What the Standard Empath Does?

Are you ready to learn what the Standard Empath does?

It is time for the true detail to be provided.

60 thoughts on “What the Standard Empath Does?

  1. BC30 says:

    I CANNOT WAIT!!! This is me, well, 50% of me anyhow. 😆

  2. leelasfuelstinks says:

    So excited to learn all this about us Empaths! 🥰😍

  3. Contagious says:

    I can’t wait to read up on contagion empath!

  4. Presque Vu says:

    Where can I read all these articles?

    I got myself into some shit, I swear you wouldn’t believe me if I told you!

    Now the narc question really is valid for me because I played the game and then quit just like that.

    Two years on here soaking up information to protect myself or make myself a better narc! Who knows!!
    But I felt little remorse.

    So HG and others, hope you’re all well. I have a lot to catch up on.
    Congrats HG on the site and new styles, wonderful to see!

  5. Rebecca says:

    Thanks HG for doing the empath side. It means a lot and I badly need to be educated on the empath side of things.

  6. vandenboss says:

    I slowly start to think its time for an empath detector. Shame that this need happen when the Dollar is doing great. I was always hesitant because on the surface i look more like a narc. Huge trades thats for sure. For example,i’m more afraid to find out that i’m a normal then to find out i’m a narc. I think that fear is on itself is almost enough to get a positive narc diagnose. 😉

  7. SParham says:

    I hope your spy mission went well. 🤗

    Aha! Now we empaths get to learn how we are perceived! Standard is my majority. I’m eager to hear/read this.

    A freaky 144 mid ranger keeps coming up in my search feed who is a HG basher. Curiosity got the better of me and I listened to his word salad. Ummm, I searched long and hard to understand the people around me and the world at large. I’m not some dumbass that buys into anything. Faaaar from it. The wtf? fella said that quiet personalities like myself are the true narcissists. Anger and talking shit is not a normal emotion for me so I beg to differ. I’m not an asshole until I’m cliff edged. Afterwards I need recovery time. It sucks ass..Misinformation=ET and naturally wanting to defend but he’s for sure a GOSO..

    Always happy when you return HG. I know you don’t care but it means a lot to share the same planet with ya!. 💐🤗

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Thank you and I would stay away from listening to that clown who is just giving me free publicity whilst showing the world what he is, an unaware Md Range Narcissist, which has been spotted by many people.

      1. k mac says:

        I wonder if it’s the same guy that’s been popping up on my feed too all of a sudden?

        1. jasmin says:

          He popped up on my feed about 2 weeks ago. Incredibly strong narc vibes flowing from him. I think it took less than 2 minutes of watching/listening to him to know what he is..

          1. A Victor says:

            Ugh, I always wonder who these people are! 😂

        2. SParham says:

          Freaky fella wears an Hawaiian lay of purple flowers. He talks like he’s chewing his own face. I don’t like him attacking the folks that trust HG. I’m a natural defender and freak fella kinda erodes my Justice seeker self. If I were more tech savvy I’d become a troll and bash tf outta him. Dipshit.

          Like the world at large, I’ve been going thru serious situations one after the other for far too long. If I didn’t have HG lessons to lean on I’d be an emotional wreck. Logic was a foreign word. Throw in ET awareness and I can deal much better. Its only been a year since I found HG so I’m still very much learning. HG appeared after repeated begging to the universe to understand. It’s funny how sometimes wished do come true. 💐🌺

          1. Asp Emp says:

            SParham, I loved your description of him (Sapper) “freaky fella….”. I second that, I’d verbally bash that stupid dipshit myself. I feel better for having read what you say here, thank you for that 🙂

          2. k mac says:

            Well said Sparham 🤣 I found myself being very protective of HG. I quickly realized my words were falling on Def (narcissistic) ears and I was wasting my breath.

      2. Viol. says:

        So you don’t think we should even hate-watch (hate-hear?) Mr. Slapper? He’s dissed you again; I was tempted to see how incompetently, but that’s just more clicks for him I suppose.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          It is a matter for you, but it would be better to starve him of views. I know he cancelled another video about me because his attempts to piggy back off me are backfiring and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

          1. Viol. says:

            If I can’t learn anything from him (even how not to do things), I think I won’t bother. His voice isn’t nearly as irritating as ‘Arry’s Wife’s (I’m used to Coastie accents), but his facial expressions make up for that.

        2. Sweetest Perfection says:

          Violetta, I was curious about him because someone said he was calling us a cult so I checked that video. What an angry, envious man. He kept shouting and it was obvious he’s really jealous of HG. I read some comments and most of them were from HG’s followers telling him he’s wrong and he’s just jealous. He commented back very rudely, even name calling some of them! I didn’t even bother to give him fuel.

          1. HG Tudor says:

            Well done SP. He fails to realise that his own behaviour demonstrates precisely what he is and is a classic instance of “give the narcissist enough rope”.

            He used to arse lick me in the early days of my YT channel, I have the screenshots.

          2. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Ha, pure envy. Plus, we Heyokas know when when someone is not one of us 🤣

          3. Viol. says:


            The vibe I got from the one time I did watch him was he was a perfect sucker for the PUA routine, desperate to see himself as an Alpha, constantly rejecting any hint that he might be a Beta or worse. He went after HG’s accent, obviously conscious that it would be an immediate advantage in America (remember that segment in Love, Actually?), and the velvety voice would be an advantage anywhere.

            I think he also hinted (I’m not going back to check) that HG was probably physically hideous, missing the fact that he had just described the dynamics of Phantom of the Opera. (Without researching it, he sounds NooYawk or Joisey to me, so he’s familiar with what’s on Broadway whether he’s seen it or not. He knows damned well, nobody ever crushes on Raoul.)

          4. BC30 says:

            SP you always have the best avis!!!

          5. Sweetest Perfection says:

            Thanks BC30! ❤️

          6. k mac says:

            Agree SP, I disliked the 2 I listened to. I tried to reason with him to no avail of course. I won’t give him anymore views.

          7. SParham says:

            He probably got Narc detector results back that indicated a crazy ass narcissist. Ewwww, that would be a total threat to control. HG was correct early in my study of his work. HG is the only narcissist we empaths can trust. If his supporters are interpreted as a cult then fuck it. I’m happy to be part of it. 👍👍

      3. SParham says:

        Attacking your “cult” members pisses me off. I won’t engage with him but I agree he’s a fool let lose on YT.

      4. Sweetest Perfection says:

        I can’t stand his “Anthony- Marantino-engaging- in-vitriolic -gossip” loud voice. It trepans my skull.

        1. Viol. says:

          I don’t care for the way he misquotes HG. He has sneered at HG for supposedly conflating BPD with Covert Narcissism, but HG doesn’t use the term “covert narcissist.” It’s not clear to me that HG has entirely dismissed the term or concept of “BPD”: more that he has said it has frequently been used as a catch-all term for what is actually narcissism, as in the case of Amber Heard.

          I can’t remember whether it was Augustine or Aquinas who said in order to argue with someone, you had to understand his point of view correctly, but Pete Slapper isn’t doing that. He erects straw men, labels them HG’s ideas, then flexes his rhetorical muscles before proudly knocking them down.

          I looked up his background, what I could find of it. He’s done Dale Carnegie training, which puts me off right there. I had enough at a young age of teachers who said my name every three words or pretended they were asking my opinion instead of trying to disguise an order. I was there to get an education, not buy a used car with a busted tranny.

          There’s this awful assumption in some industries that this stuff is welcomed everywhere. There’s no recognition that there are people and whole cultures who find it overfamiliar and underbred.

          1. Sweetest Perfection says:

            I am not familiar with that training, Violetta. All I know is that HG doesn’t need to talk about this person to secure his audience.

          2. Viol. says:

            Dale Carnegie wrote about sales techniques in the early 20th century. His best-known work is How to Win Friends and Influence People. It’s worth reading just so you’ll know why some people are emotionally invasive and will even criticize you if you’re not. I met a woman who asked me q bunch of questions about how many siblings I had and whether they lived in the same state, and she was deeply offended that I asked her nothing of the kind. It never occurred to her that there are people who aren’t on speaking terms with their siblings, or lost one young to disease or accident and don’t want to talk about it, or had the family split in a nasty custody battle, etc.

            I had learned a different getting-to-know process: one boyfriend brought up his mother’s death by overdose, whether deliberate or not, no one knew, so it was okay for me to bring up the DV in my family.

            She even criticized me for not fussing sufficiently over a picture of her niece, and preferring a pseudo-medieval/Victorian house to the modern one next door her sister was planning to buy. Put me in a room with a real baby, and I turn into a Warner Brothers character (“I will hug you, and pet you, and pat you, and squeeze you, and name you GEORGE”), but there’s only so much I can gush over a photo. She was also a re-enactor, so why should she be surprised that I fell in love with a retro house?

            She was helping me when I had a broken foot, so apparently she thought she was entitled not only to polite compliments, which I did give, but to raptures and possibly outright envy. Carnegie teaches this is showing interest

            The irony is Carnegie says his methods work on all classes, from working to the President, but they really don’t. They certainly don’t work in all cultures. Paul Fussell’s book Class describes a British nobleman indignantly tossing out a visitor: “fellow admired my furniture!” As for my factory-kid grandpa, he’d probably have let it pass if a woman commented on the decor, because women talk about things like that, but if a man did it, he’d have given him the same look he gave people who put lemon in their tea or ice in their Scotch.

          3. HG Tudor says:

            Damn annoying when the bulgars try and comment on matters above their station.

          4. Viol. says:

            You couldn’t get much below Grandpa’s station, unless you were unemployed by choice, but he’d have agreed with the toff about gushing over the furniture or anything else with people you’ve just met: it wasn’t done.

      5. countalexula says:

        Very true Master, call Pete sappas out for what he is, a fake mid ranger, middle mid range I perceive type a overwhelming angel, but of tube b in him to with pity parties and throwing tantrums about you and others.

        He calls others victims but I perc6thst as projecting what he is onto others. He’s somatic to I believe.

        1. HG Tudor says:

          Interesting that you write this, especially since :-

          1. You have been blowing smoke up his backside by agreeing with him with regard to what he says about me. I am aware of the comments that you have made.
          2. I see you vacillate repeatedly in your behaviours with a black and white perspective.Now, you have changed your view and you speak badly of that clown (albeit accurately) but you have shifted your position after you arse kissing of him.
          3. Notwithstanding the lies you have stated about me, you then wrote an arse licking apology to me.

          I see straight through you and I have, as I understand the common parlance is these days, the receipts.

          1. Viol. says:

            Bless me, HG, for I have broken NC….

            I said I wouldn’t click in the Slapper’s vids anymore, but I got curious as to what Count No ‘count had said. I turned off the sound, froze the ads, and just looked at the comments…

            Which involved things like past lives as a Psyche, the healing power of Eucalyptus honey (I’ve used it for sore throats, but not for demon repellent), and stuff about Dharma.

            Let me get this straight: leavened with some poetic imagery, literary and musical references, and a dollop of comic relief at the expense of some pompous celebrities, you’ve given quite practical advice on dealing with custody battles, narcy workplaces, bad relationships, and our own tendency to chew over past hurts and thus prolong the addiction–but you’re the one with the cult?

          2. HG Tudor says:

            As ever, go to the evidence and give them enough rope.

    2. Viol. says:

      I think I know who you mean. I listened to him once out of curiosity, and all his criticism of HG doesn’t stop him from stealing his material (while misinterpreting it). I’m not one of the earliest Tudorites, but I’ve been reading and listening long enough that I can recognize when I first encountered a concept here, before anyone else was talking about it. Now every other yt “expert” is jumping on the bandwagon.

      Hint: you can easily spot them if they anoint themselves with some fancy title like Supercalifragilistic Heyoka Butt-kickin’ Empath, particularly if they get defensive when anyone questions it. I remember when HG coolly announced that he was the Ultra rather than another Greater, and his reaction if anyone challenged it was the bandwidth equivalent of a shrug. He has rarely banned readers, and generally only if they have violated other readers’ security, like trying to contact them in real life. He certainly hasn’t banned anyone for arguing with him or even for just being a jackhole (some of the splatting seagull fly-bys are quite amusing).

      1. Truthseeker6157 says:

        I’m sorry but I just can’t take a guy sitting in a box room ranting whilst wearing a Lei seriously.

        “I’m a Super Empath, I kicked the narcissist’s arse whilst eating a Pot Noodle”

        Sure you did.

        1. Viol. says:

          That’s a “Supercalifragilistic Heyoka Butt-kickin’ Empath,” m’lass!

          1. Truthseeker6157 says:

            Fraggle for short. Merch!!

          2. k mac says:

            Hahaha Viol. All I heard that doofus say was blah blah blah HG Tudor blah blah blah 😁

          3. Viol. says:

            K mac:

            I think he really wants to be the LeFou to HG’s Gaston.

          4. HG Tudor says:

            Very good.

          5. k mac says:

            HAHA Viol! I think of HG more as the beast. Gaston is a mid ranger at best. Now I need to watch the movie again to be sure 😁 Gaston under the Tudorscope?

          6. Viol. says:

            k mac:

            HG isn’t a Gaston, but Slapper needs him to be, so he can be the pathetic little hanger-on, basking in his reflected Kewlness.

  8. A Victor says:

    So so excited for this!!

    1. BC30 says:

      I haven’t been on much, so when they go live, please message me!!! <3

      1. A Victor says:

        You got it!

    2. Rebecca says:

      Is there a way I could be messaged when there’s another livestream, since YT can’t be treated to notify me?

      1. A Victor says:

        Hi Rebecca, I don’t know of any way, I missed the last one too, though for me it was early in the morning. But when the empath info is released I can reply to a message to BC30 and she’ll see it. I wish there was some way to know when the live streams were going to happen ahead of time.

  9. Kat says:

    Welcome back, Fearless Leader. So very relieved our corrective silent treatment has ended.😉

    1. HG Tudor says:

      Not a corrective silent treatment, you were simply on the shelf.

      1. Duchessbea says:

        Love it.

      2. A Victor says:

        HG, I understand we’re on the shelf when you’re away but how does it work if you’re away because you are working on something for us? You’re still thinking about us if that’s why you’re away, but narcs don’t usually think about us when we’re not with them in some way, unless there’s a hoover trigger…? So we’re off the shelf when you’re actually working, even though you’re not interacting with us?

        1. HG Tudor says:

          I am not working on it for you, I am working on it for me.

          1. A Victor says:

            Oh, of course! Thank you!!

      3. Viol. says:

        Like everyone else, I missed you, but figured you were:
        A) on holiday with the skjoldjenta;
        B) engaged in James Bond-style activities (Craig, not Lazenby); with B) perhaps involving:
        C) stopping the Sizzlers from ruining Gran’s Jubilee with their antics; or
        D) some combination of the above.

        I had my court hearing, and think I got through it pretty well armed with the “narc in court” recording and several years of exposure to Tudor logic, though there wasn’t time for a consult.

        Folks, this stuff really works!

      4. Joa says:

        N2 always says, he puts me “in a drawer”. Likewise, right?

        I heard the noise of the key being turned vigorously 🙂

        So I sit quietly in my drawer and don’t even move, so he can’t hear me. I grow with dust, disappear, mold, blend into the texture of the wood.

        During this time, I live my own life.


        “I’m erasing you” – this phrase was used several times by N2.
        Interestingly, my boss also used it recently… It sounded very strange on his lips, too straightforward for him, without the charm and veil, he had so far.


        Over the years, I have become a master of putting away in a drawer/shelf. I do it without batting an eye. With certainly, with an assumed goal for the future, and even gladly.

        Now I practice erasing. Unfortunately, even when carefully erased, it always shows through after a time.

        It’s not possible. I would have to erase myself as well, especially myself…
        Forget myself? It’s like dying.

        I prefer to remember. I prefer to feel every moment of my life.

      5. BC30 says:

        I’m glad I missed it. I hated the shelf.

  10. Sweetest Perfection says:

    Just when you think HG’s work cannot get any more interesting, BAM! Love your returns.

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