Amber Heard : Ignited Fury – Fires Her PR Team

24 thoughts on “Amber Heard : Ignited Fury – Fires Her PR Team

  1. WiserNow says:

    Poor old Johnny Depp…

    His wife poops on his side of the bed and he can’t spend time in that particular exclusive, luxury apartment. He needs to consult his minders about which other exclusive, luxury apartment he should stay in.

    Meanwhile, he is making an X-rated video with his good pal, Marilyn Manson (Brian Warner) for a song called ‘Kill4Me’. The video is soft-porn, with Depp, Manson, and two girls who look like skinny teenagers all having sex together. In one shot, Depp is rolling around with the girls and he’s half naked. On his chest, there is a tattoo that says, ‘Lily-Rose’ – the name of his daughter, who is around the same age as the girls in the video. Also, Lily-Rose is one of Depp’s two children who he left, along with his long-term partner, to marry Amber Heard, who was half his age at the time.

    What a role model Depp is for his daughter. As long as the money and dope keeps rolling in, I guess…

    Some of the lyrics of the song ‘Kill4Me’ are:

    Bloody noses are just like roses
    But what happens when we are betrayed?
    Won’t you drag him to the shed
    And unload six rounds in their fucking face?
    This is a sacrifice

    Your hotel hall won’t be so vacant
    And I can tell that you ain’t faking
    Because I take death threats
    Like the best of them

    Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
    I love you enough to ask you again
    Would you kill, kill, kill for me?
    You won’t be kissing me unless you kill for me

    Sideways for attention, longways for results
    Who are you going to cross?

    …how charming.

    Manson (what a freak!) is accused by former partner Evan Rachel Wood of grooming her when she was 18 and he was 37. She says he would physically and sexually torture her and he would say that if she loved him enough, she would endure the punishments. His lyrics and videos clearly show he is a sadist and misogynist and treats women like appliances.

    Depp and Heard’s trial is uncovering some pretty sordid details and Depp’s association with Manson and some of the similarities in Depp’s and Manson’s behaviours are questionable.

    I think finding a turd on the bed is innocuous compared to being groomed and tortured as a teenage appliance, however, the Heard turd is getting much more publicity and ridicule.

  2. lickemtomorrow says:

    Intrigued enough after HG’s analysis to listen to Amber Heard’s testimony.

    Everything she said rings true to me.

    I identified with some of her descriptions of abuse including being slapped (out of blue) after making a comment Depp didn’t like, and also being choked up against a wall during one assault. I had no problem in my mind’s eye visualising, as well as experiencing second hand, the physical abuse she described and its effects. I’m not concerned at all with body language analysis (and was very disappointed with one commentator who clearly has no idea what it is to experience a physically abusive – never mind narcissistic – relationship). I’m going on instinct, and every instinct of mine (body, mind and soul) tells me that Amber Heard’s testimony is truthful and these things did happen to her.

    That is not to say she is blameless in certain circumstances and in her approach at times to Johnny Depp, but another woman who was involved with him has since come out to comment on his issues with jealousy and control.

    Johnny Depp, in my opinion, is not what he appears to be and his fame will not cover all his faults. In fact, his exposure is highlighting some very dark aspects of his life and nature.

  3. Ki says:

    Greetings from NZ, HG. You don’t seem to have uploaded any videos for a few days, which is unusual as you are usually so prolific. Did I miss a bulletin about this? Maybe your videos are being posted behind a paywall? Or you’re taking a well-earned break. Maybe there’s an appliance requiring your immediate and full attention. Maybe your dealing with family/legal nonsense. Maybe you’re ill

    I hope you are OK and will resume posting your excellent posts soon. Can you – or one of your other followers – please let me know if this sudden absence has been addressed already?

  4. WiserNow says:

    To add to my earlier comment, I have now seen Amber Heard’s testimony as well as more court evidence of some of her behaviours while married to Johnny Depp.

    She is vile. A word that comes to mind is base. I have an open mind and compassion even for narcissists, but the more I learn about Amber, she is repulsive. She must have been so spoilt and indulged and her looks added to that. She has a massive sense of entitlement, together with no class.

    I’m seeing more and more that women narcissists who are physically attractive can be very deceptive and manipulative using their looks. I think empathic men become mesmerised with the visual appearance and that makes the sex and the love-bombing highly addictive. It makes me wonder though, what appears first – the beauty and attention or the narcissism?

  5. Freshpearls says:

    They seem like both narcs ??

  6. Carolyn says:

    Another great analysis HG, thank you.
    Waiting for Johnny Depp analysis, Im still clueless of what he is. Every time I start to believe he is narcissist he does something that shows emotions that seem so normal, real and human. It feels he is in rythm with his own emotions and emotions of other people around. And he does it so efortlessly. It is difficult to believe he has no empathy. But there are lots of evidence he might be a narcissist as well. I also wonder why they got married? It seems Amber was devaluing him (and he was devaluing her if he is a narcissist) long before marriage. Always thought narcissists get married only during golden periods. From what we can hear in court it seems they were both in deep devaluation at the time.

  7. WiserNow says:

    I have only watched bits and pieces of this trial. I think it makes a mockery of the law and of mental health issues by broadcasting it to the public on social media, especially since it involves two famous people.

    Whatever you may think of Johnny Depp and Amber Heard – the Hollywood so-called stars – they are still two human beings who have a right to privacy in this legal case should they want it. The fallout of the social media broadcast is going to have greater repercussions on them than the trial verdict will. Also, the legal proceedings and jury decision are contaminated by the public opinions and biases available daily about every tiny aspect of the trial from people in the public who have little or no empathy and/or little to no knowledge of, or regard for, the law.

    To me the whole situation has devolved into some kind of grotesque theatre that’s more about entertainment than it is about justice.

    It has become a media circus and people are taking sides on who is right and who is wrong. While I think Amber Heard’s actions are despicable and she has some serious issues, I don’t think Johnny Depp comes across as squeaky clean or entirely honest either.

    I saw the writing on a mirror Johnny did in blood with his severed finger and then in paint when he dipped his severed finger in paint. Those are the actions of a man who was about 50 years old at the time. Holy moly. He seems manic and disordered too, although that may be a result of drug and alcohol use and addiction, something that exacerbates both of their disordered actions.

    Everyone keeps saying Johnny Depp is a great talented actor. I’m sorry, but I can’t really see it. Not that Amber Heard is. I don’t think I’ve seen her in anything but I doubt that she has great talent either. Johnny Depp has acted in roles with lots of makeup, costumes, special effects etc acting as fantasy characters or caricatures. To say he is a highly talented actor – I can’t see it.

    I believe Johnny does have empathy, however, I don’t think he is a saint. I recently read an article about Marilyn Manson (I really hope Manson comes under the Tudorscope at some stage) and Johnny was named as one of Manson’s best friends. I think that says something about Johnny’s attitude to women and relationships in general. Marilyn Manson has been accused by numerous ex-girlfriends of physical and sexual torture, control, abuse, gaslighting, grooming and psychological cruelty. This doesn’t mean Johnny does the same things or condones abuse, but if he is one of Manson’s good friends, it does seem to show that Johnny is okay with it at some level.

    The way Johnny spoke about Amber in the texts where he said he would f**k her burnt corpse… that does not sound like something a loving husband would say, even if his empathy was totally eroded and he was angry with her. At that point, I think all the love he may have felt for her was totally gone.

    In my opinion, I think both Johnny and Amber are immature and self-entitled in their own ways, however, Amber uses physical violence and is highly manipulative in seeking to gain from Johnny’s wealth.

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Depp´s team wanted it aired to avoid the risk of Heard portraying a selective approach to the testimony.

      1. Wendy says:

        Agree 💯! It was very strategic and has caused Johnny to win in the court of public opinion whether he wins the actual defamation case or not.

      2. WhoCares says:

        Also: give them enough rope…

        1. wensical says:

          Absolutely true and man did they get some rope with her on the stand! I’m really curious about Depp’s lawyer and how he reacted to her mentioning “Kate Moss and the stairs” incident. He looked very happy when she said that. 🤔
          Maybe they can call Kate Moss in to testify that was a lie in Johnnys defense. IFK but the plot is thickening for sure!

      3. WiserNow says:


        In any trial, whether it’s aired publicly or not, the legal teams for either side actively aim to portray their respective cases selectively though. The lawyers for both the defense and the prosecution seek to sway the opinions of the jury. That’s the job of lawyers in addition to presenting the evidence.

        By wanting the trial to be aired publicly, I think Depp’s legal team based the strategy on Depp’s popularity as a celebrity being greater than Heard’s. The strategy itself to air the case publicly is a strategy outside of the definition of what is ‘law’. Instead of having a jury of 12 people, the case now has a jury of millions of people worldwide.

        The law isn’t about who is more popular or who has the more likeable legal team, it’s about the legal decisions made by a court following the principles of law. Johnny Depp may not like the decisions and his fans and supporters may not like the decisions, but they are nevertheless, decisions made under a particular set of legal rules.

        It makes me think of a case in Australia in recent years where Cardinal George Pell appealed his guilty verdict in relation to child sex abuse convictions (previously decided by a jury decision). The appeal resulted in his prior guilty verdicts being quashed due to legal technicalities.

        I think it’s fair to say that the majority of the public were angry about the appeal outcome and disillusioned by the court’s system of justice. This was based on Pell’s shady past and prior statements as well as his accuser being a highly credible witness.

        The thing is though, that the legal system prevailed in the case. The case wasn’t turned over to the court of public opinion because one of the legal teams decided that would be a winning strategy.

        Johnny Depp’s popularity or career success shouldn’t be the deciding factor in a legal case.

        The first YouTube video I clicked on by chance was titled, ‘Johnny Depp tells story of meeting Amber Heard’. I listened to Johnny ramble on for about 13 minutes answering the question of how he met Amber. At the very start of his answer, he claimed that around 2008, he and Hunter Thompson discussed one of Thompson’s manuscripts, ‘The Rum Diary’, and that both of them thought it should be made into a movie.

        That made me wonder why he needed to go into an elaborate, long-winded answer that took 13 minutes to spell out details that weren’t related to Amber Heard. During his rambling answer, none of the legal representatives uttered a word. Why didn’t any of them object on the basis of relevance or hearsay etc? Why didn’t Johnny just say, “we met when I was auditioning actresses for a particular part etc etc”?

        Also, I googled Hunter Thompson and found from a quick search that Thompson died from suicide in 2005. Depp was a friend of Thompson’s and would have clearly known about the timing of his death, since Depp allegedly spent $3mil on blasting Thompson’s ashes out of a cannon, which Depp said was one of Thompson’s last wishes.

        I think that airing the case publicly is not a relevant standard regarding legal principles. It is too easy to sway the public based on popularity and biased opinions.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          “The law isn’t about who is more popular or who has the more likeable legal team, it’s about the legal decisions made by a court following the principles of law.”

          No, it isn’t. You are naive if you think it is.

  8. wensical says:

    Amber Heard just described the start of their relationship as a “whirlwind romance” and that he put her on a pedestal. Made her feel like a million dollars. He wanted to keep it secret and he started off very fast. Uh oh! Sounds like love bombing by Johnny to me! Ugh 😑

    1. Viol. says:

      She apparently stole that from The Talented Mr Ripley.

      1. wensical says:

        Yes, I heard Ms. Heard stole it. I was a little worried for a minute but after watching the worst acting I believe I have ever witnessed I am all in for team Johnny!

        Wow, it’s incredible the show that she is putting on. The grandiose and victim narcissist shining through her so brightly. Such a pretty woman with such an ugly self!

        I pity Johnny for enduring the abuse from her. I am happy it is getting all of the attention it is getting to shed some light on narcissistic abuse and what it looks like. Happy a man stood up against abuse from a woman knowing he would get shit about it.

        1. Viol. says:

          He’s had to confront at least two demons. When a man accuses a woman of abuse, many will not believe him, and accuse him of projecting. If people do believe him, they will think him weak. He must have strong Truth-seeking traits to proceed as he has done.

  9. Fdz says:

    There is a chance her new PR team would have connections with powerful media personnel trying to alter the public perception of her. For instance I noticed any publications belonging to R Murdoch (the sun, etc..) are going desperately against Depp with their headlines hopefully to no avail.

  10. Duchessbea says:

    Wendy, very much agree with you. But on the other hand her legal team are only going on her instructions and information she has given to them. I guess you can see what they have to work with and who they are working with. Speaks volumes. I am finding this case very interesting to watch. I thought Johnny was unfairly treated by the Courts in London and I very much hope Johnny wins his case in US. Evidence so far submitted and the witness testimony speaks for itself. Its obvious Johnny very much loved Amber when he was with her and she only used him for what she could get. Lesson learned on Johnny’s part. HG, your commentary on this I am finding very interesting but I am very much looking forward to your commentary when Amber takes the stand. I am looking forward to hearing your analysis of same. Best, DB

    1. Wendy says:

      Hi Duchessbea, that’s a great point about her legal team. Thanks for sharing it!

      I am going back and forth a little with Johnny possibly being a narcissist. I still believe he exhibits high narcissist traits but my dilemma is whether they are caused by him having NPD or because his empathetic traits have been worn down.

      I honestly am a little worried for him after hearing Amber’s psychologist testify in her defense today. She was very credible and seemed competent and professional in her medical opinions. She is painting Johnny out to be the narcissist abuser and said that Amber has PTSD from all of his abuse. She described Amber as being trauma bonded to Johnny.

      Of course this is her “job” as Amber’s expert witness but IDK, it’s not a great start for Johnny as we get prepared for Amber’s side to come out.

      1. Duchessbea says:

        You raised some very good points there. I found the medical opinions interesting but as you say she is for the defence but she is also an expert witness. In my view, I believe Johnny is showing narcissistic traits on the basis that he was just so worn down and ‘brow beaten’ so to speak with the way he has been treated by Amber and others. Before Johnny met Amber his behaviour was always consistent and straight down the line. Yes he might have had a wild night here or there but haven’t we all? No one is perfect and going on the testimony of previous witnesses, Johnny is a stand up guy. To give one of his penthouses to a friend down on his luck and trying to make ends meet, and to let Amber’s friends live rent free in other penthouses in downtown LA, I mean that is beyond decent. But that is just my opinion. I am sure HG will give a far thorough and greater analysis and a detailed summation when the case is concluded.

  11. lickemtomorrow says:

    Haha to “you can’t shine a turd like Amber Heard”, very good HG 🙂

    Fascinated that Depp’s lawyers argued for a live stream of the proceedings, which no doubt was to ‘unmask’ Amber Heard in front of the world. Can’t say I blame him after the previous Court ruling in the UK, but it somewhat smacks of the antics of a Greater Narcissist in terms of malice.

    I’m convinced we’ve got some narc on narc action happening here, and both ‘players’ want to win the game.

    Depp got trounced in the UK and now he’s going to ensure Amber gets trounced in the US. At least I imagine that’s what he’s hoping for … that her reputation is as ruined as his supposedly has been. There seems to be an element of the fans sticking by him, and no doubt they’ll be thrilled to see Amber get her comeuppance in the circumstances. Her fans no doubt will find reasons to excuse her behaviour, or minimise it, so they can remain in support of her. I’m not sure it’s going to change the stance of the fans. But what we have is at least one narcissist being unmasked so far.

    I’ll be interested to hear your conclusions on Depp, HG.

  12. Wendy says:

    She ought to fire that incompetent legal team of hers, lol.

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