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Are you ready to learn what the Contagion Empath does?

It is time for the true detail to be provided.

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  1. A C says:


  2. Contagious says:

    One last thing and it’s about HG who I have consulted a few times. My sense is he has a pure knowledge of narcs and psychotics and dark or heavy beings. I have consulted and watched and read others in his field. While at least one I know is intellectually knowledgeable, I just think most don’t truly grasp or get it. It’s a soul knowledge almost with HG. He is the real deal in this regard in my perception and feeling. No offense but when I have spoke to him, it’s an uncomfortable depth for lack of a better word but a true one. He is what he says and is the most knowledgeable person I have met. Conscious and unconscious veracity. And in this feeling of solidity… he won’t change. So I guess lucky us !

  3. Contagious says:

    Ok I will be truly vulnerable. My whole life I have had “ these dreams.” Very young they were religious. As I aged they changed. They differ. Some are lucid, 5 senses, like living in a real movie. They take me places time and again to places I have never been. Conversations with people I have never met. Yes, I have talked to my loved ones who showed me another place in their dreams. I have had dreams that predicted things like my sons premature birth by date. My best friend in law schools time of death and the motive that I only learned from family in the third trial. Recently I had dreams of specific friends who needed me to find out a mother or boyfriend had died. This week I had an unusual dream about a mean girl and she was brunette iRobot the next day to encounter a brunette woman who confronted me unusually at the dog park. I have written two books on dreams. To be published soon. I am not a writer. These stories were just dreams I felt to write. I have one more. Just 3. Many of my Best ideas for my legal cases come in dreams. I am just stumped. I have asked everyone: priests, atheists, dream “ specialists” , “ psychics” I have never have really not had psychic experiences outside of dreams. I read empathy dream different. I read many artists get ideas in dreams. I am an attorney but also artistic. Paul McCartney had a dream about his mother coming to him saying “ let it be” and wrote a song. Many artists get their art from dreams.HG found me to be a contagion. This “ contagious” moniker. Perhaps a bad choice with Covid. Lol. I know how people feel or what’s up. People and animals come to me. I have that vibe and I don’t mind but I need to isolate with nature to recharge. But I have never had a scientific or any explanation for my dreams. Ok. Big exposure. Going out on a limb. I feel that there is a connection beyond this Earth. Beyond what we know. There was a atheist neurologist who wrote a book who was “ brain dead” yet he woke up and recalled being in murk until he heard music, saw light and he said there was no was in his neurological experience this made sense. His brain was dead. As a contagion with narcs. I think we feel them. There is a void. We hear the voice. But something is off. But as empathy we want to help. We think we can fix it. I don’t think a fix exists. This is where as a contagion I am perplexed. Why the dreams. Why the help. Why the connection. Yet no insight to fix a neurological condition that is wired. Why can’t it be un-wired. I know sounds amateurish. But I feel fundamentally that there is an answer. I just don’t know it. I don’t even understand myself entirely as I can’t stop the dreams. I went to a dream seminar and there were lots of people there. I knew I was different when no one dreamed like me at all. One person had a lucid dream. Hello contagions? Please please join me and give me your experiences and how you handle a soul that includes a grown man and broken child inside one person … what I feel inside me as a narc.

    1. Contagious says:

      Since I am going way out in a limb and you will probably find me false or strange and I don’t want to give my creds to show I have lived a stable normal middle class life… I have had odd experiences with nature… one example… once … I used to feed ducks and there is no pond by us, I live by the ocean but when it rains heavy the sea bluffs create lakes with bluffs come and they used to arrive daily in the morning… ok no shock they were there as I fed them. But one day hundreds if crows surrounded them on trees. Ok no shock as competitors? But… the ducks went so I fed the fries and it was nothing like I saw before. I wish I had videotaped the whole thing. They did a dance. One swooped, hovered, the next went. So on. They singularly fed what I threw and the rest stayed. Anyway I probably just don’t know crows and their behavior. I asked a crow rescue group and she said I saw the crow dance. ??? Again…this is one example. Nature is relevant to contagions. But HG? Narcs? You write poetically at times if walking in a snowy Forrest. Narcs seem to love nature too. ? I don’t expect this to be published. But if it is… but I feel contagions have a close connection to nature. And how we react to narcs is somehow connected to that? It’s a recognition of a feral being.

      1. Contagious says:

        Crows not fries * Got to love spell check.

        1. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

          I hear you 🙂 Everything comes to me in dreams. It is comforting to know there are others out there. I am also creative… it would be interesting if your spiritual dreams reflect my own 🙂

          The dreams I have are set apart from normal dreams in that they are vivid and I am am very aware that I am dreaming.

          In a good percentage of them I am rarely me. I walk in the shoes of another and this could be a man, women, or child from any background. I experience their thoughts and actions. I am also aware of my own thoughts running parallel to theirs and usually need to pay close attention to identifying markers so that I may know to whom they may pertain.

          I also jump between people in the dream.

          The problem I have is; people rarely envision themselves whilst I am in their head and their own perception of themselves may not be how I perceive them. If I have visited their home and the dream happens there, then this makes things easier. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

          They may be in a place and with people I do not recognise and the chances of them looking in a mirror or of me catching a glimpse of them in a window are slim. To make things even more complicated – I may be seeing glimpses of their childhood or future selves.

          Then there are the times I walk in the footsteps of people I have never met, or will ever meet.

          One about Boris – Before the election..

          ‘One leader deemed to have betrayed them replaced by another, will themselves be betrayed by the allie who put them there.
          Food not fit for them, will be fed to the donkeys braying outside.
          It will not kill them in the short term.
          An apple will be turned down for the promise of a more substantial meal later.
          This meal will never materialize.
          The ally who is considered a friend will take what they can from the meager coffers and ride away to safety.
          Dogs will be be sent and will snap at their heels’ 

          I too have written a book about the dreams – not in my name and only published as evidence of them coming to pass – that they were dreamed before it happened. COVID – the war etc.

          Sleep paralysis is annoying – but is it just my mind working things out?

  4. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

    haha went to try and find this – work in progress… Will love to read when completed 🙂 Have not really found anything which captures the true essence of what you call ‘the Contagion Empath’. Maybe because like me – we hide much for fear of being branded ‘crazy’. You find rational explanations which never really encompass what you experience. If we even understand it ourselves… Few are allowed in…

    1. Contagious says:

      I get the crazy part. I hide mine. Professionally I never ever mention it. Can’t wait to see if HG gets “us.”

      1. emc2gion says:

        Crazy to normals? Points of difference to others for contagions. Heightened sensitivity. I am so happy about this series HG. Can’t wait to read.

      2. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

        Oh yes indeed, I do hope HG is able to throw understanding our way 🙂 I am always looking for rational explanations…

        Contagion has been linked to autism – which runs in my family. Autistic people are great at maths and seeing patterns. Are we – where we are so in tune to peoples emotions and energies and the connectivity of every living being – could we also be working out patterns which our subconscious tells us via dreams? Dreams being just one element of our confusing selves 😉

  5. jasmin says:

    Ready and excited about this series!🤗

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