What the Super Empath Does?

Are you ready to learn more about what the Super Empath does?

It is time for the real detail to be provided.

6 thoughts on “What the Super Empath Does?

  1. lickemtomorrow says:

    Ah, is there an article supposed to be attached to this?

    If not, I’m waiting with baited breath 🙂

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  3. leelasfuelstinks says:

    What the Super Empath does?
    At the moment eating pork tenderloin with homemade cucumber salad. 😁😉

    1. WhoCares says:

      Haha, Leela!

    2. WhoCares says:

      Leela – my favourite homemade cucumber salad is thinly sliced english cucumber, avocado and sweet onion, spritzed with fresh lime juice, sea salt, and freshly ground pepper.
      Delicious in the hot summer months.

    3. ReformedPolitician says:

      I ponder, very meticulously, how to keep your tank off my lawn.

      Then I think about tanks. Then lawns.

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