not supposed to be making money off the back of their royal titles. Even if they claim proceeds of their recent endeavours have gone to charity, they are making money off the fact that these same endeavours are raising their profile and opening doors to schemes that do make them money. So they are still guilty of cashing in on royal status. If the Queen strips them of their titles after the release of the whine fest that will be Harry’s book, it looks like sour grapes. She has to get in there first. Take the titles and force the book to be written by the ex Prince Harry. Not so impactful, anything he writes will look like sour grapes on his part then. Either way whatever is in the book will be skewed in favour of his wife, which automatically makes it damaging to the monarchy.

        They are a threat to the monarchy, they have breached the Megxit agreement, the penalty should be that they can no longer use their royal titles. Harry felt trapped by his royal status, all good then, be trapped no longer! The Queen has dedicated her life to the Monarchy, she will surely choose its safe continuance over Harry.

        If a title is all that is holding that family together, and a title causes Harry to turn his back on them entirely and indefinitely, then there was never any way to rescue Harry anyway. He would never have woken up of his own accord. He was doomed from the minute he married his wife. Uninviting Harry isn’t strong enough, he’ll come out fighting. The Queen needs to go ‘all in’ in my view.

        1. lickemtomorrow says:

          Ha, TS, totally with you on “game over” and from my perspective it should have been over long ago. These two have been in retaliation mode from the time of the review earlier in the year which further separated them from the monarchy. That, I believe, was the prompt for the Oprah “tell all” interview. And Harry, at this stage, has fairly hitched his wagon to his wife’s runaway horse which ain’t coming to a stop any time soon, or ever.

          I agree with you on Charles, and also the popularity stakes. Now is the time to make the move. Like ripping off a bandaid. Just get it done. Poor William is going to bear the full weight of any mismanagement at this stage. It’s his legacy. Maybe Harry is resentful of that, or is it Harry’s wife who has been green with envy from the start, and who has now found a way – via Harry – to ensure that if the Sussex’s can’t have it (the title of King and Queen?) then nobody is having it. Maybe that’s what is really underneath all the manipulation and manouvering. Envy.

          Definitely cashing in on the titles and the element of status that goes with that. Which is strangely at odds with their ‘woke’ priorities I would think. They’ve named their daughter after the ‘captor-in-chief’, so how’s that for hypocrisy of the highest order? It’s what HG refers to as the narcissist facing both ways at once. Which way is it? Both ways. Like having your cake and eating it, too. Maybe those expressions were written with the narcissist in mind.

          And yes, knowing when to act is important. Too soon and you lose support, too late and you risk losing support as well. From my perspective, a more thorough response is long overdue. And no doubt the Queen would have majority support to do what needs to be done. The whole thing is on a knife’s edge and if not handled the right way could surely hurt the Queen’s legacy which has taken all of nearly 70 years to create. This is what I can’t understand. or maybe I can. But, Harry is so blinded that he’s willing to sacrifice everything for the illusion his wife has created. He’s destroying his own legacy, and that of his children, too. The saddest part of all being when he is finally awakened it may well be too late for any of them to fully recover.

          I was delighted to hear HG give a run down on the Queen’s legacy, btw.

          One more thought to share on the ‘uninviting’ … it might be more effective to invite (which I believe has happened), but ultimately deny them a place on the balcony. So, the Queen won’t have excluded them, but at the same time she will have put them in their proper place. Which isn’t on the balcony with working Royals who are supportive of the Monarchy. My guess is ‘her highness’ wouldn’t attend on the basis she isn’t being given recognition in accordance with her grandiose thinking. So, she would ‘uninvite’ herself. Personally, I also think it’s high time the lesser Royals retaliate and refuse to stand on a balcony with her or attend any events of which she is a part. Racism? No. Refusal to be manipulated by a mid-range narcissist who is trying to destroy their family.

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