What the Contagion Empath Does



Are you ready to learn what the Contagion Empath does?

It is time for the true detail to be provided.

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  1. leelasfuelstinks says:

    Oh guys guys guys, I´m sooooooooo excited, looking soooo much forward to this Empath series!!! Oh boy!!!!! Sooo excited that my Geyser minority comes out!!! 😂😂😂😂 Whooosh! 😁

  2. Jordyguin says:

    (@Contagion) I’ve read about your interest and experience with dreams as it crosses the parapsychology when what occurs is reaching the limits of what can be explained. I’m researching in this field as well as it shifts to the metaphysical.

    We are told that we are using only 10% of our full capacity and there are many interesting views on why this is. When it comes to dreams a view that I came across lately and found interesting is: We are using only 10% of our full capacity because with the other 90% we exist in a different realm. Since we can’t fully define our world here and need metaphysical formulas that can’t be applied just to the physical at the end. As the physical existence is limited in duration and capacity.

    So maybe our physical 10% state right now, is just a temporary unplugging from the 100% state and a short lived experience in order to gain this important 10% here to plug in to the remained 90% and complete the 100% as we depart from here.

    Or we try to get the 90% over here to complete the 100% without departing?! The search of immortality in other words. (The immortal jellyfish – Turritopsis dohrnii, popped into my mind as I write this, who can reverse the biotic cycle and allows the jellyfish to bypass death, rendering Turritopsis dohrnii potentially biologically immortal. Hmmm, probably where James Cameron got his inspiration for the Eywa’s seeds – of the sacred tree capturing immortality of the spirit/souls – floating around Pandora like that small jellyfish.)

    Why is this sphere (dreams) deemed to be perceived as loony, unimportant or reduced to cell rewiring and repairing mechanism only? 10% approach perhaps. It don’t stop certain institutions however in using remote viewing for their purposes, which is in part a dreaming technique. However it’s a very specific interest and has to be understood for what it is: a pragmatic tool to enhance the capacity of human potential if you will. I could continue on this topic forever :))

    But very interesting to read about your realisations as a contagious empath. For sure the dreaming state is more complex than it appears at first sight. This area is peculiar, non-transparent and most of all uncontrollable it seems, yet certain individuals are more drawn to it than others.

    1. Contagious says:

      Jordyguin! Thank you! Please provide book references. There is a new one called Sleep 2022 that delves in how sleep is perhaps more important than food and exercise. Perhaps even more so. It states lucid dreaming is an evolutionary state. But it is very limited. It touches on the subject of monitoring dreams but it is not very extensive nor is the ability. I wish physiatrist like Hawkings applied to the brain and dreaming in the same way they did the universe. It is fascinating what is NOT known. Your thoughts 10/90 are interesting… if only we knew what the soul and consciousness was. I read an article about a neuroscientist who was an atheist. He was brain dead for a period of time but during that time he had visions of being dormant then hearing music, seeing light and feeling peace and an ascendency before waking. His education caused him pause. All his education said he was brain dead, all the science before him said the same yet he recalled this “ dream” or memory. He became an agnostic. Some say he is liar what else can they say. Others say well we just haven’t figured it out yet. We can put man on the moon have theories on the universe such as the black hole but no sense of dreaming? Dreams are different for me. Always lucid, in color, like a movie but some I recognize and feel inside as an issue to resolve or situation current. Others feel very different. They are urgent, cold in temperature feeling as I wake up cold and can be prophetic. HG would say coincidence. But? I had to separate friends this year reach out in symbolic (one) and direct to say a loved one died. I followed up. One was a boyfriend who had died and another was a mother. My entire life has been like this but it’s not regularly. I wrote and published two books given to me in dreams. I have one more. This dream was on Celtic myth and when I woke. I looked up those in my dream to recognize them. I didn’t know I had the education not consciously. Maybe dreams are a genetic dna. Could memories pass? Maybe traumas do too? Anything I can get my hands on please send my way. My only uneducated thought on your 90/10 idea is it’s my thought whatever is next has no time or space it is infinite. All times. All space. This might be one. But I have no science to back it. I only have a lifetime of these dreams that reflect both past current and future events. Not the regular ones … those are symbolic of what I am living or thinking about but the ones from left field that shock me. I call them the cold dreams as I awake cold and feeling shocked. It’s why I explore. I am a believer and it is easy to say all is God but I look to a scientific explanation. “They” say psychology is not a science but medications are prescribed right? Neurologist, MIRs, can see grey matter, prefrontal lobe variations, can identify bipolar etc…and mirroring can be seen in contagian Sincethis specific blog tread is about contagians Empaths…I would say we need to retreat, nature, to regroup. I also suspect we are lucid dreamers. And dream different. How does this help with narcs? I am a journaler since 12!!! Yes since 12 because of my “ crazy” dreams and when involved with narcs, I could look back and see the signs. These might be normal hunches or clues that I should have accepted that minute or??? And contagians tend to go deep, below the surface on touch on topics that are “ paranormal” or not scientifically explained. But we search the depth of any explanation … or person. Truthseekers+ Thanks again! Nice to meet you;)

      1. Contagious says:

        * physicist not psychiatrist. I hate spell check

        1. Jordyguin says:

          Hii Contagious:))nice to meet you too! Your experience and observations are very interesting!! I can relate to your thirst for the „what is not known“! I absorb information from different sources. Science, Myth, traditional and alternative History+Archeology, Biology, Nature, Shamanism, Religions, Traditions, Psychology and basically everything that gets my attention and I find interesting. Sometimes I would visit events connected to that fields. I am an observer of information as I put it together and explain it trough my lens. The knowledge is fragmented and the pieces must be collected and put together individually, based on the needs of the individual, but there are parallels in experiences that occur in the same way for groups of individuals.
          The dreaming body connects to time differently. It connects to the past and the future simultaneously; to the morphogenetic field (pre-manifestational stage of our reality) and the inorganic world and/or other organic worlds that operate on a different vibrancy or on the same as ours.
          The book I would recommend would be „Being in Dreaming“ by Florinda Donner-Grau. You might find some answers in it from the female-dreamer perspective, perhaps not to all but to some of your questions, I would assume:))

          1. Contagious says:

            Also HG once answered me said “ coincidence” I disagreed as how could someone dream about the exact time of death of a murdered love one when the LA coroner put it within fifteen minutes of dying and you never attended the trial and wrote it down before? How could you dream about the date of a premature baby being born? Or a friends mother passing who you rarely talk to? Or a dead friend’s boyfriend passing who you never met? Etc… Again I may be wired to pick on almost nonexistent facts to reveal an event or???

      2. Contagious says:

        Jordyguin: The other thing that gets me is always knowing what another is feeling. Not always thinking. Does this fit in with your research? I have studied the history of man and dna. I have studied religion, not all but origination dates which I find compelling. I am not a scientist, I am an attorney in 3 states, so I approach probably through training with skeptics and logic. I read what I can on the subject. I shall read morphogenetics. Never heard of it before. Again thanks! And thanks to HG for letting me learn this perhaps…off subject.

        1. Contagious says:

          One more comment: if lucid dreaming is thought to be by scientists as a human evolutionary trait. How does it help? Everything dreams since the beginning of life say scientists. All do.

          1. Jordyguin says:

            Dear Contagious, you are very welcome, I share what I can, what I know :)) Skeptics and logic are the best traits if you ask me! They protect us.

            Regarding your questions:

            For instance before hurricanes occur, wild animals would move away, leaving the region the catastrophe is going to take place, days before. We call it instinct. In fact they are connected to something that is giving them the knowledge of the future event, which could harm or end their physical existence. Only few people would experience the sudden need or call to leave the place of future catastrophe, wanting to visit someone further away, or go for an unplanned hike, road trip etc. And even fewer would dream about the event in advance – week, month, year or years before – driven by the sense of reality of the dream – to leave this place and move somewhere else. And when the realisation of the event and the dream hits them, they know they are connected to something through their dreams. Something very practical.

            Children would convey their dreams to the adults, getting a response: it’s just a dream, it’s meaningless. Shutting down child’s connection and openness to this state. Whatever treatment or what the adult is saying is law. Unfortunately child’s psyche obeys the law and shuts down in the most cases its abilities. So the (alternative) science is trying to reverse this processes, this setups and limitations our society was/is encountered with in the setup phase of our childhood.

            Another example would be; the out of nowhere state of deja vu. The person who is experiencing this short state can foresee what will happen next, with great detail to every word, movement, sound. Usually we only see the past in that way – moving away from us – detailed. There is a suggestion that we can see the future in the same way as we see the past, as it rather coming at us. To see both directions of time.

            The science suggest that we can access the vaster use of the brain not only in dreams but in the waking state as well. Lucid dreaming is just the start, the first gate. The bridges towards – what is possible, are constantly taken apart and rebuilt and it depends on the individual it seems how the application, the crossing of the bridge works.

            Direct knowledge in dreams or telepathy in the waking life is one of the traits, thus in your case you know what others are feeling/thinking, as you mentioned from your experience. It happens instantly, there is no gap for you to ask for it as you are given the information instantly, your dreaming body (or some part of the brain) pics up the signals/information in the morphogenetic field about the person, place or event.

  3. Heidi says:

    I’ve worked myself into the HG-subject of empaths and narcisists for some weeks now and get slowly the lexicon used by HG. I am a labeled contagion (Empath Detector) and have besides emotional empathy also kognitive empathy (this is my self-perception). I don’t see anything wrong in aware narcisism, it’s just honest. I thank HG for making me a more aware empath.

  4. Rebecca says:


    I do the same thing that you do when stressed, go for a run..found it funny that we both do that. I think the Contagion ability developed as a self defense mechanism, feeling someone else’s emotions allowed us to know the moods of others, so we could be safe around them, or know to move away from them. My thoughts on it, may be correct or not.

    1. Contagious says:

      You might be on to something. My mother is cold. Does not reveal emotions. New England WASP practical stock. Whereas my father was nothing but emotion, an artist, a musician, a vet, an alcoholic, shift through it all to find out. Perhaps that’s why at a very very very young age. I became a contagion. Known for my dreams. And always. Knowing exactly what people are feeling. Thanks!

      1. Rebecca says:


        You’re welcome, sorry I didn’t see your reply before. I also sometimes experience other’s emotions, it happens randomly and I’m not aware of it right away until I figure out it’s not me who’s angry, but I experience the feeling like it’s mine….but, I can tell it’s not me because I have nothing to be angry about, or whatever emotion it is I feel from other person. I don’t like it, so again I think part of me blocks it sometimes and other times it comes through regardless of what I want. My best friend’s 8 yr old daughter has ADHD and she was feeling very anxious and buzzing energy. I felt it like it was mine and I felt like a locked up horse right before the gates are opened. I was ready to launch off and I had to get out of the building and away from her. I had to get outside and breathe, deep breaths and let the air out of my lungs forcible and pace for a little bit. That was the worse feeling her emotions. I never felt so much anxious energy before, it was just overwhelming to me. I felt I couldn’t take a breath, like I was in water over my head. I hate it when it happens. I also found out, through talking on the blog, that I’m also a HSP, so I’m sensitive to my environment around me and my senses are sensitive, even my nose smells everything before most of the people around me. Gas leak, I’ll smell it first and get a headache from the fumes. I can smell incense throw the package. I’m practically a bloodhound, should sniff luggage at the airport…I always felt odd because of, what I thought and felt were extra senses, or just extra sensitive to everything. Now thanks to talking to other empaths on the blog, I understand more about myself and of course it wouldn’t have been possible without HG’s work being here to help educate me on myself, too. Thanks HG and thanks to some of the empaths here. Xx

  5. Contagious says:

    HG please tell me what is flawed. What are your thoughts. I just write down something unusual I dreamed. Some became scary reality …days or months later like the dream of the birthdate of my premature son… how could I have known months earlier when he would be born,? or something the timeof death of my murdered friend… how could have known the time of death that was shown to me on a clocks and the wrist of the killer if I didn’t attend the third trial and learned of it by thLA coroner ? others became books as the story was interesting to me. Others are just “ movies in my head.” Others involve deceased. People I know or barely know or I thought I forgot talking to me showing me things. While it is flawed I don’t write down every dream as most are nightly, the ones that feel “ important I record. And read them after the fact to others when facts panned out. More importantly, don’t you see a distinction in your dreams as a psychopath narcissist. Maybe something there that differentiates us brain wise. Something telling not explored? I could accept that I dream from memories stored from a lifetime and perhaps I consciously forget. Not norm but explainable. I could accept that hat I have an imaginative mind as my husband says. But it does not explain dates and times exact of future events I could not know. 2:17? Why? I had no idea the time and date of her murder. And she was showing it in my dream. She was the director. There’s more she showed me. I respect you. I am hoping you explain things I have not found over my lifetime actually. I don’t know how it helps or hurts narc relations although reading back in my journals the answer wAs there. I ignored the deeams. But I find contagions have these dreams maybe not other Empaths so at least we are the same. When I googled lucid dreams it showed people in general had them once in a life time I believe. Contagions seem to have a lifetime of regular experiences. I went to a cold case workshop and when telling my dream of my friend, the instructor asked the 50 other attendees Id they had lucid dreams. One did. I knew then I was not dreaming “ normally.” On this site, thank you from the bottom of my heart I have met others like me. Not crazy. Just different. I have thank you HG as you are the very best in your field and any insight into why, what’s a contagian and why narcs like us specifically and what kind… it will help. How other contagions handle narcs, also help. Can’t wait to learn from you!

    1. Contagious says:

      I am delving deeper. I read this article from the New Yorker magazine tonight named Olsen who said the night her mother died she had a dream ( lead to her hit) where she arrived in a place Narnia style and she was told by people that time worked differently: clocks chimed, church bells, loud ticking. And she was told Big Time where time is fluid and nonlinear. She always had vivid dreams but not like this one….

      I then researched.and found Mozart, Beethoven and Wagner wrote music from dreams. Painters such as Durer, famously Fuseli, Salvador Dali, Goya and Blake who painted ghosts, Hieronyous Bosch and many others claimed their work was from a dream. There must be a link with a creative mind and contagians. I wonder if it has been studied. Dali said his art were photographs from dreams.

      1. Contagious says:

        And I read scientific articles including one February 2022… that try to explain dreaming as a process of healing in the brain. They give examples. But most never explain places and people never seen or events not known. It is frustrating.

    2. Contagious says:

      I did research on dreams of psychopaths. This is what I found. They have high levels of testerone and low cortisol hormones. Less stress. They don’t have mirror neurons like contagians. They have a smaller amygdala and prefrontal cortex. Their corpus callosum is larger. All genetically coded. There are more theta brainwaves. EEG s can see this. It’s a natural meditative state. The frontal cortex and limbic cortex differ. It’s a state of oneness at all times. There is a genetic code of the “ warrior gene” of MAOA (3R) makes need 1, females 2. sHITLPR, COMT, DRDA, PRD2. FRMI scans can see structural brain differences. I read James Fallon. Many but not all don’t dream. I could not find literature yet on narcissists. Interesting. It’s a definite difference. If this Fallon studies are right that is….

      1. jordyguin says:

        This is a very interesting finding, Contagious! Thank you for sharing it!

        This specifically : „ There are more theta brainwaves. EEG s can see this. It’s a natural meditative state. The frontal cortex and limbic cortex differ. It’s a state of oneness at all times. There is a genetic code of the “ warrior gene” „

        This explains why psychopaths in groups can perform unimaginable crimes for instance at war. The meditative state and the oneness at all times — identically wired, no empathy = crimes against humanity in every war..

        1. jordyguin says:

          Meditative state is a state where thinking is absent — the critical thinking especially! Institutions that are responsible for wars of any type, prefer to recruit that type of people. Where critical thinking is absent any ideology can be poured in. This people are like this by design or if they are not, they are trained to reduce critical thinking. Not to question the authority.

          To seek freedom from anxiety in a meditative state is stagnation from my point of view.

          If a person is trying to get rid of anxiety or internal dialogue connected to trauma and is able to do so through deep breathing, connecting to nature in silence or listen to relaxing tunes or by other technics such as movement, sport or really ANY OTHER activity can do that basically, it’s a different thing. Calling that a meditation can be tricky because could lead a person to join cults or any type of ideology based institution where an individual is supposed to obey to ideology, practices (by which critical thinking should be exterminated) or a cult leader in order to find salvation or enlightenment.

          „Free thinkers“ (creative, critical thinking) struggle and suffer in those institutions. „Empty thinkers“ (no creative thinking, no critical thinking) are like copy machines, they find it very pleasant to be in that state and would happily propagate it.

          1. jordyguin says:

            For instance the magnificence of HGs work is a high level activation of the critical thinking! Every article bears a key for understanding and awakening the „sleeping victim“.

            Yet still psychologist label him a psychopath. That don’t rhyme up in my view..

            I know he is a „dark prince“ by design, but there is far more to that..

          2. Contagious says:

            I must admit I am bewildered by meditation. I am a yoga practitioner and tried meditation. Unless seriously physically drained my mind whirls in meditation. Only in REM sleep and in dreams do I have unconscious thinking and it is here in my consciousness I don’t understand there. My son is a marine and very free thinking. During a military exercise against enemies the team was asked what would work best against the enemy. One said rifles and drew up a map. One said fire blowers. Another chose bombs. When my son was asked what was the best weapon…he pointed to his head and said… the mind. They nicknamed him Woke which he hates as he considers himself beyond that. But I don’t discount meditation. Wish I could find the umm.

        2. Contagious says:

          Yet many military don’t have that gene and are warriors. I was concerned as my son who is empathetic is trained in killing as a marine. HG stated to me in a consult the differences. Being trained as a soldier is not the same as a psychopath with a warrior gene. In fact , those in the military see the differences. In Iraq, my son said the entire group there hated this abusive “leader” and his lack of empathy. He recognized if in combat, this “ leader” could combat the enemy but he was so despised by the group that they would leave him in a ditch to die. This group was trained warriors.

          1. Jordyguin says:

            I see :)) I have a fascination about worriers, soldiers and leaders in general! The majority in my fathers lineage are from that field, so this type of individuals are always on my mind as the contradiction they’re evoking in me.

            In addition to the meditation and the mediative state; I saw a documentary couple years ago, about how one religious group exterminated another religious group in their nearby area, by killing every female in that village. The religious aggressor group were of the meditating type. So I ultimately question the meditation or the desired nirvana state. (To me nirvana sounds like stagnation anyway. I have an aversion for it. An aversion to the idea of shutting off my ability to think. As to what meditation is aiming at). Perhaps there is a difference what happens with the warrior-gene type who is in that mediative state and an individual without that gene, who is not in that state or reaching a different outcome if he/she meditate?

            The study explain: „There are more theta brainwaves. EEG s can see this. It’s a natural meditative state. ..It’s a state of oneness at all times.“
            This oneness at all times! Those males acted as ONE when they stormed that village, hunted every female down and killed them. And than – uuuummm as ONE again.
            Not something a meditating person is expected to do. This puts mediative state in a category of hypnosis perhaps. Otherwise I can’t explain the mass murder tendency running so smoothly in an average villager, who is not even a soldier. (Oh wow, just realised the parallels with that film „Chaos Walking“ with Daisy Ridley !)

            As to my understanding the outcome of this study is talking about a worrier-gene beehive in a mediative (no rationalising) state, even when they are not purposefully meditating. A beehive that is easier to set up for mass murder, to fight as ONE for that ONE god, ideal, reason. Because of that missing rational (from the empathic point of view).

        3. Contagious says:

          Jordyguin! I have met a soulmate here lol! Just saw your reply! Yes, and think of Putin.

          1. Contagious says:

            I consulted HG about concerns about my son before he went to Iraq. My son is a compassionate incredible man but I can’t escape the fact that he is a trained killer. When the bombs hit the embassey where he was staying he asked his friends not to tell me to protect me. I saw it as national news ( this was in retaliation for killing a popular general of theirs and thank goodness we had anti ballast ice defense weapons!) When asking my son about the experience he said “ It definitely got my adrenaline going.” I said did you want to run? He said “ We are trained to run towards danger not from it.” Eek! HG spent time explaining how trained military is not training narcs. Very different. Not all who kill are alike either. It eased my mind. Meditation? I never got into it. Although I find a good massage to be close! Lol As to the warrior gene being in narcs, I wonder and expect it exists elsewhere too. There is so much to learn! Jordyguin I love your replies and appreciate meeting you;)

          2. Jordyguin says:

            This is absolutely fascinating!!! Your son’s reply! “ We are trained to run towards danger not from it.” Do you know your son’s school and cadre?

            Just think about it; Both kinds are trained to run towards the possibility of death! The narcissist and /or psychopath will run towards it because they don’t experience fear and to maintain a functioning protective mechanism by maintaining control in the battle situation. Narcissists/psychopaths could fight on both sides. The side doesn’t matter, nor the ideology. It doesn’t matter what to fight for as long there is an opportunity to fight and win.

            The empath (and the normal?) are overcoming the fear of death and run towards danger, by reason they find in unison with their empathic traits (protection, care, truth, justice, honour, etc.)

            The wars (physical, economical, technological, medical, geopolitical, agricultural, etc.) of our times are wars between rulers who are fighting for supremacy. It never was more obvious how unnecessary wars are, than it is now, yet still the rulers involve both kinds to fight for their maintenance of control – of their narcissistic protective mechanisms – the narcissistic prime aims.

          3. Jordyguin says:

            Lol! Oh yes, we like massage here :)))) The best invention of all times!

          4. Jordyguin says:

            *Correction. Narcissists do experience fear. Psychopaths don’t. But the hybrids (N+P) don’t experience fear.

  6. Chihuahuamum says:

    Looking forward to this one!

  7. dave says:

    In reading this there is of course a lot of similarity among empaths- not surprising. As to HG I could not agree more-there is a brutal uncovered honesty and expertise and purity in understanding human behavior both narc and empath. To this end we might look at ourselves as having underlying operating systems that govern our behavior and our desires. Maybe even our dreams. Though scientifically trained I have had numerous experiences that would be considered “magical thinking”. Many have, of course panned out to occur in reality later- far more than chance would allow. Even HG has mentioned that empaths can feel the energy of people and places, both of which would be considered magical in the world of science and therefore not credible. I have also had literally thousands of meaningful lucid dreams, dozens of clairvoyant episodes and so forth all of which I consider normal for my operating system. The only thing I will say with regard to my experience with Narcissists is they had a field day with my magical thinking and it made me an easy target (pre HG!). The main difference as I understand it is the presence or absence of empathy and the ability to control our operating system. Empaths can when educated and needed be more narcissistic but not vice versa. Because that is not fun for me I am choosing different people rather than trying to figure out what the alien nation of narcissists is up to. I know, I understand, I accept and I avoid- except for HG. While the darkness is undeniable the contribution to the world is also undeniable. This should I think, mitigate against labeling and judging the complex nature of human behavior unless and until it damages you! I neither hate nor love my previous narcissists. They are what they are. But I have HG to thank for that understanding of them and myself. I doubt it would have happened as quickly or effectively otherwise. For this I am grateful to the Ultra. I am also grateful for what I am. The world certainly needs us, and not just for FUEL!

    1. Truthseeker6157 says:

      Love this comment Dave.

    2. Contagious says:

      Again… dreams. I have written a lot here about mine. I am fascinated to meet others like me. It seems always in contagion. What does this mean? Why do we have these dreams? Why are we different? And … HG said he does not dream. My ex wealthy husband was diagnosed anti social, he did not dream. My ex boyfriend that I consulted HG about was a mid-narc, he was afraid of my dreams. He had trouble sleeping. He had nightmares when I first met him. Spiders. I am not sure I have had a nightmare ever unless you consider the murder of my best friend in law school where she told me the time of her death and the motive later this was revealed in the third trial where the criminal pled guilty and her family told me of the time and motive. I awoke screaming in that dream and prayed to God to never do this to me again. It was freezing cold. I have sought answers and have found none about this. I am hoping HG in his genius knows. It is clear that that the subconscious if that’s dreams are different for Empaths and narcs. Thoughts?

      1. Contagious says:

        As a science based empath Dave why the dreams? And you know what I mean by those type of “dreams?” Please explain as I am haunted by mine. I don’t understand “why”. Is there an answer? Like, we have some hypersensitivity that can actually predict things like a computer? Some mentalist subconscious that our conscious is unaware? Magic does not exist. So if you have an answer, I would love it and be so obliged!!!!

        1. Contagious says:

          I will give an example: I dreamed I was an Asian girl in the 1800s in Thailand and my father was a beggar saving elephants. He collected in the streets. . I was a teen and wanted to see my grandmother and mother across town. I went to my grandmother who was beautiful and elaborate in dress but would not speak until I told her if someone who had died in the village then she would repeat it with me. It comforted her. My mother was so so so young and pretty and almost my age but she lived in the back of the house where others would “ visit”. She was with two other men and a woman who were close friends. When the “others” came to visit my mother and friends, my mother pushed me out of the room to my grandma who hid me in a closet. The next day only my mother returned to her room and she was nearly catatonic and all she said was her friend had been strangled. I knew my mother then became catatonic after saying this as I kept speaking to her and she was a zombie. I realized what had happened and that she she was a prostitute. I ran to my father down a few miles into the busy village. I sat next to him in new awakened comfort and I took a page from his pad and began drawing elephants. Now: I am Dutch/ Swedish, never had any sexual abuse, never met any one like them and could describe them and the place in 3d, I did not watch anything in news or a movie or a book about it in anyway. I don’t feel like anyone in my dream, not in any way. So why? Nothing ever fits. My dreams are probably boring as anyone has them but not out of complete rationalization or do they? This is an off topic example about an almost weekly existence of my life. You can image why how badly I want answers. Any insight is appreciated. From just this cite, I see others who get “ it.” Since this is about narcs… my guess like HG they don’t dream or like my ex antisocial who didn’t, there is a thread of explanation of the differences.

          1. Contagious says:

            Now imagine every week at least you dream about different people, different times, different places , some dead you know, some loved ones and none of it relates to your own life in 5 senses. Like you are really there. You wake up like on a vacation. Often ask ok ? Where am I? Yup it’s my bed.. Wouldn’t you want to know why? And if you do, please share. Please ever grateful.

          2. pete456789 says:

            You haven’t read the bible?
            People get dreams in there all the time. They are from God, but difficult to decipher. God only talked straight with Moses, most other people he talks in riddles.
            I’ve found that most of the ones I have are predictions or commentary. The commentary is usually sarcastic and playful which you wouldnt expect from the God of the old testament.
            There are certain recurring symbols like a car represents a church, the driver is the pastor.

          3. Rebecca says:


            I have some Contagion in me, but I’m a Standard triple hybrid and I’ve had premonitions in dreams before and things actually happened afterwards. I’ve had extra feelings about a coming event, like a forwarning and it happens . I had a farwarning of my dad’s passing and the relative time it was going to happen. I tried to prevent it, but it happened out of my control. I felt I failed him and wasn’t there for him. Thankfully, I don’t get these episodes every week, they happen randomly, however I do pick up on people’s vibes, essences whatever you want to call it, on a regular basis and I’m thankful for that forwarning. The prediction dreams scare me and I don’t welcome them as much, maybe that’s why I don’t have them much? Maybe some part of me blocks them with my fear or reluctants to experience them again? Something I didn’t consider before….I’m going to think on that thought….

        2. Contagious says:

          I just from bushes reading a Harvard professor and specialist book called Why We Sleep. Chapter 3 is on REM sleeping where dreams occur. The brain is 30% more active then when awake. Three parts of the brain are involved in the he hippocampus ( memory), cortex, amalyga. All stress signals are suppressed. She says it’s the emotional healer of the brain, the most creative and it connects abstracts. She feels lucid dreamers although a minority are on an evolutionary track. She states great ideas and art come from REM dreams like Edison, McCartney ( sounds), Keith Richard’s ( satisfaction) but she does not address premonitions. She admits not much is known except REM dreams have evolved much later in humankind. All species dream even with me 500 million years ago. It’s important for memory, emotion, face recognition identically citation of emotions, motor skills and health. PTSD has a block to REM dreaming. There has been advances to help. Medications. Ancient Egyptians and Greeks felt dreams were God given. Freud felt they were unfulfilled wishes. Her take is they are not memory replayers of the day but rather link with the autobiographical memory of the mind. Problem solves. Emotionally heals. Funny as she starts with imagine being in a hallucination, delusionary and wake up with amnesia. What function can this play? As a lucid dreamer, I want to write her. Many questions she ignored in her book. Such as what about a narcs memories that run deep? The emotional ability to identify facial emotions enhanced by REM dreams sleep and a contagians abilities. Connection? And of course what about facts not observed consciously that appear in dreams. Have a good night!

    3. Gypsy Heart says:


      Your comment that you are choosing different people rather than trying to figure them out stood out to me. Thinking back on all the toxic relationships I have been in, those people chose me and then love bombed me in order to attach me to them (friends and romantic). I have rid myself of these people and am working on my no contact. I think that is the key for those of us here. We need to choose who we allow into our life rather than allowing them to choose us. From now on I will be standing back and observing them in the way they observe us before targeting us. I will be watching for red flags, observing how they interact with other people and watching for those masks to slip before I allow them into my personal life. I am also avoiding romantic entaglements for a good year, focusing on my life, my interests, my mental health, and career goals. Then I will be a fit partner and I WILL CHOOSE a fit partner if one presents.

      I have also had a lot of “magical thinking” experiences. I have had lucid dreams that manifest sometimes years later. In many of my dreams I have the experience that time has no meaning as we know it. As if the past, present, and future exists all at the same time. And yes, people have had a field day with me too.

      Also, when my ex and I were house hunting I noticed that every house had a different energy and that was more of an influence than any other when I was considering the right house for our family. I just now correlated this thought with my addiction to narcissists and psychopaths. That feeling I get when I’m around them. That haunting, raw, feral feeling that draws me to them every time. The house that I became emotionally attached to gave me that same feeling. It was the old classic four room farmhouse that had been added onto many times over the years. There was something wild and sad about it. Quirky with many imperfections. My husband was in complete dismay over the condition of the house, but it had property. A barn, outbuildings and a pond. We tore down walls, including load bearing walls for open concept. Completely gutted it down to the bare bones, put in new electrical, plumbing and hvac. For me this house had it’s own personality and a sense of anguish that seemed to reside there. I wanted to care for it and restore it and replace that energy with the love and joy of my family.

      Later when talking to the neighbors and the home health professionals making home visits for my dying mother I learned that there had been a lot of bad energy and death in that house. Many of the neighbors believed my house was haunted and the neighbor lady offered to bring sage do a ritual. I thought great we have a crazy neighbor lady.I was hearing that it may have been a meth house at one point. A man who was member of hells angels even died of cancer there. When they had a memorial members came from all over the states and the property was packed with motorcycles in tribute to this man. Also in early years when the circus came to town they would take up residence here during their stay and there was talk of the elephants being watered in the creek that was part of the property that had been sold over the years.

      I love a house that has a sense of history and am actually looking into changing careers to become a real estate agent. Forget new construction. Give me an historical house any day.

      1. Joa says:

        Every place, we are in, is historic. Everywhere someone was born, someone died. These are generations of people. Houses, settlements, churches, cities – have been and have disappeared.

        Where there is a playground for children now, there used to be a cemetery. Where you have now built a modern house, there used to be an inn for carriage ride. Here the king went, and there the beggar was dying. Here there was a battle and blood seeped in, and there a couple in love made love among the grasses.

        And this house and this car, that you are so proud of, and these photos and these clothes will disappear, turn into nothing.

        So far, the only thing that lasts in the human world is what we pass on to each other, genes, thoughts, feelings.
        As long as we exist.


        When it comes to dreams, we only dream about what we already know + glue the imagination and mixing (eg Centaur). If you dream about Thailand, you play the role of an Asian woman and you are able to recognize it, you have met it somewhere, on TV, newspaper, book, radio, from another person’s stories. Everything that you have already experienced with some sense.
        This is nothing new. You are processing experiences.

        1. Gypsy Heart says:


          Yes it is fascinating to contemplate all that has been before us. We are such a short blip in the scheme of things much like the fruit fly that only lives for a day or so. I often wonder about the perception of time for a fruit fly. I wonder if a day for them feels the same as a lifetime for us. Much like the idea of someone returning from space where everyone has aged but the travelor hasn’t.

        2. Contagious says:

          I am torn Joa. Part of me agrees, it must be an experience read, witnessed in this life. My subconscious must not be in the majority. I dream “ weird”. I must tap into some memory in my conscious life to draw on. But then I have had dreams I cannot ignore like the murder of my best friend. All I was told was she was dead could I come to the trial. The DA forbade the family from discussing anything. I had left countless messages on her phone not knowing she was dead. Before I went to the trial knowing zero…. I had a dream that left me on my knees. It was ice cold. In it, I kept seeing clocks, a watch, all 2:17. Her lavender notebook on her desk opened to a page that read “Lenny money.” I thought a name. I learned at her third trial the truth. The onlytrial that I attended that the Lacororner testified said that she died between 2:15 and 2:30 am. Her mother actually thanked me at lunch when I read her my dream from my journal. I was asked if I knew what the DA said led to her murder. No. He said her roommate killed her over an argument over money. There is more to this “dream.” And it’s not the only type I have had but I will never be told it was a coincidence or that it was based on experience. This one…no. And my physical experience was horrifying. I prayed on my knees crying never to let it happen again. I begged God to not let it happen again too. My friend spoke to me after death and there was more. I need more. I want to know why. I probably never will. But I am happy to meet others with similar experiences. Until this forum I have not.

        3. Contagious says:

          Joa: my husband feels their is a ghost in my house. I do not. I don’t really believe in them to be honest. Things I have seen, heard or felt I can rationally explain away. But I wonder can someone bring a presence where ever they go? He seems too. Have you heard of this? Is he just unlucky? I just think it’s in his head.

        4. Rebecca says:


          When my mother died, I knew with complete certainty that my dad only had a short time with me before he would pass and my brother too. I had a dream about, after I had that strong feeling, a warning of it all happening…in the dream, I was sitting in my parent’s living room. My parents were there and so was my brother. We were all sitting and talking together, I could hear their voices,but couldn’t understand what they said. My mother left the room and didn’t return, I thought nothing of it. My dad left shortly after her and then my brother after my dad. I was sitting alone and got worried, where did they go? So, I got up and began looking for them, calling for them and calling for them. No answer. I began to panic and cry, get desperate to find them, calling and calling, tears running down my face, tripping up the stairs, I woke up…tears down my face and sobbing…I woke myself up calling them and they left the room, in the same order they died in. That dream has stuck with me. Within 5 years, all three had passed away…all in the same order. This wasn’t my first feeling or dream, I still have the dreams at times of deep importance and the feelings come more often than the dreams.

          HG, I’m very interested in finding out more about my Contagion side. Thanks for your work on the knowledge you’ll be sharing with us. Xx

      2. Contagious says:

        Gypsy: in my dreams when I see my deceased and others … there is no time, no space, just another dimension of reality. My friend who was murdered showed me over a decade in dreams, my father refuses to see me, left a note saying “go home” on a sticky note in his house… I described my dream his house his dog to my atheist mother and even sh said that is your fathers home ( deceased), he also told me to go home when I listened in to a conversation of his, I could go in… I went to a david Bowie concert post death, it was amazing. Whatever happens post “death” does not involve time or space in my humble very humble opinion. I also have a theory that “ evil” is a disconnect. It’s nothingness not attached to the Light or what is hell. I feel that the connection grows through us whether we want it to or not. HG may have hope … lol but I hate to get into my religious beliefs. The dreams can be interpreted in any way. They are “ just dreams.” But…. Some cannot b scientifically explained. At least I have not learned any. And when I find someone like you who dreams in a timeless space, it makes me curious.

        1. NarcAngel says:

          I believe dreams are not scientifically explained because it is merely individual brain activity given personal interpretation by the dreamer, who in turn attaches significance based on how they perceive the dream to be relevant to them and their beliefs/ needs.

          1. Contagious says:

            Narc Angel I always read your comments as so good! Are you contagian? I agree with your theory but in my experience too many have been specific and not based on anything I experienced like the exact time of death of my friend or the birth date of my son who was unknown to me born premature. If there were experiences or present day facts to draw on, I would agree.I am fascinated about other contagian ‘s experiences as it shows although not per google a statistical majority, I am far from alone. I have spent a life time wondering and hope this forum gives me direction. I don’t know how this specifically relates to narcs but maybe HG will provide insight. I do know that I looked at past dreams and saw signs that I should not have ignored.

          2. Contagious says:

            Also science does not know why. They haven’t figured it out. They actually can tell some things about REM sleep. lol ke they can tell if someone is dreaming about a car though tests but not what kind of car. But no one can explain yet prophetic dreams.There is so much to learn scientifically about dreams. When unconscious we use 30% more of our brain! I search regulatory. I think I hoped HG might have answers. But I find no answers to my dreams.

    4. Contagious says:

      Dave, I love your acceptance and thank you for sharing. Any specific thoughts about this “ underlying operating system?” Genes? Family members like you? Articles read? I was toying with the idea of memory. We store memory. Perhaps our lucid dreams dip into memories like picking up a video from the video store? I have my own theory not science based but curious. Psychopaths have identifiable differences in the brain. It is believed that there is no hope of born this way. But, I believe anything wired could be required we just aren’t there. Narcs have been studied by neurologists and I have read some scientific articles on Empaths. We are here in this section to understand contagian Empaths to understand ourselves better. Any science you wish to share on the operating system would be respected and appreciated;)

      1. Contagious says:

        * rewired, not required

        1. Gypsy Heart says:


          I agree that anything can be rewired. I have bachelor’s degrees in psychology, biology, and nursing. I used university to try to understand my childhood. To find some of the answers that had plagued me about human dynamics since childhood. Even since childhood I have felt more like an observer in life more than a participant. I observed so may different dynamics starting with home and on the playground in early childhood. I’ve always had to know and understand.

          After psychology I became obsessed with human anatomy and physiology and how the human body functions on a micro level. My husband finally said “pick something, we can’t afford for you to be a professional student!!!” The human body already has the capacity to naturally rewire itself. You see this throughout human anatomy/physiology systems. In neurology after a stroke new pathways bypass and form around the damaged tissue. In cardiovascular when there is damage to the heart tissue new vascular pathways grow and form around this area. Also the heart has a natural pacemaker that causes our heart to beat in rhythm. Sometimes this pacemaker malfunctions and the heart has backup pacemakers in different areas that can take over. The human anatomy will naturally try to compensate and these backup systems, while maybe not as effective can still function. I’m now intrigued with cellular memory. Just purchased a book recently but still need to read it.

          Also, glad to know that other people dream like I do.

    5. targetedtrafficseo says:

      i’m the same – i only engaged with my narcissist because i was feeling more pain when bad things happened to her that i do with other people, and thats because of a deeper bond from early childhood that was more potent than the trauma-bond, and also a bond with a healer that only lasted for the duration of the treatment and we had unexplained experiences. as you say, the whole seems pre-ordained and was revealed to me in dreams and deja-vu many times.

  8. Contagious says:

    I would love to know how other contagions “feel” narcs? HG said we were not our first choice. I think we know. Our gut knows. But we override it. But I bet we are annoying as we ask questions … that nagging voice inside won’t go away… I know that was me. And I think they know we “ suspect” or “ know” somewhere inside and it annoys narcs even when we play along ( confused about what our ET thinks and what we know deep inside as true.) But the master will give us insight! So excited!

    1. Asp Emp says:

      Contagious, I recall very distinctively getting a ‘screaming’ sensation from my guts from the same guy, twice. I was asking him about the money, ie where are the invoices to support what he was given. Two people (me, as one of them) had loaned the company. The second time I felt this ‘screaming’ sensation was when I asked him where he was going with that £50 he had just taken from a customer, the till was on the ground floor and he was going upstairs with it. Unreasonable. Suspect. He came out with something crap, he knew, that I knew WTF he was doing. Unbeknown to me, at the time, I was dealing with a mid-range narcissistic psychopath. This sensation I felt was as if there was a small animal inside me, just screaming. But, there was no physical noise.

      Other occasions, I did sense something, ie unpalatable with people on TV. Like ‘ugh’. I do not hear the tone of people’s voices. Some of them are narcissists ie Jimmy Saville.

      There are times when I sensed someone ie coming up behind me but I did not hear them, yet I would turn to see someone there.

      Maybe there is something to do with heightened sensitivity with the fact I am Deaf.

      I, too, very much look forward to HG’s empath series.

      1. Contagious says:

        Thank you Asp. I wonder what it means when we deny what we know. We know. We know immediately. You heard the scream. It could have been a whisper but you knew. I think if contagion, and in my experience you know but sometimes dismiss that knowledge as the words or the plight puts you in a position of your natural position to help. You override that scream. I will share what happened this week as an illustration. It was 11:30 pm and a knock on the patio door. A young Mexican man stood there. He said the word neighbor. I opened the door thinking my neighbor needs help. He spoke no English. I speak some Spanish and I speak French. He asked me if my husband was home. I said no but my son was. He lounged at me. I screamed for my son and he ran. My son is a marine and called me stupid for opening the door. He was right. I made a police report. My son said other people don’t think like you. He could have had a knife or a gun. Shit, mom. He was right. I will do better. But I was not afraid. Not at the time. Not when he lounged at me and not after. He looked at me with fear. He was drunk and young. If it had been a rapist, not a drunk young opportunist, I would not have felt ok. But I knew. I knew what he was. Now … does it matter what I knew? No. Doors locked. Always. Still dumb move.

        1. Contagious says:

          Also Asp, the fact you are deaf usually means your other senses are made stinger. 6th sense?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            The brain rewires so that a visually impaired person navigates through hearing.

          2. Asp Emp says:

            That’s true, HG.

          3. WiserNow says:

            This comment is a long one. It is not addressed specifically to HG or any particular person. At the outset, I’d like to say that it is for the purposes of learning and information. If it comes across as a soliloquy of some kind, I apologise.

            The information below is not directly associated with the ‘contagion’ aspect of empathy. However, in relation to how a person’s central nervous system is wired and how information is processed, to my mind, there is some correlation, even though it may not be scientifically evident.

            HG’s comment about the brain rewiring in a visually impaired person reminds me of some academic articles I have read recently.

            My reading was for general self-knowledge and self-interest. It was not in-depth or related to any particular objective, rather it was for my own ‘truth-seeking’ and curiosity. For this reason, if there are any neuroscientists or any other kinds of ‘experts’ reading this, please know that I am not an expert and I may be excluding pertinent information. This comment is for discussion purposes and for general knowledge only.

            What I found interesting in the articles I read was how the brain reacts to pain.

            For the sake of clarity and distinction between different aspects of this information, I will set some aspects out in point-form:

            1. Both physical and emotional pain activate similar regions of the brain. Research has found that emotional pain – from the effects of shame or social rejection for example – registers activity in the anterior insula and the anterior cingulate cortex (ACC). These brain regions are also activated when a person experiences physical pain.

            2. There are two aspects of pain that can be separated and differentiated in terms of how pain is registered in the brain. These two ‘components’ of pain are:
            a) sensory (or discriminative) dimension, i.e. the ‘intensity’ of the temporal characteristics of the pain.
            b) affective (or motivational) dimension, i.e. the ‘unpleasantness’, which captures how ‘bad’ or ‘unpleasant’ the pain is.

            The way I regard the two dimensions of pain is that a) is the ‘physical’ (internal or external) sensation of a painful occurrence, while b) is the motivational aspect which registers the scale of how unpleasant the painful occurrence is.

            The motivational aspect of the ‘pain experience’ gives us an indication of the lengths to go to to avoid the painful experience.

            3. The two dimensions of pain activate different regions of the brain. In short, the affective dimension of pain activates the ACC or anterior cingulate cortex.

            Studies have attempted to show that the ‘unpleasantness’ of pain can be modulated by cognitive manipulation. That is, the ratings of participants regarding how ‘bad’ a painful experience is can be modified by prior coaching, for example.
            This has been found to have limited effects on how a person ‘perceives’ a painful experience with regard to the ‘affective dimension’.

            4. Newborns and pain from medical procedures:
            I have also come across information about the way very young babies respond to pain. This is based on articles I have read about the effects of pain from medical procedures on newborns.

            Newborns (and particularly pre-natal newborns) undergo numerous medical procedures that are painful. For example, heel-sticks (an injection in the heel of a newborn to draw blood for a blood test); injections; cold and noisy environments; nasal tubes; sticky tape to hold down tubes; minor surgical procedures, etc.

            A newborn’s brain is *extremely* impressionable and vulnerable to all experiences and it is very malleable. It is very important to note that the brain of a baby or small child is very different to an adult’s brain. For this reason, the effects of pain on a baby or small child’s brain will have brain-altering consequences. How these consequences manifest and impact the person later in life is not entirely clear or empirically substantiated though.

            The study into the effects of painful medical procedures on the brains of newborns found that pain affects the way the thalamus (a part of the brain) modulates ascending sensory information from the body to the brain. The thalamus is a part of the brain that sensory information from the body ‘travels’ through before the information is registered by the emotional and cognitive regions of the brain. (For anyone who is a scientist or who studies this area in depth, I apologise for my layman’s understanding and descriptions.)

            In scientific research on how pain from medical procedures affects the brains of newborns, it was found that the thalamus was activated to become either hypersensitive (heightened sensitivity) to the pain or hyposensitive (reduced sensitivity) to the pain.

            These studies are not conclusive though, because the information was not extrapolated into the later lives of the newborns and could not be substantiated to have long-lasting or consequential effects.

            The way I regard pain experiences in relation to newborns and young children is that pain is pain, whether the ‘pain’ is caused by benign medical procedures or whether it is caused by other reasons. If a baby or newborn registers pain from say, an unempathic caregiver, or from neglect, or from repeated experiences of rough or harsh handling etc, the pain will have an effect on the child’s brain and how the pain is ‘modulated’.

            Early life attachment:
            Babies are biologically ‘wired’ or ‘programmed’ to attach to a caregiver. It is an evolutionary and physiological in-built systematic need all humans are born with and it is necessary for survival.

            When a baby is born, the baby and caregiver form a unique ‘dyadic’ relationship whereby the baby and caregiver are emotionally and spatially ‘bonded’ with each other in the relationship.

            In an ideal ‘dyadic’ relationship, each one responds and relates to the other in a trusting or mutually compatible way. In situations where there is not a 50/50 symbiotic relationship for example, they will modify their behaviours in ways that ensure the dyad is still in place. For example, the baby will modify it’s instinctive behaviours to remain attached to the caregiver if the caregiver is neglectful or abusive.

            I think it is interesting to consider how a baby’s brain responds to say, emotional pain, when a caregiver is being neglectful or abusive – i.e. neglectful or abusive as regarded by the baby.

            If a baby experiences emotional pain with the caregiver, the pain will have an affective dimension. In turn the affective dimension will activate the ACC region of the brain which is motivational.

            At the same time, the baby needs to remain attached to the caregiver and the baby’s brain is impressionable. The ‘pain’ experienced will be from the point of view of the baby. What an adult perceives as ‘pain’ is not transferable to a baby.

            If the baby’s genetic predisposition means that pain causes a particular gene to be expressed in a particular way – for example, the thalamus ‘emits’ pain in a ‘hypersensitive’ way instead of a ‘hyposensitive’ way, then the emotional reactivity of the baby will be affected.

            All these aspects may have an effect on how a baby’s brain modifies and modulates an experience. In turn, the repetition of a similar experience will cause the brain’s wiring to solidify.

            As I said, I’m not a neuroscientist and my reading is for general knowledge and understanding. I find that various aspects are all very interesting with regard to how different personalities are formed.

            There doesn’t seem to be conclusive evidence that some seemingly unrelated aspects are causally related, however, to my mind, there does seem to be inter-related ‘causal’ factors that are not entirely ratified by scientific evidence.

          4. Asp Emp says:

            Contagious, yes, I suppose you could call it that.

        2. Contagious says:

          I meant “ stronger”. HG answered my question. “ yes” but specific….

          1. Contagious says:

            Wiser : I just read an article on Apple news about PTSD being carried on to babies. Have you seen it? Look it up as your post links to that

          2. Gypsy Heart says:


            I am so glad I found your comment. I feel like I am missing alot, that is not coming through on wordpress. I’m going back and forth between wordpress and email for notifications. Also I have been going back and forth between the blog and reading HG’s books. I have about 20 on one of my bookshelves, some I need to read and some I want to read again. Having a hard time keeping up. Hahaha

            I am interested in your comment about PTSD being carried on to babies and I want to look into that. My adult daughter also struggles with anxiety and depression which we have conversations about. Many of our gifts to each other have the theme of stress reduction, comfort, and self soothing. This last Christmas gift theme to her was all about pampering herself soaking in the tub. Hehee

            I just bought a book recently “The Embodied Mind” by Thomas R. Verny, a clinical psychiatrist. He also published “The Secret Life of the Unborn Child”. The Embodied Mind is about the mysteries of cellular memory suggesting that every cell in our body has consciousness, which takes me back to my days at university studying molecular biology and makes sense. Single celled organisms with no brains have memory. It combines physiology, genetics, and quantum physics to support that somatic cells, not just neural cells store memory. I’m also intrigued by the idea that the entire universe has consciousness as if we are one big organism or that there is a symbiosis construct. I also took a cellular biology class which was intriguing and discussed the cellular pathways in physiology. Ohhhh, so much to read.

            Empty nest syndrome, giving up my nursing career, and not having anyone to care for besides myself has left me lost, but I am now rediscovering my interests that I never had time for due to responsibilities. I am also getting back into my love for classic literature and had the guilty pleasure of splurging for some first edition books of my favourite authors. 😍

        3. WhoCares says:

          That was such a close call! Glad you are okay!

          1. Contagious says:

            It was a stupid mistake and as someone who started out in the DA’s office… the worst to make. Thank you for your kind words😊

          2. WhoCares says:

            Just glad you’re okay, Contagious💙
            We all make stupid mistakes from time to time.

          3. Contagious says:

            Also since I am going out in a limb. It was dark and my son who is a trained boxer and an armed marine was home and above us. So… I thought it was his friend. His friends come by a lot like this. I was calm and not afraid at all. My son says also stupid as he could have been armed. But it was very brief and oddly this guy looked afraid of me. He put his arms out wiggled his fingers, his eye lids fluttered and his eyes were weird and he seemed to run away very fast. It was weird. Needless to say a mistake I shall never make. If it were a zombie movie, I would say he was in character. Very strange person but although I fear others, I did not fear him. Maybe because my son is here…I was dumb but lucky.

        4. Asp Emp says:

          Contagious, in my earlier comment, I was not denying anything as such, I just knew that guy was lying about the money as I had previously stopped communicating by email until he came from the other town to bring some papers etc, so I could ask him face to face. He reacted in a way that came across as threatening but charming if you can understand. He was avoiding answering to my questions via email, hence my stopping comms until he came in.

          I think with a physically abusive narcissist parent from a young age can and does increase awareness because of the heightened state of fear, anxiety and so on. I suppose one may learn to ‘know’ before the incident happens.

          As HG suggests, the brain re-wires, basically in the same way as people learn new things ie when learning maths and how to add / subtract. That is how I learned to recognise sounds of spoken words.

          As for the Mexican, you were lucky not to get hurt. Some people do a quick ‘assessment’ as a natural human instinctual response by observing the body language / facial expression and hesitate before opening the door to someone they do not know. That may take place before the logical thought / message comes into the brain.

          Thank you for sharing your experiences / thoughts 🙂

        5. Joa says:

          It was very imprudent to open the door. I’m not letting anyone, in who I haven’t invited. I’ve learned to be rude about that.

          Feeling people – yes, I have it.

          When I was a teenager, I was raped by an old guy. I knew this man, he was a cheerful “friend of young people”. Before that happened, I felt internal resistance, I knew he had bad intentions, although I did not suspect what. My eyes begged the people around for someone to save me from him. I was raped only, because I was raised to respect the elderly: “Children and fish have no voice.” I was only raped, because I couldn’t say NO, when I was still able to turn on my heel and walk away. When there was no one around and the world was cut off, my tears and mine NO had meaning anymore. Then, there was only the fight for the life, that I managed to save.


          Last week I drove hard into the parking lot before work. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a tanned man watching me from the entrance to the parking lot to the very end where I parked. In my rearview mirror, I saw that he started in the opposite direction, but looked back several times. I thought, maybe it was the speed with which I pulled in and my attention-grabbing car. When I went to the entrance, he was standing in the distance, but he was looking at me all the time, luckily I met someone I knew. Very unpleasant feelings.

          Two days ago, I missed breakfast, so after arriving at work, I went to the store. When I was returning to the company, I noticed that he was standing and watching. We have two entrances, I was considering which to enter to avoid him. I chose the side entrance, because he stood on the route to the main entrance. As soon as it was clear, that I would enter through the side entrance, he moved slowly, as if measuring steps and time for us to meet at the entrance. He stood face to face in front of me, too close, and started talking about some dripping water, total nonsense. I looked into his eyes and took a half step back. Blue, but horrible steel. He opened the door for me and followed me in, still talking. It all took 5 seconds. I went upstairs to my office, and he stayed downstairs and talked to the surveillance staff in their room, looking at the internal cameras (I saw from the office of a friend who monitors the monitoring).
          I immediately started asking who he was. I only heard, that he is a new manual worker, who has recently been hired to care for green areas in front of the company. I said, that I do not like him, although of course I have no specific objections. I heard, that his is a former soldier, who had some mental problems after returning from a military mission, but his already stabilized and works well.
          I do not think so. I feel exactly the same, as with the man who raped me. Pressure and pressure, the desire to isolate me and surround me.


          I don’t immediately sense narcissists, who have an exquisite facade. The level of enchantment sometimes takes years, for this to happen. I can see their wrong side – and I can’t see their wrong side. Or I don’t want to see. They can put pressure on me more gently (as long as the ground is not burning under their feet) and step back. They give a respite and even more. They can “fix” their bad behavior. Make me smile again and accept them. Make me trust again, even though I don’t trust at all…

          1. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Hello Joa,

            I tried responding to your comment on ‘An Exchange with a Parental Narcissist’ thread, it came up with an error message, I wrote again and the same message appeared. I’m avoiding the jinx and replying here instead!

            You must have been out of your mind with worry when you felt that on your daughter’s collarbone, and then so relieved when it was an aggravated fracture. Kids are so tough. My daughter had pneumonia once without me knowing. A lingering cough that wouldn’t go away ended up being pneumonia. She was still eating well sleeping well no fever bouncing all over the place. I felt so guilty about that. They’re tough and don’t complain, so we don’t make the connection.

            Thank you for your good wishes. If it happened again I’d likely be far more relaxed. The first time though, so many ‘what ifs’ just rocked my world. I’m not afraid of dying at all. I’m afraid of dying too soon though. I want to see my kids settled, in control of their own destinies before I go. That’s what bothered me most about the whole thing, it was too soon, it would damage them and I couldn’t stand the idea of that.

            Reading your comment above, listen to your instincts and take precautions if you feel uneasy. I’m sure there would be people only too happy to walk you to your car if it’s late when you leave work. Listen to your instincts.

            That’s a truly horrible experience to have to live through as a child Joa. I can see your child’s mind at work there. The adult influence, the training to respect elders and the not knowing how to prevent it happening. I think that kind of experience is sadly far more common than many people might imagine. The worst kind of predator.

            I continue to follow and enjoy reading your comments Joa. The way you see things always resonates with me.

            Keep safe.


          2. Joa says:

            TS, yes, I had a vision of my daughter’s suffering and death in my eyes, so I panicked, I don’t even remember the way to the emergency room in the hospital. When I heard, that it was “only” periosteum after a fracture, I was relieved. I struggled with a little remorse for not noticing it, but I analyzed the whole two weeks back and looked at our photos, each of which was beaming her happy smile, and concluded that I had not been able to notice it. Despite the pain she had to feel, she functioned as always – madness and a smile 🙂

            Pneumonia in children is quite common, harmless if the child is generally healthy and with today’s level of medicine. It’s not tuberculosis. Don’t feel guilty. When I gave my daughter to a nursery, where apart from her there were about 50 other infants and about 50 children aged 1-3 years, the diseases immediately started. Every 2-3 weeks was a cold, laryngitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, inflammation of the outer, middle and inner ear (her eardrum has ruptured three times, and had to have been pierced twice), scarlet fever and others. My God, I thought I was going crazy. A week at work and she was disease again, I was afraid that they would dismiss me, even though I fulfilled all my duties at night. Even my own milk, which I extracted and gave chilled or frozen to the nursery (then it was still possible), did not protect her. Various types of oral and subcutaneous vaccines, that I was wasting a fortune. Brrr, it was a crazy time. I would not like to come back to it anymore 🙂
            But now my daughter is in good health, I don’t remember how many years ago she had a cold for the last time.

            You’re right, kids are tough. In fact, most children go to nursery and kindergarten, also when they are disases. The child is given something to bring the temperature down, analgesic syrup, drops in the nose, eyes and adieu. Terrible, but when you choose between keeping your job (= roof over your head + food) or another bronchitis, the choice becomes clear-cut.
            So do not have TS reproaches.

            Now it is a little better in our country. The woman (or man) has one year of maternity (parental) leave. I am happy and envied. A year with a child. All year only for a child. Something wonderful, beautiful and touching.

            Internally, break out of despair, when I had give her, such a little one. When she looked at me with those beautiful blue beaming eyes, with such confidence, when we were so good together, and I had to stop it so suddenly and sharply and disappear for 9-11 hours and again and again and again. It’s also hard to catch signals from an infant, I had to believe that she would survive somehow, that it would be sufficiently cared for (although it was impossible for several ladies to control so many babies). This is one of the saddest things I have had to do, I can feel my heart jerking right now. But there was no choice. Actually, I never had time just for my child, except for a short 2-week holiday once a year 🙁


            Waiting for biopsy results. I had the same feelings as you. I am also not afraid of death and I am calmer with each year of my life. In fact, I feel as if I have done my job and could leave; but if I do manage to survive a few more things, I won’t complain 🙂

            And just like you, I would like to live to the moment, when my daughter will be completely independent. By the end of next year, she will be 18 and will be officially grown up. I think, she mentally would already cope, if something happened to me, but she would not have that place to come back to when something goes wrong, when she falls on her knees, so I’d rather stay here a little longer 🙂 It would also be great to be able to observe her life from afar! 🙂 And… if I would find a moment just for myself in some time, it would be the peak of my dreams 🙂

            Back then, my daughter was younger, and although the instructions in the event of my death were always established and written down (+ appropriate documents so that she would not end up with a father who was strange to her), it would have been a big trauma for her. But I had the inner belief, that everything was going to be fine and there was a lot of work to do at that time, so those thoughts were just in the back of my head. Anyway, I wouldn’t give up without a fight, only… thinking about another portion of my duties related to cancer made me feel sick.

            I treat every disease, that appears the same – these are the next annoying duties, ha ha ha 🙂 You can’t give up, act like a disabled person, burden people around with taking care of you (if you really don’t have to!). I always say to my daughter, that as long as my brain is functional and I can cope physical with my life, she shouldn’t worry about me. And when I cannot be independent, I wish that she would send me to the center and not support my life artificially and senselessly (unnecessary expenses and burden). She is to live her life without unnecessary ballast! And for me, a life dependent on someone’s grace, without the possibility of making my own decisions, would be a torment that should be shortened as soon as possible – I am not saying that anymore, because she does not need to know it, but I think so.

            TS, I don’t remember what age your children are, but probably also teenagers between 12-16? It’s great to have siblings! I feel sorry for my daughter as an only child. Heh, when I did not want a child, I “got it”, and when I was in “maternal high” and I wanted a second one, there was no chance for it. On the other hand, a child from another father was unthinkable for me, even when it became clear, that we would no longer be together with N2. I would never let that happen, for various reasons, which were prevailing like: 5 kilograms to 50 grams of weight.


            “A psychic gardener”, waiting outside the entrance to work. Relax. I watch him, but I don’t think he will be a problem anymore.

            1. Due to the fact, that for 90% he found out that I watched him through video surveillance and he was a “topic” at the top of the building (as some employees are thoughtless), I decided that the concept of being invisible would not work anymore. This week I treated him, as I call it, with the eyes of a Basilisk (Basilisk is a dragon, from a old Polish fairy tale for children. Basilisk aroused terror and fear, started fires, wreaked destruction, ate animals and people. Nobody could defeat him, until the moment when a mirror was placed in front of him and he became petrified under the influence of his own destructive gaze). So I looked him straight in the eyes, long contact, my eyes cool and unmoving, as if he were transparent, as if I could not see him, although I do. He first one turned.
            This look has saved my skin many times 🙂

            2. Probably he found out who I was from the monitoring staff, which should also be a protective shield. I do not follow the rules of business dress code, I have these nonsensical orders “in deep respect” 🙂 If I want to dress elegantly, I do it. If I want to show my legs, I do it. If I want to go in jeans and a t-shirt, I do it. I do not pay attention to such details as clothes, it is a pity to waste time on it. And every day I come to work with wet hair, unless it’s summer, then they will dry on the way, ha ha ha 🙂 I don’t know how people put up with me, but somehow they manage, even though I’m so insubordinated 🙂
            In any case, my usual appearance can be deceiving at times.

            Digression: Honestly, I like it a lot. Especially when I’m supposed to get in touch with new people. I like it when, due to very modest or loose clothes, they initially ignore me, do not notice me and treat me “lower”. I love the moment, when we get to the point, where they change their minds and have to treat me equally. This element… of surprise, acceptance, relaxation and rapprochement. As if at that moment, when I feel that I can and want, I suddenly turn on the megaphone: “Now!!! Look at me!”. Damn chameleon, ha ha ha 🙂
            I also like, when people de-stress, spit out that stiff stick, when I “splash” with a joke. It helps me too 🙂

            Sorry, my ability to drift off and digress is terrifying…


            Yes, I agree, it’s more common than many people admit into their consciousness. Much more common.


            I also enjoy reading your comments TS, and a lot of people here. Very sad was the description of your canine friend being put to sleep (it’s good, that you went out and didn’t pass on your nervous emotions to him!). And it was wonderfully beautiful to read your feelings and thoughts. I was smiling, at the vision of your meeting for him at there sometime 🙂 I too, idealize reality in the moments of the greatest pain in the same way. I cover the truth with a translucent screen and do not step outside the screen until I decide I must.
            One of my dogs is 17-18 years old and has lost a lot of strength. The heat exacerbates these symptoms, and it’s only spring. This moment will come soon. I hope she dies quietly in her sleep, and I will sense it or hear it and calmly stroke her… I’ve been through this before. The worst part is the shock, when you discover a dog dead. And the second worst – when you need to dig a hole, wrap in dog in favorite blanket and cover it with soil. I do not send my animals to lie in a cold store in a sack and to be burned. All our family pets are buried close to each other. Grass and flowers grow on them. My sister spends a lot of time there, she badly needs it. I need it less.

            This is my beloved dog. The most beloved of the most beloved. I will miss her faithful eyes. Behind her scent. Behind her “talking”. Behind… I’m done, because I feel humid 🙂 I’m glad that she spent the second half of her life with me, that she trusted and felt at peace.

            I also struggled with remorse in relation to the two animals. The acusation of not looking after my rat’s safety and not noticing the rupture of its incisors. And the accusation of suffocating a sparrow chick (I fed him with a pipette with yolk and I think I “stuffed” him, he died in my hand with his eyes bulging…).


            Thank you, I stick always. Eternal sinusoid – from slight depression to strong euphoria 🙂 Fortunately, the periods of the latter and the states “in between” are much longer than the drops.

            This morning, while joking with my daughter, that she was a “fucking sweet addict” (she forced sugar into her tea), as we both doubled over laughing, I smashed my favorite sugar bowl. I love glass. Vases, decorative bottles, glass containers, platters, jardinieres, fruit bowls, chocolate boxes, plates, cups, fancy carvings, everything! Glass – preferably colored, but only slightly tinted, translucent. I have my favorite glass works, especially one. I can’t afford much and I don’t have so much space at home, but I love to look at it, touch it, admire it. Glass is wonderful (porcelain is boring), smooth, shiny, with a thousand light reflections in lines, protrusions, grooves or “errors”, hard and strong, and brittle at the same time.
            If I didn’t do what I do, I would probably become a steelworker 🙂 It’s a pity it’s so hot 🙂
            Fortunately, I have a second, same sugar bowl, because when I bought them about 10 years ago, I knew that I would feel this loss. This is the most beautiful glass in my home. Aaaah, I could not regret my money and buy three!

            I just wanted to write, that was a duality: a damn hit me, although I was still laughing! 🙂

            I send hugs and greet you very much


          3. Truthseeker6157 says:


            Thank you for your lovely message. I enjoyed reading it very much x.

            My heart went out to you when you described how hard you have worked to put a roof over your daughter’s head and food on the table. Things that must be done. Necessities that must be taken care of. For the time that you lost, being at work when you wanted to be at home with her, this time has also demonstrated what a woman can do alone. Stand on her own two feet, provide, care for herself and her child, rely on herself. This might not be the way that you would have chosen to teach this to your daughter but it has been taught and she will be stronger for it.

            Guilt. Many of us experience it and most often with regards to our children and those we love most. If your child’s father had taken responsibility, had supported your daughter even just financially, this would have allowed you more time together. I’ll say the same to you as you said to me, don’t feel guilty. If anyone should feel guilt, it’s the narcissist. He doesn’t, he won’t, but please try not to carry that burden for him. That is his burden, not yours to carry. Xx

            Your daughter sounds strong, both physically and mentally. My daughter was always messy as a toddler. I used to say that if I could just get her to where we were going, clean, then I was happy. Haha! If there was a puddle to be stepped in, a drink to be spilled, mess to be found, she found it haha! Similarly, now, she just never gets sick. I think it’s down to the dirt haha!

            My daughter is 14, my son 15, they are 13 months apart. We call that ‘Irish Twins’. Argue? My god it’s like a war zone. My son has only grown taller and stronger in the last 6 months. Now, the physical fighting has stopped. It stopped automatically, an unspoken realisation that the physical advantage must never be used. Now, they appreciate each other and there is peace, usually, no physical fights at least. They fought like cat and dog, but, let an outsider come near and the other would appear out of no where and the two were united. I have never understood the sibling rivalry. Both wished they were only children like me, now that has changed, they run into each other socially, each with a different group of friends, but now they acknowledge and chat to each other. Finally! It only took 14 years!

            I can understand the timing wasn’t right for you to have a second child. It’s sad in a way, but it likely also ensured the tight bond between you and your daughter. I can tell you are close. I’m sure you argue too haha, but you’re close.

            We are aligned in our view on the quality of life, death and the way we want it handled. Funnily enough my son mentioned this to me a week or so ago. He worried that I would feel lonely when I’m older and he has his own family. He said he would never see me put in a home with old people, that he would instead bring me to live with him. I told him that I wasn’t going to cook or do his washing haha! I said I was looking forward to being mad and wearing purple. He should leave me to it and not spoil my fun. I got him laughing and told him not to worry about things he can’t predict. I was touched by the sentiment of it though.

            You made me laugh with your eyes of a Basilisk. I had never heard that name before but that emotionless look is one that I have deployed against my mum many times. The drawing in of emotion and the refusal to give anything of myself. It is a looking through or a looking past someone. It’s funny how instinctively we know what is being sought from us without being consciously aware of why. Now I have a name for it!

            18 years for your dog is incredible. That dog is hanging in there! I would wish the same, for them to die in their sleep. There is still the shock, the loss, but I think we all would wish to go calmly in that way (wearing purple). Yes, same here, my dogs were laid to rest in my garden. Sadly we moved so they aren’t with me now, but I couldn’t cremate them either, I wanted them home.

            I saw your note on another thread about you being grateful for the fact that at least some world leaders were supporting Ukraine against Putin. I agree. Boris is a narcissist and is motivated only by what is best for him, but, in the case of Ukraine, I fully endorse his actions. His narcissism is very evolved. He does appear to take the option of ‘protect’ or ‘do the right thing’ on the real big impactful decisions such as Covid or Putin. Then, he totally lets himself down with his lies and self entitlement over things like Partygate. To those who know about narcissism, it’s here he shows his narcissist colours. He has just had a massive fuel injection through beating the no confidence vote. He looks fizzing, you can almost see the fuel running through him just now. As far as Ukraine goes though, I think he has made the right moves. The world is unstable right now, I’d prefer a greater narcissist as prime minister than any other school of narcissist. My view is that almost all politicians are corrupt. I’ll take corrupt with intelligence and a network.

            I really do appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts with me. I know the translation takes a log of time but your depth of meaning always shines through.

            You look after yourself missus!


          4. Another Cat says:

            I read your comments with much compassion about what you went through as a teenager. I feel anger that you and many children were raised to respect the wishes of elderly like that. Boundaries not allowed. I truly understand that you very much try to avoid circumstances which have any risk of making you surrounded or isolated.

  9. December Infinity says:

    This should be interesting. I wonder what HG will have to say in terms of more details about people such as myself who have this contagion element. On that note, I have completed the Empath Detector and it has been confirmed that I am a Contagion Empath. I feel others emotions regularly and I find it draining at times to be around people for extended periods of time. I feel as though I need to hide away somewhere to decompress. I have noticed this contagion element even more now since I have switched from working night shifts for many years to straight days given departmental changes in the hospital where I work. I have to interact with many more people on the day shift and it is busier. I can handle it and I am very knowledgeable which isn’t the issue, but by the time the day is done, I am exhausted emotionally and physically drained.

    1. A Victor says:

      Hi December Infinity, it is nice to see you. Your comment made me realize, I have come to feel my own emotions very intensely but those of others, though I do empathize with them, I do not feel them in the same way as you described. I also am drained by too much time around people but it must be for different reasons. Thank you for sharing, that was an eye-opener regarding a possible difference in schools.

      1. December Infinity says:

        Hi A Victor, I am probably going to hell for mentioning my contagion aspect which I thought would be okay here but then I realized that one isn’t supposed to mention that outside of consultation privacy (sorry HG!! – off to the dungeon I go!!). I always wondered why I would feel the emotions of others and I cannot turn it off and it genuinely affects me. I would also always hear the saying ‘you are too sensitive’ which can mean different things depending on the context, but in terms of feeling the emotions of others it is quite apt. You are lucky you don’t feel the emotions the way I do.

        1. A Victor says:

          December Infinity, I have realized that I am lucky not to feel them as you Contagions do, I think it would be overwhelming! You are doing so well, I read on another comment that you are two years NC!! That is fantastic! And also, you are so right, they are still narcs, we are different! It’s so exciting! Thank you for sharing!

          1. December Infinity says:

            You are welcome A Victor! We are different!

        2. Contagious says:

          I don’t think HG minds if we share cadres. Is it cadres? Seems Super Empaths share lol! Why not us?

      2. Contagious says:

        Wow! Just read that only 1% of people report lucid dreams every week. Not sure where google gets it’s it’s research. Said half people have a lucid dream in a lifetime. My gut says contagion empaths are in this group. We are on to something….there is a different wiring then narcs and my guess is a gene. Narcs are gene plus unstable childhood. What creates a contagion empath?

    2. Gypsy Heart says:

      Hi, DI,

      I know what you mean about feeling emotionally exhausted and physically drained. I experienced this in my career, especially when I was a nurse in the Trauma ICU. I have so much respect for the nurses and hospital staff that are able to work these units. I became : burnt out”, and just couldn’t do it anymore. I became extremely bonded to my patients and their families. It had an extreme emotional impact on me. At one point my nurse manager pulled me into her office and expressed her concern for my emotional wellbeing. She stated that she thought it would be best if I worked in an area where I could see more of my patients recovering and going home. We settled on the specialty of cardiovascular surgery where I could use my intelligence and advanced training and certifications. We had three ICU’s in our hospital and I was still able to float to these units when they were understaffed.

      You are right about how nights seem to be less chaotic. I experienced the difference between day and nightshift in the Trauma ICU. On nights I felt like I had more time to dedicate to the families of my trauma patients. One particular instance a lovely gentleman had decided it was time to take his wife off life support. She was the only patient I had that night. The respiratory therapist and I had to take her down for one final MRI, and we almost lost her multiple times in the elevator and in radiology. I couldn’t even reposition her without her vital signs dropping dramatically. I was able to completely devote my time to her and her husband. He was completely alone that night and after she had passed I spent the rest of my shift listening to him recall stories about her and share pictures of how beautiful she was before she had succumbed to the astrocytoma that had wrapped around her brainstem.

    3. Alexander Chez Eley - Saint Anger. says:

      I resonate with your comment 100% I can sit in Starbucks drinking a cup of tea, for example 12 people in there including the staff.

      Then boom I can feel all this energy coming at me from nowhere, the emotions and feelings of others in Starbucks in my head. Sometimes it’s anxiety, fear I’m sensing from these people.

      Sometimes it’s nice and joyous, but it comes out of nowhere but both experiences come out of nowhere particularly around people. Moreover, I get it from the weather to, good or bad weather.

      I also get it from animals on a massive scale, I also get it from the plants, grass in the garden, the flowers, the trees, the wind etc.

      I get it from narcs to, I can feel their fear and anxiety rising up in my stomach and going up my chest to my head when they are near me. I know it ain’t from me this fear cos I ain’t afraid at that juncture.

      Around other narcs I feel polluted, like sewerage is flowing through my body and mind, as well as over my face externally like some kind of giant parasitic leech spiritualy has slowly just crawled over my face, horrible it is.

      Around other people normals and narcs I get drained and I have to get away to my home, not nature unless it’s the beach cos around tree’s I get negative energy off them coming at me.

      Thank you for your share. Hope you can resonate with my experience. Bless u. Saint Anger.

      1. Viol. says:

        I can usually read children (especially pre-verbal) and animals, but I often have tremendous difficulty reading adults. Their facial expressions don’t match their voices, or their gestures don’t match their words. It’s like having the radio on to the left, the TV on to the right, somebody tapdancing in front, and somebody playing the bagpipes in back. I’m not sure which message is the “real” one or which one I have to pretend to believe to avoid trouble. Frankly, I’d rather avoid the whole thing and go pet a puppy.

        This is less likely to happen when doing theatre, because we’re all show-offs who’ve made the decision that we have be able to work with others, or no one will cast us and we won’t get to show off anymore. Nobody pretends to be modest.

  10. alexissmith2016 says:

    So looking forward to this! I’m pretty certain one of my grandmother’s was a contagion. During dinner over the weekend, my aunt (also a contender for contagion but has an LD which makes it more difficult to observe the extent) was reminding us how she (my aunt), my grandmother and great grandmother would only need to see a person or even an animal being sick and they would instantly follow. She was telling us of a time when the three of them were together and their dog vomited, which prompted all three of them to be sick. I mean it sounds hilarious but must be extremely emotionally exhausting for them.

    My grandmother, without exception was the kindest and most loving person I could have had involved in my life. It was clear she was in anguish when others experienced physical or emotional pain and she would have readily taken that on herself for them not to experience it. In fact, I’m certain it would have been far less painful for her to have experienced it directly as opposed to witnessing/ being aware of someone else experience it.

    1. Alexander Chez Eley - Saint Anger. says:

      This is me to. If I see an animal suffering in an advert on you tube and look at it to long.

      Boom I go into a meltdown and start crying and sobbing like a little boy cos i can feel the animals sadness and loneliness in my head.

      I thought for years it was just me, but it ain’t it’s the contagion at high level.

      I don’t mean movies where there’s music, tone, acting etc that can bring the tears on. But real live documentaries with no music, tone, acting etc.

      Same with little children in pain I will burst out in tears also etc.

      However, once the sobbing has stopped i will go into an emotional rage and I want to beat the shit out of those people causing the innocent animals and children pain. Obviously I don’t attack people, just how I feel.

      Also I get the crying, sobbing and rage and anger at the same time to. Ambivalence.

      Hope you resonate with this. Bless you.

      Saint Anger.

      1. Contagious says:

        Does it work in reverse? I have found that seeing a movie such as a movie where the little guy beats the system empowers me. Sometimes when feeling low I need to read a book or watch an empowering movie as it inflames me. But like you, I am ashamed but I can’t watch shows on animal cruelty or even visit shelters as I want to donate a lot or rescue everyone. I just break. I look at one dog in a shelter and break. Thank God there are those who have the ability to do it. It’s like the military. I could not. But I am grateful!

        1. countalexula says:

          Hello sister. I trust your well?

          My apologies for the late reply.

          Yes that’s a huge justice trait in you in feeling empowered when the good guys bring justice, all normal and healthy.

          All empath types have the contagion in them to absorb the emotions of others.

          But us contagion empaths have it at higher levels, some contagion empaths have it at higher levels than other other contagion empaths. Blessings.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Not all empaths have the contagion element and you are not a contagion empath.

        2. Rebecca says:


          I do have Contagion in me and I noticed it being triggered in me yesterday. I went out with my best friend and her daughter with ADHD. I noticed as her daughter’s hyperactivity changed to anxiety, I felt the change and I felt her anxiety and it made me feel like I had to get out of the building and stand in the quiet for a bit. My heart was racing and I felt like screaming out the cluster of energy I got from her. It happens to me whenever someone I’m close to is experiencing high emotions, whether it be grief, fear, anxiety etc I experience it like it’s my own feeling and whenever I try to explain it, some people start calling me a witch, magical, seer or crazy. I’ve been told I’m a natural witch. I don’t know how to react to that, but when it happens it’s sometimes disturbing to me because of what people say about it. I would like to know, in your opinion, how I developed this ability and why? I have other family members who have this ability too. I’m looking forward to learning more about it.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Rebecca, I understand what you say. I didn’t know I had a significant contagion element but sometimes I got feelings out of nowhere that had nothing to do with my personal situation. I would be feeling great and then start having anxiety or felt very mad for no reason. I am very happy it came out in my ED because now at least I know those feelings sometimes do not belong to me. The other day my husband was frustrated about work while I was feeling calm. I started feeling overwhelmed and I recognized what was going on. I talked to him and tried to listen to his problems and support him, but after a while I told him I needed to go for a run because his frustration was invading me. He totally understood. Thankfully he is an Empath too so he doesn’t look at me like I’m a weirdo when I say these things.

  11. A C says:


  12. Contagious says:

    One last thing and it’s about HG who I have consulted a few times. My sense is he has a pure knowledge of narcs and psychotics and dark or heavy beings. I have consulted and watched and read others in his field. While at least one I know is intellectually knowledgeable, I just think most don’t truly grasp or get it. It’s a soul knowledge almost with HG. He is the real deal in this regard in my perception and feeling. No offense but when I have spoke to him, it’s an uncomfortable depth for lack of a better word but a true one. He is what he says and is the most knowledgeable person I have met. Conscious and unconscious veracity. And in this feeling of solidity… he won’t change. So I guess lucky us !

    1. A Victor says:

      Oh wow Contagious! I have a friend who listened to a few videos but had to stop because of “HG’s darkness on a soul level” , she felt it affecting her soul and couldn’t handle it. She is a trained therapist, works with children and teens, so it really surprised me, but now maybe it makes sense. Thank you so much and also PAWA, for sharing your experiences. Very interesting. I see similarities, I have very vivid dreams also, but I am always me in them, for example. Very interesting to read both your experiences and really excited to read HG’s work regarding empaths.

      1. Alexander Chez Eley - Saint Anger. says:

        Yes I get that from hg to I sense absolute pure evil coming out of hg when I hear his voice in his u tube videos.

        No disrespect to u hg, I’m just being honest. I ain’t afraid of his voice of him, I either get very sad, down when he talks. Or I get extremely angry.

        Bless u.

        Saint Anger.

        1. Joa says:

          HG is an ordinary flesh and blood man.

          No darkness, no whirling petals or a person with special powers.

          It is nice and mysterious here, there is scope for vivid imagination. But let’s not forget, that HG is a human being – with all its advantages and disabilities (oops!) 🙂

          The main thing is that you can learn something about yourself.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            There’s nothing ordinary about me.

          2. Joa says:

            Of course, intelligent, with many talents and arousing curiosity, I managed to notice 🙂

            I wanted to take off the magic cloak, that sometimes shows up here.

          3. Contagious says:

            Joa: HG is a man. Yes. But no man is the same. HG has created a blog that I personally find revealing on an intimate and global level. I think he will ultimately change psychology on cluster B and be read in the books at school. I admire him and enjoy him. I learn from him and cannot escape his knowledge or lessons. But I always delve deeper with people and describe my inner personal experiences or instinct here and only here. Nowhere else. I stand by my feeling of COLD logic and a feeling of coldness. That’s all I can say. He is respectful to all. That gives a feeling of warmth but not what I experience inside him when consulting. This is not an intended slight. It’s like a weather person stating the weather. When I talked to him in Southern California, it made me appreciative but my body felt cold. It was not this person is cold. Not at all. He was respectful, insightful and may I say it “ kind.” But my insight, my perception, my feeling … chill. An observation.

          4. Joa says:

            Contagious, yes, HG is something different to everyone here.

            There is a lot of scope for the imagination.

      2. Contagious says:

        Cold hard logic. It’s cold. In my dreams, the Truth that came with a prophetic message was freezing cold. I get shivers sometimes from a feeling of truth. HG will hate this but I wonder if he is gifted with Truth. Gifted.

        1. Truthseeker6157 says:


          I think the thing with truth is, if it is entirely unfettered then it becomes narcissistic in nature and not empathic.

          In the case of narcissism, HG has no issue delivering cold hard logic, no issue telling us the truth about our own ensnarements. He has no empathy and feels no need to ‘soften the blow’ as an empathic person might.

          In this context, it works perfectly. For the empath, I don’t believe it is possible for us to deliver the full truth 100% of the time, particularly in personal / face to face interactions The truth can be hurtful, our empathy catches this fact and causes us to soften the full truth. We are protecting the listener from pain because we understand that often, truth hurts. Push too hard with the truth and you risk losing the communication, the listener backs off, removing any gradual benefit from a drip drip approach, they might otherwise have had.

          “Does my bum look big in this?”
          “Yes, You look fat in that. Take it off. Burn it.”


          “Does my bum look big in this?”
          “I’ve seen you look nicer. That outfit isn’t all that flattering on you.”

          I don’t advocate lying, I just think cold hard logic is tough for the empath to deliver. Our empathy for the feelings of the listener prevents full disclosure.

          Maybe it’s just me. Xx

        2. A Victor says:

          Contagion, it is interesting. For me his logic is reassuring, not cold, it makes sense of the world for me. I want to think this way for myself also, because it makes me feel safe and in control, but until I have the skill to use it routinely, I am so thankful I can put things out there for HG to give me the logic on, I learn from this and it settles me to understand things.

  13. Contagious says:

    Ok I will be truly vulnerable. My whole life I have had “ these dreams.” Very young they were religious. As I aged they changed. They differ. Some are lucid, 5 senses, like living in a real movie. They take me places time and again to places I have never been. Conversations with people I have never met. Yes, I have talked to my loved ones who showed me another place in their dreams. I have had dreams that predicted things like my sons premature birth by date. My best friend in law schools time of death and the motive that I only learned from family in the third trial. Recently I had dreams of specific friends who needed me to find out a mother or boyfriend had died. This week I had an unusual dream about a mean girl and she was brunette iRobot the next day to encounter a brunette woman who confronted me unusually at the dog park. I have written two books on dreams. To be published soon. I am not a writer. These stories were just dreams I felt to write. I have one more. Just 3. Many of my Best ideas for my legal cases come in dreams. I am just stumped. I have asked everyone: priests, atheists, dream “ specialists” , “ psychics” I have never have really not had psychic experiences outside of dreams. I read empathy dream different. I read many artists get ideas in dreams. I am an attorney but also artistic. Paul McCartney had a dream about his mother coming to him saying “ let it be” and wrote a song. Many artists get their art from dreams.HG found me to be a contagion. This “ contagious” moniker. Perhaps a bad choice with Covid. Lol. I know how people feel or what’s up. People and animals come to me. I have that vibe and I don’t mind but I need to isolate with nature to recharge. But I have never had a scientific or any explanation for my dreams. Ok. Big exposure. Going out on a limb. I feel that there is a connection beyond this Earth. Beyond what we know. There was a atheist neurologist who wrote a book who was “ brain dead” yet he woke up and recalled being in murk until he heard music, saw light and he said there was no was in his neurological experience this made sense. His brain was dead. As a contagion with narcs. I think we feel them. There is a void. We hear the voice. But something is off. But as empathy we want to help. We think we can fix it. I don’t think a fix exists. This is where as a contagion I am perplexed. Why the dreams. Why the help. Why the connection. Yet no insight to fix a neurological condition that is wired. Why can’t it be un-wired. I know sounds amateurish. But I feel fundamentally that there is an answer. I just don’t know it. I don’t even understand myself entirely as I can’t stop the dreams. I went to a dream seminar and there were lots of people there. I knew I was different when no one dreamed like me at all. One person had a lucid dream. Hello contagions? Please please join me and give me your experiences and how you handle a soul that includes a grown man and broken child inside one person … what I feel inside me as a narc.

    1. Contagious says:

      Since I am going way out in a limb and you will probably find me false or strange and I don’t want to give my creds to show I have lived a stable normal middle class life… I have had odd experiences with nature… one example… once … I used to feed ducks and there is no pond by us, I live by the ocean but when it rains heavy the sea bluffs create lakes with bluffs come and they used to arrive daily in the morning… ok no shock they were there as I fed them. But one day hundreds if crows surrounded them on trees. Ok no shock as competitors? But… the ducks went so I fed the fries and it was nothing like I saw before. I wish I had videotaped the whole thing. They did a dance. One swooped, hovered, the next went. So on. They singularly fed what I threw and the rest stayed. Anyway I probably just don’t know crows and their behavior. I asked a crow rescue group and she said I saw the crow dance. ??? Again…this is one example. Nature is relevant to contagions. But HG? Narcs? You write poetically at times if walking in a snowy Forrest. Narcs seem to love nature too. ? I don’t expect this to be published. But if it is… but I feel contagions have a close connection to nature. And how we react to narcs is somehow connected to that? It’s a recognition of a feral being.

      1. Contagious says:

        Crows not fries * Got to love spell check.

        1. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

          I hear you 🙂 Everything comes to me in dreams. It is comforting to know there are others out there. I am also creative… it would be interesting if your spiritual dreams reflect my own 🙂

          The dreams I have are set apart from normal dreams in that they are vivid and I am am very aware that I am dreaming.

          In a good percentage of them I am rarely me. I walk in the shoes of another and this could be a man, women, or child from any background. I experience their thoughts and actions. I am also aware of my own thoughts running parallel to theirs and usually need to pay close attention to identifying markers so that I may know to whom they may pertain.

          I also jump between people in the dream.

          The problem I have is; people rarely envision themselves whilst I am in their head and their own perception of themselves may not be how I perceive them. If I have visited their home and the dream happens there, then this makes things easier. Unfortunately this is rarely the case.

          They may be in a place and with people I do not recognise and the chances of them looking in a mirror or of me catching a glimpse of them in a window are slim. To make things even more complicated – I may be seeing glimpses of their childhood or future selves.

          Then there are the times I walk in the footsteps of people I have never met, or will ever meet.

          One about Boris – Before the election..

          ‘One leader deemed to have betrayed them replaced by another, will themselves be betrayed by the allie who put them there.
          Food not fit for them, will be fed to the donkeys braying outside.
          It will not kill them in the short term.
          An apple will be turned down for the promise of a more substantial meal later.
          This meal will never materialize.
          The ally who is considered a friend will take what they can from the meager coffers and ride away to safety.
          Dogs will be be sent and will snap at their heels’ 

          I too have written a book about the dreams – not in my name and only published as evidence of them coming to pass – that they were dreamed before it happened. COVID – the war etc.

          Sleep paralysis is annoying – but is it just my mind working things out?

          1. Gypsy Heart says:

            Hi Contagious and PaWA,

            I am really glad I found your comments about how you experience your feelings and dreams. I experience my feelings and dreams this way too. Many times in my dreams I am someone else and I am with people I do not know but seem to know in the dreams. I remember dreams from many different time periods including some of those dreams from my chdhood. I will often repeat dreams occasionally, or sometimes repetitively, even some from my childhood.

            Sometimes being around other people especially if there are a lot of intense feelings and drama going on I feel I need to isolate. I am currently doing that now. It is almost like with a baby whose neurogical system is developing or a stroke patient whose neurological system is damaged and they become overstimulated and need to withdraw from this stimulation.

            I have always noticed that my memory works differently then most people around me and my daughters memory works the same way. Her dad always made fun of us about that.

            I have also had dreams about things before they happen and my daughter seems to do this too.

            Even things that my daughter would state seem to come true. Friends, family….we all were amazed when at one point she wanted a chihuahua and I explained to her that they weren’t the best breed for children because I know they are snappy. At that time she was in early gradeschool She lived, breathed and dreamt chihuahuas and wrote stories to turn into school. Amazingly enough a completely hairless, mange covered chihuahua puppy showed up on our porch the night of a snow blizzard and we adopted it.

            Alright big coincidence, right? She did it again very shortly after that. She had a sticker of a longhaired chihuahua on her nintendo 3DS that she named Taco. Guess what we ended up with one that looked exactly like the sticker. We also adopted this one when we couldn’t find an owner.

            But then years later when we had moved to the country she decided she wanted a Husky. One gets dumped in our neighborhood. The area we lived in was a popular dumping spot for large breed dogs approximately a year old. The neighbors told us it was our turn to adopt and the Husky became part of our family.

            Idk, maybe this could all be coincidental, but it is certainly odd (like me),


          2. Contagious says:

            Psychology and world affair, easier name? Lol I am fascinated by your reply. We are alike. It’s like being another comfortable world that you know as real as the world you live in. I wonder if “prophets” were just contagions with dreams. Your dream about Boris sounds like a prophecy or a message to you. It sounds like me that it’s a full 5 sense alternative but when you awaken you realize it was just a dream but you have questions. Especially: what just happened? Who was that? What does this mean? Like two nights ago, after my trial, I got an unexpected dream of going to my neighbors deceased friends party. It’s like a movie. I am there. Not pretending to be there and not like you in other person. I hardly know him, he died at 81 a few years ago, and there was a dark hair women in the back room of the party. I entered and sat down. I looked at her and her at me. . . But her eyes were like looking at stars at night and she took my hand and told me I was a “ closed window.” Whatever that means. I woke up concerned about Barb my neighbor as her deceased friend asked me to help Barb at the party. Do some cleaning or cooking. I called her and she was ok . I discovered that she was recovering from hip surgery last week. None of this makes sense. Never does. But you are the very first contagion with dreams like me. The first. There is something there. I did not write two books on dreams. I dreamed three books and wrote two. The details are so detailed it was there. I just put in on paper. One is a legal thriller called Harmless Error. One is a childrens book called Sparkles Saves Christmas (a dream Christmas Eve) and the other is complicated as it was a dream within a dream where I fall asleep and my dream is in a mythology I had to research. Never read anything about this particular mythology. At least that I can recall… yet every pic was a pic from my dream. I would need to go back to my journal to even remember it now. I don’t. HG said he does not dream. So… this is a tip. Perhaps Narcs don’t ( or some) and Empaths do. I think contagions do. I bet we will find more like us. I have a no scientific theory. But I have read empaths in general dream different. I have read contagions also mimic others emotions why we get sick if they do. In my case, I don’t. But I can feel what they are feeling and it compels me. It’s why people comment how the dogs in a park run to me. Etc… I think they sense. But as to narcs, like anyone you know it’s off. My instinct is to heal. Foolish. Or if I meet someone really dark, you feel a forever hole, like air going on forever through someone or a foreboding feel like entering a dark alley. I had a case involving a Mexican mob backed construction company and the FBI had raided their offices and made arrests. My case was civil. My client was due money. But the criminal attorney was also the civil attorney. Rich. Built like an athelite. The way he stared at me in depositions… I found it uncomfortable to look at his goat eyes. I wanted to take a shower everyday the deposition ended. I stood up to him as he was finding my clients ex retired employees on vacation and threatening him. I reported his conduct to the court and sought injunctions. He called me and whispered that I should not have done that. That night I woke up to modelo beers and cigarettes in my kitchen and a dead rat in my carport. Someone had been in my locked house. We settled the case. I hope I never see him ever again. No contact can be a payer at times. Lol That was years ago. My dreams have given me warning. My ex husband would appear at times in my dreams as a thief and had a snake ummm as his anatomy. He was diagnosed as antisocial. Wonder if your dreams help spot narcs? My ET has not stopped me at times but I tend to remove myself. You?

            I would love to know there was an explanation for these dreams I have had since a child. It seems to me to be more than a creative mind. I think so anyway.

          3. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

            Hi Contagious,

            Pawa – is fine 🙂 I apologise for the late reply – I do not get notified for some reason.

            Wow yes I fully get what you are saying.

            My dreams have not helped me with regards to narc’s. Most have crossed a line before any serious attachment was formed. All except one and he did enough damage to me to last several lifetimes. I actually think my dreams about the abuse he went through helped him – rather than me.

            I also have had thoughts that the prophets were people like us. It would make sense. My mom and Aunt are also Contagion. My mom is not as strong – but my Aunt also experiences this to a degree.

            Hearing others accounts is very comforting – maybe I am not as crazy as I think.

            Do you ever see auras around people? I do sometimes (not all the time and I cannot always do it as a matter of course). I remember once a guy who lived close coming to threaten us and seeing a black aura around him. Normally I say nothing – but I had never seen such a blackness around somebody before. He said it showed I should be scared of him. His response – (he did not get what I was trying to say) – made me just stare at him mouth open. He died 2 weeks later – he committed suicide.

            I also wonder if Sleep paralysis is what causes people to report astral projection/out of body experiences?

            I think I am up – maybe walking down the hallway – or even leaving the house. Than I realise I am still flat on my back in bed. I make a concentrated effort to move = wiggle my fingers. I think I am up – haha no – I get so far and have to come back to my body and try again. This might happen several times. My Aunt also gets this – but for her it is scary with things trying to get her. I was thankfully able to help her move past this – so for her like me – it is just bloody annoying.

            I get the animal thing too. I have a dog. When he takes a random dislike to people – is it him feeling my response to their energy? Or does he also pick up on their energy and emotions?

            For cuteness = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZxTNGW6dUc&ab_channel=ClaireAbbott

            I have so many questions…

          4. Truthseeker6157 says:


            That’s interesting about the transparent paper. I could describe the couple of times that I have seen things in a very similar way. I can see the real life scene, but an additional image gets laid over the top.

            The feeling you describe where your life flashes before your eyes but all at once, is similar to the rapid rate of information that came in when I was painting. In some ways you could link that to brain filing. When you are just falling asleep or just waking up the barrier between the conscious and subconscious mind is at its thinnest. Similarly meditation practitioners or those who can self hypnotise into a trance like state claim to access the subconscious. Dreams are often said to be a result of the filing that takes place in the subconscious mind at the end of the day. It’s possible that occasionally we are accessing our subconscious mind but for a very brief period of time.

            Deja vu is said to work similarly. The accessing of information that the subconscious mind noticed but that the conscious mind missed. Put them together and it feels as though you have seen the scene before. Very brief temporal lobe seizures are thought to be responsible for deja vu.

            People can also have focal seizures where they can appear to drift off into a kind of daydream state, awake yet asleep. Some wake up and feel that they have lost time. More severe seizures are obviously linked to epilepsy.

            I could buy in to explanations similar to those listed above. Similarly patterns and the prophetic nature of dreams. It’s very possible that some people subconsciously notice patterns taking place in events around them and are actually drawing logical conclusions from those patterns. The finding of patterns and the link to autism would make sense because the way the autistic brain filters information is different to the non autistic brain. It’s far broader. Far much more information is taken in by the autistic conscious mind and needs to be sorted. Various things point to information sorting and the communication between the conscious and subconscious mind.

            Aside from the more scientific explanations I think Contagion very much depends on the person experiencing it, their faith, belief systems and overall essence in terms of how the experience is interpreted. I’m not entirely sure what my beliefs are in terms of the contagion I experience.

            I have never had a near death experience. My heart went out to you when you explained how you had yours.


          5. Gypsy Heart says:

            Thank you for your comment truthseeker,

            I rarely talk about these experiences because it is so outside of the box and I don’t want to seem like a complete lunatic. I would like to do some more research about these topics now that I’m at a point in my life where I have more time. It is a relief to know there are people out there who also have experiences that are similar and now there is a forum that I can come to discuss these topics.

          6. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

            Decided to see what they say about Aura’s…Shoot me now = I am crazy…

            ‘While some with the ability believe it to be paranormal, studies have found that auras are most like likely the result of a neuropsychological condition called synesthesia. It’s basically a cross-wiring of the senses that is found in 1 in 2,000 people, or even more among those who are on the autistic spectrum’. https://www.higgypop.com/news/seeing-auras/

            Autism again!!!

            It does state it is our perception which causes the colour. Unconscious Sherlock Holmes types??hahaha – no but seriously…

            I think I preferred seeing the world differently ie (consciousness is a dream) and quantum physics theory …

        2. Truthseeker6157 says:


          I am not a Contagion empath but have a strong Contagion element.

          I can identify with all of what you state here but in a watered down way. People do drain me, busy places drain me a lot. It’s noise, but not in the way that people usually imagine noisy.

          I have vivid dreams also. My dreams are indicators but I don’t look to them for accuracy. I have horrific dreams sometimes. I described one once and the person listening to me advised me not to tell anyone else in case I risked being committed haha! Fair point, well made.

          My dad is stronger in Contagion than I am. He has seen and heard all sorts of things that technically ‘aren’t there’. I am aware that I have that in me, but have no desire to see things normal people don’t see.

          I have to be careful when my mind is empty. I have a very busy mind usually, But occasionally if I task, something mundane and I’m not thinking, just empty headed, I can get caught out. I have thoughts that aren’t my thoughts, they sit outside of my own. Difficult to describe.

          I remember painting the kitchen once. I was up the step ladders, alone, just painting. Summer day, nothing odd about it. Slowly but surely I became bombarded with external thoughts. A partial number plate, colour and make of car, a name, a street name, a place name, different people, different voices, some male, some female, all saying different things. Not talking to me as such, just snippets of information. Far too much information at once. It was a bit like being in the centre of an auditorium and everyone in there talking at the same time. Noise. Disjointed, meaningless, this feeling of pressure in my mind, a pushing in feeling as I pushed back.

          I descended the step ladders brush still in hand. Walked over to the radio on the side and put it on. I wanted to hear life, real time. I purposely sang along to the music to hear my own voice and as I sang along and pushed back, the noise just stopped. I rarely task now without music or tv in the background. The best way I can describe it is that everyone has an inner voice. Your own thought voice. Hearing voices is not like hearing someone talk to you normally. It’s like thought voices that you know aren’t yours. Great. I hear voices, send the white van round.

          Similar with seeing things, I’ve only been surprised by that once or twice. You don’t see things as you would normally. For me it’s like a thought that is placed over the real life scene that I am looking at. I’ve had that happen only a couple of times.

          Animals, very similar. There was a family of deer that used to come late at night when I lived in SC. I sat on the grass and little by little they came within touching distance. I didn’t reach out, I just let them come. Deer are mystical creatures, to me they are, they have such a calmness about them, I loved that feeling when they were close. Any animal seems to come to me. My kids love to see that happen. They watch but don’t interrupt, it’s kind of a respect for what’s going on without a need to get involved.

          That’s the problem with Contagion, it sounds weird, it sounds like I am a fantasist or teetering into schizophrenia. I’m not, I can assure you I’m normal, I think there’s just an awareness there that many people have either lost or don’t pay attention to.

          Contagion isn’t the lead school so I’m not plagued by it but it’s definitely there and from a people reading perspective I see feeling the emotions of others as an advantage and something I very much rely upon.

          I didn’t sense dark within HG when I spoke with him. I’m not a strong enough contagion though. I can’t read much from a distance, I need to have someone in front of me to feel them. If anything I’d say he has a strong energy or a strong presence. I can’t get a picture of HG in my mind. That’s unusual, I visualise a lot but he has no picture. I even have a description of him appearance wise, but when I speak to him I can’t visualise him at all. I see him as swirling black and gold flakes. Useful. Haha!


          1. A Victor says:

            Interesting TS, I don’t see HG as dark either, nor as a strong energy/presence. I see him how I believe him to look, a combo of what he has shared in various places and also what’s on Instagram. It goes back to the image visual for me. My friend, whom I believe is a strong Contagion, felt him, it was the first I’d heard of this.

            I wonder if Contagions have an awareness others just never have to begin with. I wonder if it makes Contagions really effective as police interrogators, though it could be harmful to them also possibly. Excited for HG’s work on this!

          2. Hi TS,

            I can relate to some extent (not voices as such – just an inner vision and I know I need to pay attention – more about inner images in my minds eye rather than voices or actually seeing things. I think and remember in pictures (dyslexia).

            If there is a discrepancy between images – I have to understand why.

            I think you may have a greater contagion element than you think xx

            ( HG – it has just occurred to me the link in last reply might not be appropriate – please do delete if needed 😉 )

          3. Gypsy Heart says:

            Also another aspect that I was wondering if anyone else here has felt is the life flashing before you when you have a near death experience? I have had many near death experiences from physical abuse as a child as well as being in a natural disaster (EF5 tornado).

            In these instances my life flashed before my eyes, but it wasn’t in succinct linear form. It was everything all in one moment like being surrounded by the brightest light that gets swallowed up and flows and converges in an instant to one small point. It was like vagaries as far as the 5 senses go but mostly felt like a sixth sense. You know how every moment has it’s own particular feel. Like feeling relaxed and at ease on a beach vacation and even if you go back years later to that same spot it has a different feel.

            Also my dreams, thoughts, and memory work differently than those around me. I experience multiple thoughts and dreams also all at the same time. I picture it as many transparent pages that all have different information on them and then you can stack them on top of each other and view them all together. I see patterns this way too. I will have multiple dreams all at the same time like this. Also when I am awake I will have flashes of dreams or memories all in an instant. My memory definately works differently than other people. It works differently than my father and brother also. They both had eidetic memories. There has to be something genetic here because many of my daughters statements indicate that her memory and dreams work the way mine does and her father would often make fun of us both. Anyway just curious if anyone else experiences this?

          4. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Hello Psychology 🙂

            Yes, a lot seems to take place in my mind’s eye, even the hearing element is heard within not from outside of myself. I’m not sure how the contagion element works if it isn’t your main school. I’m not sure if it makes that element weaker than a full Contagion or if it’s to do with rate of usage or preference. The lead school being the ‘go to’ School without that necessarily meaning the Contagion element is weaker when it’s experienced. I’m not sure about the interplay between the various school components within the empath.

            There are lots of things I can’t do from a distance that full Contagions can and I think that whilst I experience certain things very acutely I don’t experience them on a daily basis, other than feeling the energy of people or ‘reading’ people. I lack the fine tuning, plus I’m cynical so tend to disregard or explain away occasional events because they don’t happen often enough for me to sit up and take notice.
            I’m very curious to learn more about HG’s view of the Contagion empath. I’m also very curious to read how the other empaths here experience and interpret their Contagion. I will say that I value my Contagion element, I really wouldn’t want to be without it.

            I believe in the interconnectedness of things as you do. I hold very similar views to your description of everything comprising of atoms which themselves are just energy. I do believe that all living things are linked in some way, to neglect one aspect impacts the rest. The balance of things. I suppose I sit somewhere in the middle of the scientific and the completely unprovable / instinctive approach. A fence sitter! Haha!

            Really interesting to read your thoughts Psychology.


          5. Truthseeker6157 says:


            I think an empath would work incredibly well as victim support but I also think the Contagion element would make that incredibly difficult to switch off from. I think it might be damaging for any empath to link in to such trauma on such a regular basis.

            I see what you mean with police interrogator. The Contagion element would be useful at the start I think. The problem though is that whilst the Contagion would likely be accurate, the other empathic traits might get in the way of, or override it. Compassion, desire to heal and fix. If those behaviours kick in then the Contagion likely gets drowned out. We would begin to hear what we want to hear, feel sorry for the perpetrator because he has an horrendous back story etc. Any advantage we have would likely be lost.

            Honestly, I think the ideal police interrogator is the psychopath. No empathy to be used against him. Not distracted by compassion etc. Essentially a human computer that would sit and analyse every detail. Every inflection in the voice, every item of body language. Someone who spots the inconsistencies and capitalises on them mercilessly.

          6. A Victor says:

            TS, yes, you are correct, better as victim support but also so taxing for them. And yes, the psychopath would do better as an interrogator. Thank you.

          7. Contagious says:

            Truthseeker: I played with deer four years in Connecticut. Yes, gentle life sources. But your experiences are fascinating but I don’t have the same. Not exactly. A few times I have heard a voice. When I was young, very young, I thought it was God. ??? But I don’t hear voices. I don’t think you have any mental illness or because of my dreams I am equally insane. I don’t think we are insane. What we are??? Contagion??? What’s that??? As to HG, It’s a feeling. Not sure maybe dark is the right word. It’s a feeling of cold wind without ending. I have visualized him in personal form. But we will never know if I am correct lol. It’s interesting that you are creative. Many creative types had art from dreams.

          8. HG Tudor says:

            Better than being described as hot wind I suppose.

          9. StrongerWendy says:

            Ha ha!

          10. Truthseeker6157 says:

            “Better than being described as hot wind I suppose.”

            Or black and gold KitKat wrappers. Things are looking up!

          11. Truthseeker6157 says:


            I don’t think we’re crazy, more aware / more tuned in perhaps. I’ll admit voices is a bad one haha! That said it happens only when I’m in a very specific state of mind. This is also likely why I am opposed to anything like yoga, meditation etc. I’ll push back hard against anything that involves that “empty your mind” approach.

            I think we seem to take in more information than many people. If you take HG as an example. He reads people cognitively. He has trained himself to recognise micro expressions, body language, phrasing, intonation, eye movements and more besides. We don’t do this cognitively. We don’t look at a person and think, “He just touched his mouth there, he is an ex smoker and that question just stressed him out.” We are processing similar cues subconsciously though. Probably, because at some period in our lives we needed to have the heads up as to what was about to happen next. It’s possible that feeling the energy or emotions of another person is just an extension to us needing and being able to spot these cues. Like many things to do with the empath, it’s likely based on self defence.

            Our differences might be to do with how that extra information we receive is processed. Some Contagions might be more visual, some more auditory, some a mixture. Almost like learning styles.

            The question then would be, where is this extra information coming from? I’d have to go with the subconscious. Our conscious mind takes up less than 5% of our brain power. What’s happening with the other 95% then? Is it watching Netflix eating Doritos?

            My grandma woke up one night to see my grandad standing looking at her at the foot of the bed. My grandad had died several months earlier. Was this a memory? A waking dream? A recording of the past pulled from the subconscious mind into the conscious mind where it was ‘seen’? That same time again, the no man’s land between asleep and awake. I asked her “What did you do?” She said, “Well it was your grandad wasn’t it? I turned over and went back to sleep.” Haha! Technically she saw a ghost, but did she? Or, was that image of my grandfather standing there drawn from her subconscious? It very much depends on your belief system, again, personal to the individual.

            I love the fact that you played with deer in Connecticut. They are very aloof, but they feel very much like they are looking into you, sensing. Those deer must have liked what they felt.


      2. Hi Contagious,

        Pawa – is fine 🙂 I apologise for the late reply – I do not get notified for some reason.

        Wow yes I fully get what you are saying.

        My dreams have not helped me with regards to narc’s. Most have crossed a line before any serious attachment was formed. All except one and he did enough damage to me to last several lifetimes. I actually think my dreams about the abuse he went through helped him – rather than me.

        I also have had thoughts that the prophets were people like us. It would make sense. My mom and Aunt are also Contagion. My mom is not as strong – but my Aunt also experiences this to a degree.

        Hearing others accounts is very comforting – maybe I am not as crazy as I think.

        Do you ever see auras around people? I do sometimes (not all the time and I cannot always do it as a matter of course). I remember once a guy who lived close coming to threaten us and seeing a black aura around him. Normally I say nothing – but I had never seen such a blackness around somebody before. He said it showed I should be scared of him. His response – (he did not get what I was trying to say) – made me just stare at him mouth open. He died 2 weeks later – he committed suicide.

        I also wonder if Sleep paralysis is what causes people to report astral projection/out of body experiences?

        I think I am up – maybe walking down the hallway – or even leaving the house. Than I realise I am still flat on my back in bed. I make a concentrated effort to move = wiggle my fingers. I think I am up – haha no – I get so far and have to come back to my body and try again. This might happen several times. My Aunt also gets this – but for her it is scary with things trying to get her. I was thankfully able to help her move past this – so for her like me – it is just bloody annoying.

        I get the animal thing too. I have a dog. When he takes a random dislike to people – is it him feeling my response to their energy? Or does he also pick up on their energy and emotions?

        I have so many questions…

        1. Contagious says:

          Pawa: I don’t know the science. But I have visited both places I have never been to in real life and revisited people and places multiple times that I have known over a lifetime! I have also visited loved ones in places not my own. I have absolutely no idea why. And that feeling you had where you test yourself to see if you are actually still here in your bed. Yes. Oh my God yes. I know that feeling. You aren’t alone. Many times. And as to your dog…. Any dog owner knows they are contagions…. They know people as good or bad before us … if smart. Most Dogs “ sense” like we “ sense”. I must admit my frenchie is not very intuitive, lol. I must say I don’t buy into this idea of knowing a pattern. Not if the people and places don’t exist in real time.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Dogs sense on will this person feed me or not.

          2. Asp Emp says:

            HG, yes, they tend to come to you and expect to be fed. Sometimes they can smell the food before the human can / does. My dog very rarely came into the kitchen unless I started cooking meat.

          3. WhoCares says:


            “Dogs sense on will this person feed me or not.”

            My neighbour’s Siberian husky considers me part of “the pack’. She will pull and lunge on her owner’s leash when she can only sense me (and not actually see me) approaching the building. The husky does the happy greeting dance until I let her sniff hand and give her a little scritch on the head.
            I have never fed her.
            Does she sense that I am the kind of person who would feed her – if I had food on me?

            She is completely reserved for the most part and doesn’t like my son – or any children for that matter – because they tend to move to fast for her comfort.

            It took me a while to win her over, but it wasn’t achieved with food or treats.

          4. Contagious says:

            Also Cher once said when she met Sonny.. it was all black except him. She knew then he was special to her. I had an experience like that in college, I was in a frat house and saw a frat boy for the first time sweeping the floor as a pledge… all of a sudden everything went dark but him… we later dated almost married and he remains one of the great lives of my life. I wonder if that “ shadowing” worked in reverse in your case as a sign. You know I write this as matter of fact. An experience like you. I feel safe here as opposed to some other forum that would make assumptions. I am looking for people like me and explanations and ?

          5. Sweetest Perfection says:

            I wish she had had a better intuition though because Sonny was abusive to her.

          6. HG – I am not going to bite 😉

          7. frenchie’s are cute – my German Shepherd has lots of frenchie friends 🙂

            The patterns are just something which would make sense for me – a way of explaining – I have no idea if it is what is happening or not.

            It is so good to hear others prospectives xx

          8. Jasmin says:

            It appears to me that dogs can see shapes/phantoms that the human eye cannot..
            I have experienced on numerous occasions that dogs bark on ‘nothing’ while they are staring at ‘something’.

          9. HG Tudor says:

            Those are drug sniffing dogs getting high on the gear they’ve detected.

          10. Asp Emp says:

            Laughing….no wonder those dogs are always happy, giddy with excitement as they go about their job…..

        2. Contagious says:

          Psyche ( shortened), I do not see auras. I am great at giving advice and understanding what someone is feeling accurately, I get them without words sometimes walking in a room, sometimes I get a physical sensation from it, but it is my dreams and relationship with nature that is contagian. I wish I saw auras. What’s that like? What does narc auras look like?

          1. Another Cat says:

            “What’s that like? What does narc auras look like?”

            Apparently we suck at noticing them, that is why we needed to come here.


        3. Contagious says:

          I can sit here and be awake and go to the places I have been in my dreams. I visit the houses, the ocean, the animals but the people won’t be there or if awake. Some will not be present at all. So I tested myself what do you feel. Wonder. Safety. Love. Maybe adventure but ? When I go them and I do in my dreams it’s like visiting an actual place. When I think of it, a little visiting a memory. There is not any anxiety, worry or fear there. It’s awe. There was one place where I went where I saw a person or archetype that has appeared in my dreams. He dresses in black. He is a trickster, a thief but also a seer of truth. Ugly truth and he lives in a place you must cross over to. In my dreams it is under a staircase by the side of a road . There is no sign of danger. He seems not threatening but your instinct knows don’t cross there. Not to that side. He always appears and looks at me pleadingly like a lost boy or a messenger of someone who knows that side but is caught. His presence is cold. Ice cold. Yet he tells me things. Warns me. He is both my friend and feared enemy as I know he is not from the side of my dreams but an interloper. He always speaks the truth. He reappears rare but his messages are true. He once chased me in a dream with his anatomy of a snake to tell me my husband cheated on me. He was. Oddly the chill I feel in my dreams, the messages remind me of him and HG. He has blue eyes. Athletic. About 5’10 or 11”. He is white.His dress is impeccable. He dresses well. Black but in an 80’s style goth. He has never spoke to me,despite our usual although rare meet ups. He is highly intelligent and aware. He is always on the go. His hair is spikey at times and others short. He always smiles but I know it’s not genuine or he mmirvus because of the cold air. The bitter cold. He shows up at my dream places but rare daytime. My friend shared he win an Emmy. He said with humility he did not know how he win. I had a dream of him the night before and that being was there cold with a page of mixed words with my. Weird. An archetype perhaps. Last night he shows me a page of mixed words. My friend had win some award or lottery.. Today my friend won a daytime Emmy but said he did not know how this could be. Weird and why and the goth guy there. ???Idk

      3. Joa says:

        It when I was a child, I was sent to a rheumatic sanatorium for several months (although I was not sick at all!). It was forbidden to visit relatives and could not go outside the castle and garden (the sanatorium was adapted in the old castle). The garden was fenced off with a high fence and closed behind a huge iron gate with carved fittings, and the entrance was guarded by a watchman.

        I could only write letters to my mother and sister. Sometimes the nurses allowed me to come into the duty room and briefly talk to my mother on the phone.

        I have been writing diaries since I learned the letters.
        I’ve always been writing down dreams, that are meaningful to me.

        I also wrote a diary, when I was in the sanatorium. The diary was pink with blue stripes, with a thick cardboard cover. I sat in a beautiful castle park, in a shady place where ivy twisted around the trees, looked at the lake, listened to birds, read and wrote. There was a great, well-equipped library there. I missed my family so much.

        When I was isolated in a sanatorium, as in other reality, I had a dream. Grandpa was lying on the sofa in his house, smiling and talking to me. Long and beautiful. I felt warmth and comforted. I wrote down this dream. He made an impression on me. I devoted a lot of thought to him.

        When a few months later my parents picked me up from the sanatorium, instead of home, we went to the cemetery. I was informed, that my grandfather had died. Nobody wrote this to me in letters, nor did my mother tell me on the phone. They didn’t want to worry me, when I was alone there.

        Grandpa died the same night I dreamed. The same day, that I described the dream in my diary. On the same sofa. He suffered a lot.

        The sofa was burnt.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Sanatorium? How old are you?!

          1. Joa says:

            40+ or ​​50-
            It depends which side of the timeline you are on, dear HG 🙂

          2. HG Tudor says:

            Strange as they closed in the 1950s

          3. Joa says:

            HG, I don’t know about your country.

            In my country, sanatoriums are still very active. There are a lot of them. My mother goes every year for a monthly stay: mountains, sea or “healing waters”. You apply, and the location is chosen by the state health service, which tailors the location to your condition (based on medicals diagnoses) and which finances a most part of your stay.

            Medical and care treatments, exercises, cryotherapy, brines, peloid, physical therapy, electrotherapy, laser therapy, all kinds of massages, water jets, centrifuges, psychologist, doctors of various specialties. Lots of different treatments from morning to afternoon. Service by rehabilitators, nurses and doctors.

            Unofficially – sanatoriums are a place of “second youth” 🙂 A new place, a different reality, integration with many people, walks, evening dances, a bit of madness for seniors = friendships and romance are blooming 🙂

            Sometimes I think, that this second bottom is more important for the life and health of patients and elderly people than medicine and relaxation 🙂

            Maybe someday I will also use, when I get older and life, heh 🙂

            I know those, who start their annual sanatorium trips as early as around 30! Although this is a gross exaggeration…


            The sanatorium, where my mother placed me, when I was a child (and the only one I was in) no longer exists. Collapsed with socialism.

            To fully reflect what it was like to stay there, I would like to add that we, children, called the director of the sanatorium, a well-known head of the hospital… Stalin.

            In fact, I didn’t understand why. He was much nicer than my stepfather.


            Now, in this old castle from 1472 there is a Rehabilitation Center and a Cultural Center.

        2. Contagious says:

          This is what I search for… an understanding. But as I watched Ricky Gervais discuss the wonders of the world… octopus has 9 brains he said, it dawned on me that to try to figure out how and why nature evolves to its present form with certainty is to understand dreams. So much of the brain is not known and evolution is broadly understood but not with finite certainty. If you have Faith, as I do, it’s easy to say God does it. If you are like Ricky, it’s just simply not known not in any foreseeable future. But people are forever curious and in wonder of nature and in beautiful dreams like these. I do have a theory but I am waiting to see what others say. Thank you for sharing;)

          1. Contagious says:

            And Joa I loved hearing about your experience. I have seen my father and my former best friend ( murdered in LA at 40) and others in my dreams in other places. I have had full on conversations with my friend and spent time here and there where she showed me around over a decade but sadly not lately. My father won’t see me but communicated in other ways ie a sticky note left on his table. My father is very loving I have seen deceased neighbors, and others too. But not outside a dream. Sometimes I have not wanted to leave my dream and fought it realizing I was awake but half there… as I love the person. I have never seen someone awake. Interesting. I have heard of this happening.

          2. Joa says:

            Contagious, it’s different for me. I’m not dreaming of the dead. At all. I have no “connection” with them.


            Even about my grandmother, who passed away in July last year, so it is a “fresh” event that made an impact on me.

            Digression 1: But I still hear her screeching voice in my ears and I remember the feelings our travels together evoked in my childhood… She liked to visit our country and the world, she liked to observe and get to know people. She loved life. And she was selfish, like every woman in our family 🙂 She had a good, successful life.


            I dreamed my grandfather, when he was dying. He was still alive. He was dying, he was going, he was tiring all night, but he gave his last breath only in the morning.
            As if this dream was goodbye.

            Digression 2: When I was a child, my grandfather always used to say to me: “Joa, our little philosopher” 🙂

            I wish I could talk to him now. He was a very wise man.

          3. Asp Emp says:

            Contagious, so the octopus has 9 brains? Good for them, so they have the ability to carry out 9 activities 🙂

    2. Charitie Gillett says:

      I too have experienced “psychic” dreams, “prophetic” dreams. And I’m HEAVILY affected by energy and emotions. Animals find me ” curious” as well. It’s the only way to describe it.

      1. Contagious says:

        Please give examples? I am very interested.

    3. pete456789 says:

      Contagious, I have similar dreams. Some predict the future , some are sarcastic, they are never straightforward.

      1. Contagious says:

        I love meeting people like me that I believe as on this forum not another. I have my theory… not revealing it yet but it’s was thinking of an alternative science based one. Is it possible contagions have different memories? I have my earliest one at 3. My mother could not believe it but I described pushing leaves away at a park while she was holding me and seeing a donkey with a colorful blanket on it with bells. I was born in upstate NY and lived in Tarrytown. My father side is Dutch from Friesland and we lived by sleepy hollow, home of the headless horseman. I have an excellent memory to the dismay of my hubby lol … and if you consider all the experiences, movies, books, travel etc… what if our brains just dip into them in a different way then others creating these lucid movies in our heads at night. The “ foreseen” ones are less telling but perhaps our memories grasp signs like a mentalist. Add coincidence? I was just mulling over alternative science based ideas. Not sure if explored…..also our inner instincts don’t always protect us from narcs. We know but we override the system so to speak. But this I do know, many of us aren’t “ psychics” by trade. So it’s not always embraced. It puzzles. It just is. Ideas?

        1. pete456789 says:

          I’m convinced the dreams don’t come from us because I they’re pretty consistent with their symbology (car is a church, pastor is the driver, congregants are the passengers) and they have elements of parody, they tell the future in a lot of cases. I think it’s beyond what I could come up with. The bible says ‘in the last days the young men will see visions and the old men will dream’ so that describes the situation quite well. The dreams are being associated with visions in that sentence which suggests prophetic dreams.

          1. Contagious says:

            Pete: I do think it is a connection from beyond this reality. As my son said I am 100% believer in Faith and am an emotional thinker. I hope it’s not our last days though. I hope the young will change things. Thank you for your educated response!

      2. Contagious says:

        Pete: Do tell. I fear that HG won’t be able to answer the truth I seek. It’s like my bio chem atheist friend said “ some things are just not known. “ Hawkings spoke of parallel universes but did he prove them? No. Brilliant mind. I have Faith. I have absolute Faith. Not in one religious practice but I chose Christianity. I was raised in it so it is my seed. I feel comfortable in Catholic and Protestant faiths. I respect all religions. If you have specific prophetic dreams without any foundation they come from somewhere. My experience was not normal. I don’t regularly dream like me this. It was freezing cold. I woke up screaming and my first reaction was to pray on my knees to never ever experience it again. I have not, thank God. I got specifics on a murder that I could no way have known and that was part of it. Only part of it. I felt his adrenaline as he pounded on an elevator door with a watch on his wrist reading 2:17 am. There were clocks earlier with the same time but that feeling of being him at the elevator door was not me. He had black hairy arms in my dream and when I saw him at the third trial. It was sick. Also my murdered friend appeared at the end of the dream. Her arms dissolved into mine as she asked me to tell her family the truth. She gave me messages for each of them which I will keep confidential. See? Two trials I did not attend or know about ended up in hung juries as she developed a drug habit after a surgery for scoliosis or “ hunch back”. 12 inches of steel in her back with flanges to support the spine. Very painful. She wanted to have kids and was 40 and the doctors advised her on the surgery. The prior juries were hung because the defense said she snapped her own beck using drugs. Her killer spent a week or so not allegedly noticing her dead body in the other room before fleeing to another state. His research into asphyxiation was barred from the trial as was his prior restraining order for strangulation against his ex wife. Evidence code 352 and prior bad acts. Like many, I blame the medical profession on her addiction to pain killers. But I digress …the time of her death was shown to me many times. Papers fluttered in the wind of her window settling on her notebook written down was the motive. I had no idea who she was even living with. No way to know when she was killed or what time. I wonder has anyone experienced a freezing cold dream ? One that you never had experienced before? I was in her room but the wind whipped through it like a tundra. I awoke screaming and freezing cold yet I live in Southern California. I am not mad but curious as you can understand to meet others like me. This was the strongest prophetic dream but I have many. In the past year, I awoke to two other friends crying for help. One lost her partner I learned that day. The other his mother that week. It goes on…both I had not spoken to for awhile and had zero knowledge of any facts whatsoever that could lead to knowing about deaths in their lives. But I will say this, the cold case forum I attended, the speaker works for the OC sheriffs department, and she asked me to join them but take a test. I did well. 9 out of 10 pictures I could draw the right conclusion. So yes, there is maybe a rational explanation that I see patterns. But not if you have no pattens… btw I have no time to join the cold case group of the police department or whatever role she played with it.

        1. Contagious says:

          I want to add the dream where my friend lost her boyfriend to death was a year after she died at 50. I never knew John. It was a very detailed dream. My other friend who lost his mother is an ex in the music industry that I talk to about once a year. To show how ignorant I was, I complemented her on going natural or to dark hair on FB. I learned this was a pic that he had posted after her death. I must add that since childhood my friends know I dream “ weird.”

        2. pete456789 says:

          Yours are very specific and straightforward, although I know how it is when you wake from a bad one . It is a bad feeling to have a bad dream when you know it relates to reality, so its not just a dream. You wake up alone in bed with nothing but the dream to think about and remember. Mine are different, I’m curious about my own future, so that’s all I get . It feels like I’m being played with because one will seem really bad and have me worried , but then it will turn out to be a completely different interpretation, or one that seems like something good is going to happen but then that’s just a symbol for something else. Like for example I might have one where I’m being given money but its just a symbol for someone giving me some advice. If God is giving me these dreams he knows I will interpret it as something good and be disappointed when it turns out to be not what I thought, so I don’t understand why he is doing that. My actual life has been like that, I think something good will happen, someone promises me something but they turn out to be a liar or the thing turns out to be a burden. Most of the dreams I’ve had that came true are just inconsequencial things that I didnt need to know about. I’ve had a lot of big predictions about myself though, none of those have happened yet. Do you have any about yourself?

    4. Chihuahuamum says:

      Hi Contagious…I have the exact same dream experiences as you described. You said it’s like being in a movie that is exactly how it is! Sometimes Im in the movie other times Im watching it.
      I have had dreams I dont understand at the time and realize it was a prediction that unfolds.
      I’ve never met anyone who describes exactly the same way they dream.

      1. Contagious says:

        Chi mom and I have a chi rescue! I always have enjoyed reading your comments. You are obviously a kind compassionate lady. Your wording is better than mine but nailed it. And my question is why? The movies in our heads at night aren’t common. Not all of mine were revealing of future events. Some are helpful with work. I won a trial on a dream fact. Some are just weird. Make no sense. I go to places meet people and in different places I have never been over and over and they are of no practical effect. Others give symbols and signs. Others have been art. Stories I wrote down with no relation to reality. Just a movie that I put to words. I wrote a legal thriller and a child’s book on them with no desire to write but I thought why not, it is an interesting story. I will give an example one involves me as a black woman who was a model doing art but convicted in the 60’s based on race discrimination on porn charges. No idea why I dreamed that one little section of this “book” that is just an account of a dream. I have yet but soon will publish this 400 page dream that I wrote in my 20s and edited over Covid lockdown. There is one more “book”. This was a long several day dream of Celtic myth that I didn’t think I even knew until I researched it after my dreams. The archtype was accurate. I don’t know a thing about Celtic myths or did I see it somewhere, and just forgot. And then there are some… so illogical and irrational but specifically predictive that I can’t ignore it by rationalizing it away. I have a theory based on Hawkings research and my Faith but there is no scientific basis .. just conjecture.

  14. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

    haha went to try and find this – work in progress… Will love to read when completed 🙂 Have not really found anything which captures the true essence of what you call ‘the Contagion Empath’. Maybe because like me – we hide much for fear of being branded ‘crazy’. You find rational explanations which never really encompass what you experience. If we even understand it ourselves… Few are allowed in…

    1. Contagious says:

      I get the crazy part. I hide mine. Professionally I never ever mention it. Can’t wait to see if HG gets “us.”

      1. emc2gion says:

        Crazy to normals? Points of difference to others for contagions. Heightened sensitivity. I am so happy about this series HG. Can’t wait to read.

      2. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

        Oh yes indeed, I do hope HG is able to throw understanding our way 🙂 I am always looking for rational explanations…

        Contagion has been linked to autism – which runs in my family. Autistic people are great at maths and seeing patterns. Are we – where we are so in tune to peoples emotions and energies and the connectivity of every living being – could we also be working out patterns which our subconscious tells us via dreams? Dreams being just one element of our confusing selves 😉

        1. emc2gion says:

          Interesting point. Autism also runs in my family. My son is autistic, and at times he shocks me. He can feel when I am unwell, etc even from another room with the door closed, he will come and find me and ask how I am. I asked him if he can feel me being unwell and he said yes. He seems to have….I’m not sure how to put it, but a greater understanding than I did at his age of others emotions and what are his. He becomes abrupt or short at times and I’ve noticed it’s when he no longer wants the others energy entanglement.

        2. Contagious says:

          Connectivity to other beings… do your dreams involve the deceased? Connectivity…

          1. A Victor says:

            Mine do, no Contagion here. And actually feeling during and after the dream the physical contact with the animal, twice, both dogs. Very disturbing, for days afterward, I didn’t want to wake up either time, I wanted to stay with them. It happened a year or two after they each died. Not with any person yet. It frightens me for it to happen with my dad.

          2. Sometimes not often. What I mean by ‘Connectivity’ is a feeling we are all connected. We are all one of a whole. Nature and all things. How to explain… Our body is made up of hundreds of atoms – connected to form us as a person – these atoms interact with those of the air, ground etc – so does everyone else in the same way. Just like our body is connected this way – so too is the whole fabric of everything. I feel and see this Connectivity 🙂

          3. Sweetest Perfection says:

            I only have a significant contagion element but I can tell you so much about dreams. Anyone here has OBE or astral projections? I do, and believe me, thousands and thousands of people too, so much so that there are many scientific projects doing research on it. The experience always starts with a generalized vibration throughout your whole body. The first time it happened I was horrified. I don’t frequently feel attuned to people like that but I know if a family member is in pain because I feel the same pain or I dream about a person and then they call me (and many Hoovers have been predicted this way in my case). It is synchronicity, not just a coincidence. Talking about this is probably gonna create an image of myself as SP the crazy Empath but I don’t care.

          4. hahaha just thought of a better analogy = we all have our individual computers – but connected through the web 🙂

          5. Truthseeker6157 says:


            Have you seen the tv series ‘Behind Her Eyes’?
            I think you would really enjoy it.

            There is a school of thought that says humans will find the route to eternal life and they will do it through technology. Essentially the soul / conscious mind is viewed as being separate from the body. The body dies but the soul / conscious mind lives on. The metaverse is in its infancy, but in some ways it’s conceivable that humankind will ultimately integrate itself into a virtual world. The mind is uploaded, no need for the physical form.

            Astral projection works along similar lines I think. Two distinct parts. The mind doesn’t need the body, so technically is free to travel.

            Personally I’m tempted to say again that the travelling is a travelling within the subconscious mind. What if every single image, sound, memory, is actually stored from the day we are born? At the rate we are now bombarded with information, we likely have the images stored to link together huge streams of information relating to a specific place or time that we have never consciously visited. It’s possible that this sensation of travelling to different places or times is actually our own brains ordering information into coherent scenes or movies. I think the answer to a lot of the ‘stranger’ experiences in life, likely lies undiscovered within our own minds.


          6. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Hi TS, yes, I watched the show and really liked it for obvious reasons! I am not sure about the relationship to our brains, especially when you are considered non neurotypical according to science (I am appalled that synesthesia is considered a “condition” and studied as a pathology). I can only tell you I have lucid dreams and astral projections, and, while the former are very vivid, I know I’m sleeping, however, the latter are not anywhere near the category of a dream. You are not asleep, and I don’t recall stored experiences. I don’t attach any religious significance to this by the way.

          7. Truthseeker6157 says:


            Ha, yes, thought you would enjoy that series, me too.

            I don’t mean to underplay or explain away your experiences at all SP. I don’t think you saw it as that, but just to be sure.

            I’m not religious either but I do have my own type of belief system so I’m not opposed to the idea of a kind of spiritual element in play as regards Contagion and how it manifests in people.

            I tend to lean more to a scientific explanation but even with my own experiences I find it difficult in some instances to explain things in a more scientific way. Some experiences are just very difficult to find an explanation for! My dad has seen far more, heard far more than I have and his views are far more spiritual than mine, despite him being an atheist!

            Sometimes it might be better simply to accept these experiences as they are, interpret them in our own way as best we can, and just consider ourselves fortunate to have them at all.

            It is fascinating though isn’t it? Where do you go when you project?


          8. Sweetest Perfection says:

            TS, I didn’t think you were trying to do that, don’t worry. You and I had a conversation in a past thread where we found out we have the same belief system, if you remember. About science, my opinion is that science is always behind, and although it is wonderful that there are new scientific discoveries and advances all the time, it is always frustrating that we have to wait until certain things are scientifically proven to validate experiences. For example, HG’s knowledge of narcissists and empaths goes way beyond what the medical community knows so far. Imagine if we had to wait until they accept that we are empaths scientifically to understand why we act the way we do. The closest I have read so far scientifically based is that we are hypersensitive.

          9. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Oh I forgot your question sorry. I would love to say I go to the Moon or to Paris.. unfortunately, the times it has occurred I was so scared that I stayed there, seeing myself asleep, or around the corridor and my kitchen. I know I could move if I wasn’t that scared, it’s a very strange feeling. I told UMRN about this last year, and we also discussed synesthesia etc; he told me I had a neurological problem. If I move past my fear, I swear I’m visiting his house at night and tickle his feet in his sleep, which must be scary and unpleasant enough.

          10. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Hey SP 🙂

            Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do remember now. Our belief system works for us, not flawless but most beliefs aren’t 🙂

            I agree, often science is late to the party, I think neuroscience is definitely speeding up in terms of discoveries into personality and personality disorders but it still takes a hypothesis to spark the research in the first place. This is one of my greatest irritations with Vaknin. (Who?) Intelligent man academically, well read, well researched, but entirely unwilling to infer, to make an intuitive leap. It turns into regurgitation rather than new information. HG will put his money where his mouth is. He has taken a leap as regards his work on empaths especially and he repeatedly stands by his own research. That’s true intelligence, not regurgitation. That kind of work does spark further scientific research, eventually.

            I’d be scared to move too I think. I’d do what you do, hang there thinking, “Crap, how do I get back?”. Either that, or I’d think, “I think I’m dead. Am I dead? I wonder if I get to fly?! “I’ve always wanted to be able to fly haha!

            I watched a documentary on OBE’s a while ago. My general feeling was that the accounts were so similar, so detailed that it is very difficult to disprove those experiences or put them down to oxygen deficit or chemical changes in the brain. People have given detailed accounts of events that took place on the operating table as they were looking down on the scene. I don’t see how anyone could give such detail even if they were semi conscious.

            Next time, see if you can move outside, then come straight back!


        3. Contagious says:

          How does patterns explain things never experienced? Like seeing the death of a close friend murdered through a dream of a clock showing 2:17 am and then finding out a year or so later in a trial that she died between 2:15 am and 2:30 am from the LA coroner and never having been there or knowing about the murder? Or dreams like this? Do you suggest connectivity has no time or space? Truly interested…truly…

          1. Contagious says:

            Steven Hawking wrote about the end of the earth. There is hope! But he spoke of multi universes. I use the term dimensions. Steven wrote of no space or time in them. I believe we slip. Contagions slip there. I am no Steven Hawking. But my own experience cannot be denied. I have experienced outer body dreams but the vast majority have been to other places seeing other people sometimes repeat in 5 senses like I am there. Do you have the same experience? Can you smell the air? Feel the temperature etc… ? How this relates to narcs, I don’t know. But why are these discussions here? There is an obvious connection to contagion. You won’t find these discussions anywhere else in this forum.

        4. Hi SP,

          I can relate through my experience of Sleep Paralysis. Funny, but when I am walking through the house, the people I see are actually doing exactly as I saw before actually getting up. Can happen in the morning – but more often – because I know I am dreaming and if I do not like the dream – I decide to wake up.

          Personally, I have not ruled out a neurological reason. I know I can enter REM sleep in less than 10min. These are hallmarks of Narcolepsy from what I have read. Getting tested – well lets just say – I have given up. There is no cure anyway.

          Even if it is the case of a neurological reason – does this lesson the experience – or our feelings towards the experience? Our need to fully explore our experiences?

          Pleasure is caused by receptors in the brain. Congenital insensitivity to pain is a condition that inhibits the ability to perceive physical pain. – All very real. Some people can feel love and empathy – others cannot. Belittling your experience is silly – it is all neurological after-all and science cannot explain everything 😉

          1. Contagious says:

            I will give you an example from yesterday. Friends of mine are actors who worked with Ray Liotta. I know nothing about him only that he died at 67. They ousted a lot. RIp. I went to bed. I awoke with a dream of a man with a mustache in a white coat asking me how Ray died. He showed me three lines of letters. I spelled drag as the answer. I said ….Drug? I asked. I awoke. I looked up his cause of death today. Heroin was a possibility. Why? I don’t know why? Now this example is a lucky coincidence maybe. But I don’t really know Ray. I barely remember him as an actor…why?

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Everything that doesn’t fall into the “norm” is looked down as a pathology or a flaw or a disease. Neurodiversity exists, and in a very wide spectrum. PSYAWA, sleep paralysis is preparatory to astral projecting and it’s a form of lucid dreaming. I used to have those too, not anymore. You see people you know because you are dreaming, when you astral project you don’t see people you know, as I have read (because I’m a chicken and didn’t venture out). If you don’t make yourself wake up, you will experience the vibrations and astral project. I know it sounds like magic or science fiction but it is not, trust me. The Monroe Institute (founded by Robert Monroe, nothing to do with Marilyn) has been doing research about this for decades. Its founder, like you mention, thought he had a brain problem. After many cleared tests he realized his brain was perfectly ok. What he was experiencing was nothing different from what Buddhist monks already have proven about different states of altered consciousness through meditation. There are tons of research studies on the science behind meditation and mindfulness, as also on meditation and astral projection. I noticed that those episodes I have are more frequent when I am more rigorous at keeping my meditation routine. To answer Contagion, I don’t smell anything but I noticed before the vibrations I hear loud noises, like a clap or a slam, and when I asked my husband the day after he didn’t hear anything. But neither do my dogs, which would be barking if they did or if they noticed I was convulsing in bed. When I notice the vibration stage I don’t think anyone notices anything but me, apparently that is a common occurrence; it has been demonstrated that everyone without exception possesses the ability to experience OBE, but I agree that the reason why we are discussing it here is because empaths with contagion element may be more readily available to these experiences because it’s like being an antenna, in the same manner we can feel other people’s emotions, which has no scientific explanation either. I can’t imagine being a majority Contagion, it must be overwhelming. I only have these experiences from time to time and in my opinion they are annoying when not terrifying.

    2. Twilight says:

      I understand being branded crazy for being what we are.
      My ex (a Greater) was relentless in his vengeance, I foolishly let him in.

      Do you only have dreams? Or when you enter a place or touch/see an object pick up impression of people?

      1. Contagious says:

        For me, what you would call psychic is only dreams. I have never had a psychic experience outside of it. Never met a psychic I thought was real. Sorry. I get nothing from objects. I may have seen but I chose to rationalize seen ghosts. So nope. I do know how others feel or what they want, not narcs. Narcs confuse me. I do find solace in nature. But who doesn’t? Nope for me, I cannot escape the dreams that plague me my whole life. No rational explanation. The prophetic dreams that were realized astonished others but if retold… well my atheist bio science major friend from Berkeley friend once said to me “ some things can’t be explained.” I feel the need to know.

        1. Contagious says:

          By the way, if everything is connected and it’s all atoms. Explain more. It’s too general for me to understand. This request is with all due respect. A desire to know.

      2. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

        Hi Twilight,

        Sometimes objects can give off energy – but mostly it is just places with echos of the past etc. I have passed out twice – almost 3 times from the energy felt. Once at a church, once at a place people went to remember the dead (not in a graveyard tho) a memorial type thing) and almost at a recent concert – my friends tickets were for the pits. xx

        1. Truthseeker6157 says:

          I get what you mean here Psychology. Places definitely give off energy. I feel for you passing out. It does feel like someone removed the air from the room. It happened to me once in the tunnels leading down to the London Dungeon. I had my kids with me who sensed something wasn’t quite right. My son noticed first and took my right hand. My daughter followed taking my left hand. I think their hand holding switched my focus to them instead of the noise. I felt a lot better and continued on through the exhibition with no further issue. Maybe sometimes we just need a prompt to pull us back to the present moment.


          1. Contagious says:

            There is a documentary that my London husband says is the best ghost story and best I have ever seen about the London underground’s. I must get it to you!

          2. Yes 100% TS – it is just like the air has been sucked out 🙂

          3. WhoCares says:


            “always choose the horse described as ‘has heart’ or ‘has spirit’. That’s my horse! “Three legs, donkey cross, has heart.” Yes please. Take my money!!”

            Oh my god, this cracked me up!

          4. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Who Cares,

            Haha! I’m glad you got a giggle out of that. Makes all my losses worthwhile!


          5. Truthseeker6157 says:


            Ooh yes please, I love a good ghost story!


          6. Joa says:

            When it comes to the ghosts and the various paranormal phenomena people talk about, my answer is always this:

            I lived with my sister, when we were students and young employees… We had a dog and a cat, who bravely endured the notorious weekend parties in our house 🙂

            When I got pregnant and gave birth to a child, and N2 was leaving home for longer and longer, he did not contribute to bills and played in his illegible games, I decided to reorganize my life.
            I moved with the baby to another home, to another city. I wanted a quiet home.

            My sister and I decided, that the dog and cat would stay with my sister and my future brother-in-law, who took my place.

            For the first month in the new home, in the silence of the night, I could still hear the patter of cat’s feet and hooked claws, even though the cat was alive and well in my sister’s home.

            These are just noises, that I was used to at night, during the quiet time…

        2. Twilight says:

          Hello PAWA

          I have rarely speak of my experiences, dreams that come true, places that have left an “echo” or something is going to happen, I have recognized people I have never met via photos, they feel familiar.
          When I was a child there someone I met that recognized me for what I am, learned to hone my abilities due being a loner. It was a way of connecting to others.

          1. Contagious says:

            Twilight: I felt afraid. This is the only place I talk about it except among close friends. Since childhood I am known for my strange dreams…even my diagnosed ex husband antisocial was in awe and feared them. My narc long term boyfriend the same. Neither really dreamed. The Mid ranger had nightmares of spiders. Both had trouble with sleep. I don’t. I love it. I was a “ gifted” child whatever that means. I was put in classes with others supposingly like me. I was chosen out of the entire state to be a scholar to political leaders in Washington DC and met leaders there if other countries… and was selected out of 50 to be the speaker at the closing ceremony at 18… and went to law school on scholarship. I am not into superstition. I am a reader of science and genetics. I am trained to be about logic and reason. I am not professing to be any scholar in any field. I don’t say this to brag as who cares! I am simply curious as over a lifetime I have these dreams. I cannot explain. I hope you join me in not feeling crazy or ashamed. I felt crazy.

      3. psychologyandworldaffairs says:

        Oh do you mean a psychic type thing? It’s not specific enough for that – (such as overwhelming sadness, grief – excitement) etc. The dreams are very specific and do link to future events – but I cannot control what I get. I see auras – but relate that to a persons health and maybe linked to the energy I feel. The closest I got to psychic ability – is watching the horse racing with my grandad. I could watch the horses move before the race and 9 times out of ten pick the winner based on their energy xx

        1. Contagious says:

          Why do you think you get specifics c dreams that lead to future events? How does your contagion effect your relations with narcs?

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Coincidence. I dare say you don’t keep a record of all the times you dream and it’s does not happen.

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            I do keep records. I have a diary of dreams that I call nightary.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Whenever anybody starts to tell me about the dream they had the night before my phone always starts ringing.

          4. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Hahahaha!!!!!! But don’t we all dream about you? ALL THE TIME???

          5. Contagious says:

            Truth: it’s ghosts of the underground. It’s on YouTube! Xxxx

          6. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Hey Contagious,

            Lovely, thank you. I fancy watching something scary tonight!


        2. Viol. says:

          I’ve been able to pick horses from watching them walk around the paddock, but it doesn’t work as well on TV. In my case, though, it’s a ballet thing. If I can’t see the gait from the right angle, I can’t do it.

          1. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Haha! I bet on horses occasionally. I read all of the summaries and always choose the horse described as ‘has heart’ or ‘has spirit’. That’s my horse! “Three legs, donkey cross, has heart.” Yes please. Take my money!!

          2. Viol. says:


            The owner of a B&B I stayed at in Saratoga said she does it by the colors of the Jockey’s silks. I’ve heard others do it by names: one race-goer decided based on whether a horse’s name referred to royalty or chocolate. If the same race included horses named “Candy Perfume Girl” and “Dancing Queen,” she’d put money on both.

          3. Viol. says:

            Speaking of horses, DM headline:

            “EXCLUSIVE: Was Prince William’s horse DRUGGED at Trooping the Colour rehearsals? Military veterans claim the royal’s Household Division charger seemed to have been doped to make it more docile, branding it a ‘disgrace’”

            Gee, I wonder who planted this story.

            All the Windsors grow up around horses; I seriously doubt William needed a roofied horse

          4. Truthseeker6157 says:


            Names and silks I think are pretty usual approaches. It’s likely the part time race goer that employs these methods. They haven’t the interest to look at form, they aren’t familiar with jockeys, weights, trainers, which ground the horse favours etc. Remove the statistics and you’re left with silks and name pretty much. A female jockey might pull in bets also just due to the fact that she offers something different.

            I am a believer in the romance of the underdog, the against all odds story. So I look at ‘has heart’ as an indicator of what I hope for and secretly believe in. The approach is no more scientific than silks or name, but it’s something I go for every time I see it.

            I have been heartbroken by recent stories in the press about the cruelty that goes on in horse racing / training. The way that horses are treated in such a disposable way when they give so much. Similar with dogs, so many wind up just being dumped when their racing days are over. It angers me. Any form of animal cruelty angers me. There should be business breaking penalties and jail time for perpetrators. Goes without saying which group the worst offenders will belong to.

          5. Viol. says:


            I went to either Belmont or Aqueduct with a friend from my comic books job. He was looking at Sires and Dams, trainers and owners, and betting trifecta and boxing.

            We watched the walk around the paddock before one race. I commented that one horse was “really pretty” (not even the one I had bet on–I was still going by the names in those days). He wondered why: it didn’t walk or trot any faster than the others; its legs weren’t longer; its expression wasn’t particularly alert.

            It took me a bit before I could put what I was sensing into words. “It’s strong, but not tight and muscle-bound like that one over there. See the other one behind it? That one’s too loose. It’s uncontrolled.”

            We go back to the stands, and neither his pedigreed bet nor my pick with a cool name makes the board. Yup, you guessed it. He gives me a strange look, as if he had just noticed the antennae sprouting from my head, then says, “Vi, tell me the next time you think a horse is pretty.”

            Ever since then, I look for the Baryshnikov: the one who’s both strong and graceful. If you’ve seen him in Nutcracker or White Nights, you know what I mean. It doesn’t always work, especially if I’m watching on TV rather than at the track. When I saw actual footage of the real Seabiscuit, I thought, “I wouldn’t have bet on a horse with a gait like that if a choir of angels told me to do it,” so obviously the method isn’t surefire for picking a champion. But it’s definitely got better results than using horse names or silk colors!

            And yes, they should never abuse these lovely, gifted animals. They are true athletes: not only physically strong, but needing the spatial awareness to cut around other horses without causing a collision and the communication skills to know when to pace themselves and when to put it all on the line. The jockey can’t do all of it.

            I learned some riding informally at Girl Scout Camp and then in electives during grad school. One day I decided I had been sitting a walk long enough, and was warmed up enough to trot. Before I could click my tongue or tap my heels, the horse started trotting. A horse-showing friend told me they can pick up even minute changes in posture. I had liked riding before that, but from that moment, I was hooked: we could communicate!

            Every now and then you’ll get comments sneering at the horsey RF, saying the horse does all the work. There may well be valid reasons to criticize the RF, but that isn’t one of them. One more enlightened reader pointed out that anyone who rides knows what it’s like to discover muscles they didn’t know they had. Yeah, I recognize that feeling!

          6. Truthseeker6157 says:


            “Vi, tell me the next time you think a horse is pretty.” Haha, exactly! Yes, I see what you mean, looking at the musculature and assessing strength but not tightly wound or too relaxed.

            I agree, jockeys can’t do everything, the horse has to have a natural talent as well, a love of the race and a relationship with the rider. There’s skill, horsemanship, race acumen, but the trust within that rider horse relationship must have to be immense. Horses are majestic, I’m in awe of them, I wish I had continued riding as a kid. I came off riding with a far more experienced rider, knocked myself unconscious, came round, was urged to get back on again by my friend. The horse was spooked and I came off again. I kind of fell out with it after that, stupid, trying to do too much too soon, spoiled it for myself.

            I had to look up Baryshnikov, you’re right, they are pretty!

            There’s a horsey set locally. I see them out on the roads moving from A to B, my heart is in my mouth when I see how inconsiderate some drivers can be, overtaking way too close, accelerating away. People are stupid. I’ve considered taking lessons, just for the experience and enjoyment of the connection. I might do yet, and just make sure I don’t set off at gallop with a friend who tells me, “Oh don’t worry, your horse will just follow mine!”


        3. Contagious says:

          HG with all due respect and I respect you a lot…coincidence may play a part but it does not fully explain certain phenomenon. I don’t know about gambling. Although I wish I had that ability! Lol But when there are too many coincidences over a lifetime, you take notice. I have kept a dream journal by my bed and I do record my dreams that are particularly noteworthy over 20 years. I am a journalist. I have gone back and found interesting things. There are some that are inexplicable … as how would I know that I would have a premature baby and having so many dreams about Marlon Brando while pregnant that I shared with so many as it was the old a bit heavier lol Marlon Brando only to have my son born on his birthday unexpectedly and weeks too early? This is one of many. If science, my uneducated theory is it has something to do with memory. Maybe I read an article somewhere about his birthday and sensed without the doctors knowing something was off… then perhaps it was a coincidence plus some sort of subconscious memory/ mentalist thing. I don’t know but I love hearing from others as lucid dreams aren’t common. There is something common among us. I could rattle off more specific examples and these type of dreams are not common (unlike lucid other types) but they shock you. I know there is science about Empaths in general. There is a different wire just not sure where dreams come in.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            ” I do record my dreams that are particularly noteworthy over 20 years.” – there’s an immediate flaw in your methodology.

  15. jasmin says:

    Ready and excited about this series!🤗

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